PS Now: 12-Month Subscription for $99.99, 9 New Games from WB

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PS Now: 12-Month Subscription for $99.99, 9 New Games from WB

We are pleased to announce that starting December 8th, PlayStation Now will offer a limited-time only, 12-Month subscription for $99.99. This special offer will provide savings of more than 55% off the regular monthly subscription price.

For less than $9 per month, you can now get access to hundreds of PS3 games, with new games added every month. If you’re a current PlayStation Now subscriber, you can purchase the 12-Month Subscription on PlayStation Store to extend your current 1-Month or 3-Month subscription.

Blockbuster WBIE Games Hit PlayStation Now Subscription

PS Now -- WB Game Additions, Image 01

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is releasing some of its most powerful games on the PlayStation Now Subscription starting on December 8th, including:

Batman: Arkham Asylum (New!)
Become Batman as you move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst your enemies and confront The Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious villains who have taken over Arkham Asylum — Gotham City’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Using a wide range of Batman’s gadgets and abilities, players will become the invisible predator and attempt to foil The Joker’s demented scheme.

Batman: Arkham City (Existing)
Arkham City, the maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters, and insane criminal masterminds, is in danger in this dark adventure. With an arsenal of gadgets, Batman’s mission is to take down thugs and put an end to the villains threatening the city — including The Joker himself. Whether you’re solving crimes or chaining attacks for a higher combo score, prepare for peril in this open world.

Batman: Arkham Origins (New!)
Set several years before Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins tells the story of why Batman became the Dark Knight and how the villains rose up against him. Fight for a Gotham City free of crime and corruption in this action-adventure game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (New!)
Fight as DC Comics icons such as Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred.

Mortal Kombat (New!)
Experience the deadliest tournament in all its bloody glory in Mortal Kombat, including intrepid warriors Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and the notorious dream stalker Freddy Krueger.

F.E.A.R (Single-Player Campaign Mode, New!)
A mysterious paramilitary force infiltrates a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound, taking hostages but issuing no demands. With no other recourse, the elite F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) team is assembled to deal with the extraordinary circumstances. Be the hero in your own epic cinematic shooter of action, tension, and terror!

But that’s only the first of this two-part content release from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This One’s for the Kids — and the Kids at Heart

PS Now -- WB Game Additions, Image 02

It is the season of giving, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will also be adding a stocking stuffer of sorts to all of you PlayStation Now fans out there — in the form of four of its most popular LEGO games.

In addition to LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes (a perennial Player Favorite on the service), the following LEGO games will be joining the subscription:

The LEGO Movie Videogame (New!)
Who can stop Lord Business and his evil plans? Only Emmett and his ragtag crew of heroes! Play as more than 90 different characters, including Wonder Woman, Gandalf, Shakespeare, and more in this action-adventure game based off the blockbuster film!

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (New!)
Based on the first four Harry Potter books and movies that tell the story of Harry’s first four years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 offers an engaging mix of magical gameplay and light-hearted humor.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (New!)
Play as your favorite characters during Harry Potter’s most memorable moments of his final years at Hogwarts — reimagined in LEGO form! Learn charms, spells, and dueling skills to take down Lord Voldemort yourself and save the Wizarding World.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame (New!)
Save Gotham City from Joker, Penguin, and Riddler in 30 levels of non-stop LEGO action. Play as your favorite Batman heroes and villains, with special abilities and vehicles, including the Batmobile. Battle and build to stop the supervillains’ evil plans!

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Existing)
Legends Unite! Batman and Robin join their Super Hero friends from the DC Comics Universe — including Superman and Wonder Woman — to save Gotham City from destruction by evil villains Lex Luthor and The Joker.

All of these Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment games pack a ton of fun. Together, they stack up to countless hours of joy, so if you haven’t already tried the PlayStation Now Subscription, please consider the 7-Day free Trial. With hundreds of games to play, including blockbusters from WBIE, there’s never been a better time to join!

Click here to start your 7-Day free Trial.

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17 Author Replies

  • Well, consider me a new PS Now subscriber! $100 for a year sounds great to me. Nice promo!

    • Hi KidCommando – glad to hear you’ll be locking in a year of savings on the service. The offer will be live on the PlayStation Store in the US & Canada starting Tuesday December 8th!

    • And consider me NOT a playstation now subscriber. Sony are having alaugh charging £12.99 per month in the UK ,or £156.00 per year subscription. But then again I wouldn’t even pay £50.00 per year for this service. I want this service rid of altogether.

    • This is VERY tempting, although I still prefer rentals, since I don’t go back to PS3 games very often!

    • PlayStation Now should keep the payment plan option list open to different tiers of service and low monthly rates because not everyone will be comfortable paying $100 per year.

      I was considering the service before seeing the Prime service rate announcement, I was immediate turned off by the new rate but would defiantly consider paying $9.00 per month or even $15.00 because for me a small monthly sum is an easier commitment then $100 every 12 months income very for each individual and such a large sum upfront to start isn’t appealing for everyone. $ is the equivalent of paying for a PS Vita TV each year.

  • Better price, but PS Now really struggles to work on my connection.

    • There is no way for Sony to optimize the amount of data being streamed. If you have a bad connection, it might be you. If you’re on wi-fi, yeah you’re gonna have problems no matter what really. It doesn’t work well on crappy wi-fi. It needs a stable connection and high mbps (I guess like 15mbps?). If you’re on wi-fi, the connection is actually split between all the devices connected. Not to mention that wireless isn’t 100% reliable or stable.

      tl;dr: unless you’re on a wired connection, it’s probably you.

  • $100 for a subscription is starting to sound more reasonable, I suppose. I’d still much prefer $50, but…
    I guess I’ll have to finally use my free trial in the coming days to see how well it actually works on my connection. I don’t know if I’m ready to make that leap yet. $100 is a decent price for the large library of games available, but it’s still a chunk of change.

    • KnifingGrimace – glad to hear that you’ll be using your 7-Day FREE Trial. There are currently over 250 games on the service that you can play for free during the trial. Enjoy.

    • $50 for an entire year is ridiculous. Netflix costs more a year than that. $120 for Netflix a year, since they increased the price of new subs to $10 a month and everyone at some point will have to pay the new price.

    • We all want everything to be cheaper, but $50 for a year of unlimited playing of hundreds of PS3 games is a but unreasonable… you’re probably better off just buying games for a PS3 if you still have one.

  • Limited time only? should consider this option permanent as it is the only way to get people in.

  • Can you tell us how long the limited time is for? A week? A month?

  • That’s awesome and very reasonable, should be permanent, I’m definately gonna get it

    • Hi Subsided_Assasin – glad to here you’ll be locking in the discount. The PlayStation Store will begin selling this on December 8th!

  • No, that’s not how it works, i have spend over 300 USD in PS2 Classics and PS3 Digital games that i will not be renting them again, enable DECENT REAL BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY for the PS4

    Thanks but im not biting your cheap bait, not PS PLUS either

    • Or you know…you can just play those games on the systems you bought those games for ;)

    • Yeah, probably il do that, il repurchase the consoles, used, so Sony won’t get a single dollar, also how’s Music Unlimited going for you? Maybe you should purchase the CD’s and a media player ;)

    • The music unlimited argument is actually a good one aganist what you are saying. You pay a subscription to rent the music you have already bought in other media. Much like ps now. I own several dvds and blu-rays but I cannot ask Netflix to let me stream those for free just because.

    • Er, their not asking you to buy them or even rent them. As far as I am aware those titles you have bought still work on the PS3, so what is your issue, just play them on a your PS3. If you sold your PS3 that’s not Sony’s fault. PSNow is for people who have not played those games.
      Like Netflix with PSNow, you are paying for streaming, not the game. It is not free for Sony to store and stream those games but many like yourself seem to think they can do it for free.

    • why did you buy digital games and not keep your ps3? makes no sense

  • I’ve been trying PS Now for a few days and my experience so far it’s been quite positive. I have no problem as long as I use lan cable. I just paid for a month of PS Now, if I decide to get this offer is the time left going to added? Thanks and I hope you add more JRPGs since these are often hard to find in disc form.

  • I see this is a limited-time offer, but I’d like to see this become a regular item, to go with the 1-year PS+ cards and PSN cards you see at retailers.

  • Thanks but no thanks. This could be the right product for those who had not invested on PlayStation consoles and games the last 4 generations. Why would anybody rent games they already own? If PSNOW were to add latest products (PS4 games) in addition to classics, then there could be a chance that more people would consider the subscription model instead of purchasing the hardware. But as it is… No way!

    I ask for real backwards compatibility, if it is possible and it can be done then why being this short-sighted? Personally I am willing to spend more money on a service if I don’t feel I am being abused by the company offering it. It is this kind of practices that drives customers away.

    • PS Now is probably more oriented at newcomers who don’t have an extensive library. And the titles are run on native hardware, not emulated, which has been their general approach.

    • the games are streamed. All your ps4/vita/whatever is doing is showing you the video feed and sending inputs. If there’s a smart TV you can hook a DS4 up to, there’s actually no reason that it can’t offer ps now.

    • Short sighted? Surely real BC is short sighted and is it limited to what has been, PSNow is thinking forward, as it more than one device and can include PS4 games in the future.
      I can’t believe people like you want Sony to spend money on making past games work instead of investing in future games, especially as all those past games still work on their respective consoles.

  • Did the trial when it first came out, heres what i take from this deal.
    A. Good for games that has less into them(hot shots, that cube game) rarely lagged on them and my internet is 50mbps or whatever the abbreviation is.
    B. Bad for games like batman
    C. Bad if you own the games already and uninterested in the ones you dont
    D. Uses a lot of internet for the price to be that high.
    E. If its capable to stream a whole game then i dont see why theres so much struggle with online multiplayer and other online features in general
    F. Might only be worth it with google fiber

    • Also I just want to take a moment to those that told me backwards compatibility on the ps4 was not possible, how do you feel now that there are PS2 GAMES TO DOWNLOAD ON THE PS STORE FOR PS4!!!

    • Hate to break the sad news to you but PS Now has nothing to do with Backwards Comapitibilty. Throw a PS2 in the PS4, & I’d agree with you.

  • That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  • I wish I could get the free trial again on my vita and see how it works. I blew it way back on PS3 before I even had a PS4 or vita.

  • A Sony said, consumers did not use the ps3 BC so they are not going to do it for the ps4. Even though PS1 and PS2 classic games are sold on PS3, PS1, PS2, and PS3 games are remastered, remake, and released for the PS3 and PS4, and PS3 games are on PS Now. This tells me that consumers want BC. But instead of just giving it to us, Sony just want to tell it. I have over 300 digital games for my PS3. Eventually the PS3 will be discontinued and I will no longer have access to PSN on PS3. If I lose my PS3 and my current backup, I will lose all my games. Do not make PS Now like Netflix or Redbox. PS Now should be like iTunes and PS Video. Users should be able to buy a PS3, PS4, and PS Vita game digitally and be allowed to either download it to their PS device for offline play or stream it online on a PS or non-PS device. Also, those who previously purchased PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS Vita games should be able to play them on PS Now at no additional cost. It is clear that BC is possible for the PS4. Why can’t you just give it to us? What are Sony’s plan for when the PS3 is no longer in production. Please also give us plug and play support for external HDD on the PS3. And remove the 10% OS reserve on the PS3 HDD. Thanks.

    • I too worry one day my digital PS3 content will be no longer accessible. People don’t realize the terms and conditions of digital games pretty much say they can take them away from you at any time. I would just like sony to say “Although we may discontinue support for PS3’s firmware and online services, your digital content will always be there so long as playstation network is still around”

    • + opikal They’re not going to deactivate games you’ve purchased (PS+ is separate). You’ve already downloaded them so you can play them forever, offline, without checking in to PS servers.

    • You’re making a lot of assumptions here. While making an emulator to play ps1 and ps2 classics is likely feasible for the ps4 it’s not the way they are going. They are remastering them so they look better on new tvs. You might not like it, or not need it, but they look much better.

      I’ve bought a lot of games for different consoles over the years. From Atari to ps4. The games you buy for a console remain on that console, you shouln’t be entitled to re-releases. I really don’t understand the logic. I bought ocarina of time 4 times. Yes it’s that good. I bought ff7 4 times, 5 when the remake comes. If you like the new games, buy them. If you want to play old games play them in the console you bought them for.

      You say “what if I lose my ps3 and my backup?”. What if your disk is scratched? What if your child drops your n64 cartridge and it breaks? Should they mail you a new one? As it’s now. The ps3 store still works. If you want to use the PSP store as a precedent, you can no longer buy from it, but you can still dow load the games from it.

    • @linkbusa I am glad you responded to my post. I have been wanting to talk to you for a while. I will address an argument that you (and others) have been making lately about PS Now–I bought a bunch of DVD but I should not expect Netflix to allow me to watch them for free. Comparing DVD and Netflix to PS Now is not fair. Here is a better comparison. It is more like buying a digitally movie on Amazon or a song on iTunes and trying to consume that content on a first party device. So, Amazon requiring me to have Amazon Prime to watch my movie or Apple requiring me to have Apple Music to listen to my song simply because the device that I purchased them on came out before the device that I am currently using. I already digitally own the content and Amazon and Apple knows that I own the content yet I am being force to pay for them again on their first party device. I am not asking Amazon or Apple to give it to me free on a competing service or device. I admit that my expectation of this is due to living in a post-mobile world. The content is tied to my account. If I buy a digital item on iOS 5, I can (most or less) access them on iOS 7. I do not expect to access the item on Android.

    • pt2. Sony is aware of my digital purchase. You did not specifically mention what I am assuming. Sony’s exec and president have said users do not use BC, that it was not possible, and that they are not going to do it. Even though I believe remasters are bad that is not my issue and I am willing to pay for those. I am specifically talking about PS Now and PS2 on PS4. I believe I should not have to pay for those again. I am not asking for re-release of games. I am asking for games that are exactly the same as in games on PS Now. Also, you are comparing physical games, prior to digital release, to current games, post digital release. Just because I bought Super Mario World on NES, I do not expect to get it on Virtual Console on Wii U. I am specifically talking about PS3 and PS4 games. If I bought a game digitally on PS3 (including PS1 and PS2) and I use the same account on PS4, I should get the port of that game at no additional cost. I am not asking for new games such as remastered or remake. Finally, I do not expect backup protection to physical disc however I do for digital items. PSN will be discontinued and Sony may not use the PSP model so I will not be able to re-download my games. I will lose access to all my games forever.

    • @Septrelo, opikal and I are talking about when PSN is shutdown on PS3 and we will need to re-download a game we already bought. Sony bought Onlive and just shut it down. Everyone who bought games on Onlive, lost all of their games because Onlive did not have offline support. Yes, PS3 does have offline support. But if PSN is gone, will I be able to redownload my games? How will I be able to put my games on a new PS3? Those are our concerns. A few years ago, people who bought Lion King lost access to it because Disney pulled it from iTunes. Eventually Disney undo that. There was even a story about someone losing access to a game that they bought digitally on PSN and XBL. So, opikal is right, that Sony can pull a game I purchase even if it is download per their terms. There is no digital ownership. This is why I hate PS Now so much because it is obviously clear you do not own it.

    • @gohan16ken The answe is that you don’t own digital items. You just rent them until sony (or the company providing them) have them available. You signed for that when you “bought” them from the store.

      While I agree that it would be nice for them to give things for free, I don’t think it is feasible. SONY is a company struggling to make a profit. SCE is one of the few (if not the only) Sony division currently on the black, so do not expect charity from them. Spevially when they’re winning the console race.

      If they discontinue PS3 support without giving fair warning and the possibility to backup my own games, then I will most likely be pissed. Even when I just play 3 games on ps3 and the rest on ps4 and in two or thee years it’s likely that my ps3 will be gathering dust. But asking them to give me them for free on ps4, 5 or whatever is just wishful thinking. I’m happy as long as they work in the device I “bought” them form.

  • This is perfect, can we buy consecutive years? For year on year value? I’m not sure I need to buy another game again with this – sooo much backlog!

  • What a great deal! $8.33 a month this comes out to. I am all over this!

    • Thanks Lethal_NFS – the promotional 12-Month subscription offer goes live on the PlayStation Store on Tuesday 12/8!

  • I’ve been a happy customer of PS Now for a month and can say the games stream flawlessly for me, even over Wi-Fi.
    This new $99.00 a year option is great! This service just keeps getting better and better!

  • Definitely becoming a very good deal. Price of two new games.

    • Thanks Septrelo – we’ll keep on adding new games every month to make this a great deal all year long! Enjoy!

  • That’s a bang up price. If they broke it up in monthly installments then I would hop on it but I just can’t drop $100 clams.

  • I was never going to subscribe to PS Now but this deal is far too good to pass up. I have an OG PS3 (fully backward compatible) and a PS4, plus I have disposable income to buy games that just pique my curiosity whenever I want. Now, what would be the reason to buy older games and cluttering my home when I can just log on and play the hundreds of available titles on multiple systems (PS Vita, PS4, etc.) for this super low price? Great job Sony for offering even more incentives to play in the Playstation ecosystem.

    • Thanks MrTreize78 – glad to hear you’ll be joining our PlayStation Now player community!

      For those who are new to the service, the PlayStation Now subscription works on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, as well as select Sony 2014 and 2015 TVs, select 2014 and 2015 Samsung Smart TVs (just download the PS Now app to get started) and select Sony Blu-ray Disc players. Your PlayStation Now subscription will work across all of these with your PlayStation Network account.

  • Cheaper than Netflix. Impressive, I can see why it’s a limited time offer.

    Think I might bite. I can platinum some LEGO games on PS3 that I’d never buy on PS3 [solely PS4 and Vita for my LEGO action these days], finish up de Blob 2 from my trial. And the last update had a bunch of games I wanted to try out too.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I played LEGO Batman 2 during my free trial, but there wasn’t much else I wanted. Now with all these other LEGO games, it makes for some great multiplayer fun for me and my kid. For $99 a year, I’m in.

    • Thanks Elvick – glad to hear you enjoyed the free trial. We’ll have over 275 games on the service as of Tuesday, and more new additions every month!

  • I’ve been holding off getting in on Playstation Now, I was really thinking about it this past week, now that I bought a new Sony 4k smart tv that has playstation now and google games. And just noticed my samsung tv also has Playstation now.

    With this yearly subscription price I think i’m finally ready to take the plunge.

  • Are you guy thinking about adding PS2 and maybe PS1 games to the PS now as well?

  • Are you goona make it permanent in the future or is it staying as a limited offer

  • I was also wondering when the yearly subscription offer ends?

  • I would subscribe, but last time i had an issue with other members of the family utilizing it from their login id’s. Is it still restricted to only the subscribed user, or can anyone who utilizes the primary ps4 of the home user utilize?

  • I’d love to subscribe as an alternative to buying a PS3! But I’m looking to play Resistance and Killzone, both of which only have their most recent entries on the service…

    Heavenly Sword and Ni No Kuni would be the other two, but it’d be great if it was atleast the other 3 games of those Sony owned series (Killzone and Resistance)…

    • Yes I agree. I am a subscriber and I love it, but I would definitely like to see the full trilogy for killzone and resistance. I cant play Resistance 3 because I never played 2.

      Also, Heavenly Sword and Ni No Kuni would be awesome! To add to that, bring back MGS4, FFXIII, and Beyond Two Souls!

  • A few things I need to say as a consumer.

    First the price while it truly is acceptable what if you were just getting a ps4 that’s $50 for plus and $100 for NOW would you want to drop $150 cash in one day probably not.

    Second I and many others want a subcription model just for streaming ps3 content we own digitally. This is the idea way to get Sony fans into the program. Sure it would take alot of work but either do it right or don’t do it at all. Plus as an added benefit we would buy more ps3 games when they go on sale. Yakuza 5 for example I won’t buy on ps3 but I’d love to stream it on NOW . Figure something out.

    Third fix your pricing models all rental prices should be the same and need to come down. Your subcription pricing structure also needs adjusting permanently add the $100 price at least.

    Finally make sure anyone on the primary system can use NOW its silly they can’t but can use ps4 games.

  • Great price! For personal reasons, I can’t sign up right now, but I would definitely jump on it, if I could.

  • Saw “9 new games from WB”, came in here expecting San Francisco Rush 2049 Special Edition since WB has the rights to that game, left disappointed.

    Come on guys, pixel perfect arcade port of Rush 2049 SE, make me happy.

  • It says limited. Are you guys definitive with deadline yet? Will it be posted soon? Pr not clear yet?

  • Dear PlayStation the ps now rental prices need 2 change to 1.99 for 2 day rental instead of 4 hours and 3.99 -7days THATS IT the other prices are reasonable but the first to not so much I feel at that price range i would be more willing to do a purchase in psn store you would also compete with redbox and other rental services

  • Limited-time only?…..hmm.

  • This is awesome! I was pretty happy with my trial of PS Now while playing Bioshock Infinite a few months ago – our Ethernet connection is decent, but I noticed a bit of lag. (Still playable!)

    $99 for a year though?! That’s a great deal. I’m sure that in a year from now, Internet connection speed will have advanced so much that it streams PS Now seamlessly.

    Count me in on Tuesday!!

    • Hi MikeyGunz0 – glad to hear you enjoyed playing BioShock Infinite. As you may have seen, we just added BioShock 1 & 2 and Borderlands 1 and 2 last week. Glad to hear that you’ll be joining our PlayStation Now player community soon! Cheers!

  • Games purchased digitally, from PSP to PS3, should be automatically free to play on PSNow.
    Also, PS Plus Instant Game Collection should either stop and deeply discount the PSNow, OR, improve their quality of PS4 games. Knock down PS Vita and PS3 games to at least one per month.

  • Great deal, I actually think it was one of the news highlights of PS Experience 2015, PS Now & chill everyday, cause video games are my tv.

    • Thanks gaborj – there was so many great announcements at PlayStation Experience, glad to hear you consider our news as one of the highlights.

  • Is this tied to the user, or the console like a primary account?
    If I purchase with my user, can my gf play whit her account and get her trophies and saver or she has to user my user?

  • I’m in Western Canada and am a current PS Now subscriber on a quarterly basis. I’d love to extend my service to the yearly but there is no option to do so on my VITA, PS3, PS4, or online via the website. This is a big problem for both of us if I want to give you my money, and you want to accept it.

    Suggestions please?

    • OMG…I need to quit drinking. I didn’t read the first line of the article. LMFAO!

    • Hi zN0re – thanks for being a part of our PlayStation Now community. Sounds like you found the answer you were looking for: the 12-Month Subscription will be live on the PlayStation Store starting December 8th. The link is on our to make it easy to find as well. Enjoy!

  • Well I’m glad everyone is so thrilled with $99.00 dollars a year. That’s sarcasm. It’s a 100% jump, dopes. And it sucks.

  • I am a current 3 month subscriber and I cancelled my auto renew a month ago. After seeing this price model, I will renew for the additional 12 months. Sony, do yourselves a favor and take out the limited time only on this model. Make this the norm please. I have almost done 9 months of psnow and have paid about 150. :(

  • INCREDIBLE! This is a killer price for access to an impressive library! And the rate at which the library is growing makes this all the more enticing! Count me in!

  • I just want to say thank you to Sony for this incredible offer. Could someone from Sony tell us how long this offer will be good for? I just paid my mortgage a few days ago…lol….

    Kind regards,


  • If I subscribe for 12 months will it keep renewing itself for $99 or is it just once and then when the offer is gone you no longer can renew 12 months

  • Great price!! Should make it permanent.
    Keep the high quality games coming to the service!

    Any word on bringing the service to more devices? PS Vue just went to Amazon devices and Google Chromecast.

  • There should be a “bundle” for services like Plus+Now with special pricing, even PS Now being a service that can be used without products that benefit from Plus such as TVs. I’d pay around $140 a year for a full ps account services!

  • Add Nino kinu!! and I’m in

  • While this pricing is very good; there is still a huge roadblock for me signing up again: Lack of DLC for most games.

    Now works great with my network connection; and I paid for a three month subscription. But I became constantly frustrated by lack of DLC and decided to drop my subscription after 3 months.

    Example: Warhawk Without the DLC (additional maps, weapons, and game modes) the game is significantly less fun.

    Has the DLC situation improved? Any games served out on Now should really have their full set of core DLC included.

  • Uuummm $150 a year for plus and now? No thanks. MAYBE $100 for both.

  • I’m in for $99 a year. Should be a permanent deal though.

    I think it would be much better if there was a 3 month price plan ($29.99), a 6 month price plan ($54.99) and the $99 a year price plan.

  • @ James Martin:
    Is that 275 games on the subscription service model for $99 bucks?

    • HI OStonebenotSO – the PlayStation Now Subscription 12-Month promotional price is $99.99 and currently includes 268 games …. but when the 9 new WB Games are added on Tuesday 12/8, yes then we’ll have 275+ games. Onward & upward!

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