Music Festival Sim BigFest Launches Today on PS Vita

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Music Festival Sim BigFest Launches Today on PS Vita

Hello there! I’m Claire Bromley, Associate Producer at XDev Studio Europe and this is my first blog post, so hello there, PlayStation peeps!

Okay, let’s get right to it… I know it’s been a while since we last gave you an update on BigFest. On The Metal and XDev Studio have been busy and we can now finally announce that BigFest is available exclusively on PS Vita today!

Since our last blog post we’ve been focusing on bringing you the best BigFest experience possible, so for those of you who haven’t heard of BigFest before, let me bring you up to speed.

BigFest is a festival simulation game at heart, but with a twist: create awesome music festivals and choose who to put on stage from a huge global catalogue of real-life unsigned artists. Pick your favorites and promote them in your online festivals, potentially breaking the next big unsigned band! How cool is that?

Along with our friends at Jamendo, we’re bringing you a regularly updated catalogue of diverse unsigned artists’ tracks to download and promote in your festivals. As well as creating and hosting your own festivals, you can also visit friends’ festivals to enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere… or to be a jolly old nuisance, by sending them streakers and other mischievous disruptions.

BigFest on PS Vita

BigFest on PS VitaBigFest on PS Vita

We all hope you love BigFest. Rock on, you aspiring promoters and beautiful festivalgoers out there!

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  • Yeaaaahhh!! More Vita Games!


  • Seems really interesting! Price?

  • Remember when this was going to be F2P?

  • Wow, I’d forgotten about this game. Is this a free-to-play game? It looks interesting to try out.

  • What happened to this game being Free to Play? What about the PS3 and PS4 versions that were also previously announced? Still coming?

    • The PS3 and PS4 versions have likely been cancelled. This is Sony after all, if there was a PS4 version it would get top billing with text confirming the existence of the Vita version stuffed away in the copyright line on the trailer uploaded to PlayStation Nordic’s Youtube account. The trophies only mention Vita as well.

      As for the death of the F2P release, I’m guessing they looked at the conversion rate for other F2P games on PlayStation and decided it would be better to just go paid.

  • Wasn’t this also announced to be coming out on the PS3 and PS4? Or is this a PS Vita game only?

    • It was announced for those other platforms but who knows maybe they cancelled them. Hopefully they will reply here and tell us what is going on with them.

    • vita needs help..relax

    • Hi Skater_Ricky – I can confirm that BigFest is an exclusive VITA title.

      I think you’ll really enjoy the touch screen interface and the ability to take your festivals on the road, so I hope you really enjoy it!

  • Hey Claire

    Congratulations on BigFest launch! We really appreciate you guys are still supporting the Vita so, far , please keep it up!

  • Hooray for Vita games coming out! We’ve had a wealth of Vita game announcements, but not nearly as many make it all the way to launch, so congrats for making it this far :-).

    I love the fact that you have real unsigned artists in the game – looking forward to playing the game for myself.

    • Thanks for the kind words paulogy! I hope you really enjoy the game!

    • In the past 30 days we’ve had 10 releases. Many of those bigger releases. Handball, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, the free to play version, Super Star Wars, Sword art Online Last Song, Pineas and Ferb Day of Doofenshmirtz, Superbeat: Xonic, Tomba 2 PS1 classic, and Norm9: Var Commons, and this one.

      In that same time span the PS4 has had 25 games. Not going to list them all. Well 24 cause the Indivisible beta doesn’t count.

      PS3 has had 7.

      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Kung Fu Panda (also on PS4), Handball 16 (also on Vita) Monster HIgh, Barbie and…, Black Ops 3 (also on PS4) and Tomba 2 (Also on Vita)

      So PS Vita has better releases than the PS3.

      Please stop perpetuating the doom and gloom.

    • Thank you for the statistics, MakaiOokami, it’s good to keep things in perspective. I’m thinking of a couple announced Vita titles that I’m very eager to be able play (someday) but haven’t been able to yet: Axiom Verge, Towerfall, Volume, etc. :-)

  • Intresting but pass since i dont own a vita

  • playable on PS TV? I have a vita but i’d much rather play this on a big screen

    • Hey RyTeOuS – The game’s unfortunately not compatible with PlayStation TV. The touch screen controls really lend themselves to the PlayStation VITA, so I hope you get a chance to experience it there!

      Thanks for your support!

  • Wasn’t this game announced over 2 years ago ?

  • Yes! Looking forward to getting this. I love sim games and this one sounds pretty unique.

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!! I was so worried that this one would be shelved. So looking forward to playing this on the go!

    thx a whack XDev Studio Europe


  • I’m pleasantly surprised to hear this is releasing on Vita today. A.) It’s the platform I intend to play it on, B.) It’s an out of the blue announcement. A real “Sega Saturn.” And C.) I’ve been curious what happened with this game. More on that though, what does this mean for the PS4 version? The blog post here says “exclusively on PS Vita today!” Does that mean it’s exclusive until the PS4 release? Or has that been scrapped? I would love to know.

    • Hi MaDogNik,

      Thanks for the kind words – we all really appreciate it!

      The game is exclusive to the PS VITA system – it’s the only PlayStation system on which you can play it. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Christ, Sony has Vita games in the works and… it’s this? Something that was supposed to be F2P? I understand you guys won’t really invest big budgets into making games for the platforms but literally making f2p mobile-tier software might just feel like an even worse slap to the face.

    I wasn’t expecting something else like Freedom Wars or Soul Sacrifice, I guess… but man.

  • Gotta echo the question: Is it still coming to PS4, eventually?

    • Hey Longaway – no PS4 version is planned at this point, so please enjoy the game on PlayStation VITA!

      Hope you enjoy it!

  • We may not get the games we want when we want them but Sony didn’t give up on the PS Vita. And besides those that complain where are the PS Vita games haven’t even completely finished the games they own lol.

  • Thanks for keeping up the support for the PS Vita!

    Will definitely check this game!

    I do want to ask as well: what’s the price?

  • Not to sound like a jerk… but just seems like such a whimper of a launch. Heard about the game two years ago and then nothing until, “oh yeah… it’s out”. And to have it announced here on the site rather than at PSX just a couple days from now? Eh, like I said.. not to sound like a d-bag. Just seems like missed opportunities. I hope the game is as good as it looked back then.

  • I’ve been waiting on thi for a while! What a pleasant surprise to see it launch today. Congrats!

    • Thank you very much Amnalehu! I hope you enjoy customizing and rocking out to your own festivals on the go with BigFest!

  • I paid for this and now it won’t download to my vita! D’= I’ve tried on two different vitas and my PS3 and nothing works. Help!

    • Same thing here! Maybe wait until the official blog updates to say, hey this is the new PS Store update!

    • Hey Alx383 – Try the download again and please let us know if you continue to experience issues.

      Thank you for your patience!


  • Wow! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced a while back, but we never heard anything from it since then. It’s awesome that we get this surprise release! Finally, a legitimate simulation game for the Vita! Thank you so much, XDev!

  • PS4 launch in the near future?

    • Sorry tspartan, BigFest is a PlayStation VITA exclusive title, so I hope you can play it there!

      Thanks for your support!

  • Hi Nick, how are you? I’m really glad to see sony still supporting the vita, it may not be what i want to play but at least its a new exclusive title, now how about bringing Knack, Fat Princess Adventures, Motorstorm Arctic Edge HD and warhawk to the vita?

  • Sounds like a fun game! Is it possible to put your own band’s music in the game?

  • Great, Am glad to hear of this game, will be playing for the next 2 months. We hope to hear more of such releases, this time a new Killzone and call of duty(not like black ops declassified) Will be gladly welcomed

  • Congratulations to every guys implied into that damnly original and so funny game ! I am happy to see that Sony and your studio still try to offer to the vita the great games it deserves ! Go on… I mean rock on !

  • So glad this is finally out, and a Vita exclusive no less. Buying it as soon as I get home.

  • Been waiting for this game since it was announced and it has thus far exceeded my expectations. That music man, that music.
    I just wish it had more of a fanfare upon release than it got so more people could experience it.

  • Having fun so far but please give me 1 little gint. How do i find the techicians when the bands need them?

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