Final Fantasy VII Remake Details, Original Launches Today on PS4

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Details, Original Launches Today on PS4

The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings.

At PlayStation Experience 2015, we unveiled the very first gameplay teaser of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

They are coming back to Midgar… It’s still early days but we want to show you a glimpse of how the game looks and perhaps more importantly for you guys — how it plays.

There’s a lot of familiar scenes which I’m sure fans of the original Final Fantasy VII will recognize. You see the famous train from the Sector 7 slums, the Sector 1 Mako Reactor, and some of the streets of Midgar, so you get a feel for how you move around throughout Gaia. And how awesome does the Guard Scorpion look now?!

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Image 01

So gameplay is probably what you really wanted to know about since the game’s announcement. The new trailer gave you a glimpse into how Final Fantasy VII Remake will play and you’re probably thinking that it has changed quite a bit. It definitely looks more action oriented and has a real feeling of speed. There’s a lot going on in the trailer so hopefully you managed to pick out all of the details.

I should point out that all of the footage shown of Final Fantasy VII Remake is work in progress footage so the final game may look slightly different to what you saw. Oh, and I’m sure you recognize it but the music featured in the trailer is the “Opening — Bombing Mission” from Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Image 03

Final Fantasy VII is a very special game to me and I’m sure it is to a lot of gamers around the world, too. The reaction from fans across the globe when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced at the PlayStation press conference at E3 2015 was unprecedented! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it, so I hope you like what you see in the new trailer. I know I do and I can’t wait to see more.

One other thing that was announced at PlayStation Experience 2015 is that the original version of Final Fantasy VII is available today on PS4 via PlayStation Store! It comes complete with a list of Trophies to earn.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Image 04

Everyone who purchases the game will also receive a static custom Theme, featuring Cloud and the cityscape of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII Remake. I know which game I’ll be playing over the holidays! Let’s see if I can earn the Platinum Trophy before the end of the year!

Remember, you can purchase the original Final Fantasy VII on PS4 today and receive a unique Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 Theme.

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  • Will this be offered as a cross buy for those of us who have purchased the PS3 version or will Sony/Square try and get another bundle of cash from long supporting fans?

    • I meant the Original on PS4 BTW.. I understand the Remake is not the same game.

    • But you don’t realize that the PS4 pc port of FF7 with trophies etc… is a different version of the game from the original PS1 classic?

      Of course it has to be purchased. It’s not like they just re-uploaded the old version

    • The original version (PS1 Classic), the very slight “remaster” (PC port), and the PS4 remake are all separate versions. I sure wish the second was free with the first, though.

    • Idk about all of you, but when I set the new ff7 themeon my ps4 with a 55″ tv, the wallpaper is all blurry!!! Is anyone else getting that? How can I sharpen the image!!??

    • I was voicing my disappointment more than anything.. I get that there are (very) slight differences. It’s just not a very consumer friendly choice.. and since I already own the Steam version (which I can mod to look and run better) I’ll just pass on the PS4 version – just like I did the PS4 release for X/X-2 right after I ended up buying the PS3 version – with no cross buy.

  • English VO was the only negative to an otherwise stellar trailer. Can’t wait for an overworld reveal.

  • Just wanted to know if this is exclusive to Playstation 4 and PC only…? Or will it come to other platforms than those two that I just mentioned now?

    • You can see “Play it first on Playstation 4” at the end of the trailer… So my guess would be time-exclusive to PS4 and then probably PC and X1.

  • No ATB, skipping this.

    Nomura ruined FFVII

    • its very hard for me to accept it too… :(

      what annoys me is that they want to cater the new kids which they will not buy the games anyways…

      this game was asked by the hardcore fans that loved the original… not some CoD kids of today…

    • What i cant stand is that most of the people excited for this remake hated the original because of the combat. Now after years of the original fans wanting a remake and hyping up how much we loved the original SquareEnix finally makes a remake and its not for any of the original fans. They just slapped the Kingdom Hearts combat on this to cater to the new gen of gamers and everyone who hated the original are tripping over themselves to join the hype train.

    • I agree. Not a fan of the new battle system. This game shined largely because of the old style of turn based combat. I know kids today hate that system but like the guy above me said they were not the ones asking for this game to be remade. I personally do not like the new FF games that have come out almost completely because of their battle system.

    • I largely disagree, I know myself and many others (the fans that we are) were hoping for a more evolved version of the game.

      If FF7 remake played and felt like the original but better graphics, I wouldn’t buy it.

      The fact that so much has changed shows it’s a remake and not a remaster.

      I loved FF7 to death, but I will never touch ATB again. Seriously, I’ve played some really fun Turn Based games but that wasn’t one of them. I’m happy to see a new and evolved combat system.

      Slapped on the Kingdom Hearts combat system!? I call BS! Everyone sees realtime gameplay as winey casual gamer nonsense that’s all the same. Real time is just as diversed as any turn based game.

      Things change.

      Also, shame on the call of duty implication. I’ll have you know that I’m terrible at call of duty.

      What’s it with gamers turning down games before they have a chance? Utter nonsense

  • And it was 35% off today! While I would normally be grumpy about paying money for a game I already own, I am so happy with Square Enix for listening to the fans and developing Final Fantasy VII remake so I am happy to support their efforts. You’ve got my 10 dollars today for the PC port which I will play again to get the trophies. The special Theme is a nice bonus too! I would have probably paid $10 just for that :)

  • I think the voice-overs were great, and the new combat looks really fun. Sounded like Steve Burton on Cloud again, and Beau Billingsly as Barret. Definitely still hyped.

  • Now do the same treatment for Final Fantasy VI next. I need to see Terra transform for the first time in CG. Dissidia failed me.

  • Does this REALLY not have the other enhancements and options made in the PC and mobile versions? Yikes, that’s honestly very disappointing and will probably stop me from buying it (again >_>) until this is either further explained or rectified.

  • I have the original cds from years ago and I recently bought the PSOne Classics version to play on PS3/Vita. Do you think it is right to ask me for more money in order to play the same game on a PlayStation console? I understand about a full Remake, that would be a new product but this is a no no situation. Not buying this new release and save my money won’t cut it either as I feel ENTITLED (yes I just used the word) to play that game on any PlayStation system – that was why I paid a second time for a digital licence! Surely I cannot be the only one annoyed by this.

    • While in theory I do agree with you, the game is loaded with trophies, so it isn’t exactly the same as the PSOne Classic. For all we know they tried to create a patch for the original emulation and they couldn’t get it to work. It’s unfortunate, but if it bothers you that much the only way to let them know is to not buy it.

    • If you look at the screenshots in the PS4 Store, you can see that the characters have the graphic enhancements that came with the PC version

    • Hi:
      You’re not the one, Man.

    • Well, at least you know that you’re coming off as a entitled brat. This is a port of the PC version of the game with added trophy support and graphical enhancements. When you bought the original disc and the digital version on PS3 it never entitled you to future versions of the game that had additional work done to them. That digital license you bought was for a different version of the game. Simple as that.

    • They could also make the original games available to those who have already purchased it. They choose to “enhance” It so they can “justify” charging us again. Simple as as that!

      If they currently sell original version for 9.99 and the “enhanced” version increase the price 5.00, why not just offer a FAIR price for a FAIR upgrade?? More money it appears!! Simple as that!

      And not an entitled brat I am afraid, just a PlayStation customer who wants to play his purchased games in newer systems. It is almost 2016, the technology is clearly there for at least PS1 and PS2 games on PS4.

      The only reason they keep doing this sort of stuff is because people like you exist. Lots of blind followers playing videogames nowadays.

    • That’s very arrogant to say. Didn’t you read the “Don’t be a jerk” message from playstation?

      This comment doesn’t merrit a reply

  • Is it just me or does Cloud look a little too weedy looking to be using that Buster sword. They beefed him up a little bit in Advent Children.

  • Best remake of all time.

  • It looks pretty cool, looking forward to it. Finally something good from square enix no more ff13 crap.

  • if they do not keep the combat the same, i am going to rip you to shreds square. STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL

    • Its the Kingdom Hearts battle system. The lead on this is the lead from Kingdom Hearts so he just copied that battle system. Everyone is saying that its new ATB, but the meter fills every time he attacks not over time. I want nothing to do with this since this isnt being designed for the original fans. They just better not touch Final Fantasy 6.

    • All I want is the original Final Fantasy VII with modern HD graphics and voice acting. Leave everything else exactly the same. Don’t “modernize” the combat. Don’t alter a single line of dialogue. If you want to add additional stuff, fine, but don’t cut out anything from the original.

  • *yawn*

    We’ve been told for over 10 years (I think closer to 13) that a remake of FF7 was right around the corner.

    I just don’t care now. Square took too long. I don’t care if it’s finally being worked on. Don’t care that it will come to PS4.

    It needed a remake when it was first released.

    Unless you’re going to send it directly to the $5 shelf, I’m just really not interested anymore.

    • Why feel the need to comment on this if you’re not going to buy it? They never said a remake was right around the corner, so I don’t know where you’re pulling that information from but Square never said that a remake was coming. In fact, it was the opposite for all those years.

      I’m pretty sure Sony/Square could and will make more than $5 off many people who want this remake, they don’t need your $5.

    • When did they (meaning Square or Sony, and not vague internet rumors) every say it was “right around the corner”?

      “It needed a remake when it was first released.”
      ^In what world did a remake make any sense in 1998? The prospect of a remake didn’t even start to make sense until last generation. It wasn’t even worthwhile until technology advanced far enough. What they’re working on now looks way better than anything we would have received on PS2 or 3.

  • This theme is incredible. You guys rock.

  • I originally wasn’t going to buy the original, but in the end I did. I essentially did it to support Square Enix. With the remake coming at some point, I figure they deserve it. However, I didn’t (nor will I) buy any PS2 games. Shame on you Sony, you greedy bas’tards, for charging so much money for games from two generations ago. At least Microsoft doesn’t charge people to play 360 games.

  • Idk about all of you, but when I set the new ff7 themeon my ps4 with a 55″ tv, the wallpaper is all blurry!!! Is anyone else getting that? How can I sharpen the image!!??

  • There is a lock icon next to the theme and it says I need to purchase it from the store? I purchased the game from the link in the blog post as it didn’t pop up from the store end on my PS4. Game is currently downloading, is that why I can’t use the theme yet?

  • This is trailer is awesome I played the original so many times and this game needed a remake. This is one of the best RPG games ever. I hope the combat system does not change too drastically because the original combat system was perfect. If Square is remaking games they should also remake Xenogears that was another great RPG game. Can’t wait to buy this game!

  • I love to see Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fatasy 11 on psn! Please bring them.

  • How I wish there’s a PS vita port… or at least a back compatibility for Final Fantasy type-0.

  • Houu this is looking great,didn’t expected to be honest but if it continues like this then you got a buy confirmed.Although that “play it 1st on PS4” at the end of the video is sad…should be “Only on Playstation” instead.

    Anyway that theme looks boss and FFVII on the Store?…with trophies?….you mean you guys managed to bring a PS1 game to the Store with trophies?…thought that was impossible….does it mean we may get more PS1 games with trophies too?…thats very interesting.

    • It’s a Port of the PC Remaster, since that had achievements for steam probably wasn’t hard to port those over to Sony’s Trophy system.

  • It would be kinda awesome if they also let you play the game in the turned based original style too just for fun. lol

  • As a big FF7 fan and waiting for this since they give us the biggest trolling in 2006…

    The new trailer is all I was hoping for in a remake. with that said… Im sad to see the TBS taken out… and is for the following reasons…

    – Action RPG means Control one charcter at the time.
    – Say good bye to team strategy with Materia cordination
    -Some materias will be rendered Useless or meaning they will be taken out of the game.
    – Fights will probably be determined by reflexes and not on good strategy.
    -they made it like this to cater to new generation of pansies instead of their fans who were asking for this for years…

    Still, so happy to see the first steps of the game!

  • Looking forward to REmake in like 10 years.

  • What does that have to do with ff7?

  • I bought the ps3 port about a year ago and it froze when Sephinroth torches Nibelheim, just like it did over fifteen years ago on the PC port. Reloaded and reloaded and it always just froze when Cloud tried to move through the burning city. Gave up, never got to play much of the game.

    Did they fix that? Just curious because it’s been over 15 years and they didn’t bother to fix a glitch and now I’ve paid for the game twice already. Doesn’t seem like I should be forced to shell out yet more money and take the chance that they didn’t bother fixing the gamebreaking glitch.

  • Hi, the ps4 version in the usa psn store have spanish language in subtitles?

  • It won’t be the same without the combat system…still stoked that it’s coming at all but imo this was only made with partial consideration of the old fans in mind. Nevertheless, really really really looking forward to this.

  • The PS4 theme alone is worth the purchase of the game. Love the theme and its music.

  • I own the PSone game ready but i’m going to re-buy this game again sense its coming with super awesome theme plus i miss playing it. Been playing others games on PSP, PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 for while now to kill some time while i wait for Final Fantasy 15 to come out. Anyway Final Fantasy 7 is why i got into gaming in the first place and why i love Final Fantasy Series so much and other RPG’s games as well. i wouldn’t be here today without Final Fantasy 7, I’m open to other games as well not just RPG’s but Uncharted series as well.

  • I like how alot of people on here are bashing new age gamers because they were brought up on games that aren’t turn based. This game has been asked to be remade originally by fans around the time ff12 was announced or in the making. That being said years later they finally announce it well after the turn based combat is nearly gone (only being in a select few titles now). NOW that being said and the original FF7 being my all time favorite rpg ever I’m glad they are not going back in time. Even changing the story the slightest as I can tell. This game is going to be just as amazing as the original.

  • This is going to be incredible! I’m so excited and now I’m glad they waited to do this on PS4, it’s going to look gorgeous. Also glad the battle system will be more action orientated … and this is coming from someone who played through the original many times.

  • Doesn’t says timed exclusive, only Rise of the Tomb Raider is timed exclusive announced trailers but wait for releases date announced it and maybe play it first on PlayStation then ps vita or pc later. It seems nomura ruined of PlayStation one first party exclusive lol. Like I said just wait for more information.

  • Important question: how long is the sequence for the Knights of the Round summon, and is there a way to skip it.

  • JESSIIIIIIIE! And Biggs! And…sunglasses? And, well, looks like we’re continuing from Crisis Core. Well, if SQEX can be gauged from their track record, we should have a CC-FFVII- port before FFVIIR releases (I mean, c’mon, 2.8?!).

    • Also, I swear, SQEX, if you’ve defaulted the flower girl to “Aeris” again, I’m gonna tear my overly spiked hair. You tripped your chance of avoiding a schism on Steam, so don’t breed dissonance here again! I mean, think of the folks who’d boot up FFVII here first, only to hear “a lisp” when the Remake hits?

  • Shutup and take my money…

  • Cant wait for this game along with kingdom hearts 3 and 2.8 with these three games my life will upgrade about 200%

  • It all looks really good to me i cant wait to play it. Hopefully sometime soon. But i just hope theres subtites cause im deaf and i would love to enjoy the whole game not just gameplay and graphics.

  • bought this game 4 times now, as long as its available on future consoles i will continue to buy it :P is there a way i can buy this 10 more times today? i will lol

  • back in the day i bought multiple hard copies for friends to experience it, obviously i wasnt lending mine out :P

  • I was so excited when it was announced a that I had those bubbly teary feelings… And after I heard the battle system won’t be the same.. What will they do with materia and the combos.. Limits… Items… What made this game unique will be taken away… And if it truly is I probably won’t buy it.. We asked for a remake of ff7 not a new game “like” ff7

  • It cost just under $17, has updated visuals, plays much smoother, and has the ability to speed up time x3 which is quite handy. i think i own about 5 various copies of FF7, its my favourite game and happy to revisit it every couple of years. good value IMO

  • Every time I think you are moving a step foward, you take another one back.

    You really think past digital buyers are going to rebuy the same titles they already bought?

    I don’t care what lame excuses you have, for why it couldn’t have been added to PS3, it just plain isn’t going to happen.

    Trophies would have been nice, but not at the expense of my past loyal customer treatment. What incentive is that?

    Sheesh, you guys / gals literally take the cake, just because you brought a few candles.

  • As a fan who played the original in 1997 and has continued to play/beat the game multiple times through the years, I am thoroughly disappointed seeing what Enix has done to the combat system. You call it “improved”, I call it blasphemy. If I wanted to play an ARPG, I’d have purchased and played Kingdom Hearts.

    I understand turn-based strategy RPG’s don’t cater to the new generation, but it’s not the new generation who wanted this game remade in the first place. Square Enix could have used this opportunity to just improve/add materia, update the graphics, add more end-game content, improve translation, tie in advent children, slap a $60 price tag on the front cover and wait for me to cross rivers/mountains/deserts to go buy it.

    I want to make this very clear to you, Square Enix: You may be able to take a giant dump in a box, call it a remake of one of the best rpgs ever created and sell it to the masses for $60, but my plans to buy a PS4 just to play this game are now officially cancelled.

  • Whatever super box edition that becomes available i will get it. and for all those complaining about battle systems before a game is even close to being finished, just wait for a finished product before you start judging. You don’t know what will be added to the final battle system or if you can switch between systems all together. and although I really want that theme, I only use dynamic I can’t stand a static theme and I still have the original Ps1 version of FF7 and in my eyes that’s the only original version that should be played.

  • I just buy it :) for the theme !! OMG :)
    and bought from Square enix Black Friday Deal : FF13-2 collectors FF13-3 collector FF14 collector FF TYPE-0 collector FF X-X-2 limited on PS4 and collector on ps3 even if I already own ALL these game :D and I will buy EVERYTHING about FF 7 REMAKE AND FF XV :D
    cmon I’m gonna walk a lot in those street :D cant wait

  • I heard the game was coming out on the 30th of this month for playstation 4. Is the game going to be available on the playstation store for purchase and download?

  • Damn Its Really Makes my heart Torn Apart.

    I Really Like Final fantasy 7 Game Play and Stories

    I am thoroughly disappointed seeing what Squarenix has done to the combat system. it just like to see cloud in the Kingdom hearts swing the sword..

  • Graphics look great, aside from Cloud looking a little to slim. I miss the old traditional turnbased gameplay, this new single character style is what ruined FFXIII for me. Let me control my whole party and micro manage their attacks, quit simplifying gameplay for the casual new players, If I wanted Action rpg Id play Kingdom Hearts (Which I will) or any of the other “RPG” games that keep being released. Been waiting for this game for a long time, but I think Ill end up passing due to the changes especially since Im sure they’ll mess with the story.

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