The Iron Banner Returns Today in Destiny: The Taken King

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The Iron Banner Returns Today in Destiny: The Taken King

Attention all Guardians of PlayStation.

DeeJ from Bungie here, with some important news for all Crucible warriors. Iron Banner returns today. When Lord Saladin appears in the Tower, he’ll have something extra to entice you to join the battle. On PlayStation, champions of the competitive event will have a chance to earn an exclusive gear set.

Destiny: The Taken King, Iron Banner of December '15

Destiny: The Taken King, Iron Banner of December '15Destiny: The Taken King, Iron Banner of December '15Destiny: The Taken King, Iron Banner of December '15

Power matters in Iron Banner, so the armor you equip makes all the difference. You’ll find some of these additional items in each Iron Banner event, available from Lord Saladin. It will also drop at the conclusion of a match, as loot does.

Get in there and fight. Be brave. Earn some endgame Legendary gear.

I’ll see you in there.

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  • I have a problem Deej:

    I bought the collector’s edition of Destiny on 2014, and downloaded the Expansion Pass which includes Expansion I and Expansion II. When The Dark Below came out, I downloaded the expansion. After that I stopped playing the game.

    Recently I decided to give the game another shot, but as it turns out, I can’t download Expansion II since it’s missing from the PSN store.

    Given this situation, how can I download the House of Wolves?

    • @1 No need to download anything. If you’ve updated your game, all of the House of Wolves content is there and should be unlocked for you.

      Having said that, unless you purchase The Taken King, you’ll be very limited in what you can do.

    • I don’t think you need to “own” HoW any more. I’m pretty sure all of the year 1 content is lumped together now in the base game.

      That being said, if you’re going to play Destiny, you NEED to buy Taken King. It is (finally) the game Destiny has always wanted to be :)

    • @DirjelJunshin – I could be wrong, but I BELIEVE Technically HoW isn’t lumped together, but it is set up now where there is literally no possible way you could Own/Play The Taken King without owning HoW.

      For purchasing TTK, you can either buy the legendary edition which COMES with Destiny (year 1 core), Dark Below, House of Wolves, and TTK.
      – OR –
      You could buy the $40 download add-on, but you can only do this if you already own Destiny, Dark Below, and House of Wolves.

      So I think you could still have people out there playing Destiny in Year 2 without HoW (as less cool as it would be), but if you own TTK then you have HoW.

      That said, the OP I don’t believe needed to download HoW with the Year 1 Expansion pass. I think owning the pass itself gives them ownership rights to HoW and should be able to play HoW content without downloading anything additional.

      They can do this whether they own TTK or not.

    • It’s easy just forget about it HoW wasn’t very good anyways. :)

      Hope this helps!

  • The exclusive armor looks awesome.

  • When will this extra gear also be available for the other platform? I really do like this gear and all. But I still don’t find it right that certain players cannot get this gear due to their choice of a game console. Seriously, this is some really nice gear. I really do find it a shame that there will be some Destiny fans out there that cannot obtain this.

    • I get this, but you’re on the Playstation Blog. If you want to know about another platform I would ask the developers directly.

    • Even if I did, it would be feedback that would go to DeeJ anyway. Plus, what I said was merely a comment only. If it was proper feedback, I would have taken some time off for an essay to send. :)

  • People still play destiny. I guess i gotta dust off my copy and check this out

  • Good luck Hakumen bungie has gone away fro the story pve and is PUSHING everyone to pvp look at the title of this blog
    iron banner returns… everyone i played with has left for fallout black ops, battle, the problem in house of wolfs is the main part for loot is the prison of elders, this now being such a low level pay off and no matchmaking above the lowest the tier. no one want to play…hit me up wit a fr req and i will help you with this dying platform if we can find one more

  • I hope srl isn’t gone for good. Working on my ib rank now so gimme that gear

    • It will be back. What we had already was merely season #1. Next season will probably off other gear to have light levels as well, considering that only helmets and class armor only had light levels.

  • Is “end game” 310 or 320?

  • Why can’t we get any good events that aren’t stat based? Iron Banner, Trials, Raids, all this crap requires the best gear to do or be good at. I just want to play a fair match of pvp from time to time without doing all this grinding garbage. This is why I rarely get on Destiny anymore.

    Old style arena shooters were way better.

    • Then go find one to play my friend. Earning rank or levels gives the player something to work towards. Destiny is more than just a pvp arena shooter. You have to know your powers and your weapons and be good enough to compete.

      Trust me when I say if all there was is Quake 3 it would get very old very fast.

    • Skill matters way more than light level in Iron Banner.

      I jumped on my sons character at 220 light (unleveled stormcaller with no unlocks) just to get him some rank and was able to pretty much everything and hold my own most matches using whatever blues he had equipped while leveling.

      Managed to do the top score, kill streak and win with 2500 points bounties pretty easy. Don’t let your low light level dissuade you, jump on in there.

  • Guardian seen me flexing he said “What’s up”
    I told that guardian he need to get his glimmer up
    I got big glimmer I got sidearms tucked
    Run up on me goofy in that banner they go buck buck

  • ZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzzz

  • Is there matchmaking in everything yet? And are you still limited to how much progress can be made like you’re playing a F2P game?

    Because I don’t want to bother going back if that nonsense remains.

    • Just a question, I played at launch and nevr experienced a limit to how far you can go, so where are you seeing that?

  • Just a quick question…
    I have 2 brand New PS4 systems which I would like to run in my house. I also have 2 PS3 systems ans I am a Plus subscriber.
    How should I set up my 2 new PS4’s so I can have them both working online and playing co-op games and sharing the same purchased games and Plus account so I don’t have to buy 2 of everything again.

    I started by setting my first PS4 to master, but it seems like if also set the second PS4 to master I can only have one online and logged in at a time, making it impossible to play a co-op game with both simultaneously. Thanks (in advance) for the help.

    Also, is there going to be a PSN Store update this week or is it being skipped for the Holidays?

    • I’m sure there may be a way but I can’t imagine you can play the same game on both consoles. That would be like owning one disc and expecting to play it on two consoles at the same time.

      I could be wrong though.

    • Let’s say you have two accounts; Account A (which has PS Plus Subscription and you are buying your digital games with this account) and Account B (which does not have PS Plus Subscription), and as you mentioned you have PS4-1 and PS4-2.
      You will activate your Account A on PS4-1 as your primary account and then you will play your games with your Account B on PS4-1.
      You do not need to make any activation on PS4-2, you will simply play your games on PS4-2 with your Account A.
      With these settings, you may play your single digital game purchases on these two PS4s..

    • Thanks for the reply.
      The problem, according to other posts, seem to with having PS4 #1 log you out when you log into PS4 #2.
      Making it impossible to play with both systems co-op on the same game.

      Someone else suggested making the same Master Account on the second PS4, but then logging in with a different user name.
      Sort of how you can access downloaded content on a PS3 as long as the user account is activated on the system.

  • I heard the Iron Banner is now exclusive to Taken King owners…well if thats true.


    • Seriously? IB is a “power matters” mode and if you don’t have TTK then you’re going to be at 180 light or so going up against level 300s. Sounds like a miserable time to me.

  • hi there i just wanted to know if it is possible to get the ps4 exclusives as drops at end game?

  • Getting exclusive gear would be great but I’d only just got to level 5 and now PSN is down. Iron Banner is over tomorrow so it’s looking like I can kiss that sweet loot goodbye. It’s a shame Bungie wont give PSN players an extra day of IB to offset today’s downtime. At least I got my level 5 reward of a 313 gun and 310 ghost before it died.

  • Add me so we can do a raid. I’m looking for high level friends!

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