PlayStation Experience 2015: Keynote Wrap-Up

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PlayStation Experience 2015: Keynote Wrap-Up

We’ve concluded the keynote of our second annual PlayStation Experience! Thousands of attendees have traveled from across the globe to join us in San Francisco – with even more watching online. Before I get into the amazing games, I want to extend a huge thank you to PlayStation fans everywhere. Without your passion and support, we would not be able to put on an event like PlayStation Experience, and we are grateful for each and every one of you. It has never been a better time to be a gamer and, as we demonstrated today, PlayStation is truly the best place to play.

Speaking of playing, let’s get to some games! We kicked off this week with the beta for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, so it was only fitting that we started the keynote with PlayStation’s favorite wise-cracking treasure hunter Nathan Drake.

Gearbox Software is making PlayStation 4 the first place players can play Battleborn, with early access to their beta. And players who play the beta on PS4 will get a special hero for free!

After announcing Street Fighter V at last years’ PlayStation Experience, Capcom has joined us this year for the finale of the Capcom Pro Tour on Sunday from 10am-10pm. Capcom didn’t arrive alone. However, they brought a new contestant to introduce to the world – F.A.N.G.

One word we like to use to describe the catalog of PlayStation games is variety. Action arcade games like Dead Star from Armature Studio, the collection of new games developed by Adult Swim, and Zodiac making its debut on PS4 and PSVita just scratch the surface of the unexpected games coming to PlayStation. For instance, our new partner, Stormcloud Games are tapping into their childhoods with the development of Brut@l.

The best baseball franchise from our very own San Diego Studio is looking to hit it out of the park once again this March with MLB 16: The Show.

With the launch of PlayStation VR in 2016, PlayStation will continue to evolve how you play games. Over thirty playable demos are on the floor at PlayStation Experience this year, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming. During today’s keynote, we unveiled exciting new titles in the works for PlayStation VR including Eagle Flight from Ubisoft, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. from Sony Santa Monica, 100ft Robot Golf from No Goblin, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin from Double Fine, Rez Infinite, Ace Combat 7 from Namco Bandai, and Golem – the first game from Highwire Games and a PlayStation VR exclusive.

In other playable news, the owners of Destiny: The Taken King will be treated to a new event coming this Tuesday – Sparrow Racing League.

We also took a look at two new PS4 exclusives. The first, Hob, comes from Runic Games the makers of Torchlight.

And closing out the show, Epic Games gave us a deeper look at what they are calling a “MOBA-ass MOBA”, Paragon.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog throughout the weekend as we stream panels and interviews, release new content, and let you know about deep discounts on PlayStation Store.

More PlayStation News from PlayStation Experience 2015

PlayStation Experience 2015: Keynote Wrap-Up

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Epic Games Brings Paragon to PS4 in 2016

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Unveiled for PS4

Ratchet & Clank Launches for PS4 on April 12th, 2016

Sparrow Racing League Coming to Destiny: The Taken King on Dec. 8th

Rez Infinite Revealed for PlayStation VR

Hitman Beta Begins February 12th, 2016 on PS4

Hob: A Beautiful, Dangerous World from the Torchlight Team

MLB The Show 16 Launches March 29th, 2016 on PS4, PS3

Don’t Starve Together Revealed for PS4

Golem from Highwire Games is a PlayStation VR Exclusive

Final Fantasy VII Remake Details, Original Launches Today on PS4

Job Simulator Confirmed for PlayStation VR

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Revealed for PlayStation VR

Welcome to 100ft Robot Golf, Coming to PS4 Next Year

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PS Now: 12-Month Subscription for $99.99, 9 New Games from WB

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  • For how longv Bastion will be at that price?

  • Great wrap-up Shawn, and a lot of great announcements throughout the keynote. I’m so glad PSX is becoming an annual tradition, now. After that presentation though the #1 question still on my mind right now is… what’s the scoop with your Crash Bandicoot t-shirt? :-)


  • This was much more of a PS4 Experience than last year. Shame.

  • Man was hoping to at least hear about a new First Party game. Some fun announcements, but nothing that really got my blood pumping outside of FF7. Golem, Battleborn, and Paragon look interesting.

    It was also nice to see Dr. Marks back on stage again, but it felt like he was struggling a bit with his AI demo. Perhaps more polish time would have been nice. Demo was cool, but it was hard to get a sense of what was going on (VR I get this is a problem), I think it mostly boils down to all the technical distractions.

    So this year was ok. I would be lying if I said I was impressed.

    Also dialog paths for Uncharted 4? Who’s dumb idea was that? This isn’t Mass Effect.

  • I have to admit, the conference was pretty disappointing. Not a single racing game (where’s Gran Turismo Sport?) or a First Person Shooter. I’m happy for everyone that loves RPJs and MMOs, but those aren’t my thing. Greatness awaits, I guess :(

    • What MMO was announced?

      I don’t know why you’re expecting giant huge announcements at PSX. This is the time to showcase stuff that wasn’t ready for E3, or stuff that needs some breathing room away from E3.

  • Sadly no news about Last Guardian, God of War, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy 15…

  • I’m usually Mr. Positive on here but I have to say I’m very disappointed. The new games announced do nothing for me. FF VII remake looks bad, Sparrow racing league is not what’s going to bring me back to Destiny, and I think I was just convinced against getting PlayStation VR. Was really hoping for at least a couple AAA announcements and some no man’s sky and Gran Tourismo for VR. Still looking forward to many games next year, but this show was a bust in my opinion.

  • By far, one of the worst conferences i have seen. Only Ni No Kuni 2 was good.
    What a huge disappointment this was. Nothing good or big, a lot of filler, indies and forcing a lot of VR “in your face!” thats just gonna be a gimmick, expensive gimmick.
    I got hope when i saw U 4 trailer but damn… this was so bad. What were they thinking? If you dont have big stuff to announce, then don’t make this type of conferences. Sony keeps dropping the ball.

    • Isn’t PSX about giving the chance for players to play games that aren’t out yet? I don’t understand how and why some people thought it was exclusively about the keynote. They didn’t do the conference to announce games, there are a ton of different and bigger conferences for that. They did it as a way for gamers to play games and participate in the community. There are 100s of playable games on the show floor, there are tons of panels, and there’s even a capcom cup. Seriously, from my point of view, this is just another case of entitled gamers getting disappointed for expecting something completely different than what was actually promised.

    • Every conference has it’s own purpose.

      GDC is about developers sharing ideas. Thus why it’s called Game Developer’s Conference.

      E3 is about big announcements and setting the pace for the year, and expectations.

      PSX is about giving breathing room to smaller titles that make Playstation the brand that killed it in the PS2 Era, did strong last generation, and is outselling the competition combined this gen. PSX is for giving breathing room to smaller titles that would get lost in obscurity during E3 amidst the 50+ million dollar budget title anouncements.

      You can’t just assume every single keynote is going to be Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII remake, Last Guardian, etc…

      You can only have so many of those announcements.

    • So last year we got to see the first footage of uncharted 4, Drawn to Death was announced, street fighter 5 was announced as a PS exclusive, FF VII was announced as the first ps one game I can play in the PS for, EA gave away three games for free, and the first two suikiden games (and four other new games) were announced for vita. It was awesome.

  • Not bad but I really wanted Demon Souls Remastered for PS4. Please make it happen Sony & From Soft it’s a PS3 exclusive so I can’t see why this can’t be done.

  • If you have a link up there for the Final Fantasy 7 trailer, I didn’t see it. I did check it out on another site though.

    I must say. That if the game is just as good as what was shown, I do not think I will be dissappointed.

    Not desperate enough to risk the serious trouble you would get into, for taking your Father’s credit card (only time) to buy a PS1 and a $50 game. But definitely enough to perk up my spirit.

    Anyway, thanks Dad… meant quite a lot to me. And you too, developers at Squaresoft.

    And you Sony. Not sure how the Fate series is going to turn out, but if I hadn’t picked up that PSP game, I might have never gotten the pleasure of watching it.

    – Archer
    ” I had no dream that went unfulfilled. I accomplished my dream, died, and became a Heroic Spirit. I have no wish, that I need granted. “

  • Keynote recap: Sony continues to give us crappy games that nobody wants like garbage call of duty exclusive 1 month DLC, robot golf, fat princess or a bird pooping simulator yet wont release a SOCOM 1-2 remaster.

    • You call them out for giving us crappy games that nobody wants, yet you’re championing a SOCOM remaster. I hope you’re able to see the irony in this.

    • Sir-Gild0 the PS2 game announcement has over 1600 comments with the top 3 games I saw being 2 Dragon Ball Z games, and the Socom community going crazy.

      You will lose the argument that no one wants a Socom remaster. That community is rabid and they will bite your hand off if you try to flip them off.

    • sir gild0 i suggest you check twitter for the #buildingthelist hashtag and see what game dominates that. or go to the ps blog poll website and see what poll is #1 for most wanted game

      the fact that they keep releasing games that nobody except welfares like you want and ignore the socom community is the reason why we are getting stupid crap like robot golf and bird poop vr simulator.

    • + dizeeStL
      First, I suggest you reread that last paragraph. It’s a bit ridiculous and you were arguing in circles. Second, I acknowledge that the there is an audience, but most of that audience are already diehard fans of SOCOM. Don’t sugarcoat it man. SOCOM was never that popular compared to other games of its time, and SOCOM was never critically acclaimed as well. You couple that with the obvious obligation to expend extra resources for servers, since the community is mainly craving for its multiplayer, then it becomes a very gloom prospect. Also, I’ve always believed that part of why Sony remasters games in the first place is the prospect of additional fans. For reasons I’ve already mentioned above, not very critically acclaimed and niche community, this prospect doesn’t seem too bright for a series like SOCOM. Don’t take it the wrong way, although you kind of already did, I didn’t really mean to badmouth the game. I only really meant to badmouth you. Okay? :D

  • “PlayStation Experience 2015” they said.
    More like multiplat experience 2015.
    Sony, since when will you realize that you’re no longer “the best place to play” like the PS2 era ? Time changed, now most people playing on PC, not console. So in order to sell this systems, you MUST SHOW US EXCLUSIVES!
    it’s pretty sad tbh, since there are like tons and tons of PlayStation exclusives that are on top of my head right now, YET YOU DIDN’T SHOW IT !!!!!

    • It’s called experience because you’re supposed to experience it or, in other words, play it. That was the whole point and focus of the event bro.

    • First off PC is still not beating console game sales on any new titles period. Sorry if that comes as a shocker to you.

      Secondly. King of Fighters XIV is on so many other platforms. Along with Uncharted 4, Fat Princess, Yakuza 5 and Yakuza 0. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to Playstation 4 first and we have no idea really after that. We can assume Xbox One and PC more than likely. Yes multiplatform games get mentioned, they do that even with PC most of the time lately. However PC is not really stealing console sales. In fact it has been a tug of war with companies to try and push PC and then falling back and then pushing again and falling back. Like Overwatch for example.

      Now there are plenty of games I wish would get more talk. Like Nitro+ Blasterz, Guilty Gear Xrd next installment, Star Ocean V (but that does have people talking), Gran Tourismo Sport, heck Tekken 7 again. I mean I believe Y’s 8 is also still supposed to release next year.

      Though I got some exciting information with the King of Fighters XIV having a 50 character roster and a new play mode. Too each their own I guess.

    • “First off PC is still not beating console game sales on any new titles period. Sorry if that comes as a shocker to you.”

      Please tell me your joking…

    • That is no joke. The only thing PC manages to sell more of is indies. Most people still buy PC for purposes other than entertainment. The average PC/Laptop people tend to buy are not even meant for gaming in general. The ones who tend to buy or build their own are in general repeat customers who have done so in the past. Steam’s success is based mostly on indies which is usually alongside console.

  • I was at drill so couldn’t watch much of it but had to sneak away to check out the FF7 trailer. Sat down tonight to look at the recap and I’m pleased with what has been announced. At the end of the day i’m stuck considering downloading Dark Cloud for PS2 on PS4 or getting the FF7 port before the remake comes out. I’m happy to be a PlayStation Gamer with so many options. Thank you Sony. I see you’re holding out on us though, That’s okay, you’re waiting for other stages. That’s okay with me. Keep polishing.

  • I get the feeling that the people here expressing disappointment are those watching from home.

    Here are my honest thoughts as someone who couldn’t attend and watched instead.

    Games and things I wanted to see weren’t shown. However, the things they did show were good and fun looking.

    VR demos were bad from an observer perspective. They really should have just mentioned the games that they demoed I stage and said the were available in the showfloor (which they most likely were). VR don’t demo well, it’s something you need to experience to get the full effect and right idea of what it really is. Demoing it like they did was just a waste of time.

    The games shown, otherwise, were good. Most of them I liked, few I didn’t care for but know others will like.

    Nino Kini, NiOh, FF7, Uncharted, the slew of Indies were the highlights for me. There were one too many moves for my taste. The gearbox one looks like the standout to me because it kind of resembles borderlands.

    I would have liked to see the new gow game and secretly hoped for a no man’s sky beta to be announced, but you can’t win them all i guess.

    The conference was far from dissapointing as someentioned, I’m my opinion of course.

  • Shawn, no one is laughing at your Crash Bandicoot trolling. Stop it right now.

  • Make these games playable on Vita too and I might buy them……again.

  • What an amazing show! There we so many great games, it truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer! Ni No Kuni 2 was the killer announcement for me, but it was far from the only title that I was gob-smacked to see. Hob is right up my alley — I’m really excited about this title! Golem looks like it will be incredible VR adventure. Ace Combat 7 is a DREAM, and will be an incredible experience in VR. And Paragon looks like it will be really fun — I may have to hop into this MOBA! I know there are tons of titles that I’m leaving out, its incredible that there was so much content.

    Aside from that, it was wonderful seeing more footage of Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, and some gameplay of Final Fantasy VII!!!

    And PS Now for $99/yr? Incredible!

    Outstanding show! Great work, all!

  • Ni No Kuni 2! So excited… what an awesome surprise! Highlight of the keynote, for me.

  • From the looks of it, overall another mediocre and disappointing showing. Glad I decided not to waste my time with it.

    • Unfortunately for me I wasted 2 hours of my life watching it. I think they should of cancelled the show this year,they had nothing truly remarkable to show. When Street Fighter 5 came on stage I thought GOD NOOOOOO!

      If I was asked to rate the show I would score it 4/10,reason being,the games they did show would not cater for evey gamer. Looking at the audience reactions said it all,they looked bored to me,like they’ve seen it all before.

  • I wasn’t impressed by the show at all. Sony never even mentioned no details about the ps2 emulation at all. People want to play there old ps2 discs on ps4,if sony makes this happen they would literary sell millions more ps4’s.

    No mention on The Last Guardian at all. I highly doubt that the game will release in 2016,otherwise PlayStation Experience would of been the best place to showcase it.

    No mention on the new Sony Bend game.

    I was expecting some big reveals,but was given nothing. Honestly what they showed was nothing special. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Great keynote, I get it announce smaller games that are playable and leave the AAA for e3

    But my god I feel sorry for that woman whom came out after Shawn, she was sent out there to die with nothing to Say( cod championship that was live at the same time as the keynote really? Battlefront whole bunch of nothing)
    And that vr demo should have never made to stage that was a not the way to gather interest in vr.

    But good show other than those two segments.

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