Stranger of Sword City on PS Vita: Battles and Bragging Rights

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Stranger of Sword City on PS Vita: Battles and Bragging Rights

Hey there, dood! It’s been a bit since I’ve been around these parts, but I’m here to introduce you to an awesome RPG on PS Vita from Japan — Stranger of Sword City — which you’ll be able to dive into on March 22nd, 2016! I even managed to snag some screenshots from our current development build of the game.

After surviving a mysterious plane crash, you wake to an unfamiliar land lit by stars you’ve never seen. This land is Escario, the city of swords. Quickly marked as the Chosen One, the Stranger of Sword City, you must defend this place and choose your allegiances carefully as you scour the land for a way home. And that’s how your adventure begins.

Stranger of Sword City

Stranger of Sword City, at its core, is a game about death and the struggle to avoid vanishing forever. Like previous Experience, Inc. titles, you’ll be able to customize your team through a ton of character creation options — everything from their age (which affects how many times they can die before vanishing, and how many stat points they get to allocate) to the RPG mainstays of race (Migmy FTW!), talent, class, and more.

Experience, Inc. has changed up the dungeon crawler formula a bit by incorporating a few cool systems that are sure to keep you elbow-deep in the dungeons of this harrowing Japanese dark fantasy title.

Decisions to be Made

The choices you make in Stranger of Sword City will affect how you play, as allying yourself with different factions will unlock different skills and benefits for your party members. You’ll have to carefully consider if you’ll be throwing your support behind the mysterious Strangers Guild, gambling on the shifty Medell Co. to help you out, or running the straight and narrow with the city’s defenders in the Kingdom.

Stranger of Sword CityStranger of Sword City

Each step of the way on your journey will offer risk and reward as you build rapport with each group in order to maximize your chances of surviving and finding your way home.

Then, Out of Nowhere!

Speaking of risk and reward, Stranger of Sword City features a unique Ambush system that will put your life on the line to earn the greatest loot. As the name implies, this system lets you observe your enemies before jumping into battle when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Using the Ambush system, you’ll have a chance to encounter unique enemies, and get a helpful glimpse at the loot they’re transporting! Careful though, you’ll be vulnerable to enemy ambushes as well if you wait too long in search of the best gear.

You Want a Challenge?

Ever told your brother how awesome the team you built in your game was, only to have him try to one-up you with how fast he cleared the game? No? Hm, well, I certainly have and I hate my brother thinking he’s better than me, so I’m super pumped for the leaderboard system that Experience has added!

Stranger of Sword City

It lets you rank and compare yourself against other players across more than 40 categories, including everything from level clear time to party and item strength. So you’ll want to take advantage of that Ambush system if you want to reach the top of the charts.

You’ll be able to explore all the features of Stranger of Sword City when it launches digitally and at retail on March 22nd, 2016. Until then, join us on our Twitch channel next Tuesday, Dec 22nd at 5:30 PM Pacific for the first live look at the English version of the game, or swing by the game’s official website to learn more right now!

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  • Hyped for this, but… that font. Not really liking it.

    • Agreed on the font, but I’m really excited about this game.

    • Yeah, it’s weird. The art style of the game is amazing, then this ugly font comes out of nowhere and doesn’t fit in with the style at all.

    • Agreed 100%. I don’t get why devs feel the need to use some fancy font. Just use a simply Helvetica font and call it a day….especially on Vita where the small screen size makes it difficult to read anything that strays from the norm.

    • Nice, glad that you actually listened!
      Personally though, it’s not just the floating letters, but also the font shapes themselves. Looks too much like Comic Sans, and it contrasts a lot with the theme of the game, and the fonts used on texts that are already in English in the original Japanese release (like ‘Main Hand’, ‘Skill Point’, ‘Resistance’ etc).

    • The screens here are from an early build of the game. (I couldn’t wait!) I believe the font alignment should be getting updated to show letters with a descender properly. :) Keep an eye on the official website for updates. :)

    • I love you Nisa. Hyped to play this and can’t wait! Boosto?

    • It looks ok old fashioned way of working

  • Vita, JRPG, and retail!
    Day one purchase for me.

    • Unless Yakuza 0 comes out next year in the US, this and Uncharted 4 are my most anticipated games of next year..

      If it wasn’t retail I wouldn’t be purchasing it though. As much of a Yakuza fan as I am, I’m ignoring the game until it’s $10 or less on PSN because there’s no retail version. You should take note devs. I’m not a fan of purchasing what equals a digital rental.

    • ^Second part was talking about Yakuza 5’s digital release.

  • First Time Reading about this game and already want it.

  • The art is fantastic amazing job,you guys should post some pics of the concept arts here on the Blog.I’m interested in the gameplay although I’m almost sure that it won’t be for me.

  • Looks pretty awesome. On my radar for sure!

  • This looks awesome and I personally love the font. Very unique!

  • Haha…we’re getting mad about font now. Good lord…I quit.

    • It’s criticizing, font isn’t supposed to look like that period. It needs to be changed or the quality of the game will go down period. Why can’t wait criticize for a better game?

    • Yes. All those reviews are usually “10/10 – Great fonts!!!” and “9.5/10 – gameplay was ok BUT MAN HOW ABOUT THOSE FONTS?!?!”

    • What a dumb response.. you’re also not seeing “4/10, terrible fonts” reviews either.

    • It is absolutely crucial in an RPG especially for all the information to be perfectly legible, and the small screen of the Vita doesn’t always make that easy to begin with (I’m squinting in Dragon Fin Soup, for example).

      Criticizing the font is a perfectly valid complaint because it WILL affect sales as it stands now, guaranteed. Maybe not your sale, but many others.

    • Hey, font can be important to some people! The font should be looking better by release though – I believe the issues with floating letters with descenders should be fixed. :) You can keep an eye on our Facebook page (www.facebook./nisamericainc) for updates!

    • It is an issue. The very first thing I thought when I saw the screenshot on the home page was “Why does it say ‘You should enJoY a Good meal. taste the haPPiness of livinG.’? That’s pretty weird.”

      That was my first impression. I thought it was an issue, and I’ve NEVER been bothered by fonts before. Then I see that the very first comment is about the font. So it’s not just me.

      Trust me, the font is important. As it stands, it’s very distracting. It looks like I’m trying to decipher a text from an 11 year old.

    • I get where the problem comes from in it being Comic Sans ish and I don’t care for it but….. you are right. end of the day it’s just font. While it doesn’t fit with the theme, blah blah blah the game itself is whats important. Nowadays if there’s nothing major or trivial to complain about they’ll find something trivial

  • I bought Demon Gaze at release, Operation Abyss during the holiday sale recently, and think I will go back to day one for this. Looks good! (and I like the font, it looks just fine)

    • I’ve been playing Demon Gaze the past couple of weeks and love it. That’s why when I saw this for the Vita it made my day.

  • I gotta get this!

  • Looks nice and crisp. Having said that, I’ll join the chorus of people saying that he random uppercase letters in words is weird in a bad way. Unless there is a purpose to it being like that, I’d drop that idea. Anyway, looking forward to the game.

  • I liked Demon Gaze, but wanted the next game to be a little different. Since this certainly LOOKS the part, I’m all in^^ I’ll certainly buy it day1 even though I probably won’t be able to play it right away, since February and March are crazy with releases all over the place xDD

    It’s the best problem to have^^

  • thanks for the suport Vita :)

  • Exp,Inc is also in on this. Considering the quality of their dungeon crawlers.

    Hoping for a video to see some gameplay.

    • You an see gameplay, on Japanese, anytime, look for it on YouTube, the game released on japan for for 360, ps3 and Vita already.

  • heck yes! this game looks great and my Vita could always use more love, excited!

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out.

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    this is THE game i have been waiting for.
    the vita has been a godsend for wizardry type games.

  • First off, thank you very much for supporting the VITA.
    Also the trailer from your offical website: gave me a bit more insight on this new game.
    Are there any kind of cutscenes or cinematics in the game or will it mostly be still pictures with facial expressions talking with each other and a bit of animation?

  • I should be getting Dungeon Travellers 2 soon, so i an wait for this.. Sine I played Demon gaze I ahve been hungry for these type of Dungeon rawllers, and next years is gonna be a great year for it.

    Thanks for allways supporting Vita with neat games like these, Dood!

    • ok now this looks cool. I really like all these 1st person dungeon crawlers coming.Thanks for wonderful informative.

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