Watch PlayStation Experience 2015 Live on Twitch This Weekend

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Watch PlayStation Experience 2015 Live on Twitch This Weekend

Guess what? You can watch our feed from PlayStation Experience live on Twitch and this weekend, starting at 10:00 AM Pacific on Saturday, December 5th.

PlayStation Experience 2015

At 10:00 AM we’ll kick things off in grand style with the PlayStation Experience 2015 Keynote presentation, broadcast live from San Francisco’s Moscone Center and featuring new announcements from the world of PlayStation. Then, stay with us on our PlayStation LiveCast to see game demos, interviews, developer panels, and more — all from the comfort of your home/couch/bed. We’re streaming all Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll have plenty to watch.

Of course, there’s just no replacement for hanging out with us and thousands of PlayStation fans in person — tickets are still available and we’d love to meet you. You can play more than 100 games on the show floor, rub elbows with some of the industry’s brightest developers, and experience PlayStation VR for yourself.

You can find more details on, so head on over and buy your tickets! Or just bookmark our Twitch channel (or download the new app) and clear your social calendar for this weekend. You won’t want to miss it.

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  • Still no event in the PS4 Events tab to watch the keynote.

    • I wouldn’t put much faith in the Events app on the PS4. I watch either last year’s PSX keynote or the E3 press conference and after some time it just cut off. It was as if it was scheduled for 90 or 120 minutes in the viewer (not sure which of those two) but since it was running long, it just ended. Though Twitch was a decent alternative to scramble over to.

    • What does it matter? Just open twitch and watch it.

    • Knowing Sony, they going to air it on YouTube as well (I seen it before, trust me), but they don’t bother to mention it in this Blog, basically, they kept it hidde. Until you see it on their official channel.

      But, YouTube is more reliable since it got dem fancy HTML5 Streaming compared to Twitch (as of right now).

    • really? you ever use twitch before? chin up, fella.

  • Thanks Sid! With no Vita in the tags I can safely assume there will be nothing for Vita and now I won’t waste my time!

    • I wouldn’t necessarily assume that. If Gio Corsi takes the stage he’ll hopefully have something more to say about our favorite mobile platform :-)

    • Interesting that you pass judgement so early. Have you even finished however many PS Vita games that you might own?

  • I’ll be there! And by there I mean watching the livestream ;-)

    Really looking forward to what you all have in store this time. PSX last year was great, especially for a first effort, so I hope this year is bigger and better in every way :-)

  • If this was closer I’d probably choose this over saving for pax south. Hope things are just as good if not better than last year

  • I’m happy to see that I can stream this event on Twitch!!!!!!

  • Badge pick up times?

    • Confirmed with the venue:

      Badge Pickup times:

      Friday – Noon – 10PM
      Saturday – 7AM

      They did not indicate if badges would be able to be picked up on Sunday as well, but I assume they are. Best to check with the venue.

    • Was gonna ask the same, since I haven’t seen any info on badge pickup. Glad to have found some info, wish I could get my badge Friday but getting into the city after work on Friday would be a pain. guess I gotta show up early on Saturday lol

  • Will this be streamed on YouTube?


  • cannot wait!

    Horizon gameplay, possibly god of war 4, final fantasy 7 remake and port news, sony bend?! ps1 and ps2 emulation, level 5s ps4 game?! rime and no mans sky
    i can dream…

  • Still no PSN Event listed on my PS4 to auto start when this is on. This worked great for Paris Games Week, what is the hold up?

  • Will there be a youtube stream? For various reasons, it’s easier to use my PS3 to watch this stuff but the twitch app isn’t up on PS3 yet.

  • i hope they will add youtube stream, for some reason i can’t watch twitch, it’s buffering alot for me

  • Thanks for the info Sid. I’m bummed that I can’t make the trip but I look forward to watching the live stream. I’ll be using the twitch app on ps4 as that is arguably the best way to go about it

  • Hey Sony
    I am looking forward to an awesome PlayStation experiences. Here is what I am looking forward to hearing…
    1. Please remove the 10% OS reserve of PS3 HD for future updates.
    2. Please support plug and play with external HDD.
    3. Please support 2 step verification.
    4. Please support pin login for PSN.
    5. Please support Ultraviolet for PS Video.
    6. Please give BC.
    7. Please make PS Now like PS Video and iTunes and not like Netflix or Redbox.

  • Hey @Playstation can we please get a YouTube stream as well? Twitch sucks in Asia it lags even on mobile. YouTube is smooth and works without lag at least in Asia. Please?

  • Yes please give us a Youtube stream.

  • Are there more Twitch channels broadcasting this?

  • PLS CRASH BANDICOOT! MAKE A COMEBACK! SONY hurry up and buy him back!

  • So can anyone with tickets attend the keynote speech at 10AM or is it reserved for media personnel?


  • Sucks that I was able to attend. Bought the VIP ticket and everything too, but family comes first. Hopefully next year :)

  • Man, already with the pre-announcements on the Blog. Definitely gonna be interesting to see what you announce on-stage.
    My single prediction… Ubisoft announces Watch Dogs 2 with exclusive content on PS4.
    Also, hoping for release dates for The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, PSVR+No Man’s Sky, and announcing whatever Sony Bend has been working on forever.
    See you Saturday!

  • I can’t wait. Hopefully they will talk about PS2 emulation.

  • Lets see how many times I can sneak my head onto camera and do an evil stare-down

  • I think i might go to the event.

  • A friend tried to convince me to come to the event, but based on the events from recent years I ultimately decided that the event isn’t worth it.

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