PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

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PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

PlayStation Experience 2015 may have ended, but it won’t be forgotten! Here were our favorite trailers of the show. Which were yours?

PlayStation Experience 2015: The Full Keynote

Relive the entire opening keynote right here!

Paragon – PlayStation Experience 2015 Announce Trailer | PS4

One of the biggest hits of the keynote was the announcement trailer for Paragon, a next-gen MOBA from Epic Games.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PlayStation Experience 2015 Trailer | PS4

With the release date looming, this latest trailer gave us a glimpse into the relationship between Nathan and his long lost brother Sam.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – PlayStation Experience 2015 Trailer | PS4

Fans rejoiced when Square Enix announced this long-awaited remake. And now we have our first look at the action-packed gameplay footage!

Destiny: The Taken King – Sparrow Racing League | PS4

Sparrow racing in Destiny? We’ve been waiting for this since the Alpha!

Street Fighter V – F.A.N.G | PS4

The second-in-command of the mysterious Shadaloo organization F.A.N.G fights with a fluid, flamboyant move set.

Dark Souls 3 | PS4

Prepare to die… again! The brutally challenging action RPG soldiers on in this glorious new trailer.

PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

Ni no Kuni II – Announcement Trailer | PS4

The beloved RPG with beautiful visuals and a touching story returns to the spotlight with a full sequel. Witness the story of a true king.

Job Simulator | PS VR

This VR game title quickly became a fan favorite at PlayStation Experience 2015.

Golem | PS VR

This PlayStation VR exclusive is being developed by the industry pros at Highwire Games, whose ranks include Jaime Griesemer (Halo CE, inFAMOUS Second Son) and Marty O’ Donnell (Destiny) among others. One to watch!

Hob | PS4

Who are you, and what is your purpose? Discover a beautiful yet dangerous world in Hob.

100ft Robot Golf | PS4, PS VR

Fore! And then some… Golf just got a lot more interesting, and all we had to do was add 100-foot tall robots. Why didn’t someone think of this before?!

Nioh | PS4

Did someone call for bloody samurai action with a little pinch of oni for good measure? Fans of Onimusha and Dark Souls should pay attention to this.

PlayStation Experience: The Best Trailers

Eagle Flight | PS VR

Soar high above buildings and clip the clouds themselves in this gorgeous new game from the team at Ubisoft. Seems like it’ll be a real eye popper on PlayStation VR…

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