Infinifactory Coming to PS4 on December 22nd

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Infinifactory Coming to PS4 on December 22nd

Earlier this year we revealed that we were bringing Infinifactory to PS4. I’m excited to announce that Infinifactory will be launching on PlayStation Store tomorrow! The game will be available for $24.99, and includes all of the bonus content developed while the game was in Early Access. And, if you’re a PS Plus member like me, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount if you grab the game in the first week!


One of the most important things to know about Infinifactory is that it’s not just a puzzle game — it’s an open-ended puzzle game. Unlike a typical puzzle game, where each puzzle has a single solution that you’re trying to uncover, every puzzle in Infinifactory has countless solutions, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

Infinifactory is the most ambitious game we’ve made to date, so I’m pleased that we’re able to bring it to PS4 for you to enjoy!


A Note from 22nd Century Toys:

Hi there, Infinifactory fans! 22nd Century Toys is proud to have helped with the PS4 version and we are excited that you’ll be able to play the game over the upcoming holidays.

When we started on the project one thing became quickly apparent: this is a very unique video game. We’ve played and enjoyed puzzle games before, but nothing that gives you so much (dare we say, infinite) variety in how to solve a puzzle.

The quirky, humorous, sci-fi story that ties all the puzzles together is a blast. And we love the chilled-out electronic soundtrack composed by Matthew S Burns.

Working on Infinifactory was so much fun we’d have to remind ourselves that our job was making sure the game ran on PS4 and not finding new or creative ways to solve a certain puzzle.


The folks at Zachtronics were all around cool people to work with and we’d like to thank them for their vision of the game. And we’d like to thank Sony for supporting such a great indie-developed product on PS4.

We can’t wait to see all the cool videos players share with each other. We’re expecting a lot of unique and interesting approaches to building factories. Have fun!

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  • I’ve watched developer Jonathan Blow play this game on some of his livestreams, so I was eager to get a chance to play it for myself. Didn’t realize I’d be able to starting tomorrow – very cool!

  • Sounds interesting. I’m always on the look-out for quirky puzzle games. And being open-ended is a definite plus.

  • same , but the price point of $30 in Canada is to much for me for this type of game , even the amazing Talos princple was way way to much at $50 so i waited for it to go to $20 and it was worth it as the puzzles were great and the story was very good and it looked amazing and this game really has none of those at least not on that level so i will wait until its a $10 or $15 at most. To many better game i can get some disk some digital for $30 Canadian like bloodborne , FF x/x-2 , FF type o, Alien ,dragon age so these games that cost $5 on PC get jacked up to $30 on consoles and its because they know on PC they would sell 2 copies if they asked $30 for this game as it looks like another indie puzzle game that does not do nothing new as there are plenty that do this what the devs say on PC so $30 lol no never. game looks fun from what i have seen of it in live play but way to much for this game

    • Pretty much this, and that’s why I like that they’re now porting everything on PC.
      I could buy their games full price (80$ for AAA games) or just wait for the PC version to drop at 5$ or less.
      Will just wait for this one to reach 3$.

    • I challenge you to list 5 other games that do what Infinifactory does. The closest thing I can think of is SpaceChem which is another Zachtronics game, but it’s not even available on console. With the 20% discount, I’m picking this up ASAP.

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  • Hi, is this an EU/UK release date too?

    I hope so!

  • Sell it to me. (France)

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