The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/15/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/15/2015
The Drop

We’ve all been there: in the final moments of a desperate match, we loose a lone arrow across the arena and it pierces our opponent, snatching up a seemingly impossible victory and securing immediate bragging rights. Great multiplayer games are truly great, and now we’re getting another such game on the go. TowerFall Ascension launches this week on PS Vita.

The critically-acclaimed archery arena TowerFall Ascension goes portable on Tuesday, alongside its robust Dark World expansion. Both items are cross buy with the PS4 versions, so pick your favorite archer and enter the fray!

For the full list of new releases coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

New Releases: December 15th, 2015
PS4 — Digital (Out 12/16)


BlazeRush is a dynamic arcade racing survival game with no health, no leveling and no brakes! You can assemble a team of friends to play in local or online multiplayer. Adapt your style and tactics to new enemies, obstacles, and tracks.

PaRappa the Rapper 2 (PS2)
PS4 — Digital

PaRappa the Rapper 2

The original Rap star’s back in the house! See if you have enough rhythm to keep the beat with everyone’s favorite rappin’ puppy. Parappa the Rapper returns with all new songs to keep your head boppin’ and PS4 bumpin’.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5
PS3 — Digital, Retail

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 offers a fresh take on combo-driven skateboarding. Ride, build, & repeat!

TowerFall Ascension
PS Vita — Digital (Cross buy with PS4)

TowerFall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension is the definitive version of the hit archery combat game. The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but hard to master — and combat is fierce. The Dark World expansion is also available this week!

PlayStation Music Logo

  • Pusha T – King Push — Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
  • Cage The Elephant — Tell Me I’m Pretty

PlayStation Video Logo

  • Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Extended)
  • The Visit
  • Pan (2015)

PlayStation Vue Logo

  • Childhood’s End — starts December 14th at 8/7c (Available on Syfy)
  • Adele Live in New York City — Airs December 14th at 10/9c (Available on NBC)
  • Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert — Airs December 14th at 9/8c (Available on AMC)

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  • Nothing for me this week..

    • Seriously, when are you guys going to bring some PlayStation one titles onto the pSn? Would love to play Digimon World and Jersey Devil again.

  • You know what would be nice. Being able to choose between the extra features download of Pa Rappa by paying for it or poping my disc into the PS4 to enjoy the basic feature of upscaling and using my PS4.

    Please quit being like Nintendo with the Virtual Console.

    • Nintendo at least lets us play every single Wii game we bought in Wii mode whether it’s a SNES, N64, Wii or VC game originally. Sony is being the worst this gen.

    • This is actually way worse than Nintendo virtual console! They offer backwards compatibility on their consoles and the problem of having to re-purchase games again comes from the lack of unified accounts and other infrastructures. Users could transfer digital wii content to the vWii which could be a sign of good things to come when a proper account system is implemented. We shall see next year.

      And about PS, it is unacceptable! they are clearly choosing the wrong way to offer past generations games. There are other ways to do business, FAIR business. PS has a account system that works across their main consoles. Why it has not been announced that a PS2 classic purchased on PS3 will work on PS4 whenever the game is made available? There is absolutely no good reason for it. If a game has been enhanced, & there is need to recover resources invested then charge a FAIR discounted price to those who already own it while allowing new customers to purchase it for first time at its designated price. How difficult could it be to do the right thing? What a silly way to make customers unhappy with your brand. But I don’t expect it to change until people start behaving like normal customers instead of unconditional fans.

    • Ultimately, what I want from a gaming platform (in addition to great new games of course) is the possibility that my digital titles (at least) will carry over to newer systems (whenever possible) and expand on a library of games that I love without having to re-purchase them again and again and again. The first platform that does things right for real will have me hooked. Unfortunately, PS seems to be heading in a completely opposition direction, a shame really.

      PSNOW is not solution either, make it work with all titles from PS1 to PS4 including new releases and I will be in, no more hardware or software investment -just a service. But as it is now, having to still purchase new consoles and new software while not including Games from systems older than PS3… Nope!

      Well, here I conclude my daily feedback :)

    • @ N3w-josh sounds like you should just be a pc gamer. Thats the only platform that doesnt change so you always have access to your digital purchases, but have fun missing out on console exclusives and having to upgrade your pc every 6 months to keep up with the newest games that you will want to play too.

    • I agree that it would have been nice to have included BC for PS2 disc games. The digital PS2 games that have been released so far I already have for my PS2 which I still have so there’s no need to buy the game again in digital format just to play on my PS4.

    • Except if something happens to your console or your system you lose all your purchases unless you call and beg then you might get a fraction of your money back, but it’ll be for 1 store or the other, so you are unlikely to get back all your ges that way.

      Sony has cross buy. The PS3 architecture is completely different, and these re releases aren’t just simple up scaling they put in a bunch of time and effort.

  • And remember: TowerFall is coming to PSTV too (including the local 4-player support) :-D

  • Any word on if we will be able to play our older discs like on the Microsoft Xbox One all-in one entertainment system? Or at least allow us to play the PS1 and PS2 games we bought on PSN during the PS3 days.

    • Nope no where in the digital agreement did it state you would get credit for your purchase on any future console that gets released. If people really wanted backwards compatibility they should have bought a ps3 when it was fully backwards compatible. We told Sony then it was no longer a selling feature for a new system and they listened.

    • I agree and I have a lot of PS1classic games that I bought on the PSN that I can play on my PS4.

  • I would be willing to actually support some of these PS2 games on PS4 if Sony honored already purchases PS1 and PS2 classics rather than requiring a re-purchase of a game that we have legally purchased on the PSN already.

    Of course in comparison to the Xbox One support for disc based compatibility, this would really be the bare minimum that Sony could do to actually honor their slogan of For the Players.

    As it stands you will get no money from me rather than at least some money for the games which weren’t available previously. This has been a very anti-consumer move to not honor cross-buy given the fact that these games are simply being emulated.

    Proper BC or at least cross-buy could have made this announcement a great and attractive feature for the PS4, but instead it landed with a thud and didn’t even warrant a proper reveal at PSX.

    Microsoft set a precedent with their historic reversal of bad policy and Sony should step up and do the same regarding PS2 games on PS4.

    • I am totally with you on this. I would have purchased some interesting PS2 games that I do not own – which probably would have been lots of them- if I knew that they were going to recognise the ones I already bought (at the very least the digital PS2 classics from PS3).But the way they are doing it has totally put me off PlayStation altogether.

      Still, I am happy to see more people raising their concerns, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with us trying to improve things for all! The problem is that far too many unconditional fans are willing to support everything PlayStation does, even when they do wrong.

    • I agree with that!

  • You guys sound so entitled. If you really want to play ps2 games that you already own, go get a ps2 and play them.

    • Don’t worry! You could still buy the same games again and again and again whenever available for the new console. That’s the magic of offering CHOICE to customers.

    • “Entitled” has quickly become the most overused and MISused word in gamer arguments.
      Thing is, people actually are entitled to have PS1, PS2 and PS3 digital downloads for free if they already bought them. If a game is remastered, then sure, it makes sense to pay for it. Sony used to care much more about their customers than they do now. They are just full-blown Micro$oft at this point, but with better hardware and exclusives.

    • I agree with Ethan – you are all sounding ‘Entitled’ – and this word makes sense here – if the games had zero changes, ran the same as they do on the original console and offered nothing new then sure – we are entitled to get them if we already bought them.

      But they now have trophies implemented, they have been up-scaled one by one and they have been tweaked to run at 60fps with little to no issues.

      MS for example are just emulating the games exactly as they are on the 360 – no changes and no graphical improvements- so they can’t really get away with charging. The Wii U can play the Wii games because the Wii U basically has a Wii built into it – similar to how the Wii had a GC built into it – so it can natively play the games.

      People who say they should be able to just put in their games in the dvd drive are silly and should think before they even comment like that – go watch someone playing a 1080/60 version of the game on youtube and compare it to the poor original PS2 version. You will see why they charge for it.

      Similar to if you have previously bought it – I’ve bought PS1 games before and I’m hoping they come to PS4 soon as well, however, if they come with trophies then they will most likely charge

  • I would appreciate a discount if I had already purchased the vanilla version of the PS2 games on PS3.

  • One game not mentioned in THE DROP that is coming out in the next PlayStation Store Update as well is SUMMON NIGHT 5 (for PSP/VITA). Confirmed by Gaijinworks themself:

  • I really wish people would stop complaining about having to repurchase a game on a new system as if its something we are entitled to get. When you buy a ps2 classic on ps3 thats what you get. Theres nothing in the agreement stating you get that game on any future console that happens to come out five years after your purchase. When it comes to licensing a game on a new console that costs money, along with upscaling to provide a better experience for an outdated game, and publishers, who are in the business for a profit, would like to make as much money as possible on their assets to be able to pay their developers and support future projects. I have repurchased games on multiple consoles because i either really like the game or i really like the developer and i want to show them my support. At the same time i still have my ps3 hooked up so i can enjoy the games i have for that system but i havent touched my ps3 in over a year because of all the new content on ps4. For those who “had” to sell their old console to get the new one, get out of saving a nickle and go make a dollar. You can afford anything you want if you put the work in for it and you would feel better about the purchase and your effort.

  • Just another way of saying HD remaster….. I was hoping i wouldn’t have to rebuy all the ps2 digital games. Bad enough Ps Tv is hardly even supported much. AskPlaystation twitter just says they have no info when it comes to more psp games compatible on the Vita or more vita games being able to be played on the Ps TV.
    It seems lately anything a gamer wants its given but not in a very consumer friendly way . I remember Ps TV in japan was just a cord for your vita which sounded nice actually. Saddend that I’ll have to rebuy Fatal Frame 3 or Persona 3 again if i want to play them on ps4 .
    I’d have no problems if they charged for ps2 digital games that weren’t available on ps3. Like Silent Hill 2 or 3. i doubt anything will change or added that doesn’t have some catch anytime soon. I may sound like I’m entitled but i’m not. Its just annoying that Microsoft is doing emulation and a dime doesn’t have to be paid if you already own the game and its on the list. Yet we have PS Now as an only option for ps3 games on ps4 and its not ideal for people who have bad internet.
    I know ps3 games may not be playable on a ps4, but ps2 and most definitly ps1 games should be playable on the ps4

  • I’d be grateful if they could somehow port the PS2 games to PS Vita. Rogue Galaxy on the go would be incredible.

  • Ultimately, I just want the PS2 Classics that I bought digitally for my PS3 to be available to me on my PS4. I bought them digitally, in the hopes that at the very least, THEY would carry over to the PS4 when that system inevitably got digital classics. It rubs me entirely the wrong way that I have to rebuy those games digitally.

    My BC PS3’s disc drive has gone kaput, so I can’t play my actual PS2 discs on them anymore, but I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal if I could carry my digital PS1 and PS2 classics over to the PS4. This just is not cool. Many of the classics I bought on PS3 were games I had never played on my PS2. I thought at the least, Sony would keep my PS2 Classics consistent across platforms. This makes me incredibly hesitant to buy anymore classics digitally. I broke down and bought Rogue Galaxy because it’s one of the PS2 games I own on disc, but couldn’t complete it when my PS3 disc drive died.

    I don’t care about no disc BC for the PS4, but PLEASE, let those of us that have already invested in a nice digital PS1 and PS2 Classics library have the ability to transfer licenses over to the PS4 versions. It’s not a terribly unreasonable request, I think.

  • Oh great, another PlayStation 2 game you’re forcing your long-time fans to rebuy on the PS4 despite already owning the digital copy on PS3 and/or owning the original PlayStation 2 disc. You know, this anti-consumer decision made by Sony is starting to make me regret being a PlayStation fan (along with the lack of support for the PlayStation Move and the lack of games for the PlayStation Vita (which is, once again, why my 3DS XL is now my primary handheld game system)). I should’ve stayed with Nintendo (which is what I started with) instead of switching to Sony (should’ve gotten an N64 instead of a PS1, a GameCube instead of the PS2, a (regular) Wii instead of the PS3, a DS/DS Lite/DSi instead of the PSP, a 3DS XL (despite that I already own one) instead of the PS Vita), and a Wii U (despite that I now own one) instead of the PS4).

    • Wow, your comment is very depressing to read as a gamer considering you claim you should have chosen an inferior system every generation except for the n64, their last great console for gamers. Once again none of your previous purchases entitles you to future versions or release of that game. When you made your purchase it was for that console you made the purchase for and no one is forcing you to purchase a new/updated version of a game you claim to own on another console. Either play that version or suck it up, support the industry you claim to enjoy, and have an updated version of that game on your new console for convenience. Please stop spreading your ignorance either way.

    • Besides nintendo is the biggest culprit of releasing the same game on all of its consoles. Every iteration of mario, zelda, mario kart, and smash bros is literally the same game with updated graphics and a few new features, yet no one complains about having to buy a game they already bought on an older console. And before anyone claims they have new campaigns for each game, look again, the plot is always the same, save the princess! Have fun with that.

    • Nintendo fanboy playing rehashed of the same game? Nice job being so self entitled to bash on a system that you want dead. I suggest you follow your own advice. ;)

    • Self entitled is the word you are looking for here. :D

  • Make these PS2 games playable on Vita and I may buy them…….again

  • is sony for real? just because they are failing to offer enough aaa titles for their consoles they are flooding their stores now with titles from the stoneage which they want us to repurchase and replay? sorry. i don’t see the point in buying old-generation games and play them on my highend ps4 again.speaking about this practice: i never got the amount of audacity nintendo has inside itself with their ripoff by charging every gen their stoneage-games anew. i mean, i also would like money for nothing and chicks for free. but if i do so, i will lose everything. but sony and nintnendo got enough customers who are clearly not thinking things through when paying for these “remasters”, “remakes”, “please buy me again for no reason” titles.

    this actual gen is definitely the worst and most boring ever. the big titles fail to impress and the stores get flooded with indy titles and re-hashes. if you need more signs that the videogame industry is dead, well..

    • No one is making you do anything. Play what comes out. If they aren’t releasing enough content for you, find another console. But please, please, please don’t spend precious time complaining about something that is not true. You don’t have to buy the titles again, just play them on whatever console you bought them on. Got rid of said console? Sounds like a you problem. Solution: quit getting rid of consoles for the latest and greatest; keep the mature gen system until the new gen has time to release an adequate amount of content.

  • Yeah sony has been showing its loyal customers and dedicated fans just how much they really care for us and how we put them on top in sales for the ps4 by charging for anything and everything they can. I have tons of ps3 digital games on my account but dont have a ps3 so to play ps3 games i already own i have to buy a ps3 . But no wait i can pay 100 dollars a year to rent the games i already own through ps now and now with the ps2 games. Since gamestop introduced its vintage inventory of all the old consoles sony feels theyre being ripped off. They didnt make enough off the ps1,2,and 3, or psp. So they want us to buy them again and for the second and 3rd time for ps1 and 2 cause i have purchased some games like that. You paid for resident evil directors cut on ps1 then on ps2 then for ps3 and now it will be available for purchase on ps4. I used to think microsoft was a shady company with you have to buy youre remote and wireless internet separately and how xbox live was so expensive but they changed and their customer service is excellent . They need to realize that we pay their salaries their kids eat cause they have a job the we pay to keep running. And i we all decided to switch to microsoft they would be unemployed.

    • I know what you mean… I have a ton of cassette tapes that I can’t play on my CD player in my car. I also own a ton of VHS tapes that don’t fit in my Bluray player. Don’t they know when I buy something, I buy it with the understanding it is future proof for my lifetime? I called Columbia Picturesl to complain that my DVD version of Ghostbuster’s absolutely entitles me to a digital download of it AND tickets to see the reboot! This idea of buying something for the product you own has got to stop!! Enough is enough!

    • KidGreengene

      There is a difference between fitting a tape into cd/dvd/blu ray slot and putting a dvd(ps2 game) into a blu ray player (ps4)

      Common sense. Obviously a rectangle won’t fit into a circle. But a circle can fit into a circle, especially when the tech in the ps4 can no doubt play ps2 games. If you say it can’t, you must be delusional or a sheep.

  • I understand the point of “Re-PlayStation” and not wanting to play old games. I don’t agree… but I get it. But this talk that you are entitled to play your PS1 games throughout your lifetime is just stupid and silly.

  • I’m one of many that are happy that Sony is re releasing PS2 games to the Store. Comparatively to what they originally cost us, it’s chump change. The only thing I would agree with the whiners on is if we bought a digital version of the game on the PS3. A slight discount for rebuying it would’ve been nice, but for FINALLY getting an official emulator for HD upscaling and trophy support, is it work the effort to complain?

    No. And if you guys keep this up, we won’t see it for some of my favorite PS1 games as well. Thanks to the whiners.

    By the way, it’s not Sony’s fault your parents think you’re a failure.

    • At first I was happy when they announced what i thought was Backwards Compatiblity. Which really its not, can’t really say its emulation either, its basically an hd remaster but under a different name and less work. So I was mad that this wouldn’t include physical games because Konami will in no way in hell allow any of their games to be bought again digitally. And I’m sure since Nintendo co owns Fatal Frame with Tecmo, we won’t see a ps4 version of Fatal Frame games in any format now . Better chance of the psn version carry over.
      I mad and I don’t blame other people to be mad. i bought San Andreas (ps2 digital classic) for ps3.
      Seeing it available on on ps4 and for $15 kinda irritated me because now its kinda confirmed, Sony will never do Actual Proper BC unless its for ps1 games. (and it’ll probably just be playable through ps now if they do do that.) No Physical :I’m not as mad at as I was, i should’ve expected it. But no digital? Most of the ps2 games released were never released on the psn store at all, save the ones I named. I doubt it would hurt them to make the few that were released on ps3 psn free on ps4 ,if you bought them

  • First those comparing this to Xbox One and Wii U, you cannot play Xbox games on Xbox One or GameCube games on Wii U.

    Second when PS3 was $499.99 – $599.99, many refused to buy the console and they took away a feature that would lower the cost and would help the system sell. That feature was full backwards compatibility.

    • Thirdly it is quite evident that there are licensing issues involved. What we cannot tell is what sort of money is involved with those issues. I would say the average consumer does not realize this, but the average consumer does not seem to care about Backwards Compatibility at all or the Wii U and Xbox One would be selljng a little better.

      I will say that I too wish some discount would be offered for thos who bought the digital PS3 version of the game. However Rouge Galaxy, Parrapa the Rappa 2 and Dark Cloud are not even on PS3 at all. The people that own physical versions of those games also likely own either a PS2, a fat PS3, or even use emulators on PC. I just replaced the opticle drive in my PS3 since I have a fat model.

      The one time Sony offers zero BC though, happens to be when people suddenly try to act like it is the biggest deal ever. They offered it for PS2, PS3 original with both, PS3 slim with PSOne discs, and Vita with PSP digital. PS4 does not have it and Sony is super greedy. Come on guys.

  • Drop didn’t mention it, but for my household, we been counting down the days to the release of Chapter 2 for King’s Quest. That drops today as well.

  • So people didn’t buy the day-one version of PS3 as much as they bought later versions, eh? Hm…well, I guess that proves people don’t really want BC. Or maybe it just proves most people don’t like being early adopters of anything if it costs $600. Costs of every other component came down as well, leading to the inevitable price drops. Nonetheless, it’s probably true that: a) fewer people care about full BC on new consoles than Sony originally thought, and: b) more people are willing to re-buy old games than anyone previously thought.

    Many of these posts are entertaining, but let’s all try not to have too much fun misrepresenting the supposed “other side” in this debate. I’d like to see more options, such as some kind of charge for playing previously purchased digital games on each new console. Those fees would naturally be higher when games have been enhanced, and there would be no option for physical disc owners since there’s no easy way to show you bought the game new.

    • (cont.) If we stick with the movie example for a moment, there are no plans I’m aware of to phase out DVDs. So any movie player I buy will play all my movies as long as they are on DVD. That standard doesn’t exist in gaming, and maybe it shouldn’t. But that’s what many gamers are asking for.

    • Except you forget that when Sony was trying to figure out how to lower the price, they took surveys on features.

      Also Microsoft is a bit more desperate for sales on their new console and is adding BC to one) increase the library of games they offer and two) people can now choose to buy those games from the Xbox Live Store. It also creates an extra incentive to buy Xbox One versions of games if they come with the previous generation version as a bonus. Yet that still has not helped them close a gap that has slightly grown since the BC announcement and release.

      As of right now, there is no desire to change video media to a new physical based format. If it does however, it also does not gaurantee you that your DVDs or Blu-rays will work. After all Beta, VHS and Laser Disc are gone. Physical format also does not gaurantee you the digital versions either.

      Point is BC really is not that big of a deal to most people. He hoghest sellers tend to be the console with the most new games and exclusives. PS4 has that even if some people refuse to acknowledge it.

    • Okay, and I understand that these are all companies trying to make money. Nothing wrong with that. But you can’t expect that to be the sole focus of everyone else. Part of making money is serving your customer base. Many of the people who want new games (even only new games) are still disappointed. The question is how to integrate the desires of the customers (who I can assure you have plenty to spend on such things) into your business model. Having limited BC with more options for longtime customers and fans doesn’t mean fewer new IPs.

      Besides, even if we take the survey results at face value we can’t say that BC is of no value to the customer. It simply wasn’t a top priority for those who answered that survey. And I’ve already said it probably isn’t a big deal for most.

      By the way, Sony is successfully nullifying my argument by offering PS2 games for PS4 that haven’t been offered for PS3. Makes it harder to argue my PS3 purchase should carry over when no such purchase was ever possible. It will be interesting to see how many PS2 games re-released for PS4 will be “new” in the sense that they haven’t been offered on Sony platforms since their original release on PS2.

  • Does anyone know about the Holiday Week 2 Sale? It is not up yet. Jw

  • Holy crap, what a terrible week. This is like Nintendo levels of suck, in terms of how thin the releases are. You would think with no full games they would finally put out those upscaled Star Wars PS2 games along with Parappa 2. But no, we get 3 games, all of which have been released on other consoles already.

    There better be some good sales then.

    • There won’t be… If anything ps2 games might be removed from the ps3 psn store so people will have to rebuy them on ps4 when releases

  • Wow, I loved the original PaRappa the Rapper and also UmJammer Lammy. But rhythm games don’t always play well with today’s technology. CRT-TVs had 0 processing time and no video or audio lag. I swear the timing window was only one frame long for some of those games, they were brutally hard! I’m very curious to see how PaRappa 2 operates on my PS4. Can I use my Rock Band 4 guitar to calibrate?

  • I want to echo the sentiment that I will gladly buy PS2 classics if they are released on VIta. I am sure the handheld is capable.

  • I only bought 2 PS2 classic games for the PS3, and that was Vice City and San Andreas, and I know that I paid no more than $6 for those games because I waited for them to be on sale. Do I wish that I could just repurchase the games on PS4? Yup. But you know what, I don’t care that I’ll eventually pay $15 again for games I have already bought because the quality will look so much better, they will have trophies, and I’ll be able to stream myself playing them. Has anyone watched someone twitching the games I mentioned above? They look really really nice. Vice City on the PS3 is hard to look at on my 50″ TV, it looks like garbage. In no way should they give you a game you paid less for for free. If you want to play these games so bad, play them on your PS1, PS2, or PS3 that you claim to love so much. When I buy a new system, I buy it for new games. If you don’t want to repurchase them, then don’t. Go play your crappier looking version. Also, does anyone else think that maybe some of these games are up there to see how much support they’d get? I’d buy Dark Cloud again to show Sony that we’re still interested in a franchise that should still be around today.

  • What about Kings Quest Chapter 2?

  • There’s so much crying in here it’s ridiculous. If you bought a game on a previous console, just play it on that. While it would be nice to be able to use old discs on PS4, or get the game for free, you shouldn’t feel entitled to

  • Glad Parappa is still getting all the love he deserves, now give us more Ape Escape! :P

  • For the love of all things holy, PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DAMN PS2 Games. If you dont want to rebuy then…i dont know… dont!!!!. Simple problem solved.

  • Can we get Netflix support on the PS TV?

    Can we get more games supported on the PS TV?

    Can somebody organize the store on the PS TV?

    This is the first Sony console that I am actually disappointed with because of the lack of support.

    Also why are Comcast customers not able to use HBO GO?

    Support your customers please.


  • I’m sure this suggestion has been brought up multiple times, but I tried Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 and was utterly disappointed at how unplayable and frustrating the game was. If PSN put the entire series up ’til American Wasteland on the catalog, there’s no telling how many excited fans of the series will jump on the opportunity to buy the games and go on a nostalgia trip!

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