Gone Home on PS4 This January

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Gone Home on PS4 This January

Hi all! I was one of the creators of Gone Home, an award-winning, story-focused indie title that made a splash a while back on PC. It’s a game where you explore story, interactively—it’s the very human story of one family and what they’ve left behind. Ever since we first launched Gone Home on PC we’ve wanted to bring the game to more players, and today I’m psyched to announce that Gone Home is making its way to PS4 this coming January! I recorded a personal message about this exciting news—check it out below:

More than anything, we’re incredibly grateful for the passionate audience of fans that have fallen in love with Gone Home since its release. The ways that Gone Home has connected with so many people on a personal, emotional level just means the world to us. And so our goal with bringing the game to consoles wasn’t to alter or add extraneous stuff onto an experience that already holds a special place in so many players’ hearts—instead, it’s been our mission to translate the original PC version as perfectly as we can, tailoring the game to feel native to new platforms. We’re going the extra mile to make this the very best Gone Home experience you could hope for—and we’re so excited for the PlayStation audience to discover the game’s mysteries anew as they explore the House on Arbor Hill.

Gone Home

Of course, it’s not just the core story that Gone Home has to offer: We also recorded more than an hour and a half of behind-the-scenes developer commentary from the team that created the game, as well as the talented voice actors and musicians that brought the experience to life—including in-depth insight from Sarah Grayson, the voice of Sam Greenbriar; Chris Remo, who composed our musical score; and original riot grrrl musician Corin Tucker, the lead singer of Sleater-Kinney. Gone Home is a small but dense creation filled with the art and expression of so many talented individuals, and we’re really excited to give players an even more intimate view into how this game came to be.

Gone Home

In the time since Gone Home was originally released, there’s been an outpouring of requests from fans asking for the game to appear on their platform of choice—and we’re so happy to be able to finally come through for them, and bring this one-of-a-kind experience to PS4. Have a very happy holiday season, and we’ll see you on January 12!

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  • I thought you guys announced not long ago that the console versions were cancelled. Regardless I’m glad to see that you changed your mind as I’ve been wanting to play this game.

    • Did you watch the video?

    • They did, then the plans changed, which is why the announcement was here :)

    • Also, they found a studio to work on the console port, it wasn’t just a simple changing their mind thing, from what I’ve seen.. they’re a small company, so they have very limited resources while they’re also working on Tacoma.

  • Please make the trophies for this the most complicated ever.

    Walk up and down the stairs 2000 times – Bronze

  • Great news! I was wating for this game, because I don’t play on PC. I just hope you can develop more games soon with the money you’re making with this game and, of course, we can see them at the same time on PC on PS4.

  • This is one of the best games I’ve play this year! very happy the PlayStation nation will have an opportunity to enjoy this experience.

  • I’m stoked to play this gem regardless but please..PLEASE give us a platinum trophy!!

  • I’m very eager to play this game. Glad it’s coming to PS4!

  • This has been on my list of games to play, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. This will make it much easier for me and I’m excited.

  • Any chance of a physical release? Either way,Im buying it.

  • looks like I might be buying Gone Home again….the commentaries sound like a nice addition!

  • “We’re bringing Gone Home to console”. Did you just ignore your Wii U port? Was that not a console?

    Honestly, this disappoints me, A LOT. I want all my games on PS4 when possible and when you stated it wasn’t going to PS4 I got it on Steam. Now its coming to PS4 and I’m not going to get it again. It just really disappoints me that I supported your game but not on the platform I wanted. I’m aware I can buy it again on PS4, but that would simply be a waste of money.

  • vita please lord please

  • It’s clear you had every intention of bringing this to more platforms, including the PS3. This sounds like something I would like, but without a PS4 it may be a while before I can enjoy it for myself.

    I realize the PS3 is nearing its end, but it should have more games like this even when bigger games are now PS4 exclusives.

  • Looking forward to supporting you guys again. I bought it on a good steam sale because I wasn’t sure about it but I will absolutely get it again for PS4.

  • Pricing?

  • Thanks for the port. I appreciate a good story game in between my epic bouts of Helldiving and other games in which primary activity is killing things and saving things

  • Steve’s looking a little gaunt… are you ok buddy?

  • Midnight City lives!!!

  • Thank you for wanting to bring Gone Home to the PlayStation 4! I can’t wait to play it, been very interested since its release on the PC. :)

  • So excited to replay this on PS4 and get some trophies. Hopefully you guys can get a platinum.

  • This game has a lot of 1980’s reference. If you enjoy reading diary type of game with 1980’s environment, you’d enjoy this game. I have played this on the PC. The game was only a few hours, but I enjoyed reading the story and moving through the atmosphere of the house.

  • Comments are “Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.”
    But it’s Gone Home we’re talking about here…

  • Awesome! I was just reading about this game and lamenting that it is not available for Playstation users. Def. will play!

  • Its a lot to late for me, i already know the plot, so there is no point for me to get this. Maybe be a little quicker next time, since the game is heavily story focused.

  • Played it on PC. Good game. Give it a shot if you haven’t. 90’s nostalgia everywhere.

  • All of my friends have pirated this game and mocked it thoroughly; There’s just no point to having this on the PS4.

  • I’ve heard great things about this game, so I’ll definitely be picking it up. And from what I’ve heard it’s fairly short, so that’ll make it easy to finish before the Witness comes out two weeks later. 2016 already starting off with a bang.

  • This was one of my favorite games of all time for the simple reason that it might be the only one that made me feel so many emotions. I will buy it again, even if I know that it won’t have the same impact the second time. Thanks to the Fullbright for creating this wonderful piece of art.

  • It’s a 30 minute walkathon, thinks it is a lot more progressive than it actually is and was praised by journalist hipsters. There, now you don’t even need to play it.

  • Awesome! my brother played this on PC and told me it was amazing. I was wishing I could play it too…thank you for bringing it out on the PS4 :-)

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