Dungeon Defenders II Loot & Survive Update Out Now on PS4

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Dungeon Defenders II Loot & Survive Update Out Now on PS4

Hi, everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!) I’m Josh, community manager for Dungeon Defenders II, and in case you missed it, an early version of our action-packed co-op tower defense game launched on September 29th. Since then, the response has been incredible! Player feedback has been invaluable these past few months. Lots of great changes are coming based on what they’ve told us, and we can’t wait for you to get in there and help us, too!

Speaking of great changes, we’ve been hard at work on our first content update, Loot & Survive, which launched this past Tuesday. We’re super excited to bring our infinite tower defense mode, Onslaught, to PS4, allowing you to go beyond the wave limits of a map to see who can survive the longest.

We’ve spent so many hours trying to beat more rounds than our community on the PC, and we hope you’ll have as much fun playing it as we do. Many of you mentioned we needed more of a challenge in the game, so we added in new difficulty modes that should provide a needed challenge boost (I lead a high-stress lifestyle, so I tend to stay away from hard difficulties. #casual). We’ve also doubled the level cap from 25 to 50 and added in new rewards for leveling up, so that “Yay, I’ve levelled up!” RPG feeling should be even stronger now.

Dungeon Defenders IIDungeon Defenders II

For those of you who made it to level 25 before the update, you’ll find some extra rewards waiting for you in the tavern. You’ll have even more rewards if you managed to level up one of each hero to 25!

You can expect to see more rewards and more awesome content in the future. If you’re interested in tower defense games, or RPGs, or if you’re looking for a fun time with friends, call 828-224….just kidding. You should look up Dungeon Defenders II on PlayStation Store. You can also share your feedback on our PS4 forum, which we read every day!

See you in Etheria!

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  • Unfortunately I only had time to make it up to level 22, so close. However I’m eagerly awaiting the Trophy patch, think it will have a platinum? Also will there be another wipe? If not will said trophies be retroactive?

  • there shouldn’t be any more wipes, there weren’t any others in pc version too as far as i know

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  • This looks like a lot of fun. Sadly, I find it a little unsavory that the only way to play this FREE TO PLAY game is to pay money for consumables.. in a game where you don’t even know if you’d like it once you played it. What sense does that make?! I’d like to try it out but I won’t purchase consumables for a game unseen.

    • only the access for the pre-alpha costs something. When the game is complete, it will be released as a f2p and Trendy promised it won’t be pay2win, with gems you can’t do much more than buying costumes or a bigger permanent inventory.

    • Theres nothing in the game that gems do that you cant do yourself.

    • If they release the game for free, they are worried people will not want the game because it’s a Work in Progress.

      So they allow you to get access to the beta, if you are serious enough about wanting to play it that you’ll support it.

      Once they feel the game is properly fun, and not frustrating, and can get its hooks into people they’ll release it for free. You don’t want someone coming in for the beta, for free, and then bad mouthing a game that isn’t ready yet, to keep other people from playing.

      What you want is your community who wants to play, to help you make the game awesome, and THEN you release it to the masses once you have the awesome worked out.

      Gems are used to make you look like a Ninja, or Red Riding Hood.

      Not for anything important.

  • Still, it’s a practice Ive seen becoming more popular these days and it’s a bad one. I don’t support it.

    • Would you rather them go back to the original model?

      You release a game, people pay for it. You release new characters, people pay for them, you release new features for free, you release new levels for pay.

      That’s the model the LAST game had. So it’s Ironic that they are making a game you can play for free, and all money really does is make your character look different… Lets you have a super saiyan kitty, or a table flipper… and suddenly there’s a reason to be angry?

      See the time to be angry is Destiny with their Silver Currency. That’s when you can justifiably become upset.

      Getting upset because they give you a game for free and you have to go out of your way to GIVE them money for cosmetic stuff? You should be humbling yourself before them. You’re confusing free to play (kinda) with free to play (really)

  • The original Dungeon Defenders was one of my all time fav games. Playing with friends was a blast! I can’t wait for this to release!

    • I don’t regret giving them money on PC or the PS4.

      I enjoy the game quite a bit. When people get this game for free, it’ll be a steal. I’m sure not everyone will like the game, and some idiots will hate it for the fact that you don’t have to give them money, but you can… which is an odd reason to hate a game that doesn’t have any paid advantages…

      The game IMO isn’t up to DD1 standards, but the hope is by release it will be just as fun if not more. It might take an extra year or 2, but I struggled getting friends to play DD1 with me even when I bought a 5 pack of the games and was handing them out like candy.

      Once it’s free to play, I can just annoy my friends until they give it a try. XD

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