TGA Sale: Up to 60% Off Game Award Nominees

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TGA Sale: Up to 60% Off Game Award Nominees

Hi everyone! We’re teaming up with The Game Awards to celebrate the best video games of 2015 with sweet deals on TGA nominees. Starting now, pick up some of this year’s most acclaimed titles, from Batman Arkham Knight to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — all for up to 60 percent off.


Head over to PlayStation Store for discounts on Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Destiny: The Taken King, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and more of TGA’s top nominated games. But don’t wait too long, The Game Awards Sale ends December 5, 2015. Check out the full lineup below.

And don’t forget to tune into PlayStation’s Live Events Viewer tonight for all the accolades, world premieres, musical performances and more, streaming live from The Game Awards 2015 at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. Don’t have the Live Events Viewer app? Download now for PS4 or PS3.

Title Platform Sale Price Original Price
PS4 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate $49.79 $59.99
PS4 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition $71.99 $89.99
PS4 Axiom Verge (cross-buy) $13.99 $19.99
PS4 Batman Arkham Knight $37.49 $49.99
PS4 Batman Arkham Knight: Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass $29.99 $39.99
PS4 Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition $62.99 $89.99
PS4 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III $49.79 $59.99
PS4 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III – Digital Deluxe Edition $89.99 $99.99
PS4 Destiny $39.59 $59.99
PS4 Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition $49.59 $79.99
PS4 Life Is Strange Complete Season $10.00 $19.99
PS4 Madden NFL 16 $35.99 $59.99
PS4 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain $44.99 $59.99
PS4 Mortal Kombat X $34.99 $49.99
PS4 NBA 2K16 $47.99 $59.99
PS4 NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition $59.99 $79.99
PS4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle $52.49 $69.99
PS4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Digital Exclusive Bundle $44.99 $59.99
PS4 Rocket League $13.99 $19.99
PS4 Tales From The Borderlands: Tales From The Borderlands – Season Pass $7.50 $14.99
PS4 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited $24.00 $59.99
PS4 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition $32.00 $79.99
PS4 The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition $40.00 $99.99
PS4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $25.00 $49.99
PS4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game + Expansion Pass $48.74 $74.99
PS3 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III $39.49 $49.99
PS3 Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition $49.59 $79.99
PS3 Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition $39.59 $59.99
PS3 Life Is Strange Complete Season $10.00 $19.99
PS3 Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition $35.99 $59.99
PS3 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain $37.49 $49.99
PS3 NBA 2K16 $47.99 $59.99
PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle $44.99 $59.99
PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Digital Exclusive Bundle $37.49 $49.99
PS3 Tales From The Borderlands : Tales From The Borderlands – Season Pass $7.50 $14.99

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  • Hmmm. I may finally pick up Life is Strange and/or the TellTale Borderlands.

    • hehe same here, the only two that got my eyes in saving

    • Yup………… because nothing says gaming, like an interactive movie.

      The Tales games are decently made, and Life is Strange is interesting and good looking, but supporting them makes developers and producers think that they should just make movies and not games.

      Poor choice, especially since almost as much work goes into them, if not more.

    • That’s a rather pessimistic way of looking at it. Maybe people play these kind of games because they offer a better quality story and more intimate character interaction than the typical blockbuster game. And you’re kidding yourself if you think that anywhere near as much money goes into these games as a AAA title. Optimistically, support for these games will inspire developers to place a larger emphasis on story/character (what makes these games tick) into the more gameplay intensive world of current AAA titles.

    • Rezolution you could say the same thing about Journey or any other game that hits you emotionally.

      Did supporting Destiny the Taken King mean you wanted no story in your game worth caring about?

      Clearly not because they added MUCH better story and character personality in the Taken King.

      Is Until Dawn too much of a movie? What about God of War? Where do you draw the line?

      Your argument is fallacious. From a gameplay perspective Heavenly Sword was ok. From a narrative story the game made me glad I bought the PS3 for the first real time. It was the game that made me go “Ok so this isn’t just a wattage heavy PS2, and I am going to get some good experiences out of this”

    • Life is Strange is good so I recommend it

  • What, no discounts on terrible games?

  • I mean, I understand why there are no Vita games on sale, but it still sucks.

  • Another sale without any particularly good deals. Please, another dollar sale!

    Europe’s 12 Deals of Christmas would be cool…

    • Those deals aren’t very good either.

    • Can you just stop being a troll Rez?

      Sony doesn’t make the dang sales. You know who does? Publishers. Sony isn’t the reason Dragon’s Crown goes on sale every 2-4 months Sony isn’t the reason why Riviera the Promised land has been on sale more times than people have bought it (has gone on sale almost every month for like 5 years)

      You want to see a game go on sale, start asking the person who owns the pricing structure of the game to drop it down. Sure Sony can lobby, and push, and make deals behind the scenes, but ultimately Sony didn’t FORCE publishers to drop 10% off their PS Vita games on launch, but they gave that as an option, and I was more likely to buy the ones that took that as an option than not.

  • Wow! What a great sale! I have been meaning to pick up Life Is Strange, and at this price, it cannot be passed up!

    The cost of AAA titles is amazing as well! Witcher 3 for only $25? Amazing!

  • You guys forgot to post the sales…

  • Good grief guys, could you treat your PSV gamers any more poorly than this~?

  • All games I can get for much less, and/or already have on my personal computer.

    I’ll keep waiting for after February, when you actually had a couple decent sales, but I am not counting on it.

    Good thing I already stocked up on Vita titles.

    • That’s because publishers work out pricing deals and consoles tend to have more licensing costs than PC because of higher regulatory burdens.

    • Tales From Borderlands & Life is Strange CANNOT be purchased cheaper anywhere else.

      This is a superb sale for 2x very good games- if you don’t favor them, that’s another matter.

    • I said games, not interactive movies.

  • Life is Strange looks great especially at this price.

  • >No vita games

    Y A W N

    • I would argue Witcher 3 is at a good price. If you went on steam you’d pay $5 more. GoG has it $5 more. Humble Bundle has it full price.

      But yeah it is a repeat price from the flash sale. The theme is GOTY. So… hard to imagine a GOTY contenders wouldn’t have already been on sale for Black Friday.

      it’s sort of a marketing ploy to get people amped up for the games.

  • While I appreciate an unexpected sale, why is almost everything on here from the recent flash, black Friday and weekly sales?

    If you were just going to repeat the exact same sales from the last couple weeks, why put them on sale before today?

    Very disappointing, especially since it’s yet another sale that NEGLECTS the VITA.

    A sale like this is pointless so soon after the Black Friday and other sales including these exact games (mostly).

    • This is a game awards show.

      No Vita games got nominated it looks like for prestigious awards. Plus most of these games are cross platform titles, so games that are more likely to be exclusive or niche’ are going to be left out.

      This is some stupid gaming Award marketing ploy.

  • Decent sale. Looking forward to the US 12 days of christmas sale, and the End of the Year flash Sale. Also looking forward to the 16-for-16 sale in January 2016.

  • Could Sony please make their digital prices competitive with their physical counterparts? You can get physical copies of most of these games for a lot cheaper.

  • Why oh why did I buy the Witcher for $50 just before the Black Friday sale. That ended, and I found peace – now it’s $25 again, rrahhh!

  • meh this cant be called a “sale” because only 2 games are really cheap.will wait for the obligatory xmas sale,sony

  • My God people, stop complaining about the sales! We just had a pretty awesome black friday sale and this sale is for the GAME AWARDS, meaning games nominated will be on sale, which most likely does not include any vita games and explains the duplicate games from previous sales. I’m really excited that Tales from the Borderlands, and Life is Strange, which weren’t in the black friday sale, are now in this sale! Maybe they will have another sale for PSX or Christmas that has games which weren’t included in the previous sales (Dying Light and really any vita games maybe?)

    • You cannot expect a sector of the consumer base who gets discarded periodically not to complain about being completely left out of sales. If the excuse is that no PSV games got an award, then Sony should start considering producing at least *one* First Party PSV game a year. We bought a product under a bunch of promises day one, I will not let Sony just pretend the PSV didn’t happen only because they messed up big time~.

    • Juan who gets discarded?

      Publishers tend to make sales.Sony doesn’t arbiter prices. Microsoft does. MIcrosoft forced Left 4 Dead DLC to be paid DLC so that they get a cut. Versus Sony who offers Publishers a chance to drop the price on new vita games by 10% for being digital. If they forced pricing companies wouldn’t publish the games on the PS4 and Xbox One would pick up sales and the PS4 would fall off a cliff.

      Who are you going to blame for Witcher 3 being cheaper than on GOG, Steam, Amazon, and Humble Bundle? Sony is a small piece to the overall puzzle.

      If they had an amazing sale people would probably be complaining about the price they just paid.

      This is an awards show sale. This is marketing.

  • Anyone with a PSV got discarded for this sale, unless I’m blind and I’m not seeing PSV games on sale. Mind pointing them to me~?

  • these awards are so racist. only western games can be nominated? this is stupid.

    • Aside from Bloodborne, were there any non-Western games worth nominating for the Game Awards categories, considering these are mass market appeal categories, and not niche-gamer award categories???

  • Wanna buy Life is strange but the page is unavailable in Australia.

  • Well, I guess it’s finally time to buy Black Ops 3…

  • Was surprised to see the sale mentioned in the PSN store, but immediately disappointed after checking the actual list of available games.

  • It’s funny how people love’s to argue for anything. Nobody expect this sale and many of you are crying for the content, the official week sale it’s Disney, this is a plus people. And make it simple, don’t like? Don’t buy!!! : P

    • People want attention so they complain.

      Problem is if you let the vocal minority speak up with no opposition (trolls or not) then there just seems to be a silo effect where people register it in their mind as a thing.

      There’s a woman in Europe who threatened an American Airline saying she was some guy with an Islamic sounding name and the best day of her life was that day because she got so many retweets and stuff she became famous for a day.

      Some people are so craved for attention they’ll take negative attention and make mountains out of mole hills.

    • But for people with a PSV to say “Don’t like, no buy” there’d first need to be, you know, PSV game offered. Which there aren’t. Which is an issue. Put it this way, if next week there’s a flash sale for, say, JRPGs: the PS3 gets 20 games, the PSV gets 15 games, the PS4 is skipped altogether. Do you honestly think *nobody* would complain~?

      To remain quiet about one of the platforms being entirely excluded is to ask people to take it up the rear without a word of complain~.

    • I also have a Vita and i loved too, but as i said, this was an unexpected sale that will last only 3 days, we are going to have another sale this Tuesday, so there’s no necessity to be anger @JuanMdP . And i totally agreed with you @MakaiOokami

  • Grabbed Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands so I’m happy.

  • I recommend the Witcher 3. Good game

  • Soo…Its the 5th…and I am unable to buy Tales from the Borderlands…Help? Everything else is on sale but that!

    • Be happy you missed it. Those of us who bought it get to see it offered for half that price on the holiday sale this week. 3 days difference with 2 sales, the second one cheaper than the first. Not impressed.

      Sony please note that you tell everyone on here not to be a jerk. That is for courtesy, not so you have sole right to the title.

  • The sale ended at noon. Im phucked too.

  • Yup I wanted to buy Life is Strange… and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t there… until I finally found this blog post about it being until Noon… that’s BS sony… EVERY SINGLE SALE HAS ENDED MIDNIGHT PST …. why the heck would you do that? I guess you’re not getting my money, nor 100’s of others who like me worked all week and finally had time off now to buy it.

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