The King of Fighters XIV on PS4: New Details

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The King of Fighters XIV on PS4: New Details

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! The team at SNK PLAYMORE and I are very happy to update you with the latest news regarding The King of Fighters XIV here from PlayStation Experience 2015!

The King of Fighters has enjoyed enormous success across the globe since its birth in 1994, and amongst some of our latest reveals today, we are pleased to announce that The King of Fighters XIV will feature one of the largest character rosters ever in KOF Series’ history!

For our latest installment and true successor to the main (numbered) series, the game visuals have evolved into 3D graphics, however rest assured that The King of Fighters XIV keeps the classic 2D gameplay and three-on-three team battle game system.

The King of Fighters XIV, Image 01

Furthermore, various new multiplayer online modes such as the exciting Party Battle mode will be featured. The first chapter of a brand new KOF Saga, which welcomes a plethora of returning characters as well as newcomers, now begins! Here are some of the main details regarding The King of Fighters XIV…

A huge character roster of 50 fighters!
In addition to numerous popular, returning KOF characters, many new characters involved in the storyline will enter the ring for the first time!

The King of Fighters XIV, Image 02

KOF’s traditional three-on-three team battle game system is back!
The player selects their favorite three fighters from the game’s huge character roster, fighting via KOF’s traditional game system.

A brand new fighting game experience, Party Battle Mode!
Get ready to duke it out with as many as six people (three players on each team) in VS Online Party Battle. Feel the heat of an authentic fighting game tournament experience via PSN!

The King of Fighters XIV, Image 03

A Brand New KOF Saga!
The KOF Series’ storyline has been continuing over the Orochi, Nests, and Ash story arcs. KOF’s rich story has not finished, and returns in a brand new exciting arc.

Please make sure to stop by our PS Experience booth (#1151/1152) this weekend here in San Francisco to get your hands on Kyo, Iori, Andy, Chang, Leona, and Kula with the in-development version of the game, and let us know your feedback!

The King of Fighters XIV, Image 04

For those who can’t make it to PS Experience this year we hope you enjoyed our keynote trailer, and be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news in the months to come!

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  • Hi, please bring King of Fighters XIII to Vita. I know it’s on PS Now, but streaming is terrible, especially for fighting games.

  • Is this exclusive to Playstation 4 and/or PC…? Or will it come to other platforms other than those two that I just mentioned now…?

  • Could you stream play your booth so I can try Leona. That just seems so unfair right now.
    Though really super excited for this game.

  • I know people are giving this game the business.
    I’m just glad this series didn’t experience “pachinko machine death!”
    I’ll be keeping an eye out on this title for sure.
    It already has shown Kula and Leona.
    Just needs Dou Lon.
    R.I.P. Silent Hill

  • Wow I can’t wait! I hope they bring more new neo-geo fighting games to PS4.

  • Angel-sama? 10/10

  • So glad about the Last Blade 2 announcement. Please port more NeoGeo / SNK games to PS4. Samurai Shodown 2 and Mark of the Wolves please.

    Regarding KOFXIV, I think the animations look mostly good, but the 3D models and (especially) backgrounds still need a lot of work.

  • Hope SNK brings KOFXIV to PS Vita too… someday… SOON after the console releases.

    Glad Last Blade 2 is coming to Vita, hope the other games that were on the poll earlier this year comes soon after.

    SFV looks ok to me, was originally going to get a PS4 mainly for SFV. But its just meh to me now, KOFXIV on the other hand is looking more promising. I am no longer in a rush to get a PS4, I’ll just wait when KOFXIV drops.

    5 Stars***** SNK!!! keep’em coming!!!

  • As a longtime and big KoF fan I can’t wait to see this game finished…I love the 2D fightin of KoF but I had tons of fun with both Maximun Impact on PS2.With that said….50 fighters?…damn thats how you do it,I guess I can be relieved cuz with this amount of fighters ma favs are sure to be there,already see Iori,Kyo and Kula so its going into the right path…and I know this is work in progress but you guys really need to work on Kyo’s model…it looks terrible.

    Anyway you guys at SNK got ma support,love you guys.

    BTW I hope y’all at SNK are working on something special for Metal Slug…it’ll turn 20 years in 2016…we need a new one.

  • I’m pumped for this. Always been a KOF fan, and I really like the looks of this one! I know it’s – let’s be honest – not the best looking current gen fighting game out there, but something about is clean and “Japanese” in a way that reminds me of how exciting stuff like Bloody Roar, Virtua Fighter 3 or Dead or Alive 2 were back in the day. Even if the tech isn’t going to stand up to Mortal Kombat X or whatever, everything about it aesthetically looks awesome! It’s been too long since KOFXIII, guys (though THANK YOU for not attempting to drown consumers in umpteen revisions and reissues like Capcom’s 8-year-long Street Fighter IV “Beating a Dead Horse” tour). I can’t wait for this!

  • Looks a lot better than it did originally, 50 characters is going to be awesome. Looking forward to playing it

  • Seeing some fan faves return is nice, so please
    Bring back KoF 94’s TEAM USA!
    Also, where’s my boy Clark Still/Steel at? I can’t get my Cross Changer on without the other member of the Gruesome Twosome.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing an updated Team USA.

      Heavy D, maybe a new Basketball player, Football player or even a Baseball player to represent Team USA.

  • Can’t wait for the new KOF but, will we ever see Capcom VS Snk 3?

  • Really looking forward to this! At a time, it seemed that SNK Playmore was happy to just re-release their older games over and over to newer platforms. But now we have a brand new KOF to look forward to after 6 years! My only concern is the online latency: please make your netcode stability priorities #1, #2, and #3! Best of luck!

  • from what i’ve seen two suggeations, that would give the game a more deep sence of enviroment… how about, a little inro to every stage before the fight, like kof 99 dream match on sega… wich was using 3 d graphics too for the stages… also more interaction between characters before and after the match, who have any kind of relation example; iori-kyo mai-andy mary-terry k’-kyo etc… kula-k’ etc…

  • Is it possible to have this on PC at the same time it’s available on the PS4? Also, there needs to be spectator mode.

  • Well, I’m a frequent denizen of the competitive fighting game forum called I typed out a detailed impression of KOFXIV from a competitive KOF98 player’s perspective. KOFXIV was really fun the many hours I tried it at Playstation Experience. If anyone wants to check out my post about it, it’s located here:

  • It looks a lot better from the first trailer. I’m gonna enjoy this. Possibly more than other fighters

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