PS Heroes: Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4

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PS Heroes: Win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4

Since the launch of PlayStation Heroes in March, the PlayStation community has helped support three incredible charities — the USO, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The V Foundation. To close out the year, we’re offering the opportunity to win a 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4 by purchasing the PlayStation Vintage Wireframe Theme from PlayStation Store and registering online.

Purchase the exclusive theme for $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $75, or $100 via PlayStation Store to enter and support The V Foundation. Each dollar you spend on the theme will act as one entry for your chance to win a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4. The limited edition PS4 and included accessories are the same “Original Gray” color as the original PlayStation and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of the original PlayStation on December 2nd, 1994.

20th Anniversary DualShock 4

You have until December 22nd to purchase the PlayStation Vintage Wireframe Theme via PS Store and register online for your chance to win a 20th Anniversary Edition PS4, all while supporting The V Foundation. Thank you to all the PlayStation Heroes that have made this an amazing year!

For full rules, regulations, and details, check the official page!

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  • Money buys happiness…

    • No it doesn’t, but it can rent a whole lot
      When the time comes, you gotta pay your rent again, less you lose happiness

  • loved the last of us and bo1 RIP bo1i want a world war game like bad company 2 or bo1

  • Link not working.

  • Please I really need a ps4. I don’t have any cosole. I thought I might get in on boxing day but I might not now. So I’m begging please let me win this ps4.

  • By the way I using account of my friend

  • Man I wish I had one of these

  • Thats Cool!

  • Please, I need a ps4 for my PS collection. So far I have PS1 PSX, PS2 PS3, PS3 40gb BC, PS3 slim and a psp

  • Link to the rules is broken.

  • Welp. Guess I’m giving money to a charity again. CURSE YOU PLAYSTATION, FOR MAKING ME ACT LIKE A GOOD PERSON.

  • Will we get a confirmation email when the registration goes through? I think the site is timing out

  • Man… I would love a PS4! I bought the theme for 2 dollars… so I have a chance. A small chance. Right?

    • Buying the theme does NOT get you the entry. You MUST also go to the site and register after the purchase! Just buying the theme does not count as a valid entry.

  • I love how all of you who own everything and have money are begging to win. Meanwhile people like me who have lost jobs due to illness and medical reasons are donating because it’s the right thing to do. Keep on begging. Just donate and feel good about helping someone who needs it.

  • So to get a free PS4 we have to buy a PS4.. Well two PS4’s are better than one lol.

  • I love it when Canada gets left out :(

  • Do I have to purchase the theme thru the store from the website or can I buy the theme from the store using my PS4? I read the rules and it wasn’t clear. I bought the theme from the store using my PS4 FYI. Thanks.

  • Canada gets left out again. NA is one region guys!!!

  • Yes, please……..

  • I wish that SONY would release these consoles for everyone the answer is simple just make them normal editions without the number plate on them. I would happily buy another console. Same with all the limited edition consoles that have controllers with them sell them seperate would love a Batman pad! #FEEDBACK

  • NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Making a purchase will not increase your chance of winning. The purchases are not tax deductible. The promotion period is from 11/20 through 12/20. Must be a legal resident of the U.S. and 18 years old to participate. Limit 100 entries for a chance to win. Void where prohibited.

    So how do I get my 100 free entries?

    • Answer: You PURCHASE postcards and PURCHASE postage stamps. Also, you HAND-WRITE all 100 of them. “No purchase necessary” is comical BS.

      3.2. Mail-in Entry: To enter via mail, send a postcard with your valid SEN Account to: PlayStation Heroes Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by Sponsor by December 22, 2015 and received by December 31. Requests sent in an envelope will not be accepted. Requests must be original and hand-written. No mechanical reproductions are allowed. 1 postcard constitutes 1 entry.

  • Hmmm…. so apparently the controller doesnt have the Logo’s on the touch pad. At least not from what i see in the pic above nor the video. Not even sure the PS4 will have a “number” on it. They took care to make sure you cant see if it does in the video.

    So from the looks of it, Sony can make regular PS4’s in the original color of PlayStation to sell to consumers, they just choose not to.

  • I was looking into sellin my ps4 and getting that one, when I learned about this edition, they said to wait for more updates, but when I found out was available, it had been for four days and was sold out

  • So I bought the theme on the PS4 store, how do I register and get my entries, or does it do that automatically?

  • I like this edition (:

  • The registration process doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve filled out the form multiple times and am simply taken to a blank bar. There’s no confirmation that any of the information entered was received, nor did I receive any email saying that I’m officially entered.

  • The theme does not appear in Canadian PSStore,I cant find it?

  • Im Perfect_Sonic, I need the PS4 20th Aniversary édition! :/

  • i keep trying to register but after i fill out the form it sends me to a blank bar.

  • Any confirmation when the registration will be working?

  • Registration still doesn’t appear to be working. I’m just getting the gray bar as well. Please fix and notify those of us trying to register that it has been fixed.

  • Did you get a conformation email of anything?

  • I have been trying to register over the past week and all I’ve been getting is the gray bar, any updates or suggestions to help? I’ve already tried over a different browser and no dice.

  • I have tried several times for multiple days and I am still getting just the gray bar and no confirmation email. This is ridiculous and needs to be addressed.

    Also unrelated side-note: please make the Jak and Daxter HD collection that was released for PS3 become available for PS4, even if its only digitally. I really want to play that.

  • i purchased the with theme, donated $100, went to register, then it tells me that i need to buy the theme. i look back a my purchases, and it is ty correct theme, but wity the title “Playstation Heroes Original Player Platinum Theme.” This looks to be a glitch or an oversight. Any way to fix this so I can register?

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