The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Announced for PlayStation VR

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The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Announced for PlayStation VR

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. is a new and exciting PlayStation VR game that lets you get to experience zombies in a completely new way. As seemingly the last human on earth, you take on the task of driving these brain-eating (and tea drinking) bodies to their chosen destination — but you better do it the right way!

Modern Zombie began as a fun VR demo with the player driving a car around filled up with rag dolls. Sharing the same physical space with the other floppy folks was hilarious and we knew we wanted to create a game out of this idea. We spent the next few months making a demo that we would show at BitSummit, an independent games festival here in Kyoto, Japan.

The game was an immediate hit at the show with the attendees and we were really surprised when we found out it won the best in show award at the event! The slapstick humor really seemed to resonate with folks. After BitSummit, we were lucky enough to create a relationship with the amazing team at Santa Monica Studio! Together, we have been working hard to bring you this very silly game for PlayStation VR.

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The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. allows you to get real up-close with the zombies in a fun and quirky way as they bounce around in your car, shamble about and (poorly) drive around town. You’ll find that some zombies have very particular requests for their taxi ride and you can be sure they’ll tell you all about them as they careen about inside your car and invade your personal space. Don’t worry if they get too close — you can always just punch them off using your own hands and one-to-one tracking with DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera!

Take advantage of PlayStation VR head tracking and look in the backseat of your taxi to witness these zany zombies’ antics first-hand! Take in this brightly colored, happy world filled with sandwich rain and biscuit hunts, beach balls, and much, much more. The slow-going zombies never seem to stop needing your help to take them places.

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co, Image 03

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. will give players a memorable and unique VR experience that we hope will make them laugh as much as we have during the development of this game. We’ve fallen for these zombies and their odd personalities in this weird world of theirs, and we hope you will too!

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