New Trailer for This War of Mine: The Little Ones Highlights PS4 Gameplay

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New Trailer for This War of Mine: The Little Ones Highlights PS4 Gameplay

Hello! Pawel from 11 bit studios here with the latest trailer for This War of Mine: The Little Ones where you can see footage from PS4 for the very first time.

I also want to give you a bit of insight into the kind of experience you will have in the game, from the perspective of a “Little one.” To do that, I want you to turn on your imagination and put yourself in their shoes.

New Trailer for This War of Mine: The Little Ones Highlights PS4 Gameplay

Imagine you are a 10 year old child. Right now you’re trapped with your father in a city under siege. There is nowhere to run. Then you and your father are joined by another two civilians, it may be easier and safer to stay together.

“The building you’re in seems like a good cover,” they say.

It’s already winter, and you start to feel unwell. Bruno — one of the guys who joined your little group and who initially seemed a bit selfish — gives you some medication after you ask him for help. It’s the very last bit of medicine, let´s hope you feel better. If not, someone will have to go and get some more in the cover of night. After that, Bruno tries to cook something from the last pieces of food he has on an improvised stove.

Later, you get bored but your father told you to stay in the shelter because it’s too dangerous outside. What do you do? Hey, maybe you could run up and down the stairway? It gets boring after a while. Let’s play some hopscotch then.

Something feels bad. You notice your father is sad. The other folks also seem a bit down. You realize that things may end up badly. They act normal but they know the truth. And as energetic as you are, those bad feelings sneak into your mind, too. You feel like talking to your Dad. You want to hear something good, have a glimpse of your old good life. Dad always knows how to cheer you up. It’s not that bad outside especially when he finds a moment to play rock-paper-scissors with you, right? Dad is trying to fix a broken wooden bed — the only bed in the building, for you, so at least you don’t have to sleep on the cold floor.

This War of Mine: The Little OnesThis War of Mine: The Little Ones

You go to talk to Roman, the other civilian hidden in the shelter with you. Roman is a nice guy. He says he will teach you how to collect rainwater and how to filter it quickly. That’s better. You can help these people after all. Roman promises to teach you how to grow herbs tomorrow. As the evening comes closer, you feel the tension growing. Dad and the guys talk, someone has to go outside and try to find some food. Then it turns out it will be him. You realize this is very serious. You may not see him return tomorrow…

That is just a glimpse into the kind of experience you will have in This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

You are the narrator of the story and you’ll decide what happens with the father and with his kid. Questions? I’ll reply in the comments. Thank you.

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  • I don’t know if I can play this game without breaking down in tears thinking of my child. And I guess that’s the point.

    • The feels are real!! However, it makes for a rewarding experience when you’re able to keep the children safe and healthy through the difficult times. Stay strong!

  • I saw the trailer on Steam and I was glad I waited. It feels like TLOU only with a far younger child that doesn’t understand the world and the feelings that you get from doing things that may or may not have positive outcomes. I love survival games that have tough decision making. Any chance that we can preorder the game soon?

    • Glad to hear you’re excited for TWOM:TLO! PreOrders will be live soon. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for updates.

  • I want it on Vita, I think.

    And games like Never Alone.

  • I see that this has some last of us influence to it as well as a hint of walking dead I like that a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  • I highly doubt this games have any kids dying . it WAR death is EVERYWHERE don’t think it won’t happen to kids anything is possible . Developers just need to realize the harsh reality that anyone and any living things could die even animals.

  • Honest question; is this a ‘having children simulator’? I mean- I already know what it’s like to have kids, to worry about them, to make hard decisions, to feel physically ill and helpless when they get sick and injured- is that this? I play other games like Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect because I don’t know what it’s like to be an assassin or a space-y guy; I can understand the appeal, for those who don’t have those children attachments, but TLOU was a journey, with zombies…what does this game bring that’s different from the wonderful heart wrenching experience that is raising kids? Honestly should I skip this one?

    • Great question! I wouldn’t say TWOM: TLO is simulating what it is like to have a child. Instead it’s an experience of war from the perspective of a civilian. I believe the appeal comes from just how realistic it is, and does well in conveying the challenges of surviving a war. The addition of children in the game adds another level of intensity to each difficult decisions you will make. If you’re looking to write your own story in an emotional, thought-provoking survival experience, you won’t want to skip this one.

    • As someone who owns, and has played (numerous times) TWoM on PC, I can tell you it is definitely worth it. The standalone game, even without children, absolutely RIPS at you sometimes. The goal of the team was, as stated in their response, to get you to look at a warzone from the perspective of a civilian living it. This game FULLY succeeds in that. It doesn’t take it too far, but it’s not afraid to stop just short of that line either; it shoot for that very thin line between believable, plausible, and conceivable in a game. NAILS IT. Definitely don’t overlook it just because of the child aspect.

  • Sold! Day One for me, this looks amazing!!

  • If i’m not mistaken, this game is based on the actual life of the creator.

  • At the moment releasing this type of game seems a little insensitive with what’s going on with Syria and terror in other parts of the world.

    “Imagine you are a 10 year old child. Right now you’re trapped with your father in a city under siege. There is nowhere to run…”

    Not a fun stocking stuffer this time of year.

    • Then to you sir, this sounds like the perfect game. The world has enough people being politically correct. Give this a shot and then come back here and riff on the devs. Besides, the base game came out over a year ago on Steam. This is just continued development of that concept.

    • It’s just poor timing in my opinion. Especially where there is children involved before the holidays.

  • Looks like a winner. And a PS Plus freebee in the future.Maybe?

  • I remember reading somewhere that a vita version was in the works…is this true? if it was, would it be same launch?
    I certainly hope so!

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