TowerFall Ascension Launches on PS Vita December 15th

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TowerFall Ascension Launches on PS Vita December 15th

Hey folks! I’m back to talk about one last, very exciting TowerFall announcement: on December 15th we’re launching the long-awaited PS Vita and PS TV versions of TowerFall Ascension and the Dark World Expansion!

TowerFall Ascension, Dark World

We’re releasing these ports as cross buy titles, so if you own TowerFall or its DLC on PS4, you will automatically own it on PS Vita! If you’re new to the game, TowerFall Ascension will run you $14.99, and the Dark World DLC costs $9.99.

We’re also planning to patch in cross save support shortly, which will let your save file transfer between the PS Vita and PS4 versions.

TowerFall Ascension, Dark WorldTowerFall Ascension, Dark World

PS Vita has undoubtedly become my favorite way to play TowerFall single player. But TowerFall is a local multiplayer game at its heart — designed for you to squeeze onto a couch with your friends to compete on the same screen. On PS Vita, you’ll use ad hoc wireless to fight your friends on other PS Vita systems in the same room. Playing on a handheld feels like a fresh experience, but the familiar joy of local multiplayer remains the same. When your friend impales you to the wall with an arrow and begins bragging loudly, it still stings just as bad. Don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge next round.

Players on PS4 have always shown amazing enthusiasm for TowerFall, and I’m super excited to finally expand our community to PS Vita. TowerFall has been the focus of the last three years of my life, and it has been a wonderful three years. Thank you so much for all your support! As I begin production on my next game, one thing I know for sure is that I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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  • Yes! Great to see it happening. My girlfriend and I play this game anytime she is over my house. She uses my ps vita so it’s great that she can get some practice at her house. Currently we are trying to beat the legendary mode in the DLC.

  • Sweet can’t wait for
    this content I’ve been waiting to play in the PS Vita for a while will be go also be coming to ps3 maybe? Need to know thanks awesome keep up the great work the blog has been doing very well and everyone have a great holiday! Also any discounts?

  • Oh man, looks like christmas has come early for me! I love love love Towerfall, and it seems like a perfect fit for Vita! Thanks guys — you clearly really appreciate your fans, and listen to us. That is a heck of a lot more than many other devs do.

    Merry Xmas, and Happy Holidays to you all :)

  • Any chance we can play the Vita version against people on the PS4 in the same room? Or is Remote Play still the best way to do that? I only ask because I have 3 PS4 controllers, and in typing this question I just realized that Remote Play with the Vita is a way I can do 4 player. :)

  • YES! This game is awesome, I’ve had so much fun playing it with friends, and now that it’s finally coming to Vita/PSTV that makes PSTV into the perfect, portable TowerFall station :-)

  • Will you support local multiplayer on the PSTV? Cause that would be very cool.

  • So. Much. Win.

  • I had been looking forward the release of tis game on PS Vita. I’ll make sure to buy the DLC.

    And thanks again for making it cross-buy!

  • Awesome! I got it for PS4 but never played, because somewhat that game doesn’t fit to a big screen TV. Now that I can have it for Vita I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    • I promise you, if you can get four people together to play, it is perfect for a big television. Just a blast. That said, I agree with you, in terms of the single player, very excited to have it on the go.

  • Meanwhile in the EU PlayStation Blog. People are raging becuz Sony just pumped the prices for the old games… C’mon, Sony :(. Lot of news report about this and it’s hurting ya, do something!

  • If I got it for ps4 as a ps plus freebie do I still get the vita version as cross buy?

  • Any plans for online play?

  • This is awesome!! I love this game and always wanted it on my Vita. Thanks!

  • This is great news.. thank you for supporting Vita!

  • Very excited to have this, if for no other reason, just to practice for game nights with friends. My best friend has two boys and they play a ton, then when I am there I get schooled. Couple weeks with this should do the trick. Thanks, Matt, and Merry Christmas.

  • I absolutely ADORE Towerfall Ascension (both single and multiplayer), but I have one problem; I’m in Europe! Will we be getting the highly anticipated Vita version next week, too? Please say yes! :0)

  • Vita TV version?!?
    Thank you so much for supporting the Vita TV. I can’t wait for this!

  • And here I am just wanting it to have online multiplayer. Oh well.

  • Viva la Vita!

  • Final announcement? Does this mean that we won’t be getting the “TowerFall Editor” that lets people create their own towers, like what was added to the PC version? If so, that’s a shame. It looked like it really added value to the DLC (Something that in my opinion, it could really use, since we can’t seem to get Quest Modes for the new levels as well).

    I’m a little confused why this wasn’t announced at the PSX. It seems like it’s a good announcement for the Vita.

    Are there any ideas for a potential “Split-Screen Variant?” It seems like it would be a fun thing to mess around with, especially since you’re against adding online multiplayer.

  • Because it apparently supports local multiplayer on PSTV, it is gonna be a Day 1 buy for me, I promise. Thank you!

  • Glad to see this finally out.

    Does the PS TV let you play with 4 controllers on one screen like you’re remote playing on PS4? Sometimes I go over to my brother in-laws place and would love to just throw the PSTV up with a local copy instead.

  • Thank you. Been waiting a while for this. Can’t wait

  • I say bring them all to Vita.

    We are all Vita players, only some of them don’t know it yet.

  • If 4 player works on my Playstation TV, You may have finally retired my Ouya. I don’t like carrying my PC or my PS4 around just for Towerfall at a friends house. So my Ouya just would not die. It was clawing for life with Towerfall alone. the Single pillar that made the little system worth keeping.

  • Another game to add to the pile when I get my PS Plus back up and running ;) Cross-buy ftw!

  • Me and my wife are Towerfall addicts. Looking forward to your next game!

  • A little late to the party but will the trophy list be shared with the PS4, or is does this have a separate trophy list altogether?

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