Fat Princess Adventures: Free Arena Battle DLC Out January 19th

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Fat Princess Adventures: Free Arena Battle DLC Out January 19th

Happy New Year from the team at Fun Bits! What better way to start off a year than getting a brand spanking new update for Fat Princess Adventures. The 1.02 update roll out includes free DLC, featuring Short Cakes’ Tavern and Arena Mode, out tomorrow on PS4!

Fat Princess Adventures on PS4

Short Cakes’ Tavern is now open for business. This is the perfect place to meet up with friends, old and new to socialize before jumping into Arena Mode.

Arena Mode unlocks once you have defeated Zug in campaign play; you can then compete in the Castle Arena against endless hordes of enemies. Play through the campaign and reach the Swamp, and then you can compete against your friends in the Temple Arena. These two new arenas pair players together against an onslaught of enemies that will put your survival skills to the test.

We’re also updating the store with the Super Awesome Hero Loot pack. This purchasable DLC includes an awesome gear pack to become the hero you’ve always seen yourself to be! Customize your look with tattoos, scars, and makeup, or use any of the new weapons and armor including the Stun Baton, Impact Mathemagicks staff, and the Engineer’s Escape Pajamas.

Gold Boosts are also available that will give you a higher percentage of gold for all loot found in the game. Tons of Fat Princess Adventures avatars are also available to those who want to customize their PSN avatar and show their love for Fat Princess.

Fat Princess Adventures on PS4Fat Princess Adventures on PS4

To celebrate all this new content, the team at Fun Bits will be playing through all the new DLC modes and content packs live on Twitch this coming Thursday at 4:30 PM Pacific.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the official Fat Princess website for more sweet updates. We hope to see fellow adventurers in Great Bitten soon!

You can download Fat Princess Adventures on the PlayStation Store now.

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  • Please bring back what made FP good and unique… Pvp capture the princess!
    Cake please!

    • Yes please! I bought this game in the hopes that they would add that in later. still a very enjoyable game as is, but PVP in the old FP was some of the best gaming on the PS3.

  • If this game was $10 I would have gotten it. The problem now-a-days is the overprice of PSN games… especially classics on PS4.

    • Because this is a classic… PS2 game prices are perfectly fine. I don’t know why people can’t just pay $15 for what they want smh.

    • @Teflon02
      This game is $20. I was talking about classics cause the overall pricing structure of Digital titles is broken and over-priced titles like this have lead to other games being over-priced, like the PS2 Classics pricing.

    • $15 for Dark Cloud 2 vs $30-100 on PS2 without the perks… I have the physical. People don’t know the meaning of overpriced. Cry where it’s relevant. If you don’t like the $15 price tag, then don’t buy. Stop crying on posts that are irrelevant. Just buy the PS2 disc and play on PS2 or 3.

      I also already know FPA’s price as I own it. I was referring to the fact you’re talking about something that has nothing to do with the topic

    • @Teflon02
      You keep insinuating that the topic of price for classics is not part of the topic. Which it is. I even said in the first post the price gouge of FPA is part of the reason many other titles(The classics as example) are being too high. Everyone has a right to complain about the price, it’s part of what makes Capitalism Capitalism. If we continue to complain we will not have to suffer with them feeling they can just make the games whatever price they want without repercussions form us people, who have to buy it twice apparently if we want to play it on our system of choice from the same company and . They could put these games at $100 soon and you will just be here saying it’s irrelevant to the topic.

    • Right now Sony isn’t being any different than what Microsoft was when they originally announced the Xbone. Just instead of having DRM restriction on used games and sharing, Sony is making it so we have are not even able to share our own game with ourselves.

      Don’t come back saying it’s not part of the topic. It is, and you’re making it even more part of the topic arguing with me. It’s price gouging the consumers, the people that make Sony who they are today and the consistency of what games are really worth and how it’s even reflected years after release(classics pricing being similar to new games).

  • I was close to pulling the trigger on this a week or so ago. But stayed my hand because of Firewatch being just around the corner. I’ll have to turn back to this at some point.

  • Still, Sony refuses to fix the bugs and badly broken online matchmaking in Fat Princess.
    but… you honestly think I’ll pay you for another rendition of the same game.

    Let’s see how the development and marketing models work here:

    1 – Develop, market, and publish game.
    2 – Receive complaints about broken product.
    3 – Ignore problems with your own product.
    4 – Develop, market, and publish ANOTHER game.

    I’ve just started buying things for another platform, rather than giving it to you.

    • It sucks that you’re having issues, but. To act like the issues existed since release is ridiculous. I’ve played Fat Princess over years and it has never had an issue for me any time I’ve played. Matchmaking issues are likely from the lack of players. FPA runs perfectly fine. Also, a game update for Adventure clearly means if it has issues they’re fixing them smh. I don’t get people these days. Over-exaggerating

  • 9.99 – 14.99 would be an instant purchase. Something I could play with my son.
    I would love to see a wishlist for items and then when a sale happens you get a message on psn and an e-mail telling you about the sale item.

  • Fat Princess was such a good game on PS3. I was excited and conpletely surprised when a new one was finally announced at E3, but then the gameplay came on and I was disappointed. I really wish you guys would have built on the unique capture the flag style from the first game instead.

  • Give the people what they want!

    • I love the Fat Princess series (got all trophies for all 3 games!) and definitely welcome more content in FPA! My friend and I had a good time playing through and completing FPA but we felt that it lacked a bit in sidequests and the ones that were there were mainly just simple fetch quests. Granted, it’s not priced like a full retail game, so we’re probably just being nitpicky. :P

      Will the new dlc add new trophies? Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Can you guys do a sexy DLC sale tomorrow please?

  • Why aren’t you listening to your most loyal fans?

    We want the same multiplayer experience as we had in the first game. Massive online game to capture the princess, additional characters (e.g. Pirate) and more.

    Please make it happen!

    • They do listen, they’ve addressed this on social media tons of times. The reason for the gameplay shift is even explained in the story of this game. Since the two kingdoms aren’t warring, and have a common enemy.

    • They can still add the pvp and act as if they went back at it for nostalgic purposes lol

    • You’re too naïve if you think that. It’s not a “story” or “artistic” limitation, but a money/schedule issue.

    • The heck are you talking about? Never said anything about limitations. Take your meds.

    • I don’t think you understood me correctly. I suggest you try reading the entire correspondence again…

  • Having a lot of fun with this game with my daughter. We both love the original but the change in scope to the Action RPG has been a pleasant surprise. Keep up all the great work. Def worth the price.

  • I really do hope the PVP in Fat Princess is brought back in this one. Was an amazing multiplayer title

  • Cool, I love this game. My one complaint is more content. Hopefully there will be another game in the series. Also, the difficulty jumps something extreme at the last boss fight. Should be a bit more even… at least for solo players.

  • Free~ Will it have any new trophies?

    Only thing I wish the game had, was more of the classes from the original. Could have let us customize what appears on the initial quick change, or just made multiple pages to shift through with L1/R1 [or L2/R2]. I really want to be a Ninja and Cleric. :(

  • I keep thinking about getting this. I do feel bad for Fun Bits right now though. They try to not make the same game repeatedly, but keep the art style at the same time and some people jump on them for it. Even the F2P got hate from people for not being regular Fat Princess and instantly a cash grab. If I did not have tons of games in the genre already I would probably have this. Like the Fat Princess style.

  • Quick question. I just got this game the other week, (loving it by the way); any plans on more dlc or any othe sort of support for the game? I know it hasn’t been out long. I was just curious.

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