The Year in PlayStation Music Featuring Spotify

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The Year in PlayStation Music Featuring Spotify

As 2016 kicks off, we wanted to take a look back at PlayStation Music featuring Spotify, which we launched last year to bring the best in music streaming to PlayStation.

Shortly after launch in March 2015, PlayStation Music featuring Spotify quickly became one of the most downloaded apps in PlayStation history. And as of January 1st of this year the app has been downloaded nearly 11 million times, with more than 190 million hours of listening through Spotify on PS Music. We’re thrilled to see this level of engagement from the PlayStation community for a music experience all of us here are passionate about.

PlayStation Year in Music 2015

Last year, Spotify released its annual Year in Music lists featuring the most popular music around the world in 2015. To mark Spotify’s first year on PlayStation, we thought you all might want to see what the PlayStation community’s Year in PS Music looked like.

So here they are – the top 10 tracks of 2015 on PS Music featuring Spotify:

  1. 679 (feat. Remy Boyz) — Fetty Wap
  2. Know Yourself — Drake
  3. Nasty Freestyle — T-Wayne
  4. See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) — Wiz Khalifa
  5. Hotline Bling — Drake
  6. Trap Queen — Fetty Wap
  7. Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) — Silentó
  8. Post To Be (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko) — Omarion
  9. B**** Better Have My Money — Rihanna
  10. The Hills — The Weeknd

Many of you like to listen to music while you’re gaming and with the exclusive background music feature through Spotify on PS4, you can easily soundtrack your sessions. It’s interesting to see that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, FIFA 15 and NBA 2K15 were some of the top games for background music in 2015.

Want to see what your Year in Music on Spotify looked like? Click here to get your Year in Music and check out the top artists, albums, tracks and genres you listened to this year, as well as cool stats like how many minutes, hours, and days of music you listened to in 2015.

Start 2016 off on a good note and sign up for Spotify through PlayStation Music (if you haven’t already), so you can start listening to your favorite tunes while playing all the new games you got during the holidays.

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  • Where’s the rock music at? I guess I’m just out of tune ;) with the PlayStation community.

    • Apparently I’m out of touch. I’ve never heard any of the songs and only really know who a few of these people are. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back listening to queen and u2 now

    • Seriously! Metallica’s “Fuel” during SRL in Destiny was great whenever it would come up on my playlist. What’s up with this list?!

    • You arn’t out of tune with just the playstation community but the world. Look at any top chart for any country. Theres not a rock song in sight.

    • nah. I myself only listen to Queen

    • I’m so happy two of these responses mention listening to Queen!! It’s Stone Cold Crazy!

  • Still no Vita app even though this replaced a service that had one. Cool.

  • At first i was excited about spotify, it’s a well known streaming app. But when i realized their was only one playlist to put all your music on i was very disappointed. I’m still one of the millions who purchase each month, but it seems like the only reason we were excited about spotify in the first place is b/c of the name. As far as it being a number one music streaming app its about par with music unlimited the app before spotify, when discussing what both offer on PlayStation 4. Please if at all possible in the future redesign the spotify app to come with a playlist option that the user can fill full of the different genres of music we all listen to. Thank You ps. maybe a survey can be taken to determine if a patch should be performed based on PlayStation spotify app users need or lack thereof for user playlists

    • It does. Spotify is faaar superior to the Music Unlimited app that preceeded it in almost every way. The great thing about Spotify is you can control it from your phone or laptop while it is playing on the PS4.
      While true, the PS4 app is not as fully featured as the Desktop or Mobile app, I don’t think it was intended to be. You can create playlists (more than one) on your desktop or mobile and play them through the PS4, and all of that stuff is accessible through the PS4. If you haven’t, give it a try on another device and check out the connection feature. I hate to sound evangelical about it, but being able to change the song using a mobile device without leaving the game I’m in is pretty sweet.

    • Control it from your phone of pc and it’s a way better experience.

    • If have logged in with the same spotify account on your phone, tablet or PC you can change the music from there (just remember to go to “devices” and select PS4)

  • At least 15 of those downloads are mine, before I gave up on the app all together just couldn’t get the thing to play a whole song it would play half and jump to the next or a commercial.

  • Love Spotify and how I can control it from my phone while the audio runs through the ps4 and my sound system. Great for long sessions of destiny or bloodbourne. I just wish that there were more international offerings, I want the avengers of sci-fi from Japan to be on there so bad; it’s great gaming music. Also hope for some interface improvements to make ps4 app more like the mobile one. Everybody check out my bloodbourne playlist for some doom n gloom metal to set the tone for the hunt!

  • Still no Vita app though.

    • @ G-Force08 don’t expect to come anytime soon to the PS Vita. Sony already cut support of the system and classified it as a legacy platform. Glad I replaced my PS Vita (even though I still have it) with my 3DS XL as my primary handheld game system.

  • Some truly awful music right here.

  • Spotify Is amazing on ps4 wish we could make multiple Playlist for different genres of music please make this happen

  • i love having spotify on my ps4 but i wish the interface was a bit more feature rich. it shouldn’t be soo hard to play an album in my saved library.

  • PS needs to offer better discounts for the premium subscription cost. It makes no sense that Spotify itself is always doing some type of deal (like 3 months for the price of one) yet PS doesnt ever do any discounts for subscriptions.

    If you guys made some type of partnership with Spotify then im sure you could make some type of agreement to offer specials for the subscription cost.

  • I refuse to listen to any of that crap. I can’t believe any of those even made the list. My faith in humanity is lost.

  • Cool. Now just fix the blasted thing so it works. The “connect” feature NEVER works for me. I try to use my phone to control it and the songs NEVER starts on the PS4. I gave up on this a while ago.

  • Not my bag. Make PS music more like Google music, I want to be able to download mp3s

  • I don’t recognize the songs listed as top ten tracks. That’s means someone has no taste or else I am old. Pffft! Your turn at age will come too.
    I go back decades. One of my favourite songs is Jeff Lynne’s ELO new single “When I Was A Boy” from his new album “Alone In The Universe”. Lynne sings about when he was a boy he had a dream which became music. He almost always mentions the following three artists as his favourites and influences when he was a boy. Roy Orbison, The Beatles, and Del Shannon. They were mine too and all three plus many others are on Spotify.
    Because I liked TuneIn on PS3 (I still do) I didn’t take all that kindly to Spotify in part to the commercials and because I couldn’t get my station working. Still, there are tons of songs I can play by simply looking them up. I may look into how much it costs to get rid of the commercials.
    I’m listening to Spotify now and am enjoying it.
    While I don’t generally like “today’s” music, Jeff Lynne is doing well with his latest recording and touring even making an appearance recently with Tom Petty.
    If you have, or had dreams, I recommend Jeff Lynne’s “When I Was A Young Boy”.

  • Darn kids and your “Hit Music”

    Makes me groan.

  • Add artist pages into the PS4 app. I don’t want to have to use a mobile app to control it just to get all the features.

  • I love Spotify! I enjoy listening to some Queen, The Beetles, and others.

    Lately, I’ve been playing FALLOUT 4 while listening to some music from The Walking Dead…such as Lee DeWyze [Blackbird], Ben Nichols, and some Clutch. Hearing the song ‘Regulator’ goes great with blowing away some Raiders and Super-Mutants, lol!

  • lol wheres bring me the horizon, slipknot, asking alexandria and escape the fate?

  • when will high-quality audio (320kbps Ogg) streams be supported on PS4? I have a paid Spotify subscription for this reason, but it sure sounds like I’m getting the lower-quality stream on PS4.

    Also, Spotify outputs in 5.1 surround mode on PS4, which takes away my receiver’s ability to use crossover frequencies to the sub. Can that be fixed by just having Spotify output as stereo when in-app? (I appreciate having to mix with game audio means 5.1.)

    Can we see what our friends are listening to in the social feed? It only shows that my friends “started Spotify”, but not what they play like it does it PlayStation Video store.

    Looking forward to these enhancements, and more, as the year goes on!

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