Free Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

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Free Online Multiplayer for All PS4 Players This Weekend

Call up your friends, grab your DualShock 4, and get ready for some multiplayer gaming action this weekend. We’re bringing back free online multiplayer to all PS4 owners starting this Friday, courtesy of PlayStation Plus.

Free Multiplayer Weekend, December 2015

Free multiplayer access begins Friday, December 11th at 12:01 AM Pacific through Sunday, December 13, at 11:59 PM Pacific. What better way to check out the recently released free DLC Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku before the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To get started, log on to PlayStation Network during the free weekend period, launch your favorite multiplayer game, and you’ll instantly have access to multiplayer with your friends. There’s no membership commitment required to try out online multiplayer during this period.

If you are interested in learning more about what PlayStation Plus offers in addition to online multiplayer on PS4, such as free PlayStation Plus monthly games, exclusive member discounts, online game saves and more, head here for more information.


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  • So this is simply if I own the game already but not PS+? Well, that sucks :/ I wonder what the chances are someone owns Battlefront but has no desire for MP :/

    • It might make sense for someone who doesn’t have Plus and wants to rent Battlefront to check it out – otherwise, it’s odd to have Battlefront as the primary game in the advertising for this. There’s no single-player to speak of in Battlefront, right?

    • I JUST got the system and got Battlefront because I’m a huge STar Wars fan. I’ve barely got things put together yesterday, including a wireless connection, for now. A free weekend would be a great litmus test before I have to make new arrangements for online connectivity, as well as not waste part of my free PS Plus trial doing that.

      Battlefront DOES have some single player content: a half dozen missions (hoping more come from upcoming DLC), some bot-based versions of some multiplayer modes, and the survival/horde mode. There is no CAMPAIGN, but I don’t recall BF3 or 4’s campaigns as being all that impressive either, so it’s probably for the best. And again, that doesn’t preclude the inclusion of something like that as future DLC.

      It’s not a robust single player experience, but there IS content for that scenario.

    • ya, that was quite the stupid decision sony made as to what game to put up. My guess is 100% of people that bought battlefront have ps+.

    • This is me EXACTLY. Not a multiplayer guy so there isn’t any need for plus. I bought battlefront for the times where I feel like getting some star wars fix. usually after watching the movies. singleplayer is bad but it does the job to fill these tiny urges i get every now and then lol

    • My friend, who is a BIG Star Wars fan but short on cash, is one such person who owns Battlefront but not Plus. Ima let him know so he can trully see what the game has to offer.

    • What a shame. The fact that the PlayStation has always been free to play multiplayer games online is my key argument with the wife every time a new system comes out FML she’s got ammo for the next game system. I might be getting a Xbox next system an I won’t have much to say she’s coming at me with the you’ve had the choice for the past 3 systems please advise me now what do I do Sony?

  • It would be nice if people with Playstation Plus already got an extra weekend added to our subscription.

  • This is cool, but it’d be cooler if this was done once per month or so.

  • So no PSN for anybody….Can you even sustain this? Really? I’m sorry, but I’m more than skeptical about this. PSN downtime incoming.

  • My buttocks are itching with excitement!!! ….

  • Yay! Gives me a chance to join in the Uncharted 4 beta. (Yes I got the Bundle that black friday but don’t have enough to get PS+)

  • What kind of bs is this? Who owns a Playstation online game like Call of Duty or Battlefield, or even Battlefront as mentioned in this horrible promotion, and doesn’t already have Plus?

  • Seems like if you have games with online trophies but you don’t usually play MP, this would be a good time to try for those trophies. Or maybe just fiddle around with MP in games where that isn’t the main focus. Level editors, etc. Or maybe just play some MP in a game you kinda like but not enough to get Plus or use up a free trial.

    Obviously, people who usually play MP on their PS4s will already have Plus and find this free MP weekend useless. But not everyone fits neatly into that category.

  • Hi. PS+ member here. Can you please allow people without PS+ to play online indefinitely.

    If you want to give us perks like party chat or something else that would be great. Maybe give us separate tiers for PS+ to add things like Vue Subscriptions or PS Now that would be great.

    I don’t really think this benefits the community if I have to keep tagging people to get PS+ just to play Destiny, Battlefront, or Uncharted MP with them.

  • It doesn’t have a real single player mode.
    It requires PSN+ to play a game you’ve already paid for.

    You know… A few years ago, we were laughing at the suckers using Xbox Live for buying into this nonsense.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  • I remember getting a PS3 for Littlebigplanet and the free online. That was the main reason I got it over an Xbox 360, of course these days Sony doesn’t have to try too much…

    Whatever. At least now I have a job and Plus isn’t all that expensive in retrospect. I pay $30 for my phone bill each month alone. You get a bunch of stuff with it. Not like Xbox Live used to be, paying solely for online.
    I think the only thing that irks is me is there are games like Littlebigplanet 3 and especially Battlefront that are useless without it, but hey. I know in reality it’s publishers/devs that maintain their own servers and not Sony, but it’s still not so bad.

  • Just in case anyones interested war thunder doesn’t need ps+ and its much better than star wars battlefront, great graphics and good sound aren’t everything checkout Angry joe’s review of the game.

  • Is Uncharted 4 multiplayer included on the experience???

  • Sony,

    I have no intention of paying for the *ability* to play games online. With the PS4, you started charging your customers for the same lackluster server “service” as on the PS3. You’ve attempted to force your customers’ hands.. . and you’ve forced mine successfully.

    When I buy a game for multiplayer, I now pick it up for PC. You get no lisensee fees from the sale. You get no payment for the service of “allowing” me or others to host a server. You get nothing.

    Congratulations. :)

  • Have Plus already, but nice for those who don’t.

  • better ps+ games is all i need, (though it is still good for people who dont have ps plus) … the reason why i subscribed to ps+ is IGC, i don’t own any MP game as of the moment… :'(

  • I didn’t got ps+ for multiplayer, but do I get 7days extension to my ps+ XD. And isn’t ps+ needed to play only free to play multiplayer. And u don’t need ps+ to play multiplayer on games u bought, such as call of duty, battlefield, etc.

  • A. Why was there no store update to speak of on the blog?
    B. Why is the PSN Store down?
    I’d like to buy games, but I guess I can’t. Sony really needs to step up and get their stuff working!

  • Really Sony?
    Now you are authorizing messages with URLs which are CLEARLY spam.
    Who is moderating this blog?!

    The PlayStation Store is STILL down as well. “SITE NOT AVAILABLE” message all night, and still the same.

  • @Akmaljon: It’s hard to read your comment, but it sounds like you have things backwards. Playstation Plus is needed for online multiplayer, period. If a game is free-to-play, like Onigiri or Warframe or something, than you DON’T need it – having to pay for PS+ would defeat the purpose of those games being “FREE TO PLAY”, after all. If you want to play multiplayer online, for the most part, you need PS+. That includes games like Call of Duty and Battlefield you mentioned – you cannot play them online if you don’t have Playstation Plus.

    • Do u have tried to play since u don’t have ps+? Because my friend who does not have ps+ plays call of duty multiplayer all the time and he said don’t need ps+ for games u actually bought, but for free to play games.

    • @Akmaljon I tried, I bought Destiny to play it with two of my friends and I had to pay the plus to play in a team with them, which make NO sense to me at all since some missions NEED a team. It it stated in the mission info that “PS Plus is required”, so I gave in. I bought one month, but I’m not really willing to pay for more since I bought the game already. I payed for everything and I don’t think I should pay for more. Even because I have no interest in plus games, if I want a game, I’m more than willing to pay for it and have it at my disposal whenever I want.
      (Sorry for the crappy english btw, it’s a secong language)

  • Dear Playstion, please allow all of us online users to play online for free for ones who don’t have PlayStationPlus just like the old times where you don’t have to pay to play online.i am a person who likes to play his games online for free without having to pay extra money to pay for the online, it just doesn’t makes since to me.

  • So??? Not only do I have to worry about kids home for the weekend overloading the PSN servers as usual? Now you guarantee that the servers will be overworked and overloaded for free? Leave it up to Sony to kill a perfectly good gaming weekend!

    • @Akmaljon I’m not PS+ And I still can’t play Destiny crucible or strikes (Destiny Multiplayer) but I play Planetside 2 and Blacklight Retribution all the time. (Those are F2P games) would really appreciate if sony could have free multiplayer like back in the good days when ps3 multiplayer was free. (was playing on friends console.) I used praise playstation for their free multiplayer and feel completely and utturly stupid for getting xbox live gold. (yes I am also an xbox player) But now it feels sony has made the “perfect console” into a little more like a xbox. I would get PS+ just for the whole vault of free games you can get. I also do appreciate the free multiplayer weekend, but it feels like my recently bought ps4 was just another way I spend $50 instead of using that money to buy a new game ;(


  • Can you play gta5 online?

  • Does it work for anybody else? it appears to me that “you don’t have added funds to your account”

  • Not working -_-‘

  • Psn reply!?

  • is it working yet???

  • It didn’t start???? The free ps+ for weekend…. Did it start for any of u guys yet?

  • it works ?

  • How do I get access for this multiplayer games? I looked up all ps store to find out and nothing so far. Can anyone help me about that, I want to play this games online but i hadn’t find out a way to do it.

  • Online Play should ALWAYS be free. We already pay to game online-It’s caller our INTERNET BILL. Nice work $$$ONY. All good, PS3/PC for me, I don’t even touch my PoS PS4 anymore, haven’t touched it in over a year.

    See you guys in a few weeks when you announce January’s Garbage/shovelware Games for PSMinus. Merry Christmas everyone

  • It’s not working for me… when I try to get on to bo3 multi player it still asks me to buy ps+…

  • Same problem here. Still asking to pay

  • Exactly the same issue here… Tried the online in some games and got the “Join PS Plus” window on each one.

  • Same problem, and they don’t even reply to us.

  • U guys are stupid it says it begins at 12:01 PACIFIC TIME so if your living in a different time zone then 12:01 PACIFIC TIME may be a different time where ever you live.

  • why can’t i access it

  • i still can’t access the multiplayer feature. i’ve tried it on Star Wars Battlefront and i keep getting redirected to the ps plus subscription page.

  • not working.. it is redirecting to membership page .

  • Can you please answer our questions, why is it not working?
    PS: I live in Belgium, don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
    Thank you

  • pls i cannot access this is it only in america?

  • Not working either here in Italy.

  • Increíble mentira,es una vergüenza que en España(donde vivo yo)no vaya este prometido servicio.Por parte de sony,me parece muy pero que muy lamentable lo que acaba de hacer con esta noticia.Me siento al igual que muchos usuarios estafado y engañado por no hablar de que hay que pagar el online,los juegos que se venden INCOMPLETOS con dlc y esas basurasy que lo que ellos hacen es,darle un simple CLICK y borrar todos los comentarios porque sus usuarios no les importan y solo les importa vender.INCREIBLEMENTE LAMENTABLE PERO CIERTO


  • Free For The Weekend! Hmmmmm Fruck You lol PC Gaming free all the way / Ps3 Free All The Way . People Already Pay High End Bills For Internet & These Dirt Bags Want To Charge Extra . smh

  • From what I heard this is for the US only. Would have been nice if it was in the post since my friends here in the UK have been attempting all weekend to try and get online for nothing.

  • I think this is a mess, when I bought my PS4 I was so excited for playing with my friends, I bought DLCs, Games like Destiny when I HAVE to play with them because is so boring playing alone, but, I was surprised when I realized we have to pay for play, that’s is a cheating, it’s fraud, I buy a videogame for playing and in spite of this, I have to pay more money! I think this is so st*pid. Playing Online must not be payed, I think it’s enough with discounts and free games, but Sony has to let us playing online. Please, Sony, a lot of players want to play online, I know, if you do this, you will gain more money because so many people will be so happy buying a PS4 because you don’t have to pay for playing online like other platforms. I’m just going on constructive way because I want the best things for Sony, I play on PS4 since I was a child, I’ve used Sony devices throughout my whole life, just think about it, I know so many people want this and I guarantee those people are more than other consoles’ people or PS Plus Community. In fact, I know the Community of Ps Plus want this too because a lot of them are paying just for playing online.

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