The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Starts January 21st

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The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Starts January 21st

Dylan Cuthbert from Q-Games, here! I’m the director of The Tomorrow Children and we just wrapped up a great showing at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco and we’re thrilled with the positive feedback we received from the community.

It was a pleasure to meet you all and I can’t wait to open the game to the community once again when The Tomorrow Children closed beta starts in January!

The closed beta opens on January 21st and will only be online for a short period of time, so make sure you sign up here.*

As an added bonus, players who participate in the Beta will be rewarded with an exclusive costume.

The Tomorrow Children

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, allow me to explain about what kind of experience you should expect in the retro-futuristic, cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic alternate timeline that is The Tomorrow Children.

The Tomorrow Children is an online social action adventure game that is going to take you somewhere you’ve never been before. In The Tomorrow Children, the surface of the earth is encased in a white shell known as the “Void,” the aftermath of a soviet experiment gone horribly wrong.

With your online comrades you will brave the Void to collect resources and develop towns, all while defending yourselves against the Izverg, mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake.

The Tomorrow ChildrenThe Tomorrow Children

The key to surviving and, more importantly, restoring the world to its former glory requires players to collaborate with comrades to search out the lost DNA in the Void and convert it back into human form, all the while constructing and defending the towns for this new human race to live in, eventually re-populating the world!

We can’t wait to play together next month in the closed beta, and if you missed our live demo of the game at PlayStation Experience, you can watch the replay here.

Bourgeoisie unite!

*U.S. and Canada players only –Japan, Asia and European players will need to sign up in their home territory.

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  • Please please please let me in!!!! I want to play this game more than No Man’s Sky and I also really want to play that! This game looks so good!

  • What Dethfuse said. I was bummed The Tomorrow Children wasn’t mentioned in the PSX Keynote and was worried something had gone wrong. Glad to hear an update and really hope I get into the beta!

    PS: It’s a little weird that “Title” is a required field on your signup form.

  • I have been waiting on this game since I first heard of it. It will be a day one buy for me when it releases.

  • Very nice. I just signed up for the beta. :D

  • I forgot all about this game. I’ll check reviews first but I hope it works out for you guys. It sounds like a unique game.

  • Bourgeoisie unite? Should be Proletarians of all countries, unite!
    Or Down with the Bourgeoisie!
    Curious about this choice, maybe a hint for things to come?

    Look really fun, really looking forward for this one.

    • They like to think that communism makes everyone equally middle class (Bourgeoisie) when actually it makes everyone except the “elite” equally POOR (Proletarian). They are confused.

  • I was in the first beta and it was fantastic! Hope to get in again. Love the game!

  • Do you need PS+ to play this game? I might resub if that’s the case…

  • Looks very promising, I was extremely curious about this one a few months back. Can’t wait to hopefully check out the beta next month!

  • I got in on the alpha quite a while ago and loved it. Was getting worried something happened to this title. Signed up for the beta the moment I saw it available.

  • Having an issue signing up for the Beta from the link provided in this article.

  • I’ve been dying to play this as well more than any upcoming titles! That exclusive outfit is also a nice touch! Sold and submitted…here’s crossing my fingers for a beta invite!

  • I participated in the alpha some months ago, and loved the look and gameplay concept. That being said, I just couldn’t figure out what to do in the alpha. (I had a similar experience with Brutal Legend’s multiplayer.) I wasn’t able to try it on the show floor at PSX, but it looked like people were able to grasp it pretty quickly. I’m looking forward to the beta to see the improvements.

    What I did see over other people’s shoulders at PSX, it looks like some refinements have been made to the character models and environmental rendering. Can you talk about some of the optimization and enhancement details over the alpha version?

  • Sounds great, would love to.

  • I was incredibly excited to play this game at PSX this past weekend. I killed several kaiju using a combination of mounted guns and my personal rocket launcher. I then proceeded to drown once before I mastered jet-packing my way to many resource recoveries in their crystallized bodies.

    Apples for everyone!

  • Please, comrade developer, to be letting humble worker self into exciting SOVIET STYLE game of communist work ethic! It would being so CHEEKY BREEKY to be letting self into new state game of thrilling challenge!

  • Thought this would be out this year and it’s still got to be beta tested?

  • Ive wanted to be in since the alpha. I really really love the way this game looks and plays. I would love to be the one who gets all my friends interested in the game!

  • Looks cool.

  • I honestly thought this game had been cancelled.
    Good to hear it’s still coming out.
    I signed up for the beta.
    Love resource gathering. Even more so when monsters have said resources!

  • A. Why was there no store update to speak of on the blog?
    B. Why is the PSN Store down?

    I’d like to buy games, but I guess I can’t. Sony really needs to step up and get their stuff working!

  • Tomorrow Children is 1 of my most anticipated games period.

    This is the game that the next iteration of Minecraft hopes it can be. This game has incredible cold war style, stunning visuals, and sublime gameplay. Tomorrow Children can be a revolution if ppl can have the vision to see its beauty and the wisdom to understand its magic.

  • Really don’t like the visuals of this game. Especially the terrain – it’s empty like a blank canvas.

  • Really? Tell us more!

  • Hi:
    One of the BEST Games I’ve ever played this Gen. I hope to be on the closed Beta. This is one of the BEST Games this Generation.

    • Take a chill pill

      I remember watching a big chunk of gameplay the developers showed earlier in the year. Could’ve been 2014. The concept is ingenious.

    • I have to add, I missed the times when SONY PS handed out those demos when buying pizza.

      I need to say it; it’s time to step up the marketing on games for developers who are trying to enact their visions of what games can be with the prime example being The Tomorrow Children.

      Greatness came, then all the ads and ideas we loved were pushed to the side. The Tomorrow Children would make for a fantastic game commercial to the peeps who won’t know about it otherwise.

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