Fenix Furia Coming to PS4, Features Split-screen Multiplayer

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Fenix Furia Coming to PS4, Features Split-screen Multiplayer

Hello, everybody! So, Fenix Rage is now changing its name to Fenix Furia! Why? Because it sounds more exotic! Okay no, we changed the name because of unforeseen circumstances. Personally, we believe it’s a conspiracy against having cookies in our game… but that’s another story!

But why Fenix Furia? Well, we believe this name captures the powerful dynamics of the new features that this version of the game will have. We can’t wait for you people to feel this experience! We listened to the feedback given by players of the original PC version and we did something about it. Yay to constructive feedback!

So let’s start with what’s new in Fenix Furia:

  • Easy Mode: Not everyone is automatically a master to our fast action, so for brand-new players we’ve added a new Easy Mode. Unlike Normal mode where one hit will kill you, in Easy Mode you can get hit once and survive! We still want people to try not to get hit so they can get the Golden Cookie. Plus it’s cool not to get hit.
  • Retuned & Redesigned Levels: We’ve also reworked about 25% of all the levels in Fenix Furia — we made improvements based on direct player feedback so there aren’t so many extreme spikes in difficulty between levels.
  • Two Player Mode: We split the screen in two so that you can have double the fun! We made this because we really enjoy local multiplayer games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Rocket League (both in split-screen). It’s so much fun to play against another player on PS4 in the same room. Also, we’ve added a new character for this mode — Undead Fenix!

Fenix Furia

Introducing Undead Fenix: in the Two Player Mode you are able to use Fenix or Undead Fenix. They will battle to be the fastest in this world! But who is this Undead Fenix? We don’t want to go into details here, but we can say that he is the pure rage of Fenix. To be honest, I think Undead Fenix is more badass. He has exactly the same goal as Fenix: unveil the truth about the destruction of his village.

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to bring Fenix Furia soon to PS4.

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  • Another dead Vita port?

  • Great to see this is still coming, and now with local multiplayer to boot!

    So… how soon is “soon”? ;-)

  • Nice! I hope we get a release date soon.

  • Split-screen is always welcome! :)

  • Funny the change of the name considering “Furia” is basically “Rage” in another language.

    Anyway I had this game on ma radar once and I’m glad I saw this post cuz it made me remember of it…very awesome of you guys to add split-screen its a shame how many games miss this feature nowadays.Devs don’t give a damn about its importance anymore.
    Everything looks great but please tell me there is a PS3 or Vita version of it…????

  • Played this at PSX 2014! I spent about an hour glued to this game that day. As soon as it comes out i’ll be buying! Absolutely love this game!

  • Did the Vita version get cancelled? No mention of it anywhere. This game was originally going to be released on PS4 and PS Vita. So how’s the Vita version coming along?

  • It can kind makes me think of super meat boy in co-op. Very interesting. Is the Vita version still in the works?

  • Any news on the PS Vita version?

  • Looks pretty cool and interesting. If this is released on the first Tuesday of any of the upcoming months, chances are this might be very well a Ps Plus game. The signs are even there. Indie game, platformers 2D art, etc. Day One could be another sign.

  • Vita only for me, maybe Steam, when it drops down to a couple dollars.

    Seen some game play footage with developers, and it looked pretty good, but high stress.

    Not one I am wanting to jump on, especially for a console I will not buy until backwards compatibility.

  • Screw Bethesda for forcing the name to be changed with just their lawyers’ threats.

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