The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/22/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/22/2015
The Drop

A powerful Empire on the precipice of war. A military academy brimming with hope. And a group of students ready to transcend the boundaries of political class. A rich story and deep mechanics take the spotlight in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, coming to PS3 and PS Vita this week.

Trails of Cold Steel follows the critically-acclaimed Trails in the Sky, but tells a self-contained story set in the military powerhouse of the Erebonian Empire. Build links between the students of Class VII and do battle with the new Arcus units for easy access to abilities and customization. With cross save support, players can take their quest from home out onto the road.

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

New Releases: December 22nd, 2015
Fantavision (PS2)
PS4 — Digital


Watch an explosive display of brilliant pyrotechnics that you control. Sounds pretty simple. But once you get the hang of it, it gets faster, tougher, and more fantastic than you could ever imagine.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
PS4, PS Vita — Digital

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
The loveable birds of Hatoful Boyfriend are back in the remastered holiday-themed sequel Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star! Travel to fantastically styled worlds, meet interesting new chickadees, and find romance in the elegantly designed winter wonderlands.

PS4 — Digital

Infinifactory is a sandbox puzzle game by Zachtronics, the creators of SpaceChem and Infiniminer. Build factories that assemble products for your alien overlords, and try not to die in the process.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

At the elite Thors Military Academy, Erebonia’s best and brightest learn everything from the art of war to the liberal arts. Rean Schwarzer, a new student, learns that he’s been selected as a member of the newly-minted Class VII, made up of students from both noble and commoner backgrounds.

Never Alone
PS3 — Digital (Out 12/23)

Never Alone

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is the first game developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people. Nearly 40 Alaska Native elders, storytellers, and community members contributed to the development of the game. Play as a young Iñupiat girl and an arctic fox as they set out to find the source of the eternal blizzard which threatens the survival of everything they have ever known.

The Treasures of Montezuma 4
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Three-way cross buy, trials available)

Treasures of Montezuma 4

The fourth edition of this renowned series offers even more interesting levels and amazing special effects. Help Anna find her dream country and rebuild the ancient Aztec temple. Collect rows of identical tokens and pass all the tests to discover the truth about the fate of your beloved character.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power
PS4 — Digital

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is a 3D platforming game of action, puzzles, and adventure. Experience a fairytale world of breathtaking sceneries and face a myriad of physics-based puzzles, wonderful contraptions, dangerous foes, and enchanting creatures.

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  • Homeland — Season Finale, December 20th at 9/8c (Available on SHOWTIME)
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  • Teen Titans Go! – The True Meaning of Christmas, Airs throughout December (Available on Cartoon Network)

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  • Happy holidays everyone!

  • TRAILS OF COLD STEEL! (double Legend of Heroes dose for the year)

  • Trails of Cold Steel FTMFW

  • Awesome, played Fantavision & Onimusha with my dad when i was a kid.
    We need Onimusha on PS4!

    • Agreed! Still one of my favorite games, if not my number one.

    • Well that was upsetting. First first sentence made me think they had announced Onimusha for PS4, and I got really excited, then your second sentence crushed my dreams.

      I didn’t own a PS2. I played Onimusha on Xbox, which never ended up getting any of the sequels. I’ve been waiting a long time to find out what happens next.

    • Yes onimisha is a must I loved that game back in the day.

  • Trine 3! Can’t wait for more beautiful levels and music! :D <3

  • Is ToCS episodic or is it the full story?

    • Full story, but there is a sequel XSeed should be releasing next year and Falcom just announced they’re doing a 3rd one as well.

  • Fantavision?! That’s some old school PS2 vibes there! Looking forward to Legend of Heroes. Happy Holidays PS Blog!

  • Trails!!! Pre-ordered Limited Edition! woot woot!

  • Fantavision, so that’s what the name of that game was! ;D had some fun times with that one.
    Was literally thinking about “That one PS2 game where you shoot fireworks..” a few weeks ago, was a pretty unique game. ;)

  • *rubbing eyes* Fanta…vision…?… my nostalgia gauge just overloaded. I can see the clear image of the game sitting on the store shelf –midnight, October 26, 2000… god I’m old.

  • Trails in The Sky is one of my all time favourite RPGs. I cannot wait until Tuesday, I literally just got back in from paying off my preorder I made in Sept for it :) lol.

  • Still waiting for Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits to come to PS4 soon. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Rogue Galaxy, and I’d like to play one of my favorite PS2 games of all time asap!

  • Falcom is love.
    Can’t wait

  • And yet again, you force your long-time PlayStation fans to rebuy the PlayStation 2 games on PS4 despite the fact that they may already own it either on the original PlayStation 2 disc or the digital copy of it on PS3, or both. I still should’ve stayed with Nintendo (what I started with) instead of switching to PlayStation. And before all of you PlayStation fanboys out there defend Sony’s greedy decision, I don’t care if I can only play digital PlayStation 2 games on my PS3 if I bought them on my PS3, I don’t care if the PS4 has a different architecture, and I don’t care about the 1080p/60fps/trophies/share play/streaming/gameplay capturing “benefits”. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE PLAYSTATION 2 GAMES THAT I ALREADY OWN (whether I own the original PlayStation 2 disc or the digital version on PS3) ON MY PS4!! And if all of you PlayStation fanboys out there still defend it, then you either:

    A) Never owned a PlayStation system from past generations before.
    B) Don’t know what it’s like being a PlayStation fan for more than a decade.
    C) All of the above.

    And I’m not taking “none” as an answer.

    • I play my PS one games on my PS one. I play my PS2 games on my PS2. I play my play PS3 games on my PS3. I saw that you used the word “force”. No one is forcing you to buy anything. I can feel the stupid radiating through my computer from your comment. I guess if you are a real Playstation fan as you claim to be you would still own all these consoles like I do. Otherwise I can’t really understand what you are crying about.

    • I agree with eggs on this. No one is forcing anyone to buy them again but for anyone who is a fan of a game, buying an upgraded version of it isn’t that big of a deal. I still own a ps2 and a copy of FFXII but as soon as it hits the store on ps4 its mine:). And that is that.

  • And yet again, you’re forcing your long-time PlayStation fans to rebuy the PlayStation 2 games that they may already own (whether they own the original PlayStation 2 disc or the digital version on PS3). I still should’ve stayed with Nintendo (what I started with) instead of switching to PlayStation. I don’t care if I can only play the digital versions of PlayStation 2 games on my PS3 if they were bought on the PS3, I don’t care if the PS4 has a different architecture, and I don’t care about the 1080p/60fps/trophies/streaming/gameplay capturing benefits. I just want to play the PlayStation 2 games that I already own (whether I own the original PlayStation 2 disc or the digital version on PS3) on my PS4.

    • I agree. The way to play games from past generations on PlayStation is becoming a joke. Specially this last PS2 fiasco. See I could understand that PS3 is a very different architecture and that it might be a bit more complicated to offer backwards compatibility in any form but… Since It has been released a good number of “Remastered” first party PS3 titles on PS4 (TLOU, Uncharted Trilogy, God of War 3, Tearaway etc… And now beyond 2 Souls, heavy rainand Gravity Rush) What I cannot understand is that no system is in place to recognise the disk in the drive (much like Xbox One does with 360 titles) and allow for a fair discount -and perhaps the requirement to keep that game on the drive in order to play it just like mentioned console requires (if it was a physical disk)

      It is not that it can be done, SPECIALLY when talking about recognition of digital purchases such as PSOne or PS2 classics.

    • I am no business man now, but the logic is appalling… Sony could make more money by charging fair prices and treating previous existing customers with respect than pushing those away by making them feel like PlayStation is just after their money. I would buy more games if I knew they would be there (in my library) in some form in future generations, and again, at least a discount.

      How many times do you think you can buy the same product until you decide that enough is enough? I do not know what is the individual limit for others but I have reached mine. I will not contribute to a type of business that seem to be centered on “milking” it’s more involved customers.

      And please people, do not attack fellow user by stating that PlayStation is a business to just follow with “let’s show some support to devs”… If It is a business, it’s business! And it shall not received our support as if it was a charity.

    • Simple play on your ps2/ps3! If you don’t want to buy them again don’t. It is as easy as that.

    • Just saying I don’t mind the little extra $$$ for these, unlike you I don’t own any classics anymore I trade up normally, and the ps2 being what 13 years

    • Old now, $10-15 is a steal for me

    • *Sorry 15 yrs old

    • You are not alone in this determination. Sony is merely displaying their sheer greed, not to mention a complete lack of respect for their fans. At least Microsoft doesn’t charge to play 360 games on the XBox One. Yet Sony sees fit to charge $15 for games which are two generations old. At the very least they could give you a discount if you already own the game, either digitally for the PS3, or on disc. To be honest, I would gladly pay $5 even if I already owned the game, but $15 is way too steep. The bottom line is everything goes on sale eventually. A few months on, all of these PS2 games will go on sale, just like they all have on the PS3 at some point. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m patient, I’ll simply wait until they go on sale.

    • I have owned a copy of Fantavision for over 15 years. I will probably buy it again to play it in HD with trophies. If I want to play the original, I still have a PS2 in a box somewhere I could hook up. This is not just the same game ported to another system, it has added features and took some development time to produce. I have no problem paying extra for a new version of a game I already own with new features, I certainly don’t think I should get it for free just because I bought a copy once in some other format. You knew damn well the PS4 wasn’t backwards compatible when you bought it (and certainly not 2 generations back) so quit whining about the repurchase. If you don’t value the time and effort that was put into the remastered PS4 port, no one will stop you from going back and playing the disc on the system it was made for.

    • Play your ps2 games on your ps2!!!!!
      Just because you brought the game once does not entitle you to own all future versions.
      The fact that you think you are is ridiculous.

    • You say Sony is greedy because they sell what’s suppose to be sold for money. AND in the same price range as the PS3 sold classics which are extremely inferior… Your argument is you want to play your ps2 games on ps4. First off, it was NEVER promised and recently Sony said they aren’t focusing on Backwards compatibility. No one was complaining. Now that they actually give you something. It’s an issue… Try buying Dark Cloud 2 online, see how cheap you can get it for lol. Because I own the PS2 game, and a backwards compatible ps3, I will never get rid of it. BUT I sure as hell don’t mind paying a small fee like 15 to own on ps4 lol. If you think Sony is being greedy, continue using what you were using for PS2 games before sony announced ps2 on ps4. It doesn’t change nothing.
      Ps4 uprendered (not upscaled), trophies etc. Sony isn’t just ripping these off a disc and selling them. Every game costs money to release. I love the idea of Trophies in ps2 titles that won’t be getting remastered lol. If not then play on what it was made for that way. No one is holding a gun to all of your heads.
      People don’t know how to just be happy…

    • I’ll be blunt here…

      I have no problem with Sony charging a token rate (<20 dollars) for the time it took to modify, upres, debug(since a new platform means new bugs) and add trophies to the game. I am also okay with paying for the convenience of being able to play it on a new platform.

      If you do, that's fine. But stop acting like it's evil of them to do so. It's not. It's neither evil nor any more greedy than the actions of any other company out there. Just be honest, state 'I do not agree with this and thus I will not purchase it' and move on.

      That's why I don't spend money on HotS, I disagree with their business model for thast game. I don't consider them evil or greedy for it, just not a model I prefer to support.

      If you start exaggerating things to paint them in a worse light than is appropriate, it just makes you look bad. Not them.

    • I agree.

    • I never purchased Dark Cloud before, I would be happy spending 15 dollars (if that is its price) on it and it is completely FAIR. I purchased GTA before (disc/digital) and asking those 15 dollars (again, if that is its price on the store) is not FAIR.

      PS2 classics on PS3 are $9.99 without trophy support and original resolution. Since this new batch of “reworked” PS2 games on PS4 are about $5 extra, one would think that that’s the increase resulting on the extra work done. Why not charge something along those lines to those who did pay for that game before??

    • And I don’t get you people, no disrespect but you made me think that you all must likely be either FAN-aticals, underage kids (or big kids) who don’t really pay a cent from their own pocket, extra rich dudes with more money than sense or you work for whoever benefit from these “charging again per new generation” business models. Why would you not understand that people want to enjoy their PS4 to the max (as you do by buying your new PS2 games on PS4) without being forced to re-buy products to do so?(and yes, forced as in you have no choice because PS won’t allow you to play your old copy even though is the same game they are trying to seel you again)

    • And yes I do have a PS2 (along with other classics) and it is still hooked to one of the TV’s at home, but that’s not the point. Since Sony is bringing this attractive new feature to PS4 I want in just like the rest but not at those prices for games I have purchased before and I still keep – a discount will make things fair in those cases. I am okay with the price asked on the rest of them games offered that I do not own and I would have purchased some of them by now if it wasn’t for this re-purchase cycle getting really annoying.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if your purchases could carry over from one generation to the next in some shape or form? For some it might be a small prices to pay now for such pleasure ($15) but it’s a lot of money if we are talking of re-buying even just the highlights of PS2 in every generation. I am thinking about the future here, and I do not like this trend. It should not be done like this.

      In the end, we are just trying to make things better by voicing our dissatisfaction instead of going with the current. It does not affect you and if it ever does I bet you will benefit from it so…

      Anyway, more daily feedback :)

    • @N3W-JOSH

      I’m 30, I work at an entry level IT job, and I make an okay wage. I’m not rich, I’m not a child, and I don’t work in the gaming industry.

      I just have enough understanding of basic coding to recognize the amount of work that goes into a project like this… and honestly, I think I’m probably not even seeing the full picture. I suspect it’s more work than I am picturing.

      And because I respect that work, I think it’s fair for them to charge a small fee for it(and yes, <20 dollars IS a small fee considering the entertainment a game can provide and the work it takes).

      As a consumer, you are also entitled to decide whether to buy the product or not, and also to provide feedback. I just wish people would stop acting like children throwing a temper tantrum. Stop with the insults, the accusations, and just state what you dislike and WHY you dislike it in a logical and forthright way(ie. 'I don't think this is an appropriate fee for the product given its age'… not 'it's appalling and disrespectful' – see the difference?)

    • I purchased Rogue Galaxy and it looks amazing compared to playing it on my ps2. I am happy to support Sony and the Dev’s of old Ps2 games. Hope they do the same with Psone games. Price is steep in Australia at $23 each. I always wanted to Platinum old classic Ps2 games. Only thing I have really lacked with the Ps3’s poor record of RPG games :P

    • @N3W-JOSH: While I agree in principle with much of what you’ve said, I don’t support your wild accusations against those who disagree. Enough said on that.

      I’m wondering if I’m going about things the wrong way in wishing for discounts in cases where I already own the original games. After all, I eagerly purchased PS3 remasters of PS2 games without expecting a discount for having bought every last one of them on PS2. Besides, giving a discount to owners of physical discs would fall apart in practice without a way to prove you purchased the game new. Discounts to owners of digital products would be odd considering there wasn’t a PSN store in the PS2 era. Hence the lack of expectation our purchases would carry over to PS3.

      I think the idea of remasters or not needs to be divorced from BC or not. PS4 has had numerous remasters before the arrival of games previously released for PS2. PS4 does not have (and may never have) any BC, unless you want to count PS Now. I don’t simply because individual games can’t be purchased from that service.

    • I wonder if there’s a market out there for a truly BC model of PS4 starting at $600-700 (for example). It would be able to play any game (physical or digital) ever released on a PlayStation console. I suspect that will never happen.

      I suppose I will continue to buy remasters that appeal to me despite my feeling that this is a bothersome trend. The real question for me is: Will the PS4 ever have real BC of any kind? Because I do support the notion that games *in the exact same form* should be somehow playable on newer devices, even if doing so means paying a small fee. This is much the same idea as with movies, where buying a DVD 15 years ago means you can play it on anything that plays DVDs…until your disc wears out. Proprietary technology in video game consoles makes this model impossible of course, but I genuinely question if there are other good reasons why this is the case. So many gamers seem to wish it weren’t.

    • N3W-JOSH
      Now I have no form of respect for you. Your assumptions are wrong, and that sounds childish if anything, and they way you’re going about it all. You’re acting like a victim. I’m a big supporter of constructive criticism. But you’re acting like someone held a gun to your throat. If you still have the ps2, you have no reason to act the way you are. Also no, PS2 games on PS3 ranged from $9.99 to $14.99 as well. GTA SA is the same price on both, pick and choose what you like. Only like 4 or 5 of the ps3 ps2 classics are on ps4 anyways. If you want the advantages of the ps4 playing ps2 games you gotta pay. Sony used time and money to get it up and running with all the upgrades. You can spend $15 for a game…
      Also, I make Canadian Minimum wage, work approx 6 hours a day (varies), I only have about $15 to my name at the moment, I’m 24. But I understand the worth of money. You never bought these games with the intent to play on the ps4, so you’re not entitled to. WHich you’re acting like. I would be happy if I can put my Dark Cloud 2 disc in and I’ll get upgraded visuals and trophies for free. But I bought it to play on PS2 and my BC PS3 lol. So it’s no issue.

    • @N3W-JOSH I saw Star Wars in a movie theater. By your logic I should have gotten the VHS for free, followed by the DVD upon release, and finally the Blu-Ray.

  • PLzzz Put GTA V for Sale Hopefully ;)

  • totally forgot about cold steel lol. I have the LE pre ordered.

  • Great news for me this week, it seems.

    Legend of Heroes looks well worth it on Vita, and I will be waiting for a sale sometime. If I didn’t have such a backlog, I would consider it for a first choice.

    And Never Alone, which I now have through Steam, so, no need to buy it again. That is, unless you bring it to Vita.

  • Unless there’s some good Week 3 sales on the Holiday Sale, I care only about Trails of Cold Steel (Vita version, specifically) and nothing else.

  • Ps2 games that i and some others would like to see:

    Burnout Revenge
    Nfl street 2
    Need for speed most wanted (2005)
    Need for speed pro streets
    Gran Turismo 3 and 4
    Old sports title’s. I’m a big Nascar fan i would love to see Nascar thunder 2004 or Nascar 2006 total team control

    Please don’t start bringing ps2 classics that nobody never heard of. The games i just listed would be excellent along with a bunch of other POPULAR ps2 classics. I would be happy with just Burnout Revenge to be honest. But everything else is icing on the cake.

    • I’m gonna co-sign just about all of them (love the racers) but you’re talking about EA working with Sony for this? not gonna happen. EA may not be the Evil Empire they once were (now that Activision has stolen that crown) but they are still not even close to doing older games that might bite into the profits of the newer games.

    • You mean Konami not Activision

  • Time for some Cold Steel!

  • I gotta say, I’m really happy to see Cold Steel getting a lot of love in the comments.

  • OK drop this week – looking forward to Trine 3. But what I’m really itching for is some old school Dark Cloud 2, hook me up good peoples.

  • oh look! a Type-0 clone!

  • Will Trine 3 be a free PS+ game? I ask because I feel dumb if I buy it and it’s free next month or so.

  • Anyone know for certain if Trails of Cold Steel will work on PSTV? I am pretty sure it will from everything I have read online but haven’t seen anything that is definitive yet. Would love to purchase this.

  • I keep trying to preorder the star wars movie in the PSN store because it says 25% off for HD so it’s 14.99 but every time i go to check out it says 19.99, hope that gets fixed before the sale is over

  • I’m dying for when Dark Cloud 2 is released on PS4. My all time fav game. I wanna platinum it >:)

  • Can’t wait for Cold Steel. Got my LoH:TitS SC earlier, now gonna get my ToCS.

  • SSX Tricky. That is all

  • Sony if I imagine there is like 1000 ps2 games I suggest you put at least 100 per week or at least 50 if still not then 10. Also try and release them twice everywhere. Btw I like to see max payne and max payne 2, Scarface, all ps2 call of duty, all ps2 need for speed, Big mutha truck, Juiced and Juiced 2. All ps2 sonic and shadow the hedgehog, yakuza and shinobido the ways of a ninja.

  • Any chance Infinifactory will be coming to the EU/UK At the same time?

  • Trails of Cold Steel just in time for holydays :D!
    Falcom is life :).

  • These ps2 games should be playable on Vita too, and no not just remote play. I would consider buying them……………..again(3rd time)

  • Never heard of Fantavision…looks interesting.

  • I’ll take Trine 3 and Montezuma 4! But why is this Montezuma is not free to play like the others?

  • Alright ive had it with the morons that keep yelling about ps2 games having to be bought again. Truth is you all sound like whiners have you guys looked aroubd on ebay or retro gameshops lately some of my favorite ps2 games that i dont have anymore cost way more than on psn. tenkaichi 3 can run u 45$ just the disc rule of rose is 150$ megaman x 8 30$ and even when u buy them they look horrible in hd. i payed 600$ for my original ps3 and i like playing the games i still own on it but if sony can up some of the stupud expensive gems out there for 15$ with hd and trophies then thats fine with me. i actually recently bought rogue galaxy for 26$ at a shop the other day but didnt think twice about getting it again on ps4. thing is if you have the game and the console dont buy it but its cool for people that want to have tgat game that they never owned or cant rebuy at a better price.

  • I want to support XSeed and usually Falcom games look fun and/or charming… but holy man, Trails of Cold Steel looks like a bad PS2 game. I don’t get it – it was made around the same time as Ys: Celceta of Trees and before Tokyo Xanadu; both of those games look WAY better. Why does Cold Steel (Trails in the Flash) literally look like it came out of 2002? Did the God of Video Games just see Dark Cloud come out via PS2 Emulation on PS4 and was like, “Ho boy – that kinda look flies again? HAVE I GOT A GAME FOR YOU!”. I’m not one to toss out the hyperbolic “Looks like a PS2 game”-line much at all, but c’mon; the low poly count on the characters, the chunky look of the models, the low res textures, the simplistic and stiff animations…. it honestly looks WORSE than games like Dark Cloud 2, or Final Fantasy XII, or Persona 3, or Wild Arms 5, etc. Kind of Suikoden 3-ish. AT BEST

    It’s gonna take some extraordinary reviews to get me to pick that up on PS3. Even for $40. Yet, because it’s launching so close to Christmas, I can’t imagine most outlets are going to look at ANYTHING coming out this week. It’s a baffling release.

    • To each their own but I think the game looks fantastic. I still think PS2 games look great tho so that might explain my opinion.

  • Ryan,

    Why wasn’t featured anywhere on the Store or on the Blog the fact that several games are discounted like DeathSpank, Dead Space, Crysis, Dragon Age Origins, Battlefield 4, Mass Effect, etc?

    I learned about it on PSPrices when it should’ve come from Sony…

    • Pretty sure those were discounted as a part of the big weekly sale. Which did have a post earlier this week.

    • Actually no, they aren’t listed on either Blog post for the Store update last tuesday or the Holiday Sale Week 2. They don’t appear on the Store on either section.

      Furthermore, the discounts came into effect on Friday the 18th and end Wednesday the 23rd.

  • hey, can i request yakuza 3 for digital? it’s hard to find the retail version in my country. and i want to play it before buy the yakuza 4 & 5 :”(

  • it’s a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles 2!! — wait, it’s a Legend of Heroes game? different franchise altogether?

    in a more serious tone, I might pick it up. I enjoyed Trails in the Sky (although I already forget what it is about).

  • Can we get some early access games like Ark Survival:Evolved. Thought ps was “for the gamers”

    • Wait I forgot Sony would probably charge twice… Once for the access and then for the full game once it releases. My bad guys

  • Fantavision!!! Wow. Not expecting that. 1st game I owned because it came with the system at EB Games. Good times. And it had great visuals even if it was only fireworks. I will enjoy this one over the Christmas break. Now if can only get back Legend of Legaia….

  • I want to see PS2 dics on the PS4 that will be grate.:-)

  • final fantasy 12 for new to ps4 from ps2… maybe dark cloud 2 would be alright… never did get a chance to try that one out… :(

    • FFXII HD on PS4 would literally be one of the best things to ever happen imo. Come on Sony plz get FFXII on PS4 ASAP.

  • Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
    Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

  • i have been waiting years for the force unleashed 1 dlc to go on sale.many many may 4th sales and now release of new star wars still nothing.probably the only game/dlc that has NEVER gone on sale. PS: please bring back mad cooks recipe dlc for ride to hell.

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…

    • What a bunch of idiots in the comments section. Makes me ashamed to be a PlayStation fan and I’ve been there since PSOne launch. Can you jam an n64 cart into a Wii? If I were Sony I would be shutting this comments section down and just having a features community. Idiots like you, and you know who you are, hurt gaming. Sony works hard to get ps2 games working with awesome new features, and your crying because you can’t put a 14 year old disc in playstation 4. What’s next you want cd audio support? You hold gaming back. Sony is a business, they need to make money. We want them to succeed if we care about them. I own a great deal of PS2 games. Am I looking forward to more of these releases coming out so I can sell this old crap and have a better version? Absolutely. Your not cool or hip because you have a bunch of old games. Why do you have the games if you don’t have the system? What would be the benefit of putting it into a ps4 where it will look like butthole and have no features? What’s going on here?

  • Insults abound on both supposed “sides” of this.

    Meanwhile, real console BC was never a thing until the PS2 came out. Then after the early days of PS3 it went back to not being a thing. It may never return. Some are acting all “entitled” about it, while others are simply asking for some kind of middle way without any real expectation it will ever happen. This is a comments section, after all. Still others are lumping the two previous groups together.

    I think it’s a valid criticism of console gaming that it requires keeping every system ever made in order to continue playing the games. One of the great selling points of Blu-ray players is that you can still play DVDs on them. This idea sells Blu-ray players even to people who never use the feature. They like knowing they could, and they like not having more than one machine cluttering up the space around their TVs.

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