40+ PS3 Exclusives Added to PS Now Subscription Today

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40+ PS3 Exclusives Added to PS Now Subscription Today

Happy New Year, PlayStation Fans! 2016 is going to be an incredible year for the PlayStation Now community. To kick things off, we’re adding more than 40 PS3 console exclusives to the expanding library of games. With 100+ PS3 exclusives and more than 300 PS3 games to choose from, you’ll have more games than ever before in the PlayStation Now Subscription library to discover (or rediscover) this year.

Limited Time 12-Month Subscription Offer Ends Soon

The 12-Month Subscription for $99.99 offer will end on Monday, January 11th. This special offer lets you save more than 55% off the regular monthly subscription price. If you’re a current PlayStation Now subscriber, you can purchase the 12-Month Subscription on PlayStation Store to extend your current 1-Month or 3-Month subscription.

If you’re new to the PlayStation Now community, we highly recommend trying the 7-Day free Trial before you buy. You’ll get full access to all 300+ games in the PlayStation Now Subscription. Click here to start your 7-Day Trial.

100+ PlayStation Console Exclusives

Here is the complete list of PS3 console exclusives included in the subscription catalog. New additions to the PlayStation Now Subscription are marked as “(New).”

Alone in the Dark: Inferno
Anarchy: Rush Hour (New)
Armageddon Riders (New)
Atelier Ayesha
Atelier Escha & Logy
Atelier Rorona Plus
Bentley’s Hackpack (New)
Big Sky: Infinity (New)
Bomberman Ultra
Chime Super Deluxe
Class of Heroes 2G (New)
Crash Commando (New)
Deception IV: Blood Ties
detuned (New)
Doki-Doki Universe (New)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (New)
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends (New)
Eat Them! (New)
Elefunk (New)
Everyday Shooter (New)
Fat Princess
Flow (New)
Flower (New)
Go! Puzzle (New)
God of War: Chains of Olympus (New)
God of War: Ghosts of Sparta (New)
God of War HD
God of War II
God of War III
God of War: Ascension
Gravity Crash (New)
Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi
Heavenly Sword (New)
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (New)
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Hustle Kings
inFamous 2
inFamous: Festival of Blood
Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (New)
Journey (New)
Killzone 2 (New)
Killzone 3
Killzone HD (New)
Lemmings (New)
Linger in Shadows (New)
LocoRoco Cocoreccho!
Lumines Supernova
Mamorukun Curse! (New)
MotorStorm: Apocalypse
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ninja Gaiden Sigma II
Numblast (New)
Okabu (New)
PixelJunk Eden
PixelJunk Eden Encore (New)
PixelJunk Monster
PixelJunk Monster Encore (New)
PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap
PixelJunk Shooter
PixelJunk Shooter 2
PixelJunk Sidescroller
Planet Minigolf
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace
Rainbow Moon nonDLC
Ratchet & Clank Future All 4 One
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (New)
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Resistance 3
Ricochet HD (New)
Savage Moon (New)
Shadow of Colossus
Siren: Blood Curse Episode 1-12
Sky Fighter
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Snakeball (New)
Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype
Sound Shapes
Spelunker HD
Starhawk (New)
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark
Super Stacker Party (New)
Super Stardust HD
Tales from Space: About a Blob Premium Bundle
The Last Guy
The Last of Us
The Last of Us Left Behind
The Sly Collection
The Unfinished Swan (New)
Tokyo Jungle
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters
Toy Home (New)
Trash Panic (New)
Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (New)
Twisted Metal
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Game of the Year Edition (New)
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (New)
Wakeboarding HD (New)
When Vikings Attack (New)
White Knight Chronicles (New)
Xblaze Code: Embryo (New)

With hundreds of PS3 games to play — including 100+ PS3 console exclusives — there’s never been a better time to join the growing PlayStation Now community.

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11 Author Replies

  • Question is there a reason the 1 year subscription is limited time only I want to get but don’t have the money currently for it was going to wait a few months hopefully it comes back

    • Hi airJordan_Xx — Happy New Year! Thanks for your interest in PlayStation Now. The $99.99 is a special holiday offer. If you’re unable to get this deal in time, we do have the 3-Month Subscription as a standard option. Hope to see you online in 2016!

    • High James Just a little feedback i would like i am not living in the US I am in Trinidad. But PlayStation Now works for me.
      I have won the following God of War 1,2 and Ascension, Final Fantasy XIII, Infamous 1 and am currently finishing Infamous 2.
      I have completed these games with relatively little issues when I’m playing game (Only really Final Fantasy XIII disconnected like 6 times over a span of 100 hrs).

      i would like to ask two things 1 can the initial test to connect with PS Now service be a bit more lenient, it takes me a while to get a connection but when I connect I would play for literally hours with no issues every time (Indicating to me that my connection is stable enough to have service, its just that sometimes the annoying test gets in the way).

      2 Any plans at all to expand PlayStation Now to South American region I hope it wont be like Sony Music and Video that Trinidad never got access to.

    • If i dont have the ps plus in the future, can i still be suscribe to ps now?

  • I hope someday there are PS1 and PS2 games as a part of this. I’m not a subscriber yet but I think I will be eventually

    • Right? PS1 and PS2 titles would be a dream, as would the ability to rent PS4 titles! This makes for a very impressive backward-compatibility strategy that can almost encompass the entire Playstation library of games. Eventually, I forsee PS4 games streaming as rentals.

      It’s also great that the service isn’t tied to a single game-console, but can be streamed from select TVs using the Dualshock as the only required hardware! Who knows? It may be possible to stream via mobile phone soon enough!

      And as network speeds increase, and service bandwidth costs drop, who knows? It may be feasible to buy titles and stream on-demand, or stream titles already purchased digitally via PSN.

    • Backwards compatibility? NO. NO NO NO. This isn’t backwards compatibility at all. I actually own many of these on disc, but that means nothing when I want to play them on my PS4. Sony has every right to roll out whatever services they want, but I will not be a part of their scam to make me pay OVER AND OVER AND OVER to play games I already own in full. This has NOTHING to do with backwards compatibility.

      Attack my “presentation” here all you want (whiner, ignorant, crybaby, whatever), but not liking how I say this has nothing to do with comparing streaming digital rentals with backwards compatibility – which is what this is.

      Those of us advocating for backwards compatibility don’t need these poor, unequivocal comparisons being carelessly tossed about.

    • Totally want PS1/PS2 games on the service. This was alluded to when the service was first announced, but nothing seems to have happened in this. $99 holiday pricing is great, but inclusion of PS1/PS2 games is, I think my main want from this service.

    • Their are currently 10 ps2 games for sale on ps4 with more to come. Also they have trophy compatibility if that interests you

    • Can I play game that i buy online on the Playstation now….any game that’s not on the subscription?

  • Signed up for PS Now last week because of this promotion and currently playing Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

    Everything has worked great so far and looking forward to starting another game with the service. The $99/year promotion is the single reason I started my subscription. PS Now works well, I like the catalog of games available, and I like that more titles are always added. I will however cancel my subscription after my year ends unless of course the $99/year price point is maintained or a price very close to that.

    At $99/year PS Now is acceptable and a great service for me as a consumer.

    • Hi KidCommando – glad to hear that you were able to lock in the savings for the next twelve months! Hope you’ll give Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty a try. We have over 300 games in the subscription (with plans to add more every month, as you mentioned), so you’ll have lots to choose from in 2016!

    • Acceptable this is a joke was a long time customer for outages Indy games and all that I got backwards compatible games I own and can go buy the disc and pop in and play foh 150 dollars for a account what a rip off greatness awaits and you will keep waiting

  • Wow, very tempted! Totally agree with @airJordan_Xx, *this* is a very sweet price point, and what most people, I think, expect to be the standard pricing for a service like this.

    • Hi siriusbee – Happy New Year. Jump on in, the water’s warm! If you haven’t used the 7-day FREE Trial, please give that a shot! It’s a great way to see if the service is a good fit for you before you decide!

  • I hate to be that guy, but damn do I need Ni No Kuni playable on my Vita! I would absolutely get PS Now if Ni No Kuni was on there…

  • I was looking forward to this update, and I see a bunch of titles I’m excited to play/play again. Thanks! I bought in at $99, which to me is a good price, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. A bit of lag on the Vita for some titles (and one disconnect), but flawless on PSTV and PS4 — it’s so seamless, I forget it’s streaming.

    • Hi samv33 – Happy New Year! Glad to hear you were able to get the 12-month subscription and that you’re enjoying the service. It’s going to be an exciting year for the PlayStation Now community, so please drop back in on our future blog posts.

  • I’m loving the library of titles! And at the no-brainer price of $99, I hope many gamers are enjoying PS Now! I look forward to continued improvements to the service, and the ever growing library. I truly think that PS Now is the future of backward compatibility as the library can be limited, and the reach, endless!

    • Hi sealum01 – Happy New Year and Welcome Back! Glad to hear you like the library. The PlayStation Now community has never been stronger or more active than it was over the holidays, so you’re in good company! We’ll be adding new games every month, so stay tuned for more news in 2016!

    • Thanks James! I hope you all had a great holiday, and have an even better 2016! Thanks for working hard on this incredible service!

  • Ni No Kuni please!

  • And why is this a special limited time offer? Does the service not regularly offers a 12mos plan?
    If not, I guess you better lock in now cause you still get billed annually at the current price!

    PlayStation Now Subscription Terms
    This 12-Month Subscription gives you full access to the PlayStation Now game subscription catalog for one full year. At the end of the 12-month subscription period, your subscription will automatically renew at an annual price of $99.99 for an additional 12-months. You need a credit card or alternate payment method associated with your PlayStation Network account. If your wallet does not have enough funds to cover the subscription renewal, the system will bill you via your designated payment method.

    • Hi capitolc – Happy New Year! The 12-Month Subscription is a limited time offer and is not a standard subscription option. It will not be available for purchase after January 11th. The 1-Month and 3-Month subscriptions will continue to be available as the standard subscription options.

    • From the site: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/reward_game/playstationnow-12-month-subscription/cid=IP9101-NPIA90010_01-PSNOWSUB12MO0000

      PlayStation Now Subscription Terms
      This 12-Month Subscription gives you full access to the PlayStation Now game subscription catalog for one full year. At the end of the 12-month subscription period, your subscription will automatically renew at an annual price of $99.99 for an additional 12-months. You need a credit card or alternate payment method associated with your PlayStation Network account. If your wallet does not have enough funds to cover the subscription renewal, the system will bill you via your designated payment method

  • Dear James:

    PS3 Games i’ve already own digitally should be free on PS NOW, or at least bring backwards compatibility to PS4, if microsoft can, why Sony don’t?


    • The PS3 games you already own digitally are playable on your PS3. Why should Sony let you take server space (possibly causing issues for actual paying customers) on a streaming service without paying anything extra in return? The games you own are for downloading and playing on your PS3. When you bought your digital PS3 games the price did not include the cost of unlimited streaming in the future.

    • I agree with DJ_Tomato. I thought especially after Microsoft announced backwards compatibility, Sony could have used Playstation Now as a response to that and allow gamers to access their old games on the new system. Plus it would be a way to get me to try the service, and as the library of games grows, I would be inclined to pay for access to the ones I didn’t already own.

  • I picked up *SO* many games with my PS4 purchase and the black Friday sales, that it will be a year before I work my way through them all. I’m hopeful that by next holiday season, the $99/year price point will be standard – if so, I may jump on this then. If not, well, I still have my PS3 with many of these same games on it, and my PS4 with shiny new games coming out in 2016 that will start dropping in price next holiday season, so I won’t miss this too much.

  • Do I get too keep the 12 month subscription as long as I don’t cancel it so if 12 months are up will it continue to renew unless I cancel it?

    • So the site says but the moderator on here has been saying no. I’m going to go with he terms I’m agreeing to which part of is below.
      PlayStation Now Subscription Terms
      …..At the end of the 12-month subscription period, your subscription will automatically renew at an annual price of $99.99 for an additional 12-months….

  • Hi sorry if you are the wrong person from Sony to ask this, what happened to “The Drop” on Sundays? I guess they are still trying to get back into the groove or whatever the saying is. Just curious.

    • It was on until this last Sunday, which was a New Year’s weekend, so that is most likely why it wasn’t there. Pretty sure it’ll be back next week.

  • I do like the idea of ps now my only problem with the service is that they make you pay for games you already own. why would I rent god of war 3 digatily when I already own it digitaly through psn. to me it is a bad move when sony double dips its consumers instead of doing the right thing. to charge me again to play the same game I already own that I can only play for an alloated time before I have to pay again is a service I cannot get behind.

    • The PS3 games you already own digitally are playable on your PS3. Why should Sony let you take server space (possibly causing issues for actual paying customers) on a streaming service without paying anything extra in return? The games you own are for downloading and playing on your PS3. When you bought your digital PS3 games the price did not include the cost of unlimited streaming in the future.

      They don’t ‘make’ you pay for anything, this is an option. Yes, why would you rent GoW3 if you already own it? Just play the game you own, pretty simple.

      You are essentially asking Sony to double dip yourself. If double dipping is not good for you, why is it alright for Sony? You paid for your game to download and play on your PS3. Asking Sony to allow you to stream that game on PS Now is making them pay out MORE money for the product you already bought. A streaming service is not free and you are asking for extra on a completed transaction from the past.

    • point is it dosent have to be a digital streaming service or whatever sony is calling this form of bc.sony is not paying for anything if i already own the game. your arguing that a ps3 game i bought is only valid for the ps3, but the same ps3 game i bought that i can pay to stream on my ps4 still shows up as a ps3 game, my trophy collection will say the game is a ps3 game not a ps4. so yes they are charging me for the same item twice. sony made a bad move setting up their platform of ps now this way and the service has a lot of potential but at the current platform it is on now is not a platform i can support. i can see having the option to rent and buy games from ps now, but if i buy a game through psn i shouldn’t be charged to access it again regardless of what sony is calling it. i get that streaming is expensive, or finding a emulation software is expensive, but that dosent justify ripping off consumers. its people like you who allow companies to get away with stuff like this and make it less and less fair to its consumers

    • Is that how digital video downloads work? No, they don’t offer you unlimited streaming! They offer you unlimited downloading. This is done in the mindset that people won’t obsessively be redownloading games. Streaming costs more money. Especially with games, which are anywhere up to 50 gig downloads. Streaming would be more than that. To give it for free. Heck no!

      To make it real simple, if streaming cost money via time, then even if you buy a movie on Vudu/Amazon digitally, for streaming purposes. How many times will you watch it? Maybe twice adding up to 3-6 hours, depending on movie length. In comparison, a 6 hour game is considered short.

      And many games offer replay value. So, they could be streamed for a near 60 hours easy. And that 60 hours of data streaming is…Free? Why don’t you go ask your mobile Data plan that question. Streaming is expensive. They should not offer it free with a digital download purhase. Maybe a discount, but no finite price to own the ability to Stream a game for life.

  • If you buy a PS3 game on the ps store on your ps4 will it work

  • So these are ps3 games that you can stream n play on your ps4 but no actual ps4 games correct ?

  • I absolutely love this service! Nice to see some great new exclusives being added. I hope to see the PS Now UI updated on my Samsung TV to match the PS4 UI soon.

    • Hi yunggunn80 – Happy New Year and Welcome Back! Hope you get a chance to play all 48 of the exclusive games we added this month. Enjoy!

  • Wait, so when the PS2 came out it could play PS1 games for free….you guys must have kicked yourselves in the head thinking of what a missed opportunity to make people pay more for what they already own.

    I absolutely hate Microsoft…..but I have to hand it to them. Backwards compatibility for a subscription of $0.00 a year. Same with the WiiU and Wii games.

    The fact that I have to stream this online makes me never want to use this service either…..but it’s cool for those who have the money, internet speed, and lack the desire to connect their PS3 to HDMI2.

    • It isn’t zero dollars a year though. It’s just as much as the game costs. Most last gen games still cost around $20, so if you want more than 4, you’re already spending too much comparatively. Conversely PSNow offers well over 300 titles for $100.

      I never understood the argument against it in favor of backwards compatibility. That’s just like saying Netflix is a complete rip off because most people nowadays can watch movies on their computer/televisions. That is far from true considering all that Netflix offers, and the same goes for Playstation Now.

    • I own half those games, can get the other half (which I don’t care about) from the public library for free on my PS3, or I could flush 100 dollars down the toilet to play something for which I also need to spend 80 dollars a month on internet for….with lag…

  • $99 is a nice price, but I refuse to rent games I already own. We should be able to stream games we already own for free. If Microsoft can make bw compatibility happen on Xbox One, Sony should make it happen on PS4. Whether it is streaming games owned for free, emulation, or releasing a special edition PS4 (that has the PS3 chips/ dual boot system). I’d pay $100 extra for a console, that does this. I love the PlayStation brand, but I can not support this service.

    • This is one area where I’m completely disappointed with Sony’s stubborn & callous greed. I won’t pay a dime for this garbage the way they’ve rolled it out. Let me play the games I already OWN, and I’ll be glad to join their streaming rental service. But backwards compatibility is entirely possible and they’d rather leach us than convince us to love them (no matter what the minority of fanboy shills yell at us here despite market/participation numbers showing that PS Now is an abysmal failure already).

    • tj5678, I completely agree! I would definitely re-buy a PS4 if they made another model for $100 extra with PS3 backwards compatibility.

      I told myself I would never buy Xbox One due to the evil, greedy, anti-consumer policies it initially had. But I’m now considering it since they’ve repealed most of those policies and are slowly adding backwards compatibility.

  • Can anyone point me to the full, updated list of games available with the PlayStation Now subscription option? I can only find older/unofficial lists, or the new list of 100 PS console exclusives only.

  • Starhawk,kz1,2)heavenly sword wow I just need you guys to add ninokinu and im in .these are some of my fav games I just dont feel like turning my ps3 on with being able to use my vita or ps tvs and ps4

  • At $100 a year, once the library gets large enough, it may be worth it.
    Problem is that it is for a limited time, and the inability to play those games once the year is up, or the money that could have been used to buy and keep them.

    I see this being a great idea for those who haven’t played these games, and are online, for a year or so.
    But after that, your market is gone.

    With newer games being wanted, and digital sales becoming much more affordable.
    Chances are, you will have missed your window for this, years ago.

    Had you simply made your systems backwards compatible, like I have stated for years now, you would have seen much better sales and continued customer support.

    You had a great thing going with Plus ( for a couple years ), and quite honestly, you ruined it.

  • Is there any way to use the 7 day free trial WITHOUT adding a credit card to my account information?

    I’m interested in the 12 month subscription, but only if I can confirm that PS Now works properly on my PS Vita first, and I don’t want to risk my credit card information in the process.

    • 1. Go buy a $50 Visa gift card
      2. Sign up for the 7-day trial using that
      3. Cancel the trial before the auto charge
      4. You now have experienced the 7-day trial, have a $50 gift card, and none of your credit card information is stored.

      I have been using the same $50 gift card for about 6 years now for all free trials of anything that need a credit card.

    • Hi Hakumen – Happy New Year. I don’t believe the 7-Day FREE trial can be activated without a credit card at this time. Hope you’ll consider joining us for a year of fun and games once you confirm that it works with your PS Vita. Cheers!

  • For everyone pulling for a Ni No Kuni addition to PSNow, I recommend doing like I did and jump on it now. While it is nothing definitive, Japan’s PSNow recently got Ni No Kuni added to their collection. I’m still holding out on the chance that Sony will soon enough add it to PSNow in the west as well. Keep up the hope!

  • Any estimation on when it’s going to be available for other countries (aka: south america)?

  • For the trophy hounds among the crowd, two questions:

    1) Are trophies earned while playing?
    2) If so, if I’ve previously earned trophies on a game, will the service know this?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Hi ajwilson55 – Happy New Year. Yes, trophies can be earned for games played on PlayStation Now. All of the trophies tied to your PlayStation Network account will be tracked — just need to make sure you the same PSN account to keep them all in one place.

  • are these games only for US PS NOW, the UK PS NOW doesn’t seem to get updated at all i’m also hoping for Assassin’s creed games come onto UK PS NOW

  • What a horrible idea.

    Let’s charge everyone $99 a year to play games they already own.

    Meanwhile apologists say “just play your ps3 games on the ps3”

    Sure let’s create a system where theres no upgradable path, no way to have a discount to rebuy games you previously owned on last gen, instead lets rebuy every single game you have purchased again on newer platforms.

    I really would LOVE to pay $30,000 every 3-5 years to play the same games I already own.

    Why yes, I would love to rebuy Ps4 games on the Ps5/Ps6/Ps7/Ps8 instead of buying Ps5,Ps6,Ps7,Ps8 games.

    Xbox doesnt charge you to rebuy your games and neither does the wii u besides a small $2 fee.

    Meanwhile Sony is saying lets rent your games and pay $99

    Kindly go **** yourself Sony.

    • Wow, you have all 300+ games plus more? Wow, you must have quite the collection!

      This service is only as useless as you make it. What you said is like calling Netflix useless because you own a dozen or so of the movies they offer.

    • This service imo is greed because if they wanted to they could check my licenses and let me at the very least stream the games ive already bought.

      Netflix is a poor analogy since Sony has digital bought games on an account.
      I dont pay for a service, I paid for my games and imagine how much it would cost for 1,000 games.

      It is a lot.

      Nintendo has a $2 upgrade path
      Xbox has free compatibility
      Sony Charges $99 a year.

      Thats like if
      Blockbuster gave you dvds for $2 but you can install the dvds and play them freely and return them back and netflix decides to charge you $15 to stream 5 movies.

      Sounds like a horrible business plan thats not helping the investors which spent a fortune on a digital collection which is null and void completely on next gen hardware when EVERYONE ELSE has compatibility in some shape way and form.

    • I don’t really understand NekoRave’s argument here. I agree with Terraforce777 statement and I feel there is definite value here. However, the library of content available with a service like Netflix is significantly larger than Playstation Now. If it got to that level, say by adding PS1 and PS2 games, then I would pay for access, and the number of games I already owned wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

      As it stands though, it is still a big issue for me that I already own many of the games on Playstation Now and the ability to play on my PS4 isn’t worth $100 to me. I still think the best way to sell people on this service is to let them play their old games on, then they see all the other games they could be playing that they didn’t own and you get them to pay for access to all that other content. It will get more and more enticing as more games continue to be added.

    • @NekoRave

      To everyone complaining about having to pay for a streaming service that ties to your PSN account where you already own said games as a download, I have 2 points for you:

      1. This is why you can’t purchase individual movies/shows/videos on Netflix, because unlimited streaming of their service of even a select amount of titles, would lose them money at some point in the future, even if 10+ years from the point of purchase. And this is at 2-3 hours maximum for films.

      2. The link below explains the Data Cap issues that exists in streaming games with Playstation Now compared to streaming videos via netflix. The only thing left out is the physical cost of not only operating a system of servers for access of all users at any point of time, for every game on offer, but the cost of sending the Data itself, with constant input, as well as output, unlike video which is 99% output.


      Check that link out, you may learn a thing or two about how money works.

  • (Continued)

    After I purchase 1,000 games and none can be played on the Ps4 I am absolutely appalled at both fans that are apologists for this idea and the company for even fathoming up this con.

    Heres an idea, I already paid for the games, so either give me an upgrade path to make it playable on Ps4 like Nintendo or make it backwards compatible on Xbox.

    I shouldnt have to have 7 playstations Ps1/Ps2/Ps3/Ps4/Ps5/Ps6/Ps7 hooked up to play games.

    Especially since your super slims are horrible hardware and id like to play my games on hardware that doesn’t freeze, have errors, bugs, glitches, and takes ages to install or download.

    What are you guys thinking?


    • Or you could, you know, play them on the system you bought them for.

    • Or you know, I can not have to use inferior hardware and have one system for each platform instead of hundreds of systems because Sony is the only company that is charging users to play games they bought.

      If I bought my games digitally I have a right to be able to demand for an upgradable path, backwards compatibility, etc.

      Theres games only on PS3 PSN which are ONLY digital and when the servers are out who knows if you will be able to redownload your licences.

      You can stop being an apologist, sick of hearing go play it on a PS3 because guess what, hardware eventually dies, and im not going to rebuy an outdated system with a potential closed server and lose my licences.

      Its not that hard to look at the games ive bought and at the absolute least let me stream the games ive paid for on PS4.

      If you owned 1,000 games and sony said buy them all again to play on PS4 whats stopping them from saying that for the PS5,PS6,PS7?

      Don’t be dense.

    • Sony is also the only compnay that doesn’t itself from being better by having old tech in its game system. Why worsen next(current) gen for the sake of last gen? If you want a ps4, you don’t buy it expecting to play old games.

      You bought ps3 digital games to play on a ps3. No ifs, ands, or buts. You don’t have a right to demand anything for something that you paid for in the past for something in the future unless stated in the purchase, “Also available for future system playability and/or streaming.”

      And guess what about PSN games, developers/publishers have a right to take them down at any time. i have bearly every single game i have digitally downloaded already in case that ever happens. Take care of your system and it won’t break, mine never has.

      Never apologized for anything just stating facts. You bought “outdated” games for an “outdated” system. Sony doesn’t owe you anything related to being able to play them on anything other than the original system.

      If they ever have a transfer system for digital games to stream, I’ll expect a payment for that cause streaming ain’t free.

    • I have over 2000 items on my download list between all 4 systems. I’ll play them on their respective systems. Some that have multiplayer or are multi-only that have servers turned off. Some of my games arent even available for me to redownload.
      Only one dense is you’re incomplete thinking.

    • *doesn’t stop itself

    • @dilbig5

      I love you!

  • OK? Seriously? Will it keep renewing the 12 months after the offer is gone Ive already purchased the 12 month offer but will it renew or is it goona go back too a standard plan?

    • Hi skorge16 – Happy New Year. Your subscription will only auto-renew into whichever level you have purchased. 1-Month auto-renews into 1-Month; 3-month into 3-month, 12-month into 12-month. The 12-Month SKU will not downgrade into a 3-Month or 1-Month SKU. Hope that answers your question!

    • I guess I will just have too wait and see at the end of the 12 month period I know a lot of people will stop subscribing if they can’t keep the 12 month subscription if it dousnt renew 12 months

    • Oh ok thank you I’m really enjoying the service on the vita

  • Is there any chance of .hack series making its way to Now?

  • I stI’ll feel like the prices are way too high for me to jump on board. Also other people talk about lag which I also experienced back in 2014. Shouldn’t see any lag if you have a high Internet connection like 100 mbps.

    • I have around 40mbps and the only lag I saw during using this in beta was when more than 3 things were connected to the internet.

  • It would be nice if they could check which digital licenses you already paid for and allow you to stream those games for free. However, I understand why they’re charging for it. Bandwidth is not free. The R&D needed to make PS Now possible was not free.

    I have left my PS3 hooked up to play PS3 games. I’m using my PS4 to play PS4 games. So, I don’t really need PS Now, but it is actually very useful for people who never owned a PS3 but would like to check out PS3 games (and as we’ve been told before, there are a lot of those people around).

  • And I’m set up wired with the Ps4

  • @KidCommando, you’re the smartest kid in class. I never thought of using a gift card Visa for things like this. Brilliant.

    $99 per year is an incredible price point for people who would use the service. I kept my PS3 so I don’t need Now, but perhaps someday, when PS2 games are added.

    Happy New Year, PlayStation Nation!!!!

  • Will the Jak and Daxter Collection that was released on PS3 ever come to PS now? I would prefer it to be a one time purchase for the game, but I’ll take what I can get. All I have is a PS4 and so there is no way to currently play any of those games.

  • Can I stream ps now on multiple devices @ the same time? For instance can I stream this on my ps vita while my daughter streams it on her ps tv?

  • So how exactly does this work as far as the internet is concerned? We have PS+ and play multiplayer on occasion but mostly use netflix. We recently got hooked on Gilmore girls and watched all 7 seasons in one month. And we reached our internet limit. Is streaming these games the same thing?

  • I want to see ModNation added to this……

  • I am located in Denmark. It does not seem to be available in Denmark – is that correct?

    Or can I make the subscription on the USA store.playstation.com site – if so, then how?

  • Awesome games

  • If I am reading this correctly if I subscribe now for $99 for 12 months my renewal price for year 2 will also be $99 correct? If I am correct that is an amazing deal! I am this close to jumping on board.

    Here is what it says right from the PSN store:
    PlayStation Now Subscription Terms
    This 12-Month Subscription gives you full access to the PlayStation Now game subscription catalog for one full year. At the end of the 12-month subscription period, your subscription will automatically renew at an annual price of $99.99 for an additional 12-months. You need a credit card or alternate payment method associated with your PlayStation Network account. If your wallet does not have enough funds to cover the subscription renewal, the system will bill you via your designated payment method.

  • I want Dragon Age Origins/Awakening and Dragon Age II. I would already be subscribed if those 2 titles were on there.

  • Will there be an option to buy games so we can keep them instead of being limited to renting them? That would be nice consisdering that the PS4 isn’t backwards compatible with the PS3.

  • I am a year subscriber now, love the service. Nothing like playing all these games on Vita (the ones that work well with the Vita’s control scheme).

    If we have a suggestions box, I would love to see:

    Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, Dante’s Inferno, SplatterHouse, Doom 3 BFG Edition

  • I wish Sony would merge the rental and subscription games. I just noticed they are different. Maybe some day.

  • Is there an ETA/Possibility for MGS4? That game would make me jump in!

    • I’m pretty sure I saw MGS4 available as one of the 1st games to be added to PSNow…not sure why it ain’t on the list above.

  • Do some games get removed from the service? I noticed the full list on the playstation.com PSNow website no longer includes Final Fantasy XIII & Warhammer Space Marine.

  • Said it before and will say it again, you guys need to add a import section with easy to plat japanese only games. They are too expensive to buy normally but if you put them here, you will get thousands of trophy hunters using your service. Your loss if you don’t jump on the opportunity.

  • My wishes are for exclusives Resistance 1 and 2, Ratchet Tools of Destruction and HD trilogy of Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. Assassins Creed 4, Rogue and Liberation. Nier, and some other JRPG’s for the fans of those series. Maybe FF10HD and Tales of Series. Also Metal Gear 1-4. I’ll be trying out the 7 day week trial and if that works out ill get the 99$ year.

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