World War Toons Unveils a Symphony of Chaos in New Trailer

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World War Toons Unveils a Symphony of Chaos in New Trailer

World War Toons on PlayStation VR was a huge success at E3, so when we found out that we were going to be showing the game at this year’s PlayStation Experience, we couldn’t wait to show what we’ve been working on.

We weren’t content with just showing a new trailer or unveiling a new character, so we doubled down to also include a new control scheme and level. We’ve been working hard to create a first-person shooter that not only appeals to virtual reality enthusiasts, but remains true to the things FPS fans love.

For the trailer, remember that Reload Studios is comprised of more than just ex-Call of Duty devs; we have veteran animators from Disney and Marvel as well. As we were thinking of creating this trailer, we drew on their talents to create something special that shows what World War Toons is all about and how fun a family-friendly FPS can truly be. It’s got a heavy dose of Looney Tunes and we think you’re gonna love it.

Designing for VR presents its own challenges as well. We realized early on that the traditional FPS controls that utilized both thumb sticks would not work since that’s a surefire recipe for simulation sickness. We’ve tried countless control schemes and have a new one that only uses the left thumb stick in a four-directional movement. This way the controls still feel comfortable for first-person shooter enthusiasts, and most importantly, lets players use strafing movement that’s so important to FPS controls without making you feel sick. It’s true, no fooling.

World War Toons

We’ve stuck to our FPS roots, but aim to find new ways to play old game modes. Our new level, Dread Zepplin, pits enemies against each other in a classic King of the Hill battle, but the catch is that it’s taking place on a massive airborne battleship. Players have to control the point long enough for the cannon to destroy their enemy’s ships. The first team to destroy all 3 enemy ships wins.

Finally, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest character: the Sniper. Armed with an M1 Garand, the Sniper takes aim and obliterates any enemy in his way. The Sniper also comes with an interesting ability designed for VR — when he looks through the scope, he sees his opponents’ heads as cartoonishly hugr! Without risking sim sickness in VR from rapid zooming, this allows him keep his focus on the game around him and make those ever-important headshots.

World War Toons

We’re excited to unveil everything that’s new to World War Toons, and we can’t wait to get the game into your hands. This is just the start of all the exciting things we have planned, so as we like to say at Reload Studios, “Stay Tooned.”

If you have any questions about developing for VR or reinventing the FPS wheel, let us know in the comments below!

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  • It’s so exciting that you guys have seem to have found a way to make FPSs more comfortable in VR! And the game looks like a riot — really, really fun!

    Are there plans for Playstation Move support? This would not only lend to the novelty of having an FPS in VR, but also add a meaningful mechanic that would be impractical to do well on a traditional screen!

    • Pointer controls worked great on the Wii, and that was done on a TV screen. PS Move also worked well on PS3.

    • Same question here: Does it have PS Move support? I feel like we were getting great FPS control from the Wii remote with games like Metroid Prime 3 and MOH Heroes 2, and then Resistance 3 used the Move remote well … but developers turned into big wusses and stopped pushing FPS controls on consoles forward.

    • We actually showed the game with Move support at E3!

  • Outstanding! I have felt increasingly alienated by FPSes as of late, so the approach you’re taking here is a welcome sight and has me really excited :-) That trailer is just incredible too, btw.

    From everything we’ve heard, FPSes and VR don’t mix, so I’m glad you’ve found a formula that seems to work. What other ones did you try and choose to avoid? Best of luck on your launch!

    • We play A LOT of VR games trying to learn what to and not to do. One thing we learned early on is the traditional dual stick controls will make you sick, so we had to think of new controls schemes. We’ve done everything from the “X” button moving you forward to L1 and L2 moving you back and forth. Through trial and error we are happy with our current control scheme which is a 4 directional on the left thumb stick.

      Another thing is the speed of your movement plays a huge factor so we had to make sure our characters move at the right speed to not induce motion sickness.

      Finally we had to take away the hud because if your eyes get distracted you get sick similar to when you read a book in the car. So we’ve had to come up with new ways to inform the user of what the hud tells them. i.e. When you die you turn into an angel and fly up so if you see a bunch of angels that is where the action is. This replaces the mini map.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Wow what a wonderul trailer! The best I’ve seen in recent memory.
    I’ll be pre-ordering PS VR and buy your game when it’s released. Crossing fingers for your success!

  • I think that is the best game trailer I’ve ever seen!!! Hats off to you!!

    One question, will it be available in non-VR??

  • Love Philip Webb’s Soldiers opera music sound Awsome and Brilliant. Good Job guys! Keep up the good work Brother!

  • Sony, I need VITA games, no VR games!!

  • This could be fun. But it’s definitely wrong in so many levels.

  • Game trailer of the year. I’m sold!

  • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $9­5­0­0 w­o­r­k­i­ng 1­2 h­o­u­rs a w­e­ek o­n­l­ine. M­y s­i­s­ter­s f­r­i­e­nd h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­er­a­g­i­ng 1­5­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d s­h­e w­o­r­k­s a­b­o­u­t 2­0 h­o­u­r­s a w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t w­a­s o­n­c­e I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­o…

  • I love the trailer very cute!

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