PlayStation Blogcast 192: Witcher of the Year

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PlayStation Blogcast 192: Witcher of the Year

Who knew we loved dark fantasy so much? On this week’s show, the team celebrates your picks for Game of the Year 2015. Spoiler alert: The Witcher 3 takes a lot of awards. Also, we name our most anticipated games of 2016 and describe our all-time-favorites like they were hearty sauces. All this and more, so enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Game of the Year 2015
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Most Anticipated of 2016
  • Hearty Sauces
  • Tharsis
  • Death Parade

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The Cast

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast - Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation Blogcast: Ryan Clements

Sid Shuman – Social Media Sr. Manager, SCEA
Nick Suttner – Lead Account Manager, SCEA
Ryan Clements – Social Media Specialist, SCEA

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  • Ryan Clements, PLEASE forward the following to the board of executives at Sony:

    1. Please make PS2 games on PS4 cross-buy ($5 discount for Platinum trophy PS2 games, except GTA: San Andreas) with PS2 classics on PS3, that is unfair & a big slap to the face to PS3 owners who bought those games as PS2 classics

    2. Please release the PS2 version of Donald Duck Goin Quackers as a PS2 game on PS4 and/or PS2 classic on PS3, as well as Haunting Ground & Sonic Heroes.

    3. Please release the PSone game Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness on the Playstation Store, that game is listed on the ESRB website for PS3 and Vita.

    4. Please work extremely 100% close with Square Enix’s USA division & release the PSone game Pandemonium 2 as a PSone classic on the PlayStation Store.

    5. Please make the Dualshock 4 100% compatible with the PS3 (meaning making the PS button, rumble, & Sixaxis controls work)

    6. please release a 1TB super slim PS3 and discontinue the 500GB model, 500GB is not enough storage for games like Yakuza 5.


    • Hi there! I appreciate your passion, but please avoiding spamming the comments with these lists or you won’t have a place for more on-topic discussions. Thanks for your understanding.

    • I’m really upset with what Playstation has done with PSNOW – I went to subscribe last week and couldn’t was told by support to wait – and now I’m told that the ‘special’ has ended and that I’m out of luck. I’m so disappointed by Sony and Playstation. Not going to be excited about any game until this gets resolved!

    • It amazes me that he’s so optimistic. The PS3 probably doesn’t have another 10 years of lifespan. It’s already hitting it’s 10th year.

      It’ll probably go strong for a few more years, my only hope at this point is that they don’t shut down the PS3 digital store, because that will just be lawsuits, and anger, and will hurt all console gaming.

      Especially since digital titles are more profitable by a good margin than physical goods, and that breaking consumer trust like that (even with PS Now) and the PS3 will be utterly hacked, modded, and undermine the whole product brand. PS Now is great, but questionable internet reliability, and bandwidth caps are not.

    • sCId3sTrUct

      Call Sony customer support or go onto their text chat. They helped me when I bought the first One Piece PIrate Warriors at full price launch week, and then next week it was PS Plus discounted with no advanced warning.

      Looks like your problem is even less your fault than mine was my fault. So I would be surprised if they don’t help you. Just be polite, and politely escalate to a supervisor if they won’t help you, and if they are reluctant to escalate, just politely repeat.

      “Thank you for trying to help but I will not be satisfied until I talk to a supervisor”

      Broken record that if you have to.

      I didn’t have to do that when I called Sony for help, but ANY time I struggle with customer support or there’s an accent barrier I’m struggling with I go into broken record politeness mode.

      If I had to guess, I think they would have you buy 6 months worth in advance, and then give you 6 months free, but considering it was a limited time promo, it might be hard for them to help depending on how their internal systems are set up. I did cellphone customer support back in the day (not Sony)

    • Please stop spamming this nonsense on every single entry that Ryan posts. It has gotten way beyond old.

    • Wow, He actually responded to that… No offence Ryan Clements. Anyways I’m Really Shocked that The Witcher 3 God so much Love. I personally never played it but according to The 2015 Game awards I should at some point. But I’ve also heard from others that it is a really bad game that has really bad Fighting and is a “Want to be Skyrim” So my friend calls it. I Don’t Know If I should get it or not.

  • Hey Ryan and the gang, if you guys had to choose between Banner Saga and The Witness this month what would you guys choose. Also left a review on itunes too love the show. 6 Blue diamond almonds out of 5 with vinegar (I think thats what you guys used to eat)

  • Gonna listen in now. Will this be a salacious Blogcast? TW3 GOTY talk? OHH MYYY

    Will Ryan do the Kings Fall raid?
    Will Sid and Colin M face off in a Battle of the Sauces?
    Who will be the best at the PVZ GW2 beta?


    • Yeah whole new areas, all sorts of stuff. Had to grab my save from the cloud. Suddenly getting Starcraft and Diablo 3 PC updates rolling out suddenly too.

  • Any word on the PvZ 2 Beta?

    • Never mind, I could find it through the PS Store on the computer, but wasn’t having luck while browsing through the PS4 store. See you all in the garden!

    • Yeah, I don’t know why this was ignored and why it’s not advertised on the store.

  • You guys gave me my weekly dose of “O MY GAWD” laughing medicine right away. Thanks for that and loved The Mask reference as well. Keep them PS2 games coming to my PS4 as well.

  • No more best-sellers of PSN posts? I’m still curious what they were for December.

  • Witcher 3 for me.

    Played every game this year.

    Also, lol @ spam.

    • The ironic thing is that right now isn’t the PS2 trilogy like 17 dollars on sale? Which equates to roughly $1 more on this sale than he’s asking to pay for the games. Not to mention the fact that 1 or 2 years from now (if not sooner) those games will probably hit $1-2 a game for some weekend flash sale. XD

      I guess I shouldn’t criticize someone’s copy and pasted spam too harshly.

  • @Nick I enjoyed a drafthouse cookie trio during star wars a few weeks ago. Good stuff!

  • I did enjoy witcher 3. But I didnt like how it seamed like a hurricane is coming the whole time playing. I wish the wind would stop for even just a little bit.

  • Why didn’t you guys announce the beta for PvZ Garden Warfare 2 in new releases?

  • Another great show as usual, even if it did have the weakest “Sid’s groceries” spot ever. Keep ’em coming gentlemen, preferably with 100% more Scott Rohde.

  • Wait wait wait.
    You guys mistitled the blogcast, or at least forgot it in the details.

    Dark Cloud 2 is coming out for the PS4 guys!!!!

    Confirmation/puns are around 8:20.
    Not a regular listener, but whoever said their copy was still sealed has to hand over their geek card.
    It’s fanboy law.

  • Since I know you guys are too lazy go port the already PS2 classic library on PS3 to 4, when will we get Nocturne and Persona 3 on PS4?
    Also when will we get the DMC games on PS4?

  • My last month paycheck was for 11000 dollars… All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour…Try it yourself…

  • I’ll give all my money just to buy Shinobido, Marc Ecko’s Getting Up, Persona 3/4 and Time Splitters on PS4 ! *.* (Cross fingers)

  • Any word on the pricing for Dark Cloud 2

  • What’s up with the spam invasion in these comments? The blogcast comments used to be a safe zone… The past few have been full of kids begging for games and features, or posts telling me about all the money I can make by doing nothing all day if I click on their links. It’s a shame…

  • Bros, another great show. I was wondering if any of you are into trophies? What’s your trophy level? How many platinums do you have? Any platinums you’re particularly proud of?
    Your bro,
    The Cowboy Poet (level 18 with 16 platinums)

  • 7 more to go…………

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