Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 2 Launch Today on PlayStation

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Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 2 Launch Today on PlayStation

I had three passions growing up: games, movies, and really bad movies. I’d come home from school, spend a few hours exploring Final Fantasy VI or slicing through Knights of the Round, head out with some friends to see The Rock or Independence Day, and then come home and nod off to a Mystery Science Theater riffing of The Creeping Terror or The Beginning of the End (with a little homework squeezed in somewhere, sometimes, maybe).

Primitive and cheesy as they usually were, those old movies had a certain… gumption to them, a sort of earnest overconfidence you couldn’t help but smile at.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 2 Launch Today on PlayStation

The 16-bit console wars were in full swing back then, and while I loved all the advances games had made since the old-old days, I imagined what games might look like ten or twenty years down the road. As fun as it could be to hurl buildings in King of the Monsters, I wanted a game that could show you how huge the monsters really were. As much as I loved blasting my way through Contra III, I imagined a game where that one soldier had a whole army backing him up, and where he had the freedom to explore the battlefield with whatever guns and vehicles he wanted.

And then along came Earth Defense Force.

Not to be confused with the old-school scrolling shooter of the same name, the Earth Defense Force series casts the player as a heroic soldier, part of the eponymous military outfit, out to stop a horde of alien invaders. Yeah, the story’s just about as old as gaming itself, but these games aren’t about story. They’re about joy.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying up in a jetpack to land that perfect shot on the alien mothership right before it fires its main cannon, or calling down a full-scale airstrike to destroy an onrushing swarm of ten-foot bugs, or charging into single combat against a giant fire-breathing kaiju beast, this is the series for you.

Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space on PS Vita, an enhanced re-release of the original Earth Defense Force 2, plays out the whole scenario as a classic B-movie, with flying saucers, warbling synth sound effects, and just a hint of cheese. (Speaking as one of the guys who supervised the voiceover recordings, there’s nothing quite like seeing a respected, professional actor deliver the line, “My God, it’s the ultimate Buggernaut!”) If you happen to enjoy the sci-fi matinées of old, no other game out there captures their spirit more fondly.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair for PS4 is an expanded, polished remake of Earth Defense Force 2025. Taking several steps beyond its B-movie roots, 4.1 has more of a Pacific Rim/Starship Troopers vibe, with full platoons of human soldiers throwing everything they have (and then some) at all kinds of aliens, starships, and robots, all presented with top-notch production values and tons and tons and megatons of explosions.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 and 2 Launch Today on PlayStation

You’ll fight alongside your fellow troops and tanks through collapsing cities and burning battlefields, pilot all kinds of vehicles, stop in the middle of combat to lead your men in an impromptu musical number (if you feel like it; your men follow your commands, and “dance” and “sing” are perfectly valid commands), and of course, buckle up inside a giant robot and punch out an alien dinosaur. 4.1 enhances the framerate of Earth Defense Force 2025, adds new features, missions and weapons, and remixes many of the old ones.

Both games offer more than 500 different weapons and vehicles, with almost 100 different battle scenarios each and five (Or more?) difficulties to tackle however you see fit. You can bolster your favorite soldier class by finding new weapons and armor, take that soldier online to level up with friends on tougher versions of your favorite missions, and then bring back the loot from those missions to level up some more back home.

4.1 also has a two-player split-screen mode (both versus and co-op) for offline multiplayer, while EDF 2 has an online “Rumble Mode” where up to four players can each bring their best soldier into a showdown.

These are games I wished for way back when, and not only do I get to play them now, but I’ve had the honor of helping to bring them to you guys!

What games do you wish for?

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  • XSeed I will always love you. Your marketing/advertising on this game has been great with the stream and the posts. I didn’t know what the heck EDF was but now I do and I want it now!

  • Based XSEED the best publisher ever, remember the pride of the EDF!!

  • I would love to play an open realm FPS shooter with 3rd person exploration and interaction of Firefly.

    Visting outposts, space stations , other ships , planets, moons , making deals , carrying illegal and legal cargo , stealth runs on alliance ships steal items/parts/supplies, undercover missions to get goods from places like hospitals.

    And then First person for battles against local yocals in settlements,outposts,, deals going bad if you don’t deliver on time or if you attract alliance attention, fights when people try to scam you, fights against the Alliance, and of course battling the Reavers .

    And the occasional 3rd person Bar Brawls to round it all out :-)

    That’s a game I would love to play

    • I’d play that. :) There’s been talk of a Firefly MMO for a while now. Haven’t seen much of it yet, but here’s hoping it turns out well.

  • Too bad it won’t release until February in some countries which sucks ass!

    • Yeah, we try to work with other publishers to bring the release dates as close together as possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Good news is that North American and European players should be able to play online multiplayer together, in both EDF2 and 4.1, once the game’s out in both regions.

  • EDF 4 rated M? Sorry, just lost a sale.

    • We were actually expecting a T, but I guess they decided there was too much spraying red blood and bug dismemberment. (That’s the bugs that get dismembered, not the humans, though the humans can get pretty well thrashed.)

    • Next time please make the guts green. Thats all you have to do.

    • You’re too much of a child to play M rated games? I want you to know many people are laughing at you.

    • Natureboy, don’t worry. Some day, you will be a man.

    • XSeed shouldn’t have to cater to you being a child. You shouldn’t be playing games like this anyway. A Nintendo system is more suited for you.

  • EDF!!! EDF!!!

    You Xseed guys and gals are awesome.

  • the edf2 trailer says PS4.

    rip vita

  • A Knights of the Round reference? Just when I thought I couldn’t love XSeed any more than I already did…

    (Capcom, if you’re reading this: HD remaster with online co-op plz!)

    • I’d love to see that, maybe bundled with The King of Dragons. But at least they gave us that nice compilation of the two D&D brawlers. :)

  • Might want to have a word with Sony. Their youtube upload of the EDF2 trailer states it as a PS4 exclusive, not a Vita exclusive.


  • Yeah! Cant wait to play both of these games.
    Completely unrelated to this, Xseed, you guys should talk to Genki about putting the Tokyo Xtreme Racer games out on that new fangled PS2-PS4 emulation. I know they’re open to the idea of revisiting that series but it just doesn’t make good business sense to do a new one so maybe a small project with one of the PS2 games would be viable. I’m just a big fan of their racing games and I know there are others like me out there who would jump at the chance to play one again.

    • Hmm, I don’t think we’ve ever done a racing game, but we’re always open to hear what you want. :) I’ll pass that along, and thanks!

  • The “Along came Earth Defense Force” link is totally broken btw.

  • EDF! EDF! EDF!

    These took me a bit by surprise. Didn’t really hear much about them until today. Two new surprise EDF in one day? Don’t mind if I do.

  • Both games are great! Great job from XSEED, supporting physical medias and Kaijus! Based XSEED! Thanks so much. Ready for Trails now.

  • XSEED? What happened to D3 Publisher? Are they gone? If XSEED is doing their job on their behalf, maybe… God Eater?

    • D3 Publisher is still going strong, but we take on some of their games for certain markets sometime. We’ll pass along your request for God Eater (2, I assume?) Never played it myself, but it looks interesting.

  • Hey so… is this going to have a digital download on the psn store? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Both games should be up on the store today sometime in the mid-afternoon. Thanks for checking!

    • I’m having the same problem. EDF 2 is showing up on Vita, actually, though it’s dated for yesterday, the 7th. EDF 4.1 isn’t showing on the PS4 store, though, and neither game shows on the web browser store. Among The Sleep seems to be the only game meant to show today on PS4 that was actually uploaded, actually.

    • I wonder if there was any particular reason for the delay? And why only one game was added to the store? Pretty annoying

    • 8:30 PM eastern and it’s not up. Store updated hours ago. Went to Best Buy to pick it up and not only did they not get any in, none of the local stores did either.

      Why can’t I exchange my money for your product? This is outrageous.

  • My god, I can’t wait to go home tonight!! Aieee!! What’s that?! Oh My God its a GIANT ALIEN ANT!! WE’RE DOOMED! Doomed I tell ya! Snap out of it man! Grab that gun and keep shooting til you can’t feel your fingers!!

    Ahh….this is gonna be great.

    Thank you Ryan Graff and all other devs reading this for your hard work. Wouldn’t get to play it without ya.

  • Extremely disappointed that European players get to wait another two months. Being able to play online with other players when the game actually comes out here should be a given, not a bone to throw at European fans. I thought we were past these massive release date gaps between western markets for a while now. Guess I was dead wrong. Passionate EDF fan here, so yeah I am salty as hell.

    • I’m also a passionate EDF player in EU and there’s no way I’m waiting, just buy it on the US PSN store. EU releases are consistently later and more expensive. You’re acting like we’re still in the 90s.

    • From what I understand, the EU versions of the two games are going through some last-minute bureaucratic hurdles before the master builds can gain official approval. Once that’s taken care of, it usually takes a month or two to manufacture and ship a finished game and its associated packaging.

      We’re not publishing the EDF games ourselves in Europe, but we’re supporting the guys who are, and they want to get the game out the door and into your hands as much as you do, and feel the same frustration about the delay. One thing I can tell you for sure that the hardest part of any game project is finishing it, getting all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed just right, so on the European publisher’s behalf, thanks very much for your patience and understanding.

  • A fellow MST3k fan? You’re my hero Ryan!! I’m SO glad XSEED published these games in NA, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I bought both EDF for the PS4 and EDF2 on the Vita. I also bought an extra copy of 4.1 for my friend. Doing my part to support such awesome publishers. I really miss these middle tier games that fall between big budget AAA games and indie games. There were a TON of these sorts of games on the PS2 and a pretty good selection on the PS3 but it’s been slim pickings on the PS4. I’m soooo glad to see this get released. Thanks again!!!

  • Still no EDF 4.1 on the PS Store……

    • It’s frustrating. I was going to download the game when I got home from work so I’d be able to play it some time today, but it looks like that’s not happening. I don’t want to buy EDF 2 without getting 4.1 with it, either, because I’m going to use a download code to get a discount on those and Axiom Verge. I was really looking forward to playing them both, and bringing EDF 2 with me to work for breaks.

  • You know what’d be great? If I could hand you money and you’d give me a digital copy of the game. Right now, I’ve got two friends going through the game while I’m waiting for a digital copy LIKE AN IDIOT.

    • I feel you, all I can do is watch streams from people with retail copies. First game I’ve waited for launch in years and it just happens to be LATE! Where the hell is it?!

  • Why was there an age gate for the trailer? lol

  • so when it come out on ps store cant wait man!!!

  • Well this will show me to wait for a digital copy. Guess i’m not buying this today. What the heck is the point of digital releases if it takes longer to release than a freaking hard copy.

  • Where are these games on the store? ;x

  • I just want the game… let’s throw out an early Christmas miracle and put it on the store already. :((

  • I’ve wait for this to show up on the digital store all day and its no where to be found. Great job releasing it today. Extremely disappointed in Sony right now.

  • On a side note, what happened to that ad for the 10% off that didn’t expire until the 31st or whatever?

  • What a surprise ……. another late store update. Sony, you are really the worst in updating your store out of all the companies on this planet.

  • The Earth Defense Games have long been among my favorite series of all time. I and my spouse have put more than a hundred hours of co-op play into each and every game available on console. We just love EDF, can’t get enough of it really.

    We love the ‘Them’/’Godzilla’/giant mech show/’Ultraman’/’Ultra Q’ aesthetic so very, very much. The gameplay is perfect for cooperative fun, and I have always marveled at the incredible graphics and sound. No city in a game has seemed so detailed to me, or fun – not even the cities in the GTA series. I’ve actually been made hungry, standing outside a particularly interesting restaurant in EDF.

    Thank you, XSEED for one of the very best, most incredibly, genuinely fun game series ever made. Please just keep making more EDF, and I promise we’ll keep buying and playing the living bug-juice out of them.

  • Here’s hoping got 10pm cst.

  • And its LIVE! 5gb

  • Got ’em both! Keep releasing these titles over here, and I’ll keep supporting them!

  • So…i’ve been waiting for this game for awhile now, and i wanted to get it from the PS store…and it was found nowhere. So i’m guessing its a disc-only game?

  • Sounds like you can afford 100 copies of both games for all your friends! And with a 12-hour work week, you’ll have plenty of time to play them!

  • Hey everyone, thanks for your patience with the PS Store yesterday. Looks like 4.1 is up now; if you bring up the front page and don’t see it, you should be able to search for it. (Invaders from Planet Space has been up and running since midday yesterday.) Believe me, we don’t want our games to be hard to buy, so thanks again for waiting, and hope you enjoy!

  • You guys rock so hard, did you know that? I’ve always loved EDF and now I don’t have to worry that I wouldn’t be able to play a new EDF game because it won’t come west, you just deliever them non-stop

  • Hey Ryan, Love that XSEED was able to make another EDF.. EDF, EDF, EDF!!!

    On to other things. I see that there is co-op online. Is once console able to have splitscreen and then join up with another group online? I love playing this game but it’s something that I would only play on another users account. With the online mode we now have more people to play with. But I think that with co-op online each user needs to have there own game. Could there be a patch that allows co-op with splitscreen?

    Vehicles: Oh man are they a lot of fun! But there is a problem with operating the helicopters. The camera angle on them is terrible and im not able to adjust it. With the camera angle on the helicopters makes it really difficult to fly. I would of thought that with the other variations of the game, that the controls would of changed for the better.

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