Cosmochoria Coming to PS4 Next Year

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Cosmochoria Coming to PS4 Next Year

A lone, buck-naked cosmonaut twirls freely through a cartoon universe. He is gravity-less… pants-less… his body exposed to the icy cold of the cosmos. His trusty laser blaster and accompanying space helmet keeping him alive for just a little longer. Seemingly drifting for eons, he sees a galaxy out of the corner of his eye and thrusts his jetpack towards what seems like a miniature cartoon planet hanging delicately on the edge of space.


Landing on the planet, the space traveller can now run and jump with finesse. His task seems to be based in discovery, first by planting a flag and naming the planet with some ridiculo-sensical non-word, and then, more importantly, by attempting to bring life back to the planet… for reasons not truly understood.

At its very roots, Cosmochoria is a game about discovery. I purposely designed Cosmochoria to feel like the type of game I would find in my Dad’s stash of old Atari 2600 games: a mysterious cartridge found in the bottom of a dusty old milk crate without a box or even instruction manual…


Even the simple act of discovering the mechanics was something I deliberately obsessed over and tried to balance with just the right amount of feedback and information. I want you to know how to move, and what buttons to press to do what, but beyond that, the reason you’re standing there, naked on a strange cartoon planet in the middle of deep space is not immediately apparent. I was so moved by such a powerful experience playing Journey that I thought “What if I could somehow get that raw feeling of wonder and curiosity into what appears — on the surface — to be a simple arcade game?”

Cosmochoria is the result of that thinking. It is a smorgasbord of game mechanics from free floating thrust-based space travel akin to classic space shooters like Asteroids, to run and jump mechanics reminiscent of Mario Bros or Donkey Kong. Amidst that madness are additional layers of building and planting systems that, when combined, bring a truly unique flavour to the universe of Cosmochoria.


It’s my hope that Cosmochoria feels like nothing you’ve ever played before, and I deeply look forward to hearing about your experiences of the game when my good friends at Curve Digital bring it to your PS4 next year.

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  • Does no well else think a game like this is SCREAMING to be on Vita…?

  • If you’re attempting to bring life back to a planet, then not having pants is a good way to start.

  • What remarkable information, thank you for sharing it with us all. This is me trying to “Don’t be a jerk”.

  • This looks and sounds like a lot of fun. On PS4 I am interested. Were it a cross buy Vita/PS4 title or outright Vita I would say I would probably be very interested. Reading your replies sounds like you are open to it, so I will surely be keeping an eye on Cosmochoria. Keep up the good work. Awesome job.

  • Seen your work on the Scirra website. Great job, getting it on consoles! If you don’t mind, is this still running off of C2 or was it remade in a different engine?

    • Hey man! A fellow C2 Dev <3. It's still C2 for the core codebase. Curve are dropping some ill technological magic to get it all working.

  • Very cool premise and intriguing approach to designing a game. Really looking forward to more :-)

    • Cool, glad it seems interesting :D I swear the nakedness has deep philosophical meaning. Actually it doesnt, my Indie Game Counsellor told me to say that, but I have to tell you the truth. There is no philosophical meaning to the nakedness… Unless.. We’re ALL Naked in these great cosmos…. woah…

  • An exploration game, set on microplanets. I would like to see more…

    • I would like to show you more. :) It’s weird because the exploration comes in a different format.. it’s not really exploration of a physical space (well it is, partly) but it’s more about exploration of the mechanics and systems of the game… hard to explain. At it’s core, if you don’t care about any of that… it’s shooty shooty stress sweat plant plant relaxo shoot shoot…

  • Looks amazing so far can’t wait to see the finished product. Have a great love for Journey as well.

    • I remember the first time I got to the end of Journey…


      I was standing in front of the “crack of light” at the end, and my journeying partner proceeded to walk into the white light. We had both just been through so much together and part of me felt bad for letting them go into the light alone, but I stood there, right at the brink of the light, right where the side walls dropped off into infinite nothingness.. and I watched him/her walk further, further away, fading into pure light until there was nothing but a shadowed memory remaining on the tip of my retina. All i could think about was: what if I don’t go into the light? What if I just go back.. or better yet… turn off the game. I almost didn’t want to know what would happen if i took that next step.. like I was standing on the brink of some deep truth and maybe I wasn’t ready to learn it yet.

      Then i shrugged and took those steps forward.. What a great game tho.

  • KATAMARI!!! :)

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