First Details on New Hot Shots Golf, Coming to PS4

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First Details on New Hot Shots Golf, Coming to PS4

As you may have heard, we had the latest iteration of the classic Hot Shots Golf franchise on display at PlayStation Experience this past weekend. Visitors were able to check out the game and experience a new mode as well. I’m here to tell you all about the ins and outs of New Hot Shots Golf (working title), coming exclusively to PS4.

As you may know, Hot Shots Golf is one of PlayStation’s oldest franchises and originally debuted in 1997. Over the years, it’s delivered a fun and accessible golfing experience with unique stylized graphics and realistic golf mechanics and physics, to players on all of PlayStation’s home and handheld consoles. With this latest iteration, we are adding to the mix character creation and customization, a robust online experience, and free roaming on the game’s golf courses including the ability to drive golf carts anywhere you want.

New Hot Shots Golf

In past Hot Shots Golf games, unlocking new golfer characters and building a lineup of athletes with various strengths and weaknesses was key. However in New Hot Shots Golf, players start by creating and dressing their very own golfer, utilizing a deep set of customization tools. By playing and completing specific tasks, players can level up their personalized golfer and build strength for long drives, precise control for putting on the green, and more.

New Hot Shots Golf will include a variety of golf courses set in a variety of environments. And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want. Take a spin in your golf cart, or stop by the pond and try to catch a few fish. And you’ll see other online players going about their business as well.

New Hot Shots Golf

Aside from just solo play, New Hot Shots Golf will offer a wide variety of connected online gameplay modes on PlayStation Network. You can unlock rewards by completing missions, compete in matches and tournaments, or play cooperatively with others. At PlayStation Experience we showed off a new team-based mode where players try to complete as many holes as possible within an allotted amount of time.

Look for more details about the game right here on the PlayStation.Blog, and happy golfing!

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  • When does it come out?

  • Looks fun so far. Question though, Is there any local multiplayer at all?

  • I know you want to move the series forward but having to walk or take a golf cart to the next hole seems silly. Is there a way to play without having to do that? If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

  • I cannot wait for this. Tomoyo, give your boy Greg M. a hint at the release date!

  • Make a new Hot Shots Tennis for Vita.

  • Can’t wait! All the new features sound great. The Vita HotShots is so much fun, I can’t wait to play up on the big screen!

  • How about putting demo up on psn so people can try it that couldn’t make it to PSX. I remember when you used to do that at E3 and shows like that

  • Can’t wait! Gotta get me some of that sweet sweet golfing. Hi Colin & Greg! I’m Press Left on your forums, so you might remember me as the guy Colin shamed for predicting no bend game. HOW LIKE THEM APPLES?

  • I would like this game ASAP please.

  • “And rather than being automatically transported to the tee for each hole, all golf courses will be free roaming, meaning you can walk around, explore, and more anywhere you want.”

    do we have the option to turn this off and play the regular way like every other hot shots golf before?

  • awesome news, first game in a long time I’m going to buy at release…. you cant take my money fast enough for this game. HSG WI is the only reason i use my Vita still.

  • Hot Shots Golf Fore! was the very first game I purchased for PS2.

    Hot Shots Golf Open Tee was the very first game I purchased for PSP.

    Hot Shots Golf World Invitational was the very first game I purchased for PS Vita.

    Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds was among the first three games I purchased for PS3, the same day I got the console.

    I can’t believe it’s taken this long for the PS4 to get some love, too.

    PLEASE do not allow this series to fall victim to the pre-order/DLC paywalls. Please, no exclusive content that only some players have access to. Please do not include DLC on-disc. Since there will doubtlessly be DLC for this title, please make it substantial, as in, new characters and courses, and not just nickel-and-dime $0.99-$1.49 clubs and balls.

    You’re going to alienate a lot of people if you pull that ‘Level 5 is the highest… no, wait… Level SIX is the highest” chicanery on us again.

  • Why no Vita version? The last one was the perfect game for Vita. I love playing it on the bus.

  • The song isn’t suitable for a golf game, I hope the in game music is similar to the nice music in hot shots golf world invitational, and I hope there’s easy mode for people who want to just enjoy and complete the game, thank you so much.

  • Move controller support?

  • why do i have a feeling this is going to be a download only title thats going to be micro transaction heavy?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a golf game! Here is hoping and crossing my fingers that there will be a vita version! Pretty Please!!

  • Will this not have different characters we can level up?

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  • Is this going to be a free to play game?

  • So, is this more like a Sims game than a golf game?
    Can you design your own courses? that would be cool

  • They could announce any PSX-era franchise and we’d get excited about it so I wonder why they haven’t thrown Syphon Filter or Crash Bandicoot at us yet. Still, New Hot Shots Golf?! I’m so on board for this!

    Make this a retail release and you’ve got an immediate preorder from me.

    • Last I knew, Sony didn’t own Crash (hence why Knack was changed into Knack…it started as a new Crash game), but I agree on Syphon Filter. With Uncharted wrapping to some extent, SF might be a good choice for another action/adventure title.

  • OMG YES this is amazing news, one of my all time fav Playstation franchises!!! Now I just hope to see a new BUZZ! Quiz World for PS4!!!

  • YAY! FINALLY! Can you also put a Hot Shots Tennis game on PS4 PLEASE? There is NO Tennis game for PS4 right now! ZERO!

  • Awesome news. Looks like fun as usual. Any news on if this will come to the Vita ? Also, please release a New Hot Shots Tennis for the Vita. It’s been too long a wait now.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Looks awesome.

  • Love the news, just an idea Hot Shot Disc Golf

  • It been a long time since a Hot Shots Tennis game since PS2/PSP.

    Golf one is available on Vita, PS3 and now PS4.

    Please bring a Tennis one on the Vita/PS4…thanks. Golf is too hard to plat…

  • I dont watch golf or play golf but i was a huge fan of hot shots: out of bounds on the ps3. It was one of the best sport games for ps3. Can you please bring hot shots tennis on ps4? I have hot shots tennis on ps2.

  • Yeah… but will there be fishing?

  • Please do not make the mistake of thinking people want to drive from hole to hole each time they play a round of golf. No one is buying Hot Shots games to stop and look at an unimpressive looking pond. We buy these games to play golf. Stop trying to cram as many obstacles as possible between the fans and the thing we want to do most in your game.

  • Free roam sounds great.

  • So…is this the new Playstation Home? But with some golfing. I’ll have to think about this one. Also, how broken will this be at launch? :( All this online junk and nothing ever works.

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