Two PS4 Bundles Just $299.99 Each Starting December 6th

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Two PS4 Bundles Just $299.99 Each Starting December 6th

The holidays are right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are planning on finishing up your holiday shopping soon. If PlayStation 4 is on your list, we’ve got some great news — the Star Wars Battlefront Standard Edition PS4 bundle and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle will each be available at $299.99 (MSRP) starting this Sunday, December 6th, through December 19th.

Holiday Bundles

The Force is definitely strong with PlayStation. The Star Wars Battlefront Standard Edition bundle features a 500GB PS4 and a DualShock 4 in Jet Black, the Star Wars Battlefront game, and a digital voucher to download four classic Star Wars games (Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars Bounty Hunter). That’s a whole lot of Star Wars in one bundle! For even more Star Wars on PlayStation, check out the extended cut of our holiday commercial featuring Star Wars Battlefront:

If you’re looking for blockbuster action, the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle includes the single-player campaigns for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, as well as a 500GB PS4 and a DualShock 4 in Jet Black.

Holiday Bundles

Play the first three Uncharted games on PS4 with beautifully remastered graphics and get ready for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on March 18th, 2016. You’ll also gain exclusive access to the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta between December 4th through the 13th if you own Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

With two amazing PS4 bundles available for only $299.99 each, we hope to bring some holiday cheer to PlayStation fans with these amazing bundles at a great value, and look forward to many gaming hours this holiday season and beyond. Hope you all have a great holiday, and looking forward to playing online with many of you!

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  • Really great deals on these PS4 bundles! I am very excited for the Star Wars bundle. I want it so bad, good thing I am done with finals on the 9th!

  • Playstation with the chess moves. I see you now if only we could get some surprises kept under wraps until PSX lol

    • The reason for this is because they didn’t have any special sale for black Friday. I saw Xbox had a great deals one of which even included a 40 in TV almost for the price of a regular Xbox cost. Now they want to get a head start on the holidays. They should offer uncharted 4 on some sort of bundle or something. If they really want to sell ps4.

    • Actually J-Cie they did have the PS4 for $299 same as the Xbox on black friday they are just extending the deal is what they are doing. That Xbox deal with the 40 inch t.v. is old best buy has had that since like October. An people were using it to get the t.v. an returning the Xbox to places like Target to swap for a PS4.

  • Really? NOW you put the Battlefront bundle on sale? A week after Black Friday? Why was it not on sale last weekend???

    • To be fair, the Battlefront one being sold this Holiday is not the one with the Darth Vader design. For me it’s a relief because I already got the Uncharted one.

    • I picked up the Uncharted bundle from Amazon last week. But since I’ve already played my way through Uncharted on the PS3, I might see how much it will cost (in shipping fees) to exchange that version for the Battlefront standard version.

    • Because they wanna sell them this weekend (in the month of December).

    • People expect to get the best prices on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend. The fact that only the Uncharted bundle was on sale was very annoying to begin with; it’s kind of rubbing salt in the wound to put the Battlefront bundle on sale a week after many people probably went with a second choice because they didn’t expect to see a better deal before the holidays.

      I actually got the $350 Infinity bundle with the Darth Vader console and extra figure, but I’d rather have Battlefront and the $50 (which I might have spent on Infinity anyway).

    • Actually unless it’s some sort of crazy doorbuster (that are usually very limited in number) Black Friday rarely has the best prices…just the most hype. Most research will tell you that the weekend before Christmas has the best prices, and normally all three weekends in December have better prices than Black Friday as retailers need to get rid of their inventory before Christmas. Trust me, it’s better to stay in and be with family and do your shopping online, or later…don’t let the hype fool you.

    • Believe me, I do my BF shopping online or late morning after the crowds have dissipated. This year I actually scored a $59 mountain bike from a major retailer at noon! :)

  • Canadian prices?

  • So where do u purchase it at? My boys been wanting a Playstation for years. This year for Christmas the only thing they say they want is a Playstation 4. I’m trying to make it happen and with this price I’m going to really try. They deserve it. They are some good boys.

    • Any major retailer that sells games will probably have it at that price (starting on Saturday). I’d be surprised if any of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, etc. decided not to match that price since they’ll have trouble selling PS4s for $50 more than everybody else.

    • It should be at this price both online (Amazon) and in local stores (WalMart, Gamestop, Target, etc). But only starting on Sunday Dec 6, apparently.

    • Simply buy it on Amazon or Best Buy :)

    • Please let me know 2 NOLA, I’M LOOKING for them too!!!

  • Why do people in Canada even bother to game? Sell your 400k home (average market) & buy a 60k U.S. Home (average market) & game on!

  • Thank God

  • WHAT!!! No I wish I knew before Black Friday. I wanted the star wars bundle but it wasn’t on sale. I hope I can return it.

    • I am plannng on buying the Star Wars Bundle for PS4 for my 18 year old grandson his weekend. He has an Xbox One already. Will he like the PS4 gaming platform? Will it be redundant?

    • @ monroe I would do the uncharted bundle since they are exclusive to PlayStation starwars is on xbox too. Sony has awesome exclusive games and im sure your Grandson will enjoy the ps4.

    • +Monroe8831

      I have a PS4 and a friend of mine uses XBOX ONE. While the interface is very similar, they do have their differences. Im sure your grandson would appreciate the ability to play multiplayer with friends that own seperate consoles (as PS4 players and XB1 players cannot play together online) I know I would. PS4 is also about to unlock its seventh core in its processor to allow for many more accessibility features. (Nerd talk for LOTS OF AWESOME FEATURES IN THE FUTURE) :) hope this helped!

  • How do I buy this bundle

  • Sorry if this has been asked, but does anyone know if these include the digital vouchers or physical copies of the game?

    Thanks in advance


    • The Star Wars bundle is digital

    • I bought the Uncharted bundle with a Physical disc last Friday off Amazon for $299. As of a week ago they offer both, but make sure it says PS4 with Physical disk in the title if thats what you want, other than Amazon I think Gamestop is the only other way to get Physical version of bundles, I think it has something to do with their pre-owned game business. Hope this helps.

    • uncharted i think is all digital

    • uncharted i think is all digital but im not shue

  • why don’t y’all do a 1tb bundle already, sheesh. 2tb should be the new bundle by now..y’all know these games are getting bigger in size! we need more space!!!


    • Right on. 500 GB is kind of a joke. People wouldn’t mind paying Sony a bit more up front for a 2 TB drive instead of dealing with the hassle of upgrading later (and giving their money to someone other than Sony, hint hint ;) ).

  • which if any of these bundles have actual games (hard copies) with it? I dont like the idea of spending time and bandwidth to download games… to me, if the game isnt included it’s not a real bundle…

    • PlayStation 4 STAR WARS Battlefront 500GB Bundle Includes:
      PlayStation®4 System 500 GB
      DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller
      Star Wars Battlefront Digital Code
      4 Star Wars Classics on Voucher
      Super Star Wars
      Star Wars: Racer Revenge
      Jedi Starfighter
      Star Wars Bounty Hunter

  • Argh!!! I just brought for $349 the battlefield one this morning from game stop! Am I able to get some credit back from game stop on dec 6th?

    • I would call GameStop and ask if they’ll do a price guarantee credit. A lot of stores will credit you if they lower the price within a certain amount of time.

    • yea i think u might get credit for difference yea withing the 15 even 30 day policy

  • And people still don’t see any games on the worth buying. I think those that are complaining need to confess the real reason because they don’t have money & there angry at the world lol.

  • I meant the PS4

  • Any idea where these bundles will go on sale? Is it directly through Sony or any of the big box retailers like Target, Best Buy, …

  • when will we be able to download the Star Wars Classics individually from the PS Store?

    • Super Star Wars is on the PS4 and Vita for $10. And it’s cross buy, so if you buy one version, you’ll get the other free. Racer Revenge and Bounty Hunter are only available for the PS3 now. And I don’t think Jedi Starfighter is available at all yet.

  • No specials on PlayStation plus cards and memberships???

  • is it only for the U.S? or also for Canada?

  • Hey can I swap codes or something I bought the uncharted bundle but I would like the battlefront code. I waited and searched for that deal but couldn’t find it, so I broke down and bought the uncharted bundle Sunday even though I already played all three. Also does the pstv have co op compatibility with battlefront.

  • Is it for Canada too

  • PLEASE PLEASE BE ON SALE IN CANADA! I need another ps4 bundle but this time I want Star Wars.

  • Literally just told a friend I was gonna buy a PS4 this weekend and he was all “Theyre gonna jack up the price so close to christmas” and he bought an XB1 – I am rolling!! Haha

  • Guys Should i Get The Nathan Drake Bundle Or The SW Battlefront Bundle? Only Uncharted I Played Was Golden Abyss On Vita although i know some online friends i really like that will be getting battlefront and as bad as that game is(or so I’ve heard from most players opinions)playing it with friends would be a lot better than playing a game by myself going into PS4….

    However it all depends on the quality and if you guys really think the price drop makes the battlefront bundle any better than it was previously(I’m also thinking about getting Disgaea 5 being a huge Disgaea fan)

    • IMO the Uncharted series is the best video game series of all time, and I’ve been playing video games for 40 years. The only reason I didn’t want the Uncharted bundle is because I just don’t have enough time for gaming to play through games that I’ve already finished (in this case, on PS3).

      Battlefront seems to not have much content. . .in six months or a year, they’ll probably release a new version of it that includes the DLC, like they do for lots of other games (Destiny, Dragon Age, etc.).

  • We’re can I buy the bundle at ?

  • Is is available at ?

  • Awesome News!
    I was looking at all the sales that Xbone had over the black friday weekend from the microsoft store where they had the Xbox One 500GB w/ Gears of Wars Ultimate bundle + 2 games + $60 gift card and I was really tempted to get that instead of a PS4 which were all at $300-$350, hopefully we can get some good deals on the PS4 as well because I like the game selection of Playstation over the Xbox.

  • Wait should I get the ps4 when it is on sale on December 6-19 or should I wait until Boxing Day????

  • is this Canada or US?

  • omg g omg i was going to try and get a used ps4 for this price now i can get a new one un charted for me

  • Will this be in Canada as well?

  • Can anyone confirm that this will be on sale at gamestop, walmart, bestbuy etc… starting on Dec 6th for 299.99?

  • hey
    how do I order one from Australia??

  • BestBuy over charged me $50.00 when I bought mine. Still it’s been worth it, but would’ve been nice to buy another game . F BestBuy.

    • Did you just get it this week if so see if they will take it back on the 6th when the price drop and get the difference.

  • Kinda getting back into the gaming thing. Question tho. 500gb hard drive, but need the digital download for the star wars game. How much space does the game take up? Besides waiting for the next gran tourismo (hurry up, 7!) I probably won’t be loading much onto the hd. How soon would a person like me need to upgrade, or add another had drive? (Sorta OT.. will a ps3 usb racing wheel work on the ps4?)

  • Hey, is this thing gonna be around everywere? Like in best buy, walmart, sears, etc.

  • Is this available at all stores that sale PS4s in the US, Like walmart or gamestop for example?

  • seriously will this be applicable for Canada or is it just the US?

  • Sweeet, Missed out last week, so I’m gonna get my PS4 tomorrow. Besides Infamous Second Son, any recommendations?

  • 3 more minutes!

  • where will they be available

  • Just picked the battlefront up at local Walmart for this amazing price. However had to haggle as their pricing was still scanning 349.99 . Thank you Sony Claus you are going to make one 9 year old little girl very happy this Christmas. So excited for her to have this.

  • Can someone confirm the $299 price for Canada too?
    I’d like to buy one for my little brother!

  • Man I’d really like to know if or what retail stores it’ll be available at, Sony gave us no confirmed info on where we can buy it at this price

  • Please confirm the locations of where this price is available, sounds looks it should be the general price everywhere between these two weeks but I asked someone at my local GameStop yesterday and they said they knew nothing about it.

  • Its 299 now guys enjoy it what a sweet deal!!!

  • Looks like Canada got the shaft.

    • Yup, Canada gets screwed once again, checked all the American Sites, Bestbuy, Walmart and Gamestop, Star wards bundle is on sale for 299. Checked the Canadian sites still shows reg price, Unreal Sony.

  • Can someone tell me where these will be available? Im in ontario,and have been looking for ads online, but cant find anything

  • It appears to only be available in U.S.

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