Sharefactory Update: Slow Motion, Time Lapse, and More

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Sharefactory Update: Slow Motion, Time Lapse, and More

Today, we’re releasing update 1.07 for Sharefactory, which includes several highly requested features based on your feedback.

New Update for SHAREfactory

One of the biggest features we’re proud to add is Time Bender, which enables players to add slow motion and time lapse effects to their Sharefactory videos. This has been the most popular feature request for Sharefactory — we can’t wait to see how you’ll use this in future videos.

We’re also adding Sharefactory Events, which will be held by your favorite game developers and publishers. They’ll lay out specific video creation requirements and you get to show off your editing skills. And just a heads up, the first event is being planned now and we’ll have more details soon.

Also, we’re expanding the number of clips you can to add your Sharefactory projects to 50, and the number of music track clips has been expanded to 12.

New Update for SHAREfactoryNew Update for SHAREfactory

Other additional features include:

  • Layering for stickers and text (now referred to as overlays)
  • 2 new music tracks
  • 3 new filter effects
  • 3 new wipe transitions and 5 new dissolve transitions
  • New Color Picker. Text color is no longer constrained to a limited color palette

Since launch, we’ve seen an explosive growth, with more than 5.1 million downloads of the Sharefactory app, and more than 18.9 million awesome projects created by our PlayStation Nation. Our community continues to grow and we are extremely grateful for the continued support, feedback, and — most importantly — the sharing of your creative videos to the world.

We’re excited to see what you’ll come up with using these new features. Please continue to provide your feedback on Sharefactory — we’re always listening. Happy editing!

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12 Author Replies

  • Great update!

  • Excellent additions to Share Factory! Time-lapse was sorely needed as huge world games like the Witcher 3, MGSV, Fallout 4 etc. badly needed this feature when recording long quests/missions.

  • Recently got a PS4 so I’m eager to try this. Can I add my own logo as an overlay to my videos with sharefactory?

  • Very sweet.. How do we get more themes though??? There are some games that would be great themes. Diablo 3 is a must, Warframe, Fallout 4, etc.. How do we get these? Does Playstation create them, or the Devs?

    • If you want to see any specific themes, we suggest you reach out to the developers and publishers through social media and request that they have a theme created. Thanks!

  • It will be interesting to hear how the time-bending works. If the original video was recorded at 30fps, but the desired replay video slows this down 10x but is still rendering the video at 30fps, where is the tool getting the additional frame data? Does it interpolate frames? Repeat them?

    • There are two methods for adding Time Bender: Smooth and Step. If you choose the smooth method, we use frame interpolation.

  • Is there a “how to” guide or something for Sharefactory? I’ve jumped into it quickly, was overwhelmed or put off, by all of the information and wasn’t entirely sure where to start; so I was scared away from it. I’m sure if there was a hand holding demo that took people through the process, step by step, more people would be inclined to try it (myself included).

  • Thanks for these new great features. I was really hoping we’d get fast forward and slow motion effects and I look forward to making use of them.

    I have noticed, however, that the Move Clip function is no longer under the Edit Clip features nor have I been able to find it under any other function or list. Please fix this so I can put the finishing touches on my videos :[

    • Wow, good to know I’m not the only one that this has happened too! I can’t finish my new videos either unless I can move these clips around or else I have to start over. What a feature to get rid of :(

    • Move Clip was causing some issues with broken projects. It was a tough decision but we opted to remove the feature until we can find a better implementation.

    • Move Clip was causing some issues with broken projects. It was a tough decision but we opted to remove the feature until we can find a better implementation.

  • Sweet update. Now I’ll just wait for a Ken Burns update.

  • Really impressed with the new content but I gotta know, why do these updates take so long to come out.

    I’m actually scared of all the possible new glitches that may be in the new update. I’ve found ways to get around the old version ones but now I’m in New territory again.

    On the other hand, when can we get a specific app to specifically share vids from sharefactory. Other sites like youtube will punish us for adding certain music etc.

    Another feature I want desperately Is the ability to take audio from clips and place that audio elsewhere, like they do with voice overs in trailers.

    Finally what about a clip sound fading option like for music. Some clips just start too abruptly sound-wise

    Overall great update, very interested to use it

    • Thanks for all of the feedback. We have included many new stability improvements to the app with this update. Fading of video clip audio is already on our list of feature requests. We hope you like this latest update. If you have any questions or additional feedback you can find us on Twitter at @SHAREfactoryPS4.

  • You have no idea what this means to me. I have used (Adored) Sony Vegas. Wish Share factory could render while exiting the program (Check web etc) but im guessing its very taxing on the apu like all rendering programs are. Just need @1080p 60 fps because viewers opt to watch the best quality and after using share factory for well over 400 uploads to YT I AM VERY happy right now. Hopefully more tools to come. Rotation of font, more tweaking w music or voice overlay etc. Ty Sony

  • Thank you PlayStation. This is great for my youtube channel. You’re not perfect but you do you’re best. Great work.

  • Nice. I have been wanting to use features like Slow Motion. I love ShareFactory. One of the key reasons I prefer to play my favorite games on PS4 where I can capture video, and edit stuff together to share those awesome play experiences.

  • Please add Move Clips back soon otherwise I can’t finish my videos but great update.

    • It was a tough decision to remove it but it was causing a lot of broken projects for players. We will be revisiting the feature to try to come up with a better implementation. Thanks for the continued support!

  • How can we even make a half way decent video anymore if we can’t move our clips guys c’mon. For those that wanna make serious good quality videos being able to move you clips around is essential… This is a huge oversight guys…

    • You can move clips, L1 R1

    • You can still place clip in a desired position.:
      1) Simply highlight the clip proceeding the point you want to add it at
      2) Add Clip
      This places any clips added after the clip highlighted without any of the issues that affected Move Clip.

  • Tried making a video with it before, but it was a little weird. Once adapted to, though, I found ways to work. I just found the music selection to be a little bare (Including songs in themes/adding more songs are good steps) and the 15 minute requirement to be too strict.

    At the minimum, I’d like to make 20 minute clips (Some gameplay sessions are literally 15 minutes), but ideally I’d like 30-60 minutes as a restriction instead.

    • You can export up to 30 minute videos and have a 40 minute work space. We also added two new music tracks with this update.

  • I can’t believe that someone in your organisation decided to remove the move clip option. Who ever made this decision does not use the app or they would know it’s the one of the most important feature’s has it allows players rearrange vidoes in creative and unusual ways. Honest guys you really need to bring this option back.

    • We understand this will be an inconvenience to some players. The decision was made by the development team as it was causing a lot of broken projects for people, especially those with large projects with lots of transitions. We are going to revisit the Move Clip option and try to come up with a better implementation. Thanks.

    • WOW just wow . This app is now completely useless, thank you guys for adding bonus razzel-dazzel features an taking away a core feature. “Don’t be a jerk” and fix this

    • Remove transitions not move clip. You can get away with not transitions but not being able to move a clip on a NLE is unheard of. Even youtube has a basic NLE where you can re-order clips.

  • This is a really great update for people that love crafting and editing videos. I might be using this more so than my computer for the main editing process, I’ll just bring over the intro and outro and do everything in between on share factory :)

  • Awwwwww yeah! Time manipulation has been something I’ve been wanting for a while. Glad it’s now being implemented :D Thanks guys!

  • So, I know the move clip function is gone for a good reason, but is there any way that I can go back to the old version of Shareplay once we’ve installed the update? I’ve been working on a project for days now, and I need to move the clips I’ve painstakingly made to finish it.

  • A great update. My only complaint is that the new sound effects you’ve put in (The ones that play when you select ‘Split clip’ and the dialogue box pops up saying ‘are you sure’ etc.) are WAY too loud.

    Please give us the option to turn them down or, better yet, off.


  • Why I can’t move my clips anymore?!
    The hole Video is doomed now. Can’t complete it without moving the clips into the right order :(

    • The Move Clip function was causing a lot of broken projects for many players. It was a tough decision but we chose to remove it until we can come up with a better implementation. The work around is to use the add and delete clip functions. Thanks.

    • It’s ridiculous that this has been removed. Surely more people were NOT having problems over the ones that are.

  • This app is totally useless without “MOVE CLIP” feature. why would you remove that ? take away all these bs new features you added and restore it. ugh

  • Do you know approximately when we can expect to see the move clip function restored? Not trying to be rude, but the work around you’re proposing isn’t really acceptable to me considering how much extra time it would take to go through the trial and error of fitting my clips with the music I’ve added.

  • Great additions however it seems unwise to remove the “move clip” feature, I was working on a project before the update, and now I can’t continue.

  • I hope to be read…. first: Thanks for this awesome app, it works great for me on PS4 and i have made a lot of awesome videos with it.
    Second, maybe a request of more themes, and a re-edited theme of COD Black Ops III, without the “Beta Multiplayer” title. It’s not in beta anymore, so that would be awesome.
    Thanks, and i hope to see more amazing changes and features soon.

  • The move clip option will be missed. I would think a better temporary fix would have just been an annoying warning pop-up for anyone brave enough to attempt using that function. Beyond that though this is a great update and a wonderful app overall. I used to go through the effort of throwing my clips on a flash drive and just doing everything in Sony Vegas but since the last couple of updates I have not really felt the need. I think that speaks highly of what a great bit of software you guys have created.

  • I know it has very little to do with you guys but if you could get Sony to maybe fix the problem with party chat audio not being recorded in in shared clips that would go a long ways in making many of us very happy. ;-)

  • No more move clip

  • The new confirmation sound effect is really loud in comparison to the last one.
    Will there ever be an option to disable or adjust the volume of sound effects of the app, or more precisely, the confirmation window sound effect? (Example: “Split clip? [Confirm] [Cancel]”)
    I’ve noticed that there is a new, more deafening sound effect. Such an update has made the process of editing clips with lower volume quite a hassle, especially when paired with Sony HT-SS370…
    Not impossible to work with, though a bit uncomfortable with such loud confirmation windows.
    Thank you for reading. Always pleased.

  • This is truly an embarrassing oversight. You’ve removed a basic, core feature of any movie editing software, and replaced it with another basic feature that should’ve been there in the first place. And your excuse is “our core, basic, absolutely essential feature was causing problems with some users (problems myself and all of my friends have never seen) so we decided to do the logical thing and get rid of it so that no one can work on their projects or create new ones. Enjoy slow motion guys!”. Your app is now essentially useless to myself and everyone else I know that uses it, better off deleting it so it doesn’t waste any space on my hard drive.

    • Thank you, jon-is-on. I couldn’t agree more.
      The Share Factory is now ruined, This new update has to be the single biggest blunder since Sony got hacked so easily by the North Koreans.

      I hope these guys fix this so my unfinished work can resume.

  • The slow mo is ok when it works properly, but the move clip function being removed makes it too frustrating and time consuming to even mess with right now. Please put this back in so I dont have to watch all of my clips, record which is which and then hope I get the order right when adding to my movie.

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to download this but I keep getting a message error.
    I checked internet connection and everything, however, I keep getting the same messaage.
    What can I do to solve this situation?

  • This update absolutely should not have gone out as it is.

    The edit sound effects are obnoxious and louder than the project’s sound. It is unbearable to edit.

    And I must add my distress that there is no move clip feature. I was going to post a video to Facebook showing off some highlights from Star Wars BF but I can’t move my clips around and the project makes no sense without timeline organization. This is just utterly beyond me how someone approved this action.

    I am extremely disappointed.

    And for the record, I never had an issue with the move function breaking my videos.

  • Where is the “Move Clip” Option? Surely It has not been removed???

    • yup, they devolved the app and released a half-baked update all so we could have slow-mo effects and no basic functions.

  • This is probably one of the worst updates ever. The slow mo feature is cool, but it came at a heavy cost. Not being able to move clips practically breaks the program in itself. Trying to edit and match clips to music is really hard now, and if they are multiple clips from different games it is damn near impossible. Also, since this new update it seems like around 50% of the time I try to use the snip clip feature, the program crashes. I never had this problem with crashing before the update. I like the snip clip feature more than the trim clip feature because its faster and easier to cut things based on the sound of the clip. I don’t know how I’m going to finish some of the projects I’ve been doing now thanks to these new issues, especially removing the move clip feature. It sounds like a lot of other people are having issues with move clip being gone too, bringing that back should be a number 1 priority ASAP.

  • Absolutely a terrible decision to remove the ability to move clip. I’ll trade all of the other useless timebending features to have this one essential core tool back.

    • Exactly I Was Tryna Edit a 2k Video Last Night It Was So Difficulty

    • I totally agree. I mean the time bend feature is cool and all but what’s even the point if you can’t make the video in the first place. The Move Clip feature is waaay too damn important to take out.

  • This is ridicolous. If the new features dont work with move clip option then dont even add it. Though decision? Of course is a though decision to remove it because its the decision that will kill the app if you dont back from it. I also dont even know what the developer means by “highlighting a clip” how do i do that and how does it work around to moving a clip again?

    Please look at what your app could do before:
    This is impossible now or maybe but it might as well be since I dont have time to edit that without a move clip option

    As a hardcore user of your app I request the following to adress this issue
    -Please make a good tutorial with steps on how to move videos now if it takes more than 1 second to move a clip now is useless since move clip took just 2 button presses.
    -make a good tutorial on how to downgade the app for users that dont care about time bender or need to trade it off for move clip
    -make an option within the app to be able to choose between move clip option or time bender features
    -patch it as soon as possible to have a move clip option

    I dont know how professionals like you would just say to us that we need to deal with it.

  • I gotta say Share factory is probably my favorite aspect of the PS4, I love making my own gameplay videos and posting them for my friends to watch but you seriously screwed up my plans of making more when you took out the Move Clip feature. I understand it may have been causing problems for other people but it has to be put back in ASAP. I have three videos in the works as of right now and can’t do a single thing with them. I wouldn’t care losing some of the new features just to get it back. Definitely bummed me out when I got on today :(.

  • How can you have such a great update, but yet ruin it by taking away one of the most important editing features… Moving clips

  • Removing that feature was a bit of a boneheaded move on their part…

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