PlayStation Experience: A Look Back

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PlayStation Experience: A Look Back
PlayStation Experience: A Look Back

Just think – one week ago today we were getting ready to delve into our second PlayStation Experience in San Francisco! For all of you who attended or watched live online, thank you! It’s an honor and pleasure to share so many incredible games with the people that appreciate them the most: PlayStation fans.

A few of my favorite moments: seeing that Uncharted 4 story trailer on the keynote stage, watching the first ever gameplay from Final Fantasy VII Remake, and watching fans scour Moscone West to unearth collectible cards.

As a small memento, the PlayStation video team put together a little something to say “thank you.” Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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  • PlayStation Experience 2014 is obviously better . Bring it back to Las Vegas!!

    • I went to the first one in Vegas, didn’t this year, but this one looked like it was a lot better, from more people to more games and stuff going on. More hype and love in general. They sold out this year, people were waiting over 12 hours outside before the keynote started compared to the first guy last year at 3am. I think many last year, companies including, were waiting to see what kind of an event PSX would be like exactly first, and see its a success before plunging in and planning for the next year.

    • vegas is depressing. the pretty girls from high school from the south who weren’t quite pretty enough to get by on looks alone selling their bodies, the gambling addicts wasting their retirement/kids college fund, the low rollers pretending to be high rollers when they clearly cannot afford it. vegas makes me very sad every time I am there, makes me sick actually. I hope they never host PSX there again.

    • Exactly why I thought it would be a terrible place, to host such a great family oriented experience.

      Glad to see they moved it elsewhere this year.

    • Nah, bring it to the East Coast!

    • I’d love to see it back in Vegas. I went to both shows, and I felt there was a lot wrong with 2015. First off, much more expensive in terms of hotel (about three to four times much). I got a hotel within walking distance (2-4 minutes) and I couldn’t sleep a wink. The window looked over the road and ambulances all night on top of people honking their horns. Issues with scanners (got all cards, only registered/checked into 28 booths ;=;), schedule felt like it should have been promoted more as well as any autograph sessions, people didn’t respect lines, layout was broken up due to the area, etc.

      While I liked the keynote room better, I didn’t enjoy it being on separate floors. So the big issue with the first year was how there just wasn’t enough for people to do. They underestimated who was gonna be there and you had things like the 5 hour wait for The Order. This year they fixed that pretty well (except with Battleborn), and as they get bigger it’s gonna be harder and harder to fix.

      As for the person who thinks Vegas is depressing… I guess I don’t see it. Maybe get away from the Strip and explore Henderson? North Las Vegas? Mt. Charleston? I think San Francisco is more depressing personally…

  • It’s a great experience, I will definitely come next year for a third time.
    I’ve collected all the basic cards and most of my favorite rare cards.
    But the rare cards are quite random, which is very annoying.
    Like The Last Guardian Platinum card I don’t get it,
    I’ve go there for over 10 times and ask the staff if they have one.
    But in the second day 11a.m., all 200 are given away, which is sad.

    • 2 months ago I got the full 2014 deck off of ebay for pretty cheap. Could happen with these down the line or maybe not based on how much more expansive they made the game and how the cards seem to be much higher quality than the playing cards of last year.

  • “I have always wanted to come to PSX’ says a wise man in the second year. of existence *facepalm*. ‘I wanted to come last year but couldn’t’ *ding, ding* words matter, use them.
    Are you trying to make your fans seem dumb? edit the derp out, sort of your job isn’t it?

    ugh, just saw this was Sid… never mind:(

    words? what are those?

    • “Open to Everyone, BUT DON’T BE A JERK.”


    • honest criticism. I’m sure my post will be deleted like I was explaining my sister’s cousin making $100k a week typing, that was a really dumb comment, when you ignore it you get youtube comment sections where your faith in humanity just nose dives.

    • You can critique without being a jerk about. Its actually far more effective.

  • To celebrate you guys are raising the prices of digital games, then doing a buy one get one free sale?

  • Holy cow, has it already almost been a week? Time flies when you’re playing Final Fantasy VII every chance you get. :P

    Can’t wait for the Remake! ^_^

    • I really wish they would include a PS3, or especially, a Vita version, since I would really like to get the platinum trophy.

      Guess Lightning Returns, that just launched with improvements on Steam will do.

  • PlayStation Experience 2015 was amazing! It had an even more outstanding atmosphere this year. I really liked the layout of there being three floors for everything, Moscone West was a great venue.

    A few personal suggestions for PlayStation Experience 2016:

    1. Shuhei Yoshida is a MUST for any keynote. His presence is transcendent.
    2. Always end the keynote with Shawn Layden. This year the conference ending felt extremely abrupt, like there was something else coming but never did.
    3. The first day should end with a concert. 65DaysofStatic last year were amazing and was a great sendoff for PSX 2015.
    4. Capcom Cup 2016 on Sunday. Everyone can get their last chance to play next year’s biggest games and are rewarded with watching the best fighters duke it out at the Capcom Cup Finals.
    5. A quick recap of what Sony Worldwide Studios are developing as long as it’s been announced. Exhausting reading critiques from game publications asking “What happened to Sony’s First Party Exclusives?”

    PlayStation Experience continues to be an amazing event to meet fellow PlayStation fans and connect.

  • I was in the video @ 1:19 talking about UC4, FF7 and Ni No Kuni II! Thanks to everyone for a great PSX, it was so exciting to meet everyone! Mr. Shuman, I wasn’t able to catch you as you were walking up on 3rd floor into the lunch area. Want to get your autograph on some of my merch next year! :D

  • Here’s a sidenote.


    That is all.

  • While I could only follow along from home this year, I could tell many of you were having a great time. Here’s one vote for putting PSX on the East Coast in 2016 ;-)

  • I had a fun Time Seeya Next year Also I need more RIGS in my life

  • Man, I ended up in the video that was so weird to see xD

    • Haha, so did I! Kind of surreal, eh? I was FF7, NNK2, UC4 guy. Where did you crop up? :)

    • Me too!!! Definitely made my day! I had such a great time, can’t wait to go again next year! The games were awesome, and Playstation VR wow, totally the future of gaming. I popped up at the 1 min mark the guy with the beard and headphones.

  • A Hideo Koj…

    Even Sony is taking a shot at Konami! Good job to the Metal Gear Solid fan who wrote it.

  • Thanks guys. I had such a great time again this year. Met so many amazing people from the industry and the Playstation community. My attendee MVP goes to Abdul, who was on my team in RIGS VR. He came all the way from Kuwait for the Experience. Can’t wait to do it again !

  • Are you guys going to speak on the sale buy one get one free where you bump up the prices? It is all the rage in EU right now.

  • I am sure PSX was a fun event, after all it was all about videogames! But in my opinion the conference was not as good as it was last year. I think I found it a bit boring overall, which is a bad sign considering how much I enjoy this sort of stuff. Perhaps this is just a consequence of having many conferences throughout the year – we kind of have seen it all at this point.

    But one thing I really dislike from latest Sony conferences are those segments where all I hear is this or that “first on PlayStation” or “PlayStation nation” blah, blah or come on let’s clap for no reason. All I want to see and hear is PS games, interviews with creators and that’s it! PlayStation has been great for so so long, I think it should not need all that obvious salesman pitches to make us want to play on PS consoles. When you are doing things right you really don’t put yourself in that position of “hey look at us, we are the best”. Just show me your games and let me decide whether you are the best or not.

    • At a fan event like this though its a lot of fun interacting with the crowd like that, its part of it and separates PSX from the other conferences.

  • Also those “best place to play”, or “for the players” catchy phrases were okay prior pushing “loyal” (if that is a thing) userbase to re-buy/rent old games we already own (more so when talking about PS2 digital licences bought on PS3) Now, they do not seem that appropriated. Specially when all of that happens while we hear PS top people saying “gamers are not that interested on playing all games” or something along those lines not that long ago.

    This is what I want: If I buy a licence on PS, I should not have to re-purchase the entire thing when it is made available in a newer PS Console. And if you make improvements to those old games, charge me then a fair discounted price if you have to. That way I feel good about also purchasing the ones I do not have. As it is right now, this is a total deal breaker to me, to the point that I am starting to purchase new games on other platforms (as -maybe- they might even work in the future on future consoles?, it is better than the no-no I have now as PlayStation has already shown how things are in that respect)

    Anyway, just leaving my feedback here.

  • This year’s show was amazing! I had a great time and I will be watching and waiting for the next one! I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t enough of the trophy cards for when the app finally caught up to me but that is only a minor thing. I loved the photo booths and being able to play the games, as well as talk to some of the designers/artists who make them. Thank you for doing this. I hope to be able to attend every year. So far I’m two for two! Keep up the good work! And I love this video.

  • Thank you for bringing PSX to San Francisco. It was a great weekend. I played lots of titles, got lots of goodies, went to various panels and Capcom Cup. If this or any similar PlayStation event comes back in this direction any time in the future, I’ll definitely go again. BTW, I wish I had bought the PlayStation Symbols PS4 faceplate over at the PlayStation Gear booth. It still says sold out on the Project Skylight Beta website.

  • The show was so freaking horrible, you lost more fans then you gained new one, lmfao! PSX 2015 is a freaking joke. Sometimes i’m wondering myself why i love the PlayStation so much…
    oh yeah that’s right. FIRST PARTY GAMES AND EXCLUSIVES.
    Man, the PS4 is starting to become the next xbox 360.

  • Can we get Netflix support on the PS TV?

    Can we get more games supported on the PS TV?

    Can somebody organize the store on the PS TV?

    This is the first Sony console that I am actually disappointed with because of the lack of support.

    Also why are Comcast customers not able to use HBO GO?

    Support your customers please.


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