New Trailer for Severed on PS Vita Reveals a Dangerous World

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New Trailer for Severed on PS Vita Reveals a Dangerous World

Hi, PlayStation.Blog! How are you today? Graham from Drinkbox Studios, here. You might remember us from such games as Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!, or Guacamelee!. We’re the studio that loves using punctuation in our game titles.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything about our upcoming PS Vita game, Severed. We’ve had our heads down working hard finishing up development, and we’ve just put together a brand new trailer that we’re excited to share with you all. Check it out!

New Trailer for Severed on PS Vita Reveals a Dangerous World

In Severed you play as a one-armed warrior named Sasha, who wakes up in a surreal new world after a catastrophic event. After obtaining a living sword from a mysterious cloaked creature, Sasha sets off on an epic journey in search of her missing family.

Combat is done primarily using the touchscreen, but Severed is definitely not a casual game. In fact, we think that using the touchscreen for sword combat has allowed us to make the game a much more deep and complex experience than button-based sword fighting ever could have been.

Each monster in Severed requires a different strategy to deal with, and once you’ve figured out how to deal with a single enemy you’ll quickly be presented with multiple enemies of different types at once.


Sasha has a “focus meter” that increases by fighting enemies efficiently. Once full, the focus meter grants the ability to enter “sever mode,” in which you can throw enemies into the air and sever off their vulnerable limbs. These enemy pieces are used to upgrade Sasha’s abilities, a necessary requirement to be effective against increasingly difficult enemy combinations later in the game.

As you progress through the game’s dungeons, you’ll encounter more powerful boss monsters that each have unique abilities. Severing these bosses will leave behind carcasses which Sasha can wear to gain abilities. While the gameplay of Severed is in first person, you can keep track of how your character looks by checking the game’s upgrade screen, or via mirrors you’ll find throughout the world.

But wait! There’s more to the game than just combat! Severed takes place in a large open world filled with secrets to uncover. Each dungeon will present you with new puzzle mechanics that will be required to solve impassable barriers. Over the course of the game you’ll also find yourself re-exploring old sections of the world, using newly acquired powers to open pathways to hidden surprises, challenges, and rewards.


If you’re going to be at PlayStation Experience, please stop by booth #2042 and check out our demo of Severed first hand. Or, just stop by and say “Hi!” We might even be giving away some free codes for Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS4 (Shhhh… let’s keep that between us!).

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  • Cant wait for this!! love what you guys do!
    Long live the Vita!


  • Been waiting for this. Very excited.

  • I can’t wait for this! Seriously, the demo at last years PSX was so awesome, I played it both days. This is going to be a day one purchase for me, so I hope you guys have a release date lined up soon! :D

    And thank you for your continued Vita support, it means a lot!

  • Looks dope. Very excited.

    Hi Colin and Greg

    see you at PSX!

  • Does she pick up other weapons like a Lance? I know Bow and Arrow wouldn’t work for her.

    • No lance! But Sasha’s “living sword” does get upgraded and changes in appearance throughout the course of the game.

  • I really liked Guacamelee, other than needing to buy the extra DLC to earn the platinum trophy.

    I hope you guys have other projects, because I for one, am not very interested in this in the slightest.

    • What DLC did you have to buy to platinum Guacamelee? That is untrue.

    • Yeah, totally not true – Guacamelee base game had a Plat Trophy…I know because I have it and didn’t get the DLC (since I own the DLC on Steam).
      48/48 Trophies for base game with Plat.

    • I have every trophy for it (Vita), and I am at around 70%.
      Oh, sorry, thats right, it gives the plat, but doesn’t 100% by making the DLC a seperate list.


      Go Sony!!!

  • Well this looks utterly amazing! Can’t wait :D

  • Can’t wait to drop by and see you guys this weekend! Any chance of a release via Limited Run Games? Severed looks to be something I’d really like to have a cartridge for.

    • We’ve talked about doing a physical release of our games a bunch of times. The trouble is trying to find the time to actually see it through!

      That being said, this will be our third Vita release, and having a Vita Cartridge with all 3 games on it would be pretty cool……

  • No offense to Juan, but Sasha seems like a better candidate for the Indivisible crossover than him.

    • Why is her arm still a bleeding stub on the equipment screen? Seems like she would have had ample time to bandage that up…especially seeing as how she is seen with it bandaged up in an earlier scene. I dunno, that *really* bugs me — but that might just be me being a germaphobe and cringing at the idea of running around a big open world with a big open wound. That wound is going to get infected in a hurry…

  • Time for me to dust off my PsVita. I liked Guacamelee! But i like 3D games better so im pretty excited to see that this is a first person 3D adventure game. I hope the developers of Kick&Fennick make a 3D sequel.

  • Look, I get it, the game looks great. I want to buy it. Let me buy it from you! Why can’t I buy it? I just want to buy it!

    (In all seriousness though, this is one of my most anticipated games coming up, Vita or otherwise. Loved Guacamelee! and can’t wait to see what Severed has in store.)


  • i will say this… im not interested in the game… looks like a mobile casual game…. still i want to say thank u for doing a better job at giving life to the vita than Sony themself…

    • “Casual” is definitely not the right word for Severed… but we do get this a lot (because of the touch-based combat).

      Hope you’re able to give the game a shot and see for yourself!


  • wow, this game looks awesome. I loved Guacamelee and TfS, this is a first-day buy!


  • Wow, not sure if it’s just the video (or my memory) but the framerate seems to have been given a real boost since I played a build at PAX East earlier this year! Not that it was chugging by any stretch, but I don’t remember combat being this fluid either. Cool :-)

  • Thank you for this! Vita is the only thing I have time to game on during my subway transit to work and Guacamelee is one of my favorite game on the system, so I’m very happy that your next game is coming on Vita!

    Also, I really love your art style!

  • Can’t wait to play this, loved guacamelee.

  • I would LOVE for this to have a physical release. Please, please, please take the time and effort to do one. Even the mention above of having a compilation collection on one cartridge would be outstanding and very welcome!

  • I’ll definetly get this game, loved TFS and Guacamelee, so I’m pretty sure this will be great too.

  • Absolutely a Day 1 purchase for me. I played the demo at Best Buy and loved it! Guacamelee! is amazing and I’m sure Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack! is great, but I couldn’t play it due to a licensing issue after I bought it on a PSN flash sale a few months ago :-(

  • I’m not a big fan of dungeon crawler, but I’m really interested in this game.

  • Day one buy for me. I loved Guacamelee. Thanks for still working on Vita. You guys are the best.

  • I loved playing this game at PSXP last year. Played through the whole demo and came back for seconds. Can’t wait to see what has changed in a years time. See you in San Fran!

  • I was woundering it would be nice to have the angry birds holloween on ps vita with ps vita tropys and ive notest atom unaveral is saposte to be the new ps home for ps4 I saw the demo in the store 3 mouth ago on steam its saying its out full version on sept 2015 I went to the psn store on my pc and notest the demo is not even there when will it be avable

  • This is an RPG right? This might sound weird because most people want the opposite but please tell me it’s around 15 hours or less.

    • It is an RPG – lite. No character levels, but there is character equipment / powers / upgrades.

      I can’t say exactly what the final length will be, but I can say it has been taking our recent playtesters 8-10 hours to beat the game just doing the main path (without getting all of the secrets).

  • This looks awesome and I’m sold on anything by Drinkbox!

    Mutant Blob was surprisingly fun.

    Guacamelee! is the best Metroidvania game ever. I beat it twice on Vita (to get Plat) and then I loved it so much, I bought it on Steam and beat it there too!

  • The game looks great :-) but as a PSTV owner who probably won’t be able to play it, and chance of this getting ported in the future? Loved Guacamelee and will be looking forward to your next project in any case.

  • Day zero purchase. I can’t wait to get this. Another reason to dust off the Vita. Bravo!

  • I 2nd the Limited Run Games idea…they did a good job with Breach & Clear! I’d love physical versions of this, Mutant Blobs and Guacamelee =)

    Pretty excited to get my hands on this =) my Vita is ready!

  • I really like how the game is coming along as seen on the trailer :)

    Can’t wait until I finally get the chance to play it :D

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