Happy 10th Birthday, Media Molecule!

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Happy 10th Birthday, Media Molecule!

On this day, 10 years ago a little studio called Media Molecule was founded by a group of friends who went on to have some pretty incredible adventures together. Mark Healey, Alex Evans, Kareem Ettouney and David Smith all met whilst they were working at Lionhead Studios. Along with help from Chris Lee, the man with the business plan, they were soon joined by Siobhan Reddy, Anton Kirczenow and Francis Pang and Media Molecule was officially born!

Media Molecule 10th BirthdayMedia Molecule 10th Birthday

In March of 2006 we moved into our first studio, a tiny (but cosy) office space above a bathroom shop in Guilford. It was here that our favourite little hessian friend Sackboy was born and during the following year at GDC, we announced LittleBigPlanet to the world; our lives were forever changed!

Media Molecule

Media Molecule

Media Molecule

Since then we’ve released LittleBigPlanet [http://www.mediamolecule.com/games/littlebigplanet] and LittleBigPlanet 2 on PlayStation 3, Tearaway on PlayStation Vita and Tearaway Unfolded on PlayStation 4. We’re currently working on Dreams, our upcoming game for the PlayStation 4 and we’re super excited for you all to get your hands on it, next year is going to be exciting for sure!

The rest as they say is history, and its history that you can have a poke about in thanks to the ‘Marvellous Media Molecule Time Machine’, made by our Web Development heroes Tom Kiss, Tom Dallaway and Martin Taylor! Click here to travel back in time and explore the Mm timeline, we’ve packed it full of photos and old blog posts so you can relive all the fun we’ve had over the past 10 years!

Our 10th anniversary is a very special milestone for us, so expect lots of celebrations throughout the year; our official birthday is just the beginning! We’ve got some pretty exciting announcements and events happening over the course of the next 12 months, not to mention all the fun we’ll be having with Dreams too. It’s going to be a jam-packed year so make sure you join us for the ride!

We couldn’t have got this far without all the endless love and support from our wonderful community; we really do have the best fans in the world. The energy and passion that you folks have for our games continually inspires us and pushes us forward, we never want to stop creating and making things for you all. Thank YOU for being the most awesome community we could have ever imagined, we love you all and we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!

Media Molecule 10th Birthday

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  • Happy birthday Media Molecule! You ridiculously awesome team. Can’t wait for Dreams.

  • Maybe in celebration we could get a Mm games sale?

  • Happy 10th, MM!

  • Happy Birthday! And good luck going forward.

  • Happy Birthday and many many more! Thanks for all of the wonderful games you have created. I am really looking forward to Dreams.

  • Thank you guys for so many good memories! Keep up the good work and congrats!

  • Congrats, MM! I can’t wait to play Dreams.

  • put a little big planet on a ps4

  • Easily one of the most adorable game developers in the industry! You guys (and gals) constantly strive for well polished, awe-inspiring games that push the boundaries of creativity and fun!

    Thanks for giving us such amazing gaming experiences which we can share with our whole families!

  • Happy Birthday team!!! I’m still in love with LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, and cannot wait to experience Dreams :)))

  • 10 years just like that. Wow. Keep it going!

  • Happy 10th Birthday, Mm! Really looking forward to Dreams, and whatever else you may create in your next 10 years of making such unique, imaginative experiences :-D

  • Oh Happy 10th Birthday Mm from a huge fan of you guys,best wishes you guys deserve all the best.I admire y’all with some real passion…you’re the most creative minds in the business,the only devs that can be compared with you is JapanStudio but anyway…you guys are truly talented,LBP is one of the best games EVER MADE which makes it one of the best on PS3 as well,Tearaway is arguably the best Vita game and I have high hopes that Dreams will be one of the best PS4 games…all your projects deliver,I love Tearaway but I gotta leave here ma huge thanks for your creation of LBP…that game is really something else,its magical….I always say this,LBP is the most fun game ever and its true no game can top it in that regard.

    Doubt you guys will ever beat LBP2 as your best project but I’m eager to try out Dreams.

    BTW shout out to Alex Evans the man’s awesome.

  • Congrats MM! I love how your games give players creative freedom to do whatever they want and I hope to see you guys around for many more years!

  • Happy Birthday, guys!

    We love the games you’ve created, through and through. They are nothing less than utterly brilliant.

    It is sad that Sony took advantage of customer loyalty with LittleBigPlanet Racing and LBP 3, using your ideas and making some of the most awful games we own, but it just goes to show that one cannot imitate talent, ingenuity, and inspiration. Those titles fell far short of the mark without your awesome hands to craft them.

    We’re very happy with your recent game, Tearaway (PS4) and we look forward to seeing Dreams.

    Rock on, Media Molecule! You guys are great no matter who signs the paychecks! :D


  • Incredible team! Special greetings to Kareem Ettouney, the co-founder. The Egyptian master creator.

  • Congratulations guys. Awesome games, awesome company.

  • Happy Birthday MM! LBP 1 & 2 and Tearaway for Vita are three of my all-time favorite games! You guys are creative beyond measure and what you were able to do with those games is nothing short of mesmerizing! While I am so excited to get my hands on Dreams (it looks ridiculously amazing!) LBP 3 has become one big travesty without you guys at the helm! Congratulations on 10 awesome years, here’s to many, many more!

  • Happy birthday, guys! You keep making them, I’ll keep buying them.

  • Tearaway was such an underrated game! It’s a greatly fantastic game, yet not much people bought it :(.
    Oh and after DREAM, you guys should make an RPG animated game :D !!! I mean seriously, with your stunning visual and creativity combined with RPG element = GOTY Material! It’s just a perfect formula!
    I hope you guys will atleast considered this cause the PS4 1st party AAA games are just full of realistic games, we need you guys to fill up the hole in the best PS4 animated game category!

    Oh and SONY! Please give us Jak 4 and Sly Cooper 5!

  • Happy Birthday Media Molecules, can’t wait for Dreams to come out.

  • LBP was great, but Tearaway was magic! Congrats!

  • Happy birthday Media Molecule!

    I remember when I first got my PS3- must have been like 2008- with it was LBP1. That game completely defined that generation for me, and having come from using a PS2 and Wii the past few years I was blown away. I was playing with my friend so easily and actually *making* levels together with him. Not good ones, of course, but it was amazing.

    At the time, the graphics were fantastic and the aesthetics totally new. I remember finishing my first play session with that game and thinking about how ‘next-gen’ it all felt. After that, just countless memories of laughing hard with friends both close and far as I always made their lives difficult playing co-op with me. Since then, LBP and Tearaway have also been really fantastic experiences,

    I’m looking forward to hearing about Dreams this year. I think the feeling LBP1 gave me may have been a one-time thing, but I know Dreams will be amazing with you all at the helm regardless and I can’t wait to see what the online community will be like for it.

  • why is playstation down for maintenance??? please reply ASAP. thank you

    • Everytime there’s a major studio milestone- out of respect, the servers go offline.

    • As luvtoseek previously mentioned, they’re down to celebrate Mm’s 10th birthday. Could be anywhere from a few hours to a few days. There is no current standard set for joy.

    • Oddly I got the message yesterday and was still playing online on PS4. Look at PS Blog and see people are having trouble and then go back. I even confirmed my free LBP3 add-on items. I kicked from one match of DoA5 thanks to server problems. That was it.

      Anyway, still not Mm’s problem.

  • Many congratulations to Media Molecule! =)

  • Tearaway on Vita was one of the greatest games i’ve played

  • Thanks for the 10 years of the best platformer since Mario.

  • Happy Birthday!!!!! Love all you guys do…thank you for letting your collective creative side show. Can’t Wait to play Dreams!!

  • Happy Birthday Media Molecule! Thank you for all the LBP and Tearaway goodness!

    Can’t wait to see what else you DREAM up for us in the future!

  • Happy Birthday Mm!

    Really wish Sony wouldn’t do maintenance just as I was setting up a brand new PS4 system. It keeps me from doing anything with it.

  • Happy birthday, Media Molecule!!

  • Happy birthday MM now where is the PlayStation Drop?

  • Happy birthday MM! It’s been an amazing decade, and I’ve been lucky enough to watch y’all through all of it, and even bring in some new fans – my kids, aged 5, 5, and 3, love your work with a passion. My son loves pretending to be Sackboy, and my daughter is an Atoi. They’ve beaten both LBP3 and Tearaway, and I won’t lie, I bawled like a baby when my daughter got to flip through the “message” her Atoi had delivered her. Heck, I’m tearing up now.

    Seriously, that is among my proudest moments as a dad, and watching her grow and flourish while making the Tearaway world her own creation … Yeah, you guys rock. Thank you for those memories. I can’t wait to make more, with your help.

  • Dear Media Molecule,

    I would really enjoy a Christmas themed Tearaway mini-sequel on Vita.

    Maybe as a DLC quest for Tearaway, or maybe a stand-alone digital sequel from PSN. A Christmas Tearaway mini-sequel. For Vita so you can incorporate all the features again, but certainly welcome on the PS4 version too!

    Iota has to go through a whole bunch of Christmas wrapping paper, presents, decorations, crafts, and snow, with beautiful and fun Christmas music/styled music. The goal off in the distance is a giant Christmas tree, and the star at the top of the tree has the You in the center. The last levels of the game would naturally be climbing up the tree to the top, surrounded by crafts, ornaments, lights, evergreen branches (maybe it’s a giant crafted one?) Iota has to get a very special Christmas message to You in the star at the top of the tree. The game should just be a wonderful no holds barred unapologetic love letter to Christmas time!

    Maybe the message is written on a cookie. They put a cartoon mouth over yours and Iota shoves it in there. Crunch, munch, crunch, yum! : )

    Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you so much for reminding everyone of the fun one is supposed to have when playing video games. Please continue to do what you and I look forward to the next creation. #SackBoyRocks

    • I don’t know, neither version of Tearaway sold spectacularly unfortunately.

      On the flipside, you could always make this yourself in Dreams, I’m sure. ;)

  • Instead of celebrating, how about actually making some games? Same goes to Sony Santa Monica.





    • Media Molecule wasn’t involved at all with Little Big Planet Karting or LBP 3. Sony decided to hand those projects off to people that should have never been allowed to program anything. They certainly are people to steer from in any future titles.

      MM, on the other hand, worked on Tearaway instead.

      Complain to Sony, not MM. Sony is the one that decided to cripple your software and keep the money.

  • Happy Bday Mm LBP3 was my fav game by you guys happiness to the studio! Your fan SN104

  • Congratulations for making Little Big Planet, a solid platformer and addition to the PS3 library. Hopefully you can create something just as creative and loved for the PS4?

  • Happy birthday Media Molecule! You lot have the most unique games in the entire industry at the level/scale of AAA development. Loved Tearaway, LBP. Looking forward to Dreams and your no doubt future projects in PlayStation VR!

  • Honestly…this makes me tear up a little.
    Littlebigplanet 2 MADE my highschool years. its my favorite game of all time…and I feel like i’ve been an MM fan since day 1.

    I truly love this company for what they’ve done, and who they continue to be….Happy freakin birthday MM.

  • Honestly…this makes me tear up a little.
    Littlebigplanet 2 MADE my highschool years. its my favorite game of all time…and I feel like i’ve been an MM fan since day 1. I truly love this company for what they’ve done, and who they continue to be….Happy freakin birthday MM.

  • yeah , happy 10th Birthday guys :) enjoy it

  • Happy anniversary, you awesome studio!

  • Have you got any news about LBP hub?

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