PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

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PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

PlayStation Experience 2015 may have ended, but it won’t be forgotten! Here were our favorite trailers of the show. Which were yours?

PlayStation Experience 2015: The Full Keynote

Relive the entire opening keynote right here!

Paragon – PlayStation Experience 2015 Announce Trailer | PS4

One of the biggest hits of the keynote was the announcement trailer for Paragon, a next-gen MOBA from Epic Games.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PlayStation Experience 2015 Trailer | PS4

With the release date looming, this latest trailer gave us a glimpse into the relationship between Nathan and his long lost brother Sam.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – PlayStation Experience 2015 Trailer | PS4

Fans rejoiced when Square Enix announced this long-awaited remake. And now we have our first look at the action-packed gameplay footage!

Destiny: The Taken King – Sparrow Racing League | PS4

Sparrow racing in Destiny? We’ve been waiting for this since the Alpha!

Street Fighter V – F.A.N.G | PS4

The second-in-command of the mysterious Shadaloo organization F.A.N.G fights with a fluid, flamboyant move set.

Dark Souls 3 | PS4

Prepare to die… again! The brutally challenging action RPG soldiers on in this glorious new trailer.

PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

Ni no Kuni II – Announcement Trailer | PS4

The beloved RPG with beautiful visuals and a touching story returns to the spotlight with a full sequel. Witness the story of a true king.

Job Simulator | PS VR

This VR game title quickly became a fan favorite at PlayStation Experience 2015.

Golem | PS VR

This PlayStation VR exclusive is being developed by the industry pros at Highwire Games, whose ranks include Jaime Griesemer (Halo CE, inFAMOUS Second Son) and Marty O’ Donnell (Destiny) among others. One to watch!

Hob | PS4

Who are you, and what is your purpose? Discover a beautiful yet dangerous world in Hob.

100ft Robot Golf | PS4, PS VR

Fore! And then some… Golf just got a lot more interesting, and all we had to do was add 100-foot tall robots. Why didn’t someone think of this before?!

Nioh | PS4

Did someone call for bloody samurai action with a little pinch of oni for good measure? Fans of Onimusha and Dark Souls should pay attention to this.

PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

Eagle Flight | PS VR

Soar high above buildings and clip the clouds themselves in this gorgeous new game from the team at Ubisoft. Seems like it’ll be a real eye popper on PlayStation VR…

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  • Dark Souls 3 on April 12 is so long away! I am ready to die!

  • Uncharted 4 is looking good too.

  • So many great game announcements and new footage! What an outstanding show! My must-buy list has gotten a good deal larger!

  • Dark Souls 3 and Nino Kuni…I’m drooling over here!! That being said PSX was a major disappointment for the most part. Very few new announcements, no word from Bend, no word on Rime, no release date for PSVR, ….I can go on and on…it was a terrible keynote. Period.

  • Ni-oh was definitely the most interesting trailer of the event. The FFVII one was pretty cool too.

  • Tenchu Wrath of heaven for ps2 emulator with trophy support.

  • PlayStation Vita>PlayStation VR

  • What a weak show, we already knew about FF,Uncharted,Darksouls
    Sony had so much momentum With the PS4 and they have sat back and not followed up on their success by grabbing 100% exclusivity on major Titles . Instead the pstore Is full of crap Indy games.
    Everybody is buying an Xbox1 this holiday to play their exclusive games like Forza and Halo and they are offering backward compatibility.
    Sony needs to get off their Ass and start pulling in some Major AAA title exclusives or they are going to continue to bleed customers at a faster and faster rate.
    Destiny is a Prime example, they shoud have contracted it as a 100% PlayStation 4 exclusive Title. The game would have been so much better if it was only developed for 1 system, but instead it’s developed over 4 systems so pathetic things like Sparrow racing are added a Year Late and announced as news.
    If Sony was smart they would Contract for Destiny 2 to be a PS 4 exclusive to be the main competition against Halo .
    100% guarantee Xbox1 outsells PS4 this holiday season , because MS is Hungry and they Are working for Sales, Sony is asleep at the wheel .

    • Pretty Pant’s show to be honest. I don’t think Shuhei Yoshida san was impressed either. Or the crowd,those poor soul’s.

    • “Everybody is buying an Xbox1 this holiday to play their exclusive games like Forza and Halo and they are offering backward compatibility.”

      LMAO no their not.

      You may want to poke your head out and see whats going on, none of what you’re saying makes any sense. I’m not happy over the PS1 and especially the PS2 situation on PS4. However they are far from being “a sleep at the wheel”. Why blow all your announcements in December. Though one would have been nice. MS’s strongest showing will be at E3 next year, sony can blast them with their planned releases then and at that point we’ll have 3 first party IP exclusives for 2016 already available for purchase.

      Halo and Forza aren’t selling anyone on Xbox One except a fan base for Halo which is shrinking and did little to expand their install base.

    • Yea no X1 isn’t going to outsell. And if it does you know thats because everyone already has a ps4. Im not being a fan boy i have both systems picked up on 1st day of release. Stats already show Sony is ahead by a lot.

  • Nioh was the best game of the show.

    Street Fighter 5 , Gave me a headache for 20 minutes.

    Uncharted 4, Tired of hearing about it.

    Job Simulator, sure does look funny.

    100ft Robot Golf, Uhmmmmm.

    Honestly Sony stop hiding the big gun’s.

  • FFVII, Ni No Kuni 2, NiOh, Hob. I don´t need more.

  • Tough choice between Uncharted 4, Ni no Kuni II and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    And lol at the two trolls above.

  • You must have missed the World War Toons trailer!

  • We don’t care about the remastered, we don’t care about backward compatibility, we don’t care about indies. But atleast the xbox one allow the consumers to play their own old games without FORCE THEM TO PURCHASE IT!
    Sony, you don’t have to copy Microsoft, just stick at what you do best, produce quality FIRST PARTY games and show more exclusives and that it. You only need to do that and you would won everybody over.
    But nope, instead you show more 3rd party, more indies, more remastered at the PSX 2015 than EVER!
    The FANS… YOUR FANS. Thousands of them travel across all over the world for this Special Event. And when they finally came. This was what we get ? a bunch of indies and more 3rd party ?
    Atleast you showed Ninokuni II and Ace Combat 7. But other than that, the rest are crap.

    Sony, you’re getting greedy & cocky and it’s hurting your reputation. Just please stop.

  • Ni No Kuni 2 and Uncharted 4!!!

    I never was a super huge fan of Final Fantasy like the rest of the world. I was more partial to niche titles like Legend of Legaia.

    Either way 2016 looks good for Playstation! I know in June I will be glued to No Man’s Sky!

  • Really? I thought this PSX was very forgettable. Just re-announcements of things we already knew about and pushing stuff for VR that isn’t even available yet and has no release date or price.

    I had low expectations and was still disappointed.

  • Still can’t believe you’re making us buy the ps2 classics again that we already own. Just to play on ps4. What a joke.

    • Then dont buy them, thats what i’ve been doing with all remasters. I havent bought a single one and im not planning to buy one in the future, i dont agree with them because i think sony spending time,resources,money into remasters,HD collections has ended with them releasing less brand new first party titles for the ps4, idk about you but i bought my ps4 to play ps4 games.

  • Where’s Yakuza 0!!! that’s my biggest announcement by far. already downloaded 5 onto my PS3 for sometime in the future to be played. Back Log up the ****. But also Nino Kuni is quite exciting as well as Uncharted.

    And need to know VR date and Price so i can Pre-order cause I’m dumb. Though i been playing with the Samsung one and other then it not working with my eyesight/phone it was amazing, and so simple.

  • The whole fun of Ni no Kuni was the turn based fights with the creatures ‘familiars’. The sequel doesn’t seem to continue with that idea. No familiars? No Ni no Kuni II for me.

  • Sid, thank you so much for providing such an organized article to keep the fan base informed! I’m especially excited for Uncharted 4 (especially after playing the beta for a bit), and Nioh!

  • PSX this year was a bunch of crap. Good thing i didnt go otherwise i would have been pissed with all the indies, console exclusive announcements, where was Sony Bend? Santa Monica? Well at least Dreams is looking fantastic.

  • Hob looks phenomenal.

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