Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration Begins Today

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Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration Begins Today

Greetings, everyone! Matt “Bayohne” Hilton here from the Final Fantasy XIV community team to wish every PlayStation fan the world over happy holidays! It’s been a busy year for Final Fantasy XIV, but we wouldn’t be here without the support of you all!

The Final Fantasy XIV team recently created a special video that showcases how some of the popular characters are spending their holidays!

Of course, December also means the return of the Starlight Celebration in Eorzea. We have a lot of fun things for adventurers to do, while spreading joy across the realm! Earn rewards, spend time with friends, and enjoy yourself over the holidays. Be sure to enjoy the festivities before the event ends on December 31st, 2015!

FFXIV: Starlight Celebration

We look forward to seeing your adventures next year!

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  • Happy Holidays ! Thank you .

  • Happy Holidays! Thanks for the great game. Any chance there’s word on North America getting the free FFXIV avatars?

  • So…any chance you all could tell us about the free FFXIV avatars that the JP and EU stores have but we don’t? Are they delayed, not coming at all, or what?

    • I know Yoshi-P’s catchphrase is “Please look forward to it!” so maybe I should make mine “Hang tight, they’re on the way!” … Mine isn’t as catchy. But as I mentioned above, they are coming – and soon!

    • Thank you sir. As much as I love my old Journey avatar, it’s a little long-in-the-tooth at this point.

    • Is there a Kan-E-Senna avatar? do want. O_O

  • I like how we can get a large image of that snowy chocobo riding image for a wallpaper. Nothing says winter like a chocobo in the snow!

  • Don’t forget to do the FFXI quest in the Bar in Limsa Lomisa to get the limited time gear.

    Ends in a week or 2.

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  • The 96-hour return-to-eorzea promotion is still running right? I haven’t activated my 96 hours yet. I’ll do so during the Starlight Celebration. Thanks for the heads up. Wish I could afford a monthly subscription but I just can’t Been 5 months since I had to cancel my subscription. Felt bad, man. :(
    I’ll return full time for sure someday, just tough to make ends meet right now. See you in Eorzea, soon. :)

  • Hey Squenix.. Thanks for making the most fun, nice, warm, inviting, sad, touching, powerful game I’ve played in years.

    Looking forward to another year with this world. Thanks.

  • I really need to return to this game. I was having such a blast over the spring/summer! Happy holidays!

  • I really wish I had enough time for what seems like a really enjoyable MMO. However, i’ve been listening to the game’s soundtrack a lot and the Starlight Celebration theme is one of my favorite tracks. My favorite being the Penitus theme.

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