PlayStation VR Panel Coming to PlayStation Experience

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PlayStation VR Panel Coming to PlayStation Experience

How will VR evolve the video game medium? What’s the number one thing a gaming VR experience has to get right? Will VR change the way that humans interact with technology? Those are questions we hope to answer during our PlayStation Experience panel “PlayStation VR and The Future of Play,” kicking off at 2:00 PM Pacific this Saturday, December 5th at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, California.

Project Morpheus

During the forty minute discussion, we’ll welcome leading PlayStation VR developers, including Dave Ranyard from London Studio, Anton Mikhailov from Media Molecule, and other talented developers to discuss how VR will leave its mark on gaming and culture.

  • What: PlayStation VR and The Future of Play
  • Where: San Francisco, CA — Moscone West Hall, 3rd Floor
  • When: Saturday, December 5th. 2:00PM Pacific
  • Who:
    • Dave Ranyard, Director at London Studio
    • Anton Mikhailov, Media Molecule
    • And special guests!

Hope you can join us this weekend! We’ve got some discounted hotel rooms still available, so if you’re looking to make a trip of it, get the full scoop here.

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  • Can’t wait. I really hope the start manufacturing Move controllers again!

  • You know what would make this panel awesome?

    “You get a Playstation VR and You get a Playstation VR!”

  • Hoping that “special guests” will include Sean Murray. Maybe even some Herman Hulst. :)

  • Hopefully there’s a Q&A at the end, so any lingering VR questions post the PSX keynote can be answered (or perhaps evaded ;-)

  • I hope this means more move controller support, like the big gun thing you could use on killzone 3

  • I’d definitely love a Q&A, but also some initial questions they can maybe work in ahead of time ;)

    1. how does the sub-pixel configuration of the current display offer an improvement that’s noticeable to the user?
    2. what are the current poly, shader, and light source limitations for 120fps native PS VR titles?
    3. will we see Wonderbook (or specific WB titles) re-introduced on PS4, either as a PS VR pack-in or a later add-on?
    4. what lessons were learned with Wonderbook titles that informed current PS VR titles?
    5. if PS VR latency is <18ms, what was the latency of a few PS3 stereo 3D Move titles for comparison?
    6. are some existing Move titles (Datura, EyePet, echochrome ii, PixelJunk 4am, Child of Eden, Puppeteer) being re-released as PS VR titles, and will they be cross-buy to provide more value to early adopters?
    7. are there any PS VR titles that are managing multi-bounce global illumination at 90fps? 120fps?
    8. if you could improve one aspect of the Move or Camera (existing peripherals) to ease development now, what would it be?

  • I’ll BE there!!! Not in VR, really there!!!! :P Cant wait, trying PS VR is going to be awesome! Amazing technology…did I already say “cant wait”? :)

    Very curious to see what devs+all kinds of artists can do with this crazy immersive, powerful technology.

  • I’m so buying this thing whenever it comes out.

  • The only thing people care about;

    1) When will it be available?
    2) What’s the price?
    3) How will people be able to try before they buy?

    The rest is just hyping up to people that are already hyped. Not doing much to entice gamers in general.

    • Woooow you just blew my mind captain obvious !!

    • People care about different things than you do lol.. yup, we all wanna know when it comes out and the price…. but many gamers + people that love technology would love to know more about what’s behind this piece of technology… that’s what these Panels are for.. more information than the basic stuff.

    • My goal here is to spell out what makes a good VR experience, with the help of some top developers. VR is a super nascent technology and I’m hoping we can touch on how it’s going to grow and advance over time as developers learn new tricks.

  • Will this be available to watch on line…?

  • Extremely let down by my favorite game company….

    I purchased a launch day PS4, but had to go into the hospital and have back surgery.
    I have since had severe chronic pain issues and had the PS4 packed away. I eventually opened it last night and can’t get any video signal from the console.

    I called Sony customer support just now and was told “THERE ISN’T ANYTHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU”.
    They claim “You could have been playing it all along”. Even though they can clearly see it has never been connected to PSN or even the internet.

    This is not what I expected from a company I’ve been supporting since 1996. I own hundreds of PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and I just ordered $400 worth of PS4 games over Black Friday. I have a wall of games from all of these systems.

    • I was also told I was the 4th person today with this same problem so it’s clearly a wide spread manufacturer defect.
      At least when Microsoft causes problems like this they allowed customers to get it fixed free of charge beyond the warranty.

      I’m not paying $150 to have a repaired PS4 which hasn’t even been out of the box for less than 20 hours!

      They never once even said anything about my back surgery or health problems and in fact once claimed “You could have been playing it all of this time away from the internet”. So sad to see your favorite company from the past 25 years treat you like this.
      Heart breaking really.


    • While this is unfortunate, that is the reason extended warranties exist. If it’s launch day it unfortunately is out of their hands and they are not obligated to cover it under the limited warranty.

      Maybe it’s worth potentially following up with the retailer to see if they can make an exception on your behalf?

    • Buy a new PS4 replace it with older PS4 then return to shop asking for your money back as it doesn’t work problem solved

  • Is there a list of the panels that will be at PSX? so far I know about this and the one PS I Love You will have.

  • SpooNManX dude sorry about your problem I’m not a miracle worker or nothing but I would take the $400 in new games you got and take them back. If you haven’t been playing them there sealed and you can get your money back to get your PS4 fixed. By the way if your buying a bunch of $60 titles send a few to me it almost Christmas :) happy holidays and be thank full your still alive.

    • Most of them were for $29.99 ea. I will return some and others will go to my brother who just got a PS4.

      I just thought Sony should maybe take a step back and realize there are some times where exceptions should be made.
      MS did this with the 360’s RROD problem.

      The fact that my PS4 has not even been out of it’s sealed box for an entire day should account for something.
      They can tell it’s never connected to PSN or any of their services.

      The one rep even tried telling me that electronics should NEVER be kept in their boxes for that long. While I do agree, somewhat, to this when it comes to devices with internal batteries which run on said batteries for their main power source. This is not the case with the PS4. They do not have “expiration dates”! There are stores with consoles more than a year old. They do not go bad.
      They simply START OUT THAT WAY.

      Sony should make this right for customers with factory defect PS4 systems. It shouldn’t matter when they were purchased or opened. They should replace them with a working model when it’s clearly a manufacturing defect to blame.

  • Awesome. Look forward to discuss VR.

  • There is a lot of things about the new PlayStation VR that I do like. Some of the games for starters looks like nice games to get my feet wet with the PVR. Riggs and that Dinosaur game that was announce in Paris to just name a few. But I am a little scared that sony will do the same thing that they did with PlayStation move and the ps vita. Now I have been enjoying my ps4 a lot but sony you do have rep doing that. Anyway hope to hear a launch date and price soon. keep up the good work sony. and happy gaming.

  • I’d just like to know we can pre-order.

  • I think VR is the future of gaming and we’ll remember these devices in 20 years as we do the NES/ ATARI now. That being said, this or ANY VR machine regardless of branding, will be on my purchase list of the software blows me away.

  • I hope the put Asura’s wrath or bioshock infinite on the play station vr

  • As soon as they release it, this is going on my order list!!!! Or, better yet, pre-order! I know many have said they hope Playstation will bring back the move controllers, but I’ve heard a few reviews of pretesters that stated the move controllers didn’t work that well with it. If that’s the case, I hope Playstation has a good idea and plan for a new controller that would allow more accurate and easy use of “simulated arms/hands” in the gaming environment. Either way, I’ve been a dedicated Playstation fan since they started and can’t wait to see where they take us next!!! Thanks everyone at Sony/Playstation for bringing us a whole new way to play games!!!

  • PS VR, what a joke 1st quarter of 2016, now have way through 2016. Why do you not stop lying and be honest that end of 2016 is more accurate. I case no one has paid attention Sony is now trying to play catch up with Xbox One with reverse technology. This is how Sony works, change gears to make people forget the PsVR only so they can keep of Xbox one. Way to go Sony way to disinfrancise loyal ps4 owners. Will be going to game stop tomorrow and trading in everything I have that is PlayStation and getting an Xbox one.

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