God Eater, Tales of Berseria, More Coming West to PlayStation

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God Eater, Tales of Berseria, More Coming West to PlayStation

Season’s greetings to all PlayStation Nation! It has been an honor to be able to bring everyone another year’s worth of great games in 2015, and we’re thrilled for what we have lined up for everyone in 2016 and beyond. Earlier this month at PlayStation Experience we announced Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and Ace Combat 7 for PS4, but we aren’t quite done with new game announcements quite yet.

As an early Christmas gift we are proud to announce that the following titles will be available across North America for PlayStation fans!

Tales of Berseria (PS4)

Tales of Berseria 04

Embark on an all-new adventure from the celebrated team behind the Tales Of series and assume the role of Velvet, a young woman whose once gentle nature has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years before the events of Tales of Berseria.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (PS4)

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven 03

Strike a pose and team up in ultra-stylish, two-versus-two 3D action-brawler battles with characters from all arcs of the incredibly influential JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga series.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is developed by famed video game studio CyberConnect2, creators of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, the hit Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series, as well as many other fan-favorite franchises.

God Eater: Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4, PS Vita)

God Eater ResurrectionGod Eater 2 Rage Burst

Set in the early 2050s, unknown life forms called Oracle Cells have begun their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. The ravenous appetite of the Oracle Cells, coupled with their remarkable adaptability quickly turned these once harmless cells into Earth shattering monsters known as Aragami. Humanity’s last hope for survival now rests in the hands of individual elite Aragami hunters known as “God Eaters.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs-Force (PS Vita)

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force 01

Pilot legendary Mobile Suits and take on missions from various scenarios from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century in fast-paced, two-versus-two gameplay to larger and more strategic Team battles.

What a haul! We know many of you have been asking us to release more Gundam games out in the West and we’re happy to bring out the latest in the Gundam Vs. series exclusively for PS Vita.

We also know a ton of you have been asking us to bring out God Eater 2: Rage Burst as well. We are doing just that and one better by also releasing God Eater: Resurrection, the original God Eater game remastered for PS4 and PS Vita! And let’s not forget our continued support for both the Tales of and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchises as well.

You guys, our fans, continue to be some of the greatest fans in the world and we would be remiss if we didn’t take some time out of this holiday season to thank you for all your support over the past year and to keep looking forward to all the great titles coming from our hard working studios and development partners next year!

Happy Holidays,
Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

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3 Author Replies

  • Not EU? :(

  • Hi David! Do you have an idea if the God Eater games and Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs-Force will be available in Physical/Retail copies? Will they have a Limited Edition?

    • Hey BramStark! No news yet but keep an eye out for updates! We will definitely have more news in the coming months.

    • Yes PLEASE do physical copies for Vita and I’ll be getting these day 1!

    • I’ll be buying God Eater 2 and res on Vita day one ONLY if physical. I don’t have space anymore for non physical titles. I have too much space taken by dlcs, updates, and games already (And I’m talking on my 64GB)

    • Yes please, Bandai Namco Spain already confirmed they will get a physical release for Vita.

  • Wow, incredible news! I’m really surprised we’re getting both God Eater games and Extreme Vs. It makes me so happy. Indeed a great christmas present.

    Thanks David Lee and thanks Bandai Namco. :D

  • Moro JoJos in my life? THANKS NAMCO AND PLAYSTATIOn \o/

  • That’s great news!
    Going to buy both God Eater for sure and get Gundam/jojo eventually.
    Couldn’t care less about Tales of after Zestria tough.
    A demo for god eater would be neat too, would help wait for the release~

  • >We know many of you have been asking us to release more Gundam games out in the West
    How about Super robot wars games?

  • Lawd my wallet Ivr been praying jojos made it to the states and not then God eaters 2 my jesus!!!

  • God Eater & Gundam got that PS Vita love ~ Thank you so much for localizing!!!!!

  • Nice!
    I can’t wait :)

  • This is truly great now here’s hoping they’re all physical copies and not just digital only like saint seiya please be all physical copies please Bandai namco

  • I really wish they would’ve announced this at psx it would’ve made it soooooo much better when I was there :(


    :) This means I don’t need to import the SEA version! AMAZING NEWS. There hasnt been a localized vs title since MSG VS ZETA!

  • Now here’s also hoping we can stream tales of besteria too. Please let this happen!!

  • This has already made my day, amazing news to wake up to.
    Getting both God Eaters and the new Tales game for sure.
    Thank you so much Bandai Namco! :D

  • I so happy for both God Eater that I wanna cry Thanks Bandai Namco, Thanks you so much now waiting for the release date and I hope that the Vita version comes in fisical, because I 100% that I gonna buy both games for my Greatness Vita.

  • FINALLY MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AND GOD EATER FOR MY VITA! Will also pick up Tales as always.

  • God Eater: Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst physical copy and we’re good.

  • How about the PS3 version of Jojo, is it also getting an English release??

  • So how much content are you locking behind preorders? I love the Tales series & God Eater looks cool but the in-game content lock behind DLC and preorders is really not consumer friendly. I’ll buy the games second hand if there is any.

  • 4 hours ago I was talking to a friend on Facebook about how I was finally giving up on that idea that God Eater 2 would come to the US, I just randomly said it, after consistently saying that it would come here ever since it was announced. I don’t even remember why it came up I conversation and then I can’t sleep the whole night so I pull up the blog and I see this. It was like a giant slap in the face like “HELLO! NEVER LOSE FAITH!” Lol like WOW! What are the odds?!?

  • Was expecting 2 of thoese (Tales and JoJo) had a feeling God Eater something was coming, but I can say im honestly suprised by a Gundam VS game coming to the West

  • Whoah! And to think yesterday I was talking to my friends about how Bamco was teasing a God Eater 2 Rage Burst localization on twitter, and now I get this news, both GE2RB and GE Resurrection getting localized for PS4 and Vita! 2016 best year confirmed, such a good time to be alive!

  • Will God Eater 2 get physical for VITA? Anything physical for Vita?

  • JoJo!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I really hope everything is physical released, on all platforms as well. I’m glad they’re coming, but I want physical copies.

    And some criticism unrelated to these games.

    We [NA] got ripped off on SAO Lost Song preorder deals here, we should have gotten free digital copies of Re: Hollow Fragment for preordering at select retailers like Europe did. Instead we got digital preorder deal and nothing else. Which is lame. Didn’t even get the game as a result of bad deals here. I don’t want LS digitally, I don’t even really want Re: HF digital either, but for free I would’ve taken it.

    Please do better going forward.

    • Also, your twitter account needs to address inquiries instead of ignoring them. I asked if we’d get the same deal as Europe, and crickets. Even a flat out “no” would have been better than nothing. If people want to spend money on something, at least answer them. It shouldn’t be just for tossing out marketing tweets.

  • To think I was more confident about seeing God Eater-chan show up as DLC for Megadimension Neptunia VII in the West than I was about her actual games making it over…

    (GE-chan will be made available for the Japanese edition of VII this Friday, though she has yet to be confirmed for the North American or European release of the game.)

    As with others, I’m hoping that the trio of new Vita games will have retail editions here, as was done for Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

    Oh, and is there any chance that we might see Digimon World: Next Order and Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization in the West also?

  • Wow, now I won’t have to cry over not getting the DLC for Gundam! Thank you!

    I know this is getting really greedy, but pls Santa Bamco, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Naruto, .hack, Xenosaga, Pac-Man CE DX, and Dimps DBZ for Vita.

    • Tales of, Digimon World and other Gundam localizations too!

    • Aww man, another .hack// fan! I would love if the .hack// and .hack//G.U. games we re-released for the Vita. I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of the Xenosaga games to play, thanks for reminding me. I’m glad to see that the U.S. is getting more games localized, especially a Gundam game, the last one I played was Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire. More localized Gundam games, with a physical release if possible, please.

  • GOD EATER!!!!! Omgomgomg i’ve been waiting for GE2 for like, EVER.

    And Tales, JoJo, Gundam. Omg Namco, you wonderful people, you.

  • Don’t mess up like you did with Digimons and Sword Art Online:Hollow Fragment releasing game as digital only on Vita.

    Things like this won’t make me respect you guys.

    Digital only = put on ignore list unless game cost 5$

    Physical release = day 1 for full price, even if it is imported R3 version.

  • FINALLY A GUNDAM!!! Thank you! After that, if you guys want to bring us Gundam Breaker, we will not complain ;-)
    Y’know, something with a nice single player and story mode to follow, and everything a true Gundam deserves.
    Also, GE2 is a good surprise! Keep doing this Bandai Namco, and we will support you guys!

  • Oh and PlayStationTV compatibility please! :D

  • YES! Loved Tales of Zestiria, and looking forward for Berseria. Anyways I have a question: Will God Eater be English dubbed?

    P.S. I love you Bandai Namco, and keep supporting you as long as you keep making and bringing these Japanese gems.

  • No PS3 version for JoJo? I’d understand no physical release, but the PS3 version is basically the same, just at a lower resolution. I have a PS4 myself and will buy the PS4 version, but my friend doesn’t own a PS4 yet.

  • Well I’m gonna prioritise buying the PS exclusives only mostly

  • Thanks!

    Bandai Namco, making my Vita relevant since the day I bought it.

  • Awesome news! Appreciate the dual Platform release for God Eater(s). Hopefully Cross Buy.

  • GODS EATER VITA!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Day one purchases for me!

  • How can Tales of Berseria take place three years before the events of Tales of Berseria?

    • You have it backwards “a traumatic experience three years before the events of Tales of Berseria.” An event took place three years ago and changed your character.

  • i have been waiting for ever for most of these games to get localized and i was going to import them but there is no need anymore thank you guys for listening to your fanbase and to also not forget about the Vita.

  • NICE but physical PS Vita games please !

  • omg yaaaaaaaaas Tales of Berseria. I am so pumped.


    Wallet, buddy… it seems youre gonna have a bad time…

  • PS VITA Gundam and Jojo is what I’m waiting for ~

  • Thank you guys so much for the PS Vita support! Mine has been collecting dust for months! Can’t wait to play these XD

  • Not impressed until it’s confirmed that games like both God eaters and tales are dubbed, and cross buy for both God eaters would be nice

  • I’ve got a quick question for you guys. Can you confirm if God Eater Resurrection, GE2: Rage Burst, and Gundam will work on the PSTV? I’d like to update my compatibility lists

  • Will God Eater have dual audio? or at lest the original Japanese voices with English subtitles?

    I really really enjoyed the Japanese demos for the PSP, but never bought the US release because I was forced to hear the English dub… I hope it won’t be the same this time around.

  • This is so awesome we are getting all these!! But to bad it won’t be till like fall…Extreme VS Force is coming out in english in Jan-Feb in Asia, which usually means we will get the game some months after. Good thing I preordered my asian copy! :D But who am I kidding…I shall be getting the US release as well!!! :D :D

    • Getting the localized version should be the right thing to do, otherwise we won’t be showing support and chances of more Gundam games coming over will decrease~.

  • This is amazing news. Thank you guys so much for remembering Vita owners. I own Japanese copies of GER & GE2RB and they are amazing games. I’m so happy I’ll gave the opportunity to play them in English. Gettibg Gundam too is really unexpected and amazing. All three of these are instant buys for me.

    Thank you for making my day.

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