What It’s Like to Play RIGS Mechanized Combat League

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What It’s Like to Play RIGS Mechanized Combat League

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to RIGS Mechanized Combat League at PlayStation Experience last year. Players donned the colors of the Dynamos and the Cobras and pitched head-first into battle for their teams. Over the course of the event we saw rivalries grow, siblings duking it out for dominance, and heated exchanges in the RIGS locker room we had set-up on the booth — exactly as sports should be!

For those of you who weren’t able to get a slot to play RIGS or even get out to PlayStation Experience, we teamed up with Greg Miller from Kinda Funny to show you what RIGS Mechanized Combat League is all about and give him his first taste of shoutcasting. You can see how he got on in the video below.

To see fans step into the role of pilots in our combat sport of the future at an event drives us on to keep building what we believe will be one of the best multiplayer experiences on PlayStation VR. Seeing the look on people’s faces after finishing their first game is something that will never get old. For many people, this is their first taste of what VR can do today and their enthusiasm for it can be infectious.

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  • LOVED playing this at the PlayStation Experience. Easily can sink a few hours playing and mastering it.

  • Absolutely the PSVR game I’m most excited to play

  • Fell in love with this game at PSX as well, and great to see Greg and Kinda Funny represented with PlayStation.


  • RIGS looks phenomenal! I’m really excited to play this on PSVR in a few months!

  • Hail Shuhei, full of grace.
    Kaz Hirai is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst Gamers
    And blessed is the fruit
    Of thy Sony Worldwide Studios.
    Holy Kutaragi, father of PlayStation,
    Pray for our trophies,
    Now and at the hour of
    The next PSN outage.

  • Nice to see Greg Miller working with Playstation. Just hire him already. :)

    • NOOOOO!!!! Let him keep speaking his mind instead of just regurgitating Playstation PR.

      RIGS looks to be the system seller for me! So excited!

    • Good point, Greg should only be brought in if he has the freedom to voice his opinion.

  • Hope this come´s bundled with PSVR.

    Hi Greggy!

  • Why is the center of your vision heavily blocked. In the heat of action I could easily see losing an enemy or something from the center being blocked like that.

  • This game will be the game I pick up when I buy my PlayStation VR. Sure the price range is reasonable cause sony if your headset is priced like your competitor is I wont be picking it up at launch. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  • Well done, Greg. I’m already pretty excited about PSVR but this preview cranked it up yet another notch.

    Oh and I loved that finish ;-)

  • $250… I’ll buy Day 1
    $300… I’ll really need to think heavily and possibly not go Day 1
    $400’s… Will have to grudgingly move on and say Ohs Well.
    Unfortunately, I think I see a $400-$450 price point for this. But who knows, Vita surprised me so I got Day 1.

  • This is the only VR experience I have had that has made me feel incredibly sick, beyond the *very* first Oculus SDK demo. I played RIGS twice, the second time was at PSX. That second demo appeared to be using an older version of Morpheus, though, with a huge gap the front bottom where I could see the show floor and my hands, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 120hz.

    The choice to have the right stick move one way when the HMD can move the other is going to cause a *lot* of headaches and illness.

    I’ve been a big supporter of Move, 3DTV, and Wonderbook games, and I love to see Sony pushing boundaries in ways no other platform can. So far, though, RIGS is the PS VR experience that I think will most push people away from the platform.

  • Is there/will there be a way to control turning with the controller and use physical head turning to look around? Controlling turning with your head seems like a sure fire way to get dizzy fast.

    • You actually do control the turning with the right stick, you control your aim and where the pilot’s head looks with your head. It’s basically like having a third stick; Left stick is movement, Right Stick is orientation/turning, Head is aim. I played four rounds, and it works super well, and I didn’t notice any dizziness or the like.

  • This looks like it might be the killer app / game for the PS VR for the competitive crowd of gamers. I really hope there is something for those of us that prefer single player or co-op games.

  • Sony, take note: Playing this game at PSX was what sold me on VR.

    You need to get this out there for more people to play.. I’m talking like kiosks in Best buy and Gamestops across the US.

  • how bout a voice changer on ps4

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  • This is actually the first I’ve ever heard of this game, but to be quite honest the video did nothing for me. Don’t really care for the art style, and if I can’t get past that then I’m not sure I could enjoy the game.

    Still, I’m pretty excited for PSVR to get released, and to see what other games end up being developed.

  • It would probably need you to have a lot of room, and I think aiming would be hard. But I’ll be buying it to play it either way.

  • I’m an experienced beta tester and would like to have the opportunity to test this for my self.

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