Croixleur Sigma Coming to PS4 This Month With New Features

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Croixleur Sigma Coming to PS4 This Month With New Features

Hey, PlayStation Nation! Nayan from Playism here again with an awesome upcoming release.

In the world of Croixleur Sigma, warriors from each house compete against each other in a bid to take control of the country’s military and political power. They do this by battling through a tower, each level filled with powerful monsters.

Croixleur Sigma

Players choose a female warrior and battle through the tower in arena-based character action levels. Players also arm themselves with up to 4 unique swords at a time which can be chained together into powerful and flashy combos.

Croixleur Sigma first released on PC, but for the PS4 version, developer Souvenir Circle has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure PS4 is the best platform to play the game.

At first glance, it’s easy to see the huge graphical upgrade to the game. Souvenir Circle have raised the resolution and added an awesome cartoon shader that brings the anime characters to life like never before.

In addition to the graphical upgrade, the PS4 version has two new characters: Katerina and her bodyguard Sara-Annika. Once you play through the game’s various story modes, you’ll unlock these brand new characters to play with in the other game modes. Each sports a unique look and fighting style that you’re sure to love.

Croixleur Sigma

Also new to the PS4 version of Croixleur Sigma is the dress-up system. As you play through the game and collect coins, you’ll be able to enter the store and buy dresses, hats, and even weapons for your favorite characters.

Feel like going kabuki? Let’s do it! Thinking about wearing a fancy hat? Nothing says combat-ready like dapper duds! Customize your heroine the way you want. After all, It’s your adventure.

Souvenir Circle has also included heaps of new weapons to collect and use, and created all-new animations for all of the game’s special attacks!

Croixleur Sigma

To top it all off, Croixleur Sigma isn’t as far away as you might think. Croixleur Sigma will launch via PlayStation Store this month for just $14.99.

Want to get a taste of Croixleur Sigma before it launches? We’re going to be showing off the English PS4 version at the Playism booth in the indie section at PlayStation Experience from December 5th to 6th. I’ll be there too, so feel free to drop by and say hello!

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10 Author Replies

  • Will it be cross-buy with the Vita version?

  • I remember a time when my money liked staying in my wallet.

  • Wow this is great, I just recently read an article on this game coming to PS but I didn’t expect it so soon. Looking forward to trying this out! Good luck! Looks great!

  • Any hints on how to pronounce this…?

  • At least it isn’t another stupid 8-bit looking retro game. I am so tired of seeing that garbage on a new generation console. I bought this ps4 to be playing games with hi-res graphics. I am interested in this game, it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  • Damn it, I love it!

    Any news about the release of the Vita version on the west? It will have the graphics/weapons/characters updates of the PS4 version?


    • Nayan Ramachandran

      The Vita version will have the same enhancements, yes! The Vita version is slated to hit in early 2016.

  • I like the style of the game. I also really like the combo element of the game. I’ll check this out.

    Btw: thanks for posting the price in the blogpost. I know this isn’t something all game dev’s/pub’s can do, but it certainly is nice to have a price point in mind to get ready for on release day. Especially when I don’t want to link my credit info to PSN. I hope this is implemented in future blogposts by other’s.

  • looks good but from what I saw in the reviews its only a score attack with no story in 5 diffirent play section and not many diffirence in enemies three seperation mainly colored a pass

  • It’s all about the pricing & this could be worth it.

  • Thanks for adding two new characters in.

  • quick question. Are we getting a dub or are we stuck with jpn only audio?

  • Looks interesting, could be fun.

    But it’s a single player game right? So sick of all the mp only stuff lately.

  • Um… Vita? Hello out there?

  • Releases what day this month?

    • If it’s so close they can announce the price, it’s probably going to be part of some kind of sizzle reel at PSX with other games that are “available now” or “available on Tuesday”, or something like that. So, I’d suggest watching for more headlines on Saturday.

    • Nayan Ramachandran

      Hopefully we can give a concrete day dinner rather than later. We’re shooting for the 15th.

  • why does this look like a devil may cry clone of the bloody palace mode?

  • I think after seeing a Vita release date in the future I’m going to wait for that. I think it would fit my Vita better than my ps4 for now.

  • eh after hearing about lack of dub kinda makes me lean more towards no. Thanks for answering my question though.

  • Looking forward to the PS Vita version release!

  • Awesome! Haven’t played Croixleur since the original PC release. I never picked up Sigma for one reason or another; my backlog or cash situation just never agreed with me whenever I would remember it existed and needed to pick it up. SO gonna pick this up! The arcadey arena combat is so much fun! Though, admittedly, I would love it if the developers expanded the formula in a full blown sequel someday – even if it’s just like… a board game or grid-based level or something, and the combat came into play whenever you stopped on a square. This fighting gameplay is on-point! Pairing it with some strategy/board game-type interface would be amazing (a la Mortal Kombat Deception’s Chess Kombat or Wrath Unleashed or something)

  • So December is almost over and this game still isn’t out. What are we waiting for New Years! I really want this game.

    • I found an article on their Playism blog made about the 15th or 16th that its been delayed now till 2016.
      Would be nice if they updated this blog post with that instead we have to go and find out ourselves whether somethings been canceled or delayed. Like Kingdom Under Fire 2 all we get is that its coming out, we don’t ever hear about any of its delays until its yearly “Coming Soon” post.

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