Retro Shooter Zotrix Out Today on PS4

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Retro Shooter Zotrix Out Today on PS4

We’re excited to announce that Zotrix is available today on PS4! Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter that combines the retro look and feel of 80’s and 90’s arcade games with modern gameplay elements, customization, and depth.

The game’s console debut adds an Arcade Mode, new missions, more boss encounters, as well as new ships and power-ups unavailable in the well-received original version that some may be familiar with from its PC launch.


Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter at its core, but on top of that it’s also a surprisingly deep space trading game. The Story Mode gives you specific objectives, but lets you plot your own route through a network of space stations to achieve them. You’ll escort trade ships from one station to the next, protecting them from onslaughts of enemies in intricate flight patterns attempting to intercept or destroy humanity’s vital war resources.

Some resources can only be earned by completing missions, while others can be bought or sold at each space station’s Trading Room. You can view the current values for each resource per space station and plot your route accordingly to earn the highest reward for resources you sell, then use the credits you earn to upgrade your ship or improve its load out.


Available ship upgrades and power-ups include decoys to draw enemy fire away from you, bombs and torpedoes that inflict massive damage in a large area, laser turrets that auto-fire with your ship, and shields to absorb more damage. The properties of the base ship and the exact upgrades and power-ups you choose can be thoroughly customized to fit your play style, or to deal with the unique challenges of specific missions.

If you’d rather spend more time on action and less on economics, the PS4 exclusive Arcade Mode may be more your style. This mode features 20 missions with new boss fights, and is all about blasting and outmaneuvering swarms of enemies to beat your personal high score. You can still earn power-ups in Arcade Mode based on your performance, and choose the ones you want to fit your play style, but without as much time spent in planning and strategic decision making as Story Mode.


Honing your skills to get one level further in Arcade Mode is just as satisfying as it was in Galaga and the other games that inspired Zotrix, but the power-ups you can pick up and unlock as you progress — and a much more maneuverable ship that can even dive under projectiles — empower you to deal with incoming enemies in ways you never could before.

The PS4 version of Zotrix also adds epic boss fights with bullet-hell and puzzle components, new missions for added depth and challenge in Story Mode, as well as new power-ups and ship types that can be combined for loadouts not possible in the original release. We also can’t forget to mention the game’s energizing soundtrack (We literally can’t forget… the songs are stuck in our head), which features 12 trance and deep house artists from around the world.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the game! Happy hunting in Zotrix!

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