MLB The Show 16 Launches March 29th, 2016 on PS4, PS3

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MLB The Show 16 Launches March 29th, 2016 on PS4, PS3

The 2015 MLB season just wrapped up with the Kansas City Royals taking (back) The Crown, but we’re not ready to stop talking baseball here at PlayStation. Our team in San Diego is hard at work making next year’s edition of The Show our best console baseball experience ever. We’re proud to announce that MLB The Show 16 will launch on PS4 and PS3 on March 29th, 2016!

We kicked off 2016 at PlayStation Experience, where we gave fans a first look at what’s coming to next year’s game. In MLB The Show 16, you’ll experience baseball’s most epic moments like never before with ShowTime. Using ShowTime, you can slow down critical moments for maximum control. ShowTime offers gamers a powerful new tool to help them excel in those big baseball moments.

You’ll be able to make diving plays, react at the hot corner, and step up for a clutch at bat with finer and more focused control.

MLB The Show 16, Image 01

We’ve also made the Road to the Show experience more personalized and rewarding in 2016. A revamped training system gives you the chance to unlock Gameplay Perks as you work your way through Road To The Show (PS4 only). You can also expect a more streamlined Road To the Show experience, as a new paradigm for base-running and fielding opportunities will maximize the time you spend in situations that matter. And for the first time ever in the MLB The Show franchise, you can play an entire series of Road To The Show games without ever having to navigate the main menu between games.

We’re also ecstatic to announce our Cover Athlete for 2016: Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays! Josh had a monster year in 2015, winning the American League MVP along with the MLB Players Association’s Player of the Year award and the AL Outstanding Player award. He also set a new record for most votes ever received for an All Star Game performance. Now Josh can add being on the cover of MLB The Show to his laundry list of accomplishments. Josh is also the first MLB The Show Cover Athlete to grace both the US and CA cover. We’re excited to have such a dynamic player represent The Show in 2016.

MLB The Show 16, Image 03

Finally, we’re excited to announce that PS4 pre-orders for MLB The Show 16 are now live! Those who pre-order the game will receive 10 bonus standard-item packs and a MLB The Show Player Rep Rookie Card when you pick-up or download the game. Those who pre-order at GameStop (or EB Games in Canada) will additionally receive five bonus item packs and those who pre order on the PS Store will receive three exclusive MLB The Show-themed PS4 Avatars (in addition to their 10 item packs and Rookie Card). Here’s a handy list below for how and where to pre-order:

MLB The Show 16 MVP Edition

Last year we released a limited 10th Anniversary Edition, and the feedback was so positive that we decided to craft a new MVP Edition for our fans this year. Priced at $69.99 ($89.99 in Canada), the MVP Edition contains more than $135 in content. It’s available for pre-order at retail and on the PlayStation Store now!

  • Limited Edition Steel Book and Packaging ($5.00 Value) – for physical version only
  • 5,000 Stubs ($5.00 value)
  • 1 Sponsor Pack ($5.00 value)
  • 10 Standard Packs ($10.00 total value)
  • 31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars ($31.00 total value)
  • 1 Opening Day Pack ($25.00 value)

MLB The Show 16 Digital Deluxe Edition

For our Hardcore Diamond Dynasty and Road To The Show fans, we created a digital edition exclusive to PlayStation Store! The Digital Deluxe Edition is $99.99 ($119.99 in Canada) and it includes more than $200 in content, making it a must-have for the most dedicated fans of the Show.

  • 11,000 Stubs ($10.00 value)
  • 1 Sponsor Pack ($5.00 value)
  • 20 Standard Packs ($20.00 total value)
  • 31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars ($31.00 total value)
  • 3 Opening Day Packs ($75.00 value)

We’re so excited about all the new improvements to MLB The Show 16 that we are counting days until March 29th! In the meantime we’ll be sending out news and updates on The Show Nation and through our Twitter and Facebook accounts all off-season, so make sure to follow us to join the conversation.

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  • First year without the Vita edition.

    Enjoyed MLB 15 and 14 for the Vita.

  • RIP Vita version

  • I am always excited for the yearly MLB The Show release. It is severely disappointing that you have abandoned the Vita. Especially with no statement about dropping Vita support

  • Ah man, no Vita version :( … MLB the Show was the entire reason I got a Vita to start with!

  • Reconsider the vita edition this year again please. This was the only legit game on vita! :/

  • No reason for me to keep the Vita now. No current sports games makes it a dead system to me. Time to trade it for some PS4 accessories… Sad.

  • You guys make a great baseball game every year. Thank you so much for that. These new features look great, but I was wondering if you guys were just going to provide more detail on them later, or are there more features that have not been shown?

  • “Josh is also the first MLB The Show Cover Athlete to grace both the US and CA cover”

    That’s not really true. You guys only started doing the separate covers in 2012 I believe, so up until then, they were the same here as they were in the US.

  • No Vita? What!?

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have legendary teams.

  • Are you kidding me?! Not even a digital legacy edition for the vita?! Pathetic.

  • The only way I will care about this game is if for the first time ever when it launched all the ONLINE FEATURES actually worked at launch. I could not get a online game started for the first month for the last game and this is the first game I ever bought to specifically play online.

  • I’m sorry but i am not going to be buying this. Without a vita version to continue my rtts game when i am away there is no point as i don’t play this game often enough in front of a tv. Sorry sony you lost 2 sales from me a vita version and a ps4 copy.

  • Any legendary teams or stadiums coming to this year’s game? I’d definitely pay extra for 6-12 stadiums via DLC.

  • I really hope you guys add a Live Season mode this year. I really want to follow along with my Astros day to day, but I don’t want to have to deal with manual roster editing and such.

  • Where is the PS3 bonuses? We dont even get a Pre- order bonus . Same as last year come on…

  • Instead of these new modes y’all are adding. How about…
    Better and smoother gameplay- players don’t get stuck in animations, they catch fly balls right to them, and infielders field ground balls smoothly with the throw.
    Let’s get more uniform options for each team. Now that the Dbacks have 8 uniforms… They should all be in the game. Along with every other teams uniforms and their throwbacks.
    A deeper franchise mode, true to life like running a real MLB team. Being able to re locate to a new city or re brand the team. Contract signings and salaries actually have value.
    And being able to create our own stadium.
    I love the game, always have. But this could easily be the best sports game if y’all went in with the same approach 2K takes with the basketball games. Instead of looking at all the new modes that will only be around for a few years. Let’s get better gameplay and deeper modes and new features from what we already have.

  • Add the newest updated equipment and throwback equip, also you should make rtts more of a more interesting feature with more actions ,tattoos, and hair styles that actually move. I would also like so that if you actually use your salary money and it means something like in endorsements, advertising, and own brand. MOST OF ALL THE UNIFORMS should be more optional like tight shirt, loose and big, pants…. Should think about graphics gloves and they actually something. THANK YOU!!! USING THESE FEATURE WILL MAKE YOUR SELLS GO UP AND GAME BETTER FOR FUTURE YEARS.

  • I think the franchise mode should be like you can move cities because THE SHOW is being left behind by every game that uses franchise try to put baseball cites and also majors cites. Franchise is not that much interesting its like plaw now mode it should be about recruiting the making players into stars

    • I agree. They need a deeper franchise mode. I want to be able to relocate teams, build a stadium, adjust prices and etc. Basically, I want everything that can be done in NBA 2k16. They also need to freshen up RTTS.

  • Hey gang, is it confirmed that there will not be a Vita port?

    • Yeah, they’ve confirmed it in Twitter replies. Sad indeed. I played the vita version a lot less this year but that’s still accounting for nearly 100 hours of playtime.

  • Been playing the show on the my Playstation 4. Looking forward to MLB 16 the show. I hope these deeper play modes play off this upcoming year. I have Vita too. I hope Sony doesn’t give up on Vita. I would love to see more games on that system in the long haul. Great Video MLB Show Crew. Looking forward to more stuff soon enough. I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

  • I’m going to add to the pike here and ask about the Vita version. If there is no new game can we at least buy a roster update for MLB 15 and continue to use cross saves with the console versions?

  • I’d love a create a team option to replace a real life team by city or country and nickname and also a create a stadium option similar to what MVP 07 Baseball had. Even the ability to create a sandlot stadium with different backgrounds (forests, city, or village backgrounds).

  • My favorite game on the PS4 by far. Like a few people have already said, it would be nice if The Show 16 makes RTTS more interesting by letting you spend your salary and receive endorsements similar to NBA 2k.

  • i hope you guys add back rivarly mode. it was so fun playing with my siblings and keeping track of our stats. and if you can make it online mode rivarly would be even better.

  • Also please bring back sounds of the show, pure analog stride, and Playstation Move support.

  • Pretty excited for this.. Would love to see the sounds of the show come back.

  • MLB The Show 16: Wish List by H.B. (fairplayleagues)

    These are not in most important order first, But hopefully all get looked into and not ignored.

    1. We need full editing capabilities in the online franchise such as being able to edit players jersey numbers,changing there position, making a SP a RP or vice versa. I am not asking neccsssarily to edit ratings on players in the online franchise the ratings can stay grayed out still , but all the other things that we need to be able to edit is a must in any online franchise.

    • 2. We need the ability to export and import players into MLB 16 that were on previous MLB THE SHOW GAMES, this I mean real actual MLB players not the created ones as we are already able to do this with those. This has been an issue when accidentally a real MLB player has been imported over and no way to get him back other than recreated them. Would like to see in MLB 16 all players on this game also available to export and import. I know that SCEA developers enjoy puting themselves into the game at launch so why not let us export these players and change them into look alike MLB players missing from the game? This would really help creating missing minor leaguers as well. As a roster creator myself one of the hardest faces to do are the ASIAN/JAPAN faces and I know there have been some asian/japan developer faces added to the game in recent years this would allow us to turn that developer face into a real MLB player.

  • 3. Would like to see player profile pictures change based off of espn, fox sports or player profile picture. This way when in real life there traded there photo will change for that team, as in real life usually these websites have the players photo updates within 24 hrs. This would work for people who dont keep rosters updated but many of us who enjoy doing this it would look realistic.

    • 4. We need WEATHER added. Weather is a big part of baseball. Would like to see it automatically change in the game as if its cold see the fog from players mouth when breathing, have dirt look wet from rain, and some type fog rain delays. Maybe tie in into the game and whatever city the home team is in is the actual weather for that day? If a game starts cloudy then later on as game goes along just let it start raining on its own. The weather should effect the pitchers command and the batters swings as it does in real life.

  • 5. Baserunning meeds to be revamped from the ground up making the reaction and controls feel more fluid instead of the players feeling lazy and baserunning buttons issues occuring. Most of the time the buttons are delayed and not very repsonisve causing baserunning errors ending in outs. The controls need to be more responsive and player models reacting to the controls smoother.

    • 6. VERY IMPORTANT! Please bring back when your playing online especially in online frnachise games human vs. human that we see exaclty the same thing on our screen as there seeing on theres. In MLB 14 & MLB 15 the animations were completely off as I played several games with a good friend and we never seen the same thing on his or my tv screen. In MLB 11,12, and 13 this worked like it should please bring it back.

  • 7. When creating a player the name input should allow us to create these long names now in basbeall. The number for last names at least should be 15 letters.

    • 8. I have asked for this for a few years now but can you please add API (CATCHER CALL) as an option for human vs human games? It currently is there for human vs CPU now but would like to be able to use this in head to head games as well. Maybe add Inside edge to the Cather’s call based off the past 3 seasons.

  • 9. In the online franchise would like to to see the actual real MLB schedule including real off days. In MLB 14 & MLB 15 the MLB schedule was added but the days and dates did not match up. Would like to seee actual game start times included and maybe added on the schedule screen withing the square for that date. What about adding additional year schedules for people who like to use previous seasons or historic rosters?

    • 10. The online franchise needs the 40 man roster added, player options added, waiver wire and the rule 5 draft in June.

  • 11. SLIDERS – We need a catcher throw speed and maybe accuracy of there throw slider. Same goes for arm strength slider needs to be seperate slider for infield, outfield and catcher arm strength and a separate reaction slider for infield, outfield and catcher.

    • 12. We need a complete transaction log for the online franchise. In MLB 14 & MLB 15 the only transaction that would show in the event log was when a player you traded or you signed a free agent or released a player. To help the commissioner a full transaction log would help prevent league owners from sending guys down or calling guys up on a daily basis without the commissioner knowing or approval. The full transaction log would keep things honest.

  • 13. The commissioner for online franchises need more flexibility when it comes to fixing teams in the online franchise when you happen to get a bad owner who decides to release players into the free agency and quits league. In MLB 15 there were some bad owners in leagues that did this leaving the commissioner noway fixing and getting team back to its original state. With salary cap issues, amount of money to spend to sign players etc made it really tough to sign the players released back. Maybe give the commissioner only a way to over ride transactions, signing players back at no cost?

    • 14. We need to be able to see the player card of players were placing into our lineup to see what there backup positions are this is at the beginning of a game like online, online franchise etc…all head to head games.

  • 15. COLLISIONS? There were many injuries last year due to collisions. When asked before about having this added I think I was told baseball not a contact sport? Injuries do happen in baseball and when players collide. In another baseball game in 2007 there was an option to call of the other fielders near.

    • 16. Broadcast Mode in Online Leagues. Please add back the BROADCAST mode online I love this game as many other onliners do and I want to see all the presentation this game has to offer without having to just play offline. Give us some kind of option for individuals who don’t want the presentation and they can skip through it. I only play this game online. I never played a season, offline franchise, road to the show, diamond dynasty etc.


    (a) Able to Export & Import real players onto any roster.
    (b) Able to edit service time, age, height and weight on real players.
    (c) Able to add service time on edit player screen.

    * No more yellow bars on edit player screen. Can you please make it numbers like the rest of the options?

    • * Please add more hair styles and options to have light brown or blonde hair, medium dark brown and medium blonde, Dark brown and blonde etc? same needs to be added for eyebrow and facial hair colors.

      * It’s time for a way to keep players on MLB level photos updated, either photoshop or link them with each player having a photo ID to a sports website like, espn, fox sports etc so when a player gets traded, signed etc his new player photo will be for that team. usually has this updated instantly and we finally need this on MLB 16.

      ** Websites like, espn, foxsports keeps players updated on the fly. If there is someway to be able to link the real MLB 16 players to one of these websites there photo would u[date automatically. For the people like myself who enjoy keeping there rosters updated to real life this would be huge. For people who don’t care or do drafts then it wouldn’t affect them or there roster.

  • The reason I have a VITA not coming to it anymore? WTF? sony??

  • Do the Diamond Dynasty teams carry over from last season, or do we have to rebuild our team from nothing for this season?

  • I’m glad 16 is going to still be on PS3. Do you guys need beta testers for 16 on the PS3?

  • So sad there will be no Vita release this year. I know for a fact there is a big group of hardcores who loved this game on the Vita. I absolutely love The Show and buy it every year. I loved it last year on the PS4 and my Vita. Such a shame you guys aren’t supporting it anymore. I always looked forward to a new release on the Vita every year.

    Even if you don’t want to develop something new for the Vita you could at least just do a legacy edition with updated rosters. Heck, just release a patch for 15 that would update rosters and reskin the menus to make it look the 16 version. I love my Vita and play it frequently still, and will continue to do so without The Show 16, but darn it’s a bummer no more support from you guys. Hopefully you’ll reconsider. At the very least just do a roster update and reskin menus for 15. A legacy edition would be perfect for the Vita.

  • if this game doesnt have retractable roofs i wont buy. its ridiculous.

  • What about classic stadiums, will there be any for ps4?

  • “31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars ($31.00 total value)”
    Seriously ?!?! 31 tiny little images is worth 31$ ! are you kidding !

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