Classic Psychonauts Comes to PS4 This Spring

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Classic Psychonauts Comes to PS4 This Spring

We’re super excited to announce that our classic PS2 platformer Psychonauts is heading to PS4 this spring!


Psychonauts follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin in his quest to join an elite group of international psychic secret agents, the Psychonauts! He runs away from the circus and breaks into their secret training facility, Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.

As he begins his training by psychically delving inside the consciousnesses of his tutors and those around him, he realizes all is not as it seems, and soon embarks upon a psychic odyssey through a variety of levels set inside the minds of misfits, monsters, and madmen!



You may have seen Psychonauts in the news a fair bit recently. Last month at PlayStation Experience we announced that Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin would be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR in 2016, and for the last month we’ve been running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to make Psychonauts 2. We’re happy to report that we are now 100% funded, so can officially announce that Psychonauts 2 will also be coming to PS4 in a few years time — that’s a whole lot of Psychonauts to look forward to!

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  • Based on the textures I guess this is just an emulated version of the PS2 port? Wasn’t that the worst version?

    • PS2-PS4 ports so far have had upgraded framerate and resolution

    • @lobotomies4free

      Upressing the PS2 version of Psychonauts is only going to make its lessened detail (compared to the Xbox and PC versions) even more apparent. Also, the PS2 games on PS4 aren’t ports. They’re just ISOs dumped in an emulator.

    • Wrong on all counts. The Xbox version wasn’t any better and it wasn’t alongside the PC version. It was the first version to come out, then came PS2 and then a few years later the PC version came.

      Also the PS2 on PS4 games aren’t emulators. But I suppose you have sources to prove otherwise?

    • it will be an emulated version of the original Psychonauts on PS2, but hopefully with some added bells and whistles which we’re still figuring out now.

    • @lobotomies: not in EU they haven’t. I found this out the hard way when triple dipping for GTA… Abysmal practices with those prices. Also, GTA trilogy onoy just announced? Why not at the same time as the separate games? Sony must be allergic to satisfied customers.

    • yes, techincally PS2 classics (along with PS1 classics on the PSP and VITA) aren’t acheived via “emulation” but rather through Virtualization.

      It achieves the same end result, but there is a signficant difference.

      for example, what back when the PSP was geting CFW and and emulators, there was a PS1 emulator that was running on the PSP but only managed to run games at quite a low frame rate.

      then when Sony released an updated firmware with PS1 game support, those games were running at an acceptable performance.

      Did Sony include some sort of magic code or download extra RAM on the PSP? lol

      no its the differences between emulation and Virtualization that allowed PS1 games to be “emulated” on the PSP and run more or less properly.

    • “Did Sony include some sort of magic code or download extra RAM on the PSP? lol”

      Actually in a way, yes they did.
      Sony opened up CPU overclocking (to 333MHz) to it’s developers, as well as optimizations in the emulator code to increase both performance and compatibility.

      The PSP 2000 also did add extra RAM (from 32MB to 64MB) as well, but it was used to improve the web browser and Skype functionality.

      There is nothing wrong with emulation as long as it’s accurate. I’m glad Sony is finally displaying textures in HD and they are finally utilizing their Trophy hook patent from a couple years ago.

  • Hooray! I tried to play it on my PC at one point but it was broken and I couldn’t finish it. Will this be a PS4 game or “PS2 on PS4” title? Either way, still very cool!

  • YES

  • Man I’m tired of Tim Schaffer. Can we please just get Max Payne 1 and 2?

    • Your post is so ridiculous I just wish I could slap you.

    • May I join the slap fest ? There is nothing such as “tired of Tim Schaffer”. He’s one of the most creative minds of this industry, at least give him some respect…

  • I bought it for the PS3, do I have to re-buy it for PS4?

    • No, you already have it on ps3 so you must have already played it on ps3, so unlike the blatant troll named gerneric123 implied, nobody is forcing you to repurchase a game if you already have it/dont want it.

    • @MmaFanQc How am I a troll for answering that question? It’s the truth! lol If he wants to play the game on PS4 he has to pay, regardless of whether or not he bought the PS2 Classic version on PS3.

  • Yes, I can’t wait. Question, Ps2 version had long loading times. Has that been eliminated? Also, this would be awesome on the Vita.

  • Will it have Trophies? Please say yes.

  • Is this a remaster or the PS2 version redone for the PS4 like we’ve been seeing with other games the past couple of months?

  • Very much looking forward to this. Depending on price, day one buy for me.

  • I’m so very excited! I played this several times on PS2, and even made it through once on PC where I had to edit the .ini file just to get it to work with a controller. Certainly one of my all-time favorite games and I will happily purchase this one again.

  • This is pretty cool news, though I’d love it if this game was the PC port (widescreen, higher resolution, etc.) and not just a PS2 classic!

  • Sólo espero que no se vea como el de PS2, espero que lo remastericen en HD.

  • Oh yes! I was thinking it`s about time to play this game again. I can`t wait!

  • HELL YEAH. never finished this game on PC an regretted it…so damn excited

  • Yes, I’ve been wanting to plays this game, bring Bully to PS4!!!

  • This game is a must play!

  • I will most definitely not purchase Psychonauts if it is an upscaled port of the PS2 version which was a subpar port to begin with. In fact, Psychonauts not PS2 Classic like Sony claim. It is a XBox/PC Classic, while Playstation 2 got a terrible port which had frame drops, poor textures and long loading times. Stick with either the XBox or PC Version, you can even get the PC version on Steam with Achievement thus trophies is not much of a buying incentive. It does not take much to run Psychonauts on PC, you can probably run it on a low budget laptop. There is no reason to buy Psychonauts on the PS4.

  • The PS2 version of Psychonauts was terrible compared to the Xbox version. Hopefully this isn’t just an upscale port of the PS2 version.

  • This will be my 4th time buying Pycho, have my original PS2 copy, PC steam version, PS3 and now PS4. I love this game!

  • I never played Psychonauts before, but I guarantee you that there are people out there who already the original PS2 disc of this game and/or the emulated digital PS2 version of this game on the PS3. I also have a prediction that Microsoft will allow those who own the original Xbox disc of this game and/or the emulated digital Xbox version of this game on the Xbox 360 to play them on the Xbox One for free. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind trying out this game since I have never played it nor do I own the original PS2 disc or the digital version on PS3, but I still would have preferred if you guys at Sony allow those who do own the original PS2 disc to just simply put it into the PS4, have it be playable with or without unlocking the digital emulated PS2 version on PS4 either for free or for a small upgrade fee and allow those who own the digital version on the PS3 download the digital version on the PS4 either for free or for a small upgrade fee. And I add “for a small upgrade fee” because I believe it will be fair to both those who already own the game and Sony so that way they will still make money.

  • According to the pledges on Kickstarter – you could pay and extra 18 dollars to get both psychonauts 1 and 2 on both PS4 AND Xbox one so I don’t think this will be a PS2-PS4 emulation – I think it will be a proper remaster (the images above are probably not from the final product) otherwise, how with Xbox one players get it?

    • Like I said before, Microsoft will probably have it to where if you already own the original (regular) Xbox disc of a game, you can put in the original Xbox disc into your Xbox One and download the emulated (regular) Xbox version on Xbox One for free, or if you already own the digital emulated (regular) Xbox versions of that game on the Xbox 360, you can just download it on the Xbox One for free without the need of the original (regular) Xbox disc. So it’s going to be pretty much the same thing Microsoft is doing to Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Therefore, I think what they are saying that if you pledge you can get a free voucher for the digital emulated (regular) Xbox version of the game for the Xbox One.

  • For the console version add on, on the Fig campaign. It implies you get a console version of Psychonauts 1 as well. Is this true?

  • Will buy and p,any through yet another glorious time! No bugs please. On. And trophies. Please please please.

  • I really want a ps4 remake of Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 please

  • Any chance of a discount for those of us who bought it on PS3 since it had so many issues with the audio and video being out of sync?

  • Now THIS is a great PS2 announcement! Can’t wait!!

  • ugh. can we please get the updated PC port from Steam instead? The PS2 version of Psychonauts was the worst-looking, and the PS3 version of the emulation introduced some input latency problems that made some jumps pretty tricky.

    At the very least, if the PS2 emulator on PS4 allows for running as in “dev kit” mode with extra memory, re-authoring some of the models and textures like many fans have done in the open source PS2 emulation scene would be nice.

    I understand Double Fine is struggling a bit right now, but doing shortcuts like in Day of the Tentacle Remastered (awful lip sync and walk cycles) is only going to prove the naysayers right and put off a generation of potential new fans.

  • I feel so screwed by these ps2 games being re-release. Sony how about the ones who supported you all these years, each generation? Why do I have to re-buy the same game? At least make them playable on Vita too

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  • Psychonauts is one of my favorite games of all-time. Here’s to hoping they throw in Trophy support ;)

  • So does it come out you think February or march?

  • I’ll gladly buy this classic again if it’s not just the weak PS2 version of the game, but at a higher resolution. Do it up right with the textures and effects you couldn’t squeeze onto PS2. Please.

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