Amplitude on PS4: Playing It FreQuency Style

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Amplitude on PS4: Playing It FreQuency Style

Let’s flash back for a second or two. 12 years back. Back to a time when the Terminator was elected Governor, the Matrix was reloaded, and if you weren’t huddled in a corner for fear of contracting SARS, you may have noticed a little company named Apple launch iTunes. The year was 2003. Back when big baggy pants were still cool, the Harry Potter series was on its fifth installment, and music games were still in diapers.

But in my completely unbiased opinion, the best thing that came out of 2003 was the musical beatmatch classic Amplitude for PS2, a game far ahead of its time in terms of musical interactivity and gameplay.

Amplitude - FreQ Mode

If you loved music and had a PS2, you had Amplitude. Being the sequel and bigger, badder brother of FreQuency, it was the music game to test your skills. Due to its eclectic soundtrack, hypnotic visuals, and addicting gameplay, Amplitude ultimately became an underground hit beloved by hardcore PlayStation gamers and music junkies. If you were a PlayStation Magazine subscriber back then, you probably even got hooked on Amplitude after being mesmerized by the demo disc (Remember those?)!

Amplitude inspired many late-night beat-blasting sessions. Whether you played it with your friends in high school, college, or after the daily slog at work, it was a game we all fondly remember with its melding of prismatic visuals tightly synced to the beat of the music. The beatmatch gameplay was so meticulously authored to the music, that it would create a sort of “flow state” unavailable in any other music game. Your fingers became detached from your mind, and all of a sudden you were able to capture these intense musical patterns you thought were impossible! In other words: musical bliss.

We as a studio hold this game very dear to our hearts and as you probably already know, we are psyched to be bringing this game back to the masses on PS4!

That’s right, after feverishly perfecting the game, we have a release date! Amplitude will be available on PS4 via PlayStation Store on January 5th, 2016. Get your fingers ready!

Amplitude - FreQ Mode

Where most games need to be tuned for minute-to-minute gameplay, we have tweaked Amplitude to the millisecond (literally). We’ve been hard at work making sure this game exceeds the original in terms of intense beatmatch gameplay, art, and audio.

For instance, for those of you that have played before, you know the best way to rack up points is through streaking. We’ve made it easier to streak through better messaging and new controls. Powerups are easier to acquire. We now have audio reactive environments. We’ve composed an intense in-house custom soundtrack. We’ve added Team Play, which allows 1 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, and 2 vs. 2 matches. In other words, there’s a ton of new stuff that we’ve been creating for you!

Speaking of new things, we are thrilled to unveil that you’ll be able to turn on tunnel gameplay via a new mode we’re lovingly dubbing FreQ Mode! For those who fondly remember FreQuency, the tracks that continuously wrapped around a tunnel made for some trippy gameplay.

In the original Amplitude, we got away from the tunnel design of FreQuency and flattened out the tracks. We did this with the intention of better track recognition, allowing the player to have a better mental map of the music. We felt flattening out the tracks allowed the players to recognize that, in a certain song, the drums were always the leftmost track. This also allowed us to show off more of the world environments. Little did we know this change would divide gamers (and the in-house team) into two camps: those who thought the tunnel was superior and those who preferred the wide highway of tracks.

Even after 12+ years, we are still divided! So, with some slick engineering work, we thought we’d make it an option to play either way. It’s up to you now to decide which mode is more fun!

Amplitude - FreQ Mode

We are excited to release Amplitude to the public. We really couldn’t do this without our Kickstarter backers and help from PlayStation in bringing unique indie music games to a wide variety of gamers. There’s something in this game for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or casual, we hope everyone will get hooked on the killer soundtrack, the amazing visuals, and deep gameplay that is Amplitude.

We hope that you have as much fun playing Amplitude as we’ve had (re)creating it!

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  • Game looks great! Can’t wait to get my copy in a couple of days.

  • Absolutely my favourite game of all time and I’m SO EXCITED don’t get me wrong. Just watching gee calendar till Wednesday.

    That being said, me and the entire online community I still keep in touch with is super disappointed at the lack of online. Pleeeease add online multiplayer, even after the Rock Band 4 update. Kickstart it ill literally throw another $135 for online.

    Lack of a remix mode is also madness but I don’t even care. Online is keyyyyyy <3

    • Personally, I don’t care about online mode at all. I’ve never been much of an online gamer. Though a remix mode I would love as that was my favourite part of Frequency.

    • Latency in music games is just… iffy…

      Online modes for these kinds of games… what does online add that a leader board wouldn’t. That’s what you have to kinda ask yourself.

    • MakaiOokami I don’t think you’ve played Amplitude on PS2, if you don’t know what the online mode add to this game.
      Online multiplayer was the best part of the original Amplitude. You had power ups (which are also present in the PS4 version), which “steals” tracks of your opponents, make their screen “wobbly” and hard to see the track, etc…

      The online multiplayer (which is also available as offline mode on the PS4) is more like a battle, then just player the track in the single player. Single player was just the practice part for the online mode.

    • Say it ain’t so!!! Online mode and Remix were the 2 main things I was waiting for!! Now they’re saying they’re not gonna have them?! I was already worried about the online because just to match the online from Amplitude would be a feat. There was a fully fledged out community! Heck!! Frequency was one of the 1st online playable games on PS2 (The memories)!! It’s a crime for this new game not to have online. I’m sure it’s ’cause they wanted the game to come out as soon as possible and getting the music was hard enough but I really hope something can be done about the lack of these features. I’ve been waiting for this game since it’s been announced so I will be getting it (already got the money in my account specifically for this game) but in hopes that they will be adding to it including these features.

  • Hell yeah FreQ mode!!! I know it’s just a visual thing since the track lets you “wrap” from edge to edge anyway in the new game, but this is still an awesome feature!

    Question from the backers, when will we hear more about hard goods? Patiently waiting on more concrete details about when to expect our “stuff” in the mail for those of us who backed at the higher tiers :)

  • Oh hell yeah! Great news! For sure, the tunnel from Frequency was way more enjoyable, seemed faster and dynamic. I appreciate the landscape mode from amplitude but nothing really compares to the rollercoaster like inertia you get from the first game! CAN NOT WAIT. Now, about Playstation VR…

    • That was my thought. This game could just be amazing in VR. Hearing such good things about Rez, I hope Sony brought them a prototype and are just like “Even if you have to make another mode just for VR, you will be glad you did”

  • LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I prefer the FreQuency style but will play either way! I am so glad this is an option! Thank you so much Harmonix and thanks for the great article and great music “Nice Pete!”

  • Yes FreQ Mode!

    I’m proud to have been a backer for this and am really looking forward to it!

  • Question, will this game allow custom music from mp3 soundtrack?

    • No. They’ve created songs specially for Amplitude to make the extracting of songs into tracks easier and more correct. This was mentioned in one of the kickstarter updates :)

  • “The best thing that came out in 2003 is Amplitude. ” BAHAHAHA XD

  • Good read. Cannot wait for your original soundtracks as well as from other artists! It’s always my favorite game (series) in the rhythm genre.

    Though I wonder what’s going on with the PS3 ver.

  • The tube has always been superior! Happy to see it return. I welcome the eyestrain this game will provide.

  • How about a releasing the PS2 versions of Frequency and Amplitude on PSN with some trophy support. I love these games but hooking up my PS2 to my flat screen causes the screen/sound delay. I know I can work around this but I honestly would love to have these released on my PS4 as I am enjoying the heck out of Dark Cloud now and love collecting trophies for older games.

  • Ready to get my FreQ on… :)

  • Sweet, glad the tube is back.

  • So true what you said about flow states. Frequency and Amplitude are the only games that have truly been able to put me in a flow state, at least consistently. I’m terrible at most games, happy to play on Normal and sometimes on Easy if I just want to the experience, but I beat both Frequency and Amplitude on ‘Insane’ difficulty because I was able to tap into a flow state that essentially allowed my fingers to operate in-sync with my mind.

    So exciting for this, easily my most anticipated game on PS4 thus far. Hoping for lots of DLC tracks.

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…

  • I have been waiting for this release on PlayStation network for a while.. It’s January 5th now and I can’t find it anywhere on PlayStation store… Please help me. I really want to play!

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