The Banner Saga Arrives on PS4 January 12th, 2016

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The Banner Saga Arrives on PS4 January 12th, 2016

Lance from Versus Evil here to share some great news about The Banner Saga! It’s officially launching for PS4 on January 12th, 2016.

The Banner Saga

John Watson has been working on bringing the game to consoles for quite a while. The process involved not only getting Banner Saga playable on consoles, but redesigning the user experience to better fit PS4 and DualShock 4. John and Mark Cooke spent quite a while narrowing down the specific user experience and ensuring that the Banner Saga experience was true to form while holding a controller in hand. We’re all happy with the work that went into the PS4 version of The Banner Saga and we’re eager for all of you to start your own saga.

The Banner Saga has you live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape. Carefully choose those who will help fight a new threat that jeopardizes an entire civilization. Every decision you make in travel, conversation, and combat has a meaningful effect on the outcome as your story unfolds. Not everyone will survive, but they will be remembered.

The art of The Banner Saga stands out and grabs the attention of people wherever we take the game. Arnie Jorgensen was heavily inspired by the American master Eyvind Earle for the art in The Banner Saga, but a lesser known inspiration came from the children’s books by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire, both Leif the Lucky and Book of Norse Myths.

The Banner Saga

We’re also pleased to announce that the game is localized in French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian languages. We’re eager for people to experience this epic Viking tale around the world, and we can’t wait for you to begin your saga on January 12th, 2016.

Thanks again for all of your support and a huge thank you to Sony for being so great to work with! We’re looking forward to Banner Saga 2 and we’ll be sharing more information about that very soon. Be sure to keep your saved games from The Banner Saga as you’ll be able to import your saved data and continue your exact caravan, character, and story choices straight into Banner Saga 2.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered!

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25 Author Replies

  • No PlayStation Vita version news?

    • broforce psvita version is also cancelled.
      the developer told it on their facebook page.

    • We’ll get out some PSVita news very soon. And no, it’s not canceled.

    • I guess it’s better WAYYYY late than never. This was one of the only games that I was holding on to my Vita for, but after months and months of no updates on its status, I gave up and traded in my Vita for a PS TV so I can at least keep playing the games I had already invested in. The Vita is all but done now, and a large part of the problem is long delayed releases like this, and next to no info as to when games are coming. Thankfully I have a PS4, but seriously, if you guys had done a better job of keeping us informed about the progress of this game on Vita I might have kept it. Too many Vita efforts these days are too little, too late and lag behind the console versions far too long, if they come out at all. It’s insulting.

    • @Kharmesiter – apologies for the lack of updates but we’re still excited for Vita.

    • Awesome Lance! Can’t wait!!

    • @the_ghostmen, no Freakin way!! BroForce was cancelled!?
      @Lance James very much appreciated for the info on the Vita if possible

  • No mention of the Vita version? I’ll bet it’s cancelled. Announced over a year ago at PSX on the VITA segment with no news since and now comes out seemingly only on PS4. Great job guys. <_<

    • I’ll get John Watson from Stoic to give more info about PS Vita (In detail) soon!

    • @Lance James No worries Lance, I know the going must be difficult and I’ll definitely be there to get my PS4 copy at launch (any idea how much it will be?). I just needed to vent a bit, the situation with Vita is not your fault, Sony in the end is to blame and I wish they had done more to get behind studios like yours producing quality content to bolster the Vita when timely releases would have made a bigger difference. That said, it’s great to finally have a PS4 release date and to know that you haven’t abandoned the Vita like so many other devs (and apparently Sony) have. There are many people looking forward to this game on Vita who truly appreciate your hard work.

  • I am excited about Banner Saga, but I agree with the sentiments above. I was looking forward to playing this on Vita most, so I hope there are still plans.

  • Yeah, seriously no vita version news? If its not coming out for the vita I won’t be buying this game. Its perfect for a handheld. Talk about blowing it., versus evil.

    • Agreed. I thought it would be a perfect fit and they could integrate the touch screen and all. Here’s to hoping.

    • Thanks for the confidence :( We’re going to share more vita news soon and we’ll have John from Stoic explain where things are with Vita. We’re all still excited for it!

  • Would’ve loved this game on Vita, but looks like we lost another one. This seems like a perfect portable game. It’s a shame to see the Vita kicked to the side again.

    • We are still excited by what Vita offers, and we’ll have more info on Vita soon!

    • That is great to hear! Sorry to be so negative… Just seems like we’re losing titles left and right and this a game that is perfect for portable gaming.

  • I really hope Vita version is still alive. I mean my iPad 3 runs this game pretty good, Vita would too. Please say this hasn’t been cancelled, guys.

  • Any new about the vita version,please?

  • Finally some news! Hope the Vita version is still on the works, though – yeah, remote play is as option, but it’s not always available.
    Or, if it was canned, hope y’all come clear with it instead of leaving us hanging.

  • I also hope that this is still coming to Vita.


  • When is the Vita version coming out?

  • Sharing the same sentiments with everyone else about not hearing about the Vita version. Really hope it wasn’t cancelled as I would have loved to play it on the go

  • Thought this would come to the PS Vita as well? Did you cancel it? Not interested in the PS4 version at all.

  • Been waiting for this on Vita….please, give us an update. If it’s cancelled just tell us now so we can stop waiting.

    • I second that. This was one of my most anticipated Vita games, so it’d be nice to know if I should just stop thinking about it.

    • Not cancelled and we’re still excited by what the Vita can do, but will have John explain in detail soon about Vita.

  • Pray tell the Vita version doth partake in this magnificent anomaly we call life, no?

  • I am so excited! I have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. Apparently I’m in the minority here, but I can’t wait to play this on my PS4! Day One Buy!

    • Thanks! We’re pretty excited!

    • Despite my earlier comment, I’m excited for the PS4 version too. It’s just unfortunate that we’re not hearing about the Vita version alongside it, not even if it’s cross-buy. And this was a LONG wait for any new news! It’s easily been over a year, actually it’s been OVER TWO YEARS, because I traded in my Vita for the PS TV when it launched in November 2 years ago, and I knew about the game coming to Vita even then, because it was announced here on the PS Blog! Since when did it become acceptable to allow two years to go by without updating your fans on the status of your game? Sadly this the way it’s always been with Vita. From Walking Dead the game coming out half a year behind the console versions to XCOM: Enemy Unknown (not the update Enemy Within) being announced for Vita last year (several years after it came out on consoles, and still no sign of it). To be a Vita owner is to be the constant object of neglect and abuse, it would seem.

  • I kickstarted The Banner Saga for PC, waited not-so-patiently while the team veered off to do Factions. Then just about the time it finally came to PC the PS4 version was announced and I decided I’d wait and play it there, because I just prefer gaming on consoles.

    So I’ve been waiting a LONG TIME to dig into The Banner Saga. I’m pretty excited. Day 1 purchase for me, for sure.

  • Not to make this an echo chamber, but I was really hoping to see something on the Vita version. Hell, I can buy this on my phone, but I’d much, much rather have it portable on a system with actual buttons.

  • Seriously though…Vita version update?

  • Howdy Folks – I’ll have John Watson explain in more detail about Vita, but I do know we’re all still excited for Vita!

    • Thanks for the post! The Banner Saga has been my MOST anticipated Vita game since announce. I’m looking forward to the release.

      Fingers crossed for a cross-buy (if Vita releases later) because I probably won’t have the patience to wait on the purchase :P

  • Support the #PSVita more sony, this game is perfect for it! We also need some new racing games, among other things, support the consoles you make not just the console that sells the best right now :(

    I Expect cross buy & VITA Announcement soon

  • I played the steam version countless times. It’s a great game! I can’t wait to play it again on the ps4 and vita. Hopefully we get more info about Banner Saga 2 soon.

  • Glad the vita version is still happening. Loved the game on pc, would definitely shell for a vita version. Can we say if it’s a crossbuy thing? I will probably buy the PS4 version now if it means I get the vita versino when it’s ready. Guessing touch implementation is holding it up?

  • Well I hate to be redundant, but PS Vita version please.

  • Character import for Banner Saga 2 is great.

    I might be interested in the Vita version, but with an iPad version I have to think about this. Sony and the silly prices of their memory have killed digital gaming on the Vita, but that isn’t your fault as a developer.

    As a developer thanks for supporting PS4 and PS Vita.

  • Thrilled this made it to PS4. Been holding off buying it for iOS for a really long time because I really wanted to enjoy the art on a larger format. Thanks!

  • Another one here waiting for the PSVita version, please don’t forget about it! =(

  • Thanks for confirming the Vita version is still in the works.

    When the Vita port is out…I will buy right away just like Bastion.

    Beautiful artwork, music and game play. Worth paying money for.

    • Bastion had a funny release history. It debuted in that Spring Fever sale with the promise of cross buy. Then it went on sale for $2.99 and people tweeted for the Vita version, so if was promised cross buy.

      By the time it finally released on Vita it was $2.99. Probably because it had been on sale for that price before.

      I feel bad for Supergiant. I feel like they left a lot of money on the table. I would’ve gladly paid $15-20 for the Vita version but I grabbed it during that $2.99 sale and waited instead.

    • @big, SuperGiant is a great dev! Transistor is awesome & I bought Bastion blind knowing how the PC community praised it.

      It’s not about “feeling sorry” just a very nice gesture to Vita fans. The ideal gamer response is, be excited for their next & current releases & support them if possible!

      Note: I am so surprised that Bastion doesn’t have DLC. I would definitely be interested in new levels/worlds, weapons & items, new hero characters, &… a female narrator alt. track!? 8)

      Back on topic, appreciate the support Lance! I own BS on Android, will buy it again for the Vita!

      Is there a Platinum trophy btw?

    • Thanks for the kind words :) And to be very clear, John is very interested in Vita and it’s something he still wants to do (especially to just play it on his own Vita).

      And yes – there is a Platinum Trophy!

  • I was hoping to play this on my PS-Vita during my holiday travels. It seems I will just end up playing on PS4 early next year instead.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game since before I even knew it would be on PS4. It’s so great to see the tactical RPGs from the PC make it over. I’ll pick this up day one even if it has to go in my backlog for a bit.

  • Here’s a link to the Vita info from John Watson –

    • Thanks. I’m gonna go ahead and say something that might not be popular with the gamers (or maybe it will be). Can they put the Vita version up for preorder? I’ll buy it if my money potentially funds this 3rd party doing the port.

    • So, it’s pretty much postponed without a clear plan to restart the project. Which pessimists will read as “CANCELLED” and optimists will read as “hopefully in a year or two!”.
      Unfortunately, I’m a pessimist.

    • Sounds not canceled but postponed for a good while since there’s not funds for it unless the ps4 version sell well enough. Can’t imagine Xbox sales being a factor for PlayStation loyalist. That’s said hope it’s cross-buy but with the woes of it all can’t image it will be.

    • THANK YOU for that link. While there’s definitely a good chunk of bad news in that post, it explains a great deal. I just wish some of those reasons for the delay had been explained in an official update right here, on the blog, back in 2014 when the ports were initially put on the back burner. But that’s all in the past now. I’ll definitely be getting the PS4 version, and if it ultimately helps the Vita version get finished, I’ll feel a lot better about it even though I no longer have a Vita myself.

  • Good to hear! Any chance we’ll see some PSN avatars too?

  • I’ve been looking to play this game for quite a while. Mainly because it reminds me of Shining Force. Just like everyone else here, I think it would fit the Vita better. So I’m looking forward for the Vita news.

  • ok great game i just got my ps4 with drake bundle but not to be off topic kill the vita all ready

    • The entire Uncharted series is amazing :) We like what the Vita provides especially with the play-style of Banner Saga so its something we would like to do.

  • Oh yeah! Can’t wait!

  • Luckily I didn’t know there would be a vita version in the works, so I been looking forward to the ps4 version for some time. Excited that it’s finally getting finished.

    Also hope this is a life lesson don’t invest more money in a company that fails to meet dates regularity even if their internal problem are justified. It’s like give an raise to the bad employee to convince them to show up once in a while. They’re still a bad employee.

    • To be very fair – they were hitting their dates and they were working on the project just fine. It started to turn south and and their group as a whole had problems that they had to work through, which lead to that studio shutting down. We have since partnered with another developer (Shiny Shoe) to help bring Banner Saga to consoles and they are doing a great job!

    • Ah, so all was well until it all went bust. Understand.

  • +1 for PS vita version. Even if its not cross buy, I’d buy both.

  • Played this game a bit on the PC and thoroughly enjoyed it! With Playstation my preferred gaming space, I will definitely be picking up for Ps4 (and again for Vita! With or without crossbuy! Although crossbuy or a discount would be appreciated… just sayin’ :) and looking forward to the sequel too!

  • I’ve heard good things about this game, and since I don’t do PC gaming, I’m very pleased to hear it’ll be on PS4 as well. Looking forward to giving this a shot!

  • I do want to apologize for not answering everyone’s comments as a lot of them are very similar –

    For Vita Info – Please read this:
    The TL:DR is that we still want to do PS Vita, we just had some unfortunate game development things happen.

    If anyone else has any questions, please let me know as I’ll be checking here all day. You can also reach me us on Twitter @BannerSaga or @Myll_Erik

    • Lance, I think you’ve done great job responding to the comments. It makes me want to support the game even more. I don’t get a lot of time at home on my consoles because of my career so the Vita version had my attention. Either way I will be buying the game. Thanks!

  • Thanks for replying to everyone. I really appreciate a company that takes time to talk with their fans.

    And don’t get me wrong I look forward to getting this game regardless of which PlayStation platform it’s on.

  • Vita owner are hardcore gamers, we expect games no matter if big or small but games like this makes so much sense on vita so developers don’t leave VITA out, put the game on the store and we buy it

  • Like John mentioned – we still really want to get this done. Just couldn’t happen all at the same time this go round.

  • While I fall into a camp of people disappointed that PS4 and Vita aren’t day and date, and the Vita version is up in the air a bit. The situation you all went through stinks, and you all could have thrown in the towel. You didn’t. For that you will have my dollars. I won’t promise day one. However, you all have been a class act here and I will buy the PS4 version to support you. Hopefully the Vita version will come. But I will support you either way.

  • It’s sad that the devs have to port the game out of their own pocket knowing that they wouldn’t make much of a profit on Vita, and that’s the reason so Many Vita ports are canceled, but I guess buying the game day one at full price on PS4 will bring us closer to the Vita version

  • I really appreciate you and John laying it out in plain simple language on what happened, and why the Vita version is on hold. As a Father I can appreciate the “we can’t afford it” aspect of having to say no, or maybe for your birthday. Knowing that it will come because John wants it, but it needs to wait because of the business helps ease the negativity of no vita version.

    I’ll buy it when I get a change, i’d prefer the the Vita, but now that somebody mentioned the iPad version, I might but that to hold me over.

  • I’m so excited for this game coming to PS4 ! It was a pleasure meeting you all last year at Playstation Experience in Las Vegas. When you weren’t in San Francisco this year, I got a little worried. It’s good to know those concerns were unnecessary and that you were just hard at work finishing the game. Any chance at a Playstation Plus discount for early adopters ? Either way I am definitely picking it up and can’t wait for more news on Banner Saga 2.

  • Been a couple of days. Not sure if the devs will even see this.

    Can you do a Kickstarter for the Vita version? If you’re worried about public perception you could possibly do a separate PS Blog post simply asking for feedback.

    Honestly, I’m not even sure how much I want to play the game but I would front $20 to see the Vita version happen since I love the system and see other people want the game.

    Checked out Shiny Shoe’s website. They did a fantastic job with Grim Fandango.

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