This Weekend: Join Us at PlayStation Experience 2015

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This Weekend: Join Us at PlayStation Experience 2015

Is December our new favorite time of the year? I think it might be! When else can we take over a convention center for a no-holds-barred celebration of not only our games, but of you: the players?

PlayStation Experience is back, hosted by the beautiful Moscone West convention center in San Francisco this December 5th and 6th (that’s this weekend!), and we’ve got some fun things to show you while we’re there. We hope you can join us! Tickets are still available, and we have some pretty steep discounts on nearby hotels — grab ’em before they fill up.

While we count down these last few days to December 5th, let’s look back at some of the announcements we saw at last year’s inaugural PlayStation Experience:

This Weekend: Join Us at PlayStation Experience 2015

Giant Sparrow, the team behind The Unfinished Swan, introduced us to their new, decidedly darker project, What Remains of Edith Finch.

In collaboration with Capcom, we revealed Street Fighter V — and its PS4 console exclusivity — to the world for the first time.

Street Fighter V 4

We got our first look at Skytorn, from TowerFall mastermind Matt Thorson.

San Diego Studio premiered MLB 15 The Show, the newest entry in their industry-leading, PlayStation-exclusive baseball series.

Bungie guided us into The Undying Mind, a Strike exclusive to PS4 players who bought Destiny: The Dark Below

And, of course, Naughty Dog took the stage to debut live gameplay of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End enthralling a theater full of PlayStation faithful and garnering thunderous applause.

This Weekend: Join Us at PlayStation Experience 2015

With last year’s reveals fresh on our minds, it’s prediction time: what do you think we’ll see at PlayStation Experience’s big opening keynote Saturday morning? And more importantly: will we see you there?

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  • WHOOPS probably should at least think about starting packing

  • Ctrl+F Yakuza.
    Guys, you missed the biggest announcement :)

    Also, can we get the stream schedule for us poor souls that can´t be there?

  • Any idea what time badge pick up is?

  • Is there going to be a press conference/keynote this year? I thought it was definitely happening, but there’s been no announcement four days out.

  • You will not see me there, but I’ll be with you in spirit (and watching whatever streams I can online :-). I hope it’s a great show for everyone participating in person – here’s a “Hi!” from me in advance ;-).

    As far as my personal PSX predictions?

    + ABZU*
    + Rime*
    + The Tomorrow Children*
    + What Remains of Edith Finch*
    + Hunger
    + Sony Bend and/or Sucker Punch new project(s)
    + Uncharted 4, Horizon, Dreams progress reports
    + New God of War tease?
    + PS2 classics support on PS4 (with trophies!)
    + PlayStation VR details – release window, launch titles (including NMS?), maybe even price (if it’s “good” news :-)

    (* with release dates finally announced?)

    And of course, what I look forward to most:
    + Pleasant surprises no one was expecting :-D

  • What time in the morning on Saturady is the PS Experience Keynote????
    in EST?

  • You have delayed YAKUZA 5 just for this. Meh.

  • I can’t wait!

  • SO EXCITED! I better see Ryan Clements there at some point!!

  • What time is the keynote? Will it be streamed?

  • Will there be a keynote yet? Will it be at the morning of the 5th?

  • Saturday morning? Not evening?

  • Hey Sony

    I am looking forward to an awesome PlayStation experiences. Here is what I am looking forward to hearing…

    1. Please remove the 10% OS reserve of PS3 HD for future updates.
    2. Please support plug and play with external HDD.
    3. Please support 2 step verification.
    4. Please support pin login for PSN.
    5. Please support Ultraviolet for PS Video.
    6. Please give BC.
    7. Please make PS Now like PS Video and iTunes and not like Netflix or Redbox.


  • I can’t wait, between this and the game awards, this week is so exciting for gamers.

    I’m hoping for:
    -Stealth release of Final Fantasy 7 (PC Port) on PS4, has to come in Dec. Plus trophy list has been leaked.
    -PS2 Backward compatibility THAT ALLOWS discs to be used.
    -HDD External to be compatible especially since I’m afraid my 2TB one is still too small with all games being installed.

  • what i’m expecting:

    1) spotify for vita
    2)some type of ps2 backwards compatibility with ps4 (make it disc based pls)
    3)remote play for pc (reverse remote play in which you can remote your pc via vita would be cool tho)
    4)new santa monica game & indies

  • As others have asked, will there be a keynote on Saturday at 10AM? And how do we make sure we can make it on the floor to experience it live? I have my tickets ready, I just don’t have any information on what to do when we arrive there, any hints/tips/advice please? I’m eager to show up early to make it to the live keynote!

    • The earlier you get there the closer up front you’ll be in line for better seating. Last year in Vegas it was first come first serve. I came in around 8 I think and managed to get a decent seat. Some were coming in as early as 3-5 AM.

    • I went last year in Vegas. If you have your tickets already, you line up with the ticket to go into the convention center to get a wrist band. At that point you can go into the room where the keynote will be, or just walk into the show room floor. I pretty very far back in the line and was still able to get good seats. They when picking up the wrist band, they will give you a ticket to redeem for a gift bag. That line is very long. I would pop my head in and see where the counter is for that and go straight there after you exit the keynote. If the line seems super crazy before you get there, you can get the gift bag later after the initial rush. If you find the lines for the major games to be longer than you’d like, check out the indie game area. Gives you a chance to talk directly to devs and there are always open stations. Check out the schedule for the panels. I went to some very interesting panels and got to meet some cool people. It’s a nice break from the crowds and noise of the main floor. If you have any specific questions, I’ll try my best to answer base on my experience last year. Just shoot me a message on PSN since I don’t check the comments.

    • Awesome info, thanks guys for the tips! Even if you’ll never see this NMech702! :P

  • Wait, the PS Keynote is in the morning?! I hope it’s true, I have work in the evening and i want to be glued to my computer for the whole thing.

  • Every game conference I keep hoping to hear of a new Medievil or Warhawk but alas they never come. I fear this will be no different. :(

    With the recent Demon’s Souls remaster rumor going round thats now another one I’ll keep hoping for. :P

  • I’m 100% confirming God of War IV, you can quote me on that.

  • Three things:

    1) Why is this and the game awards not poping up on my PS4 events?
    2) SMS and BEND BETTER have something this year.
    3) Backward Compatibility for PS1 and PS2 discs and downloads on PS4 *obligatory*

  • I wonder if the PS Blogcast crew (you, Sid, Ryan, and Nick) will give Neptunia VII a chance (since it’s actually at PSX)…? I kinda doubt it, as there’s so many games to cover, but if they do I’d love to hear about it on the next PS Blogcast….

  • What time should we get there for the press conference? Will there be a line outside or will it be inside? It’s getting cool in SF lately! :)

  • I had a blast last year. I’m sad that I can’t go this year, but it’s cool that they’re bringing the experience to another city.

  • I can’t wait! Very excited. I was unable to attend last year due to getting married, but will not miss this one (or more to come, hopefully) I predict that we will at least get a God Of War 4 reveal. Anything will do though. Can we get the details on when/where the keynote is and to start lining up?

  • What about us eastern fans. Come to NYC, pleaseeeeee. Long island would be even better

    • With them buying naming rights for that Center in New Your you should be seeing more things there.

      Still traveling 3000 miles for a trade show isn’t the most fun thing in the world. This is practically in their back yard.

  • Will there be a livestream for some of the events happening this year?

  • PS2 classics playable on Vita please

  • I’m excited. Hope to see you guys there!

  • Will there be any big announcements? I have pretty low expectations this year, so maybe I will be surprised…

  • I ordered my tickets in October. Was I supposed to receive them in the mail? Or do I print something up on the ticketing website?

  • Ordered my tickets as soon as I heard it was in San Francisco. Looking forward to the event, have not gone to anything like this since the closed E3 to the public years ago.

    I am confused about the tickets though, I bought tickets for both days, and VIP tickets for the Capcom event and I got an email verification for the purchase, but they never mentioned how it will be handled at the event. Do I need to bring a proof of purchase? Or just show my ID and get my badge, and will my Capcom tickets be with the badge or will I need to get those somewhere else?

  • Oh, and Keynote is at 10am, but what time will the doors open to the event? I am assuming 8am or so?

  • I hope to see a new Ace Combat game announced there!

  • i wont be there since im from Puerto Rico… still… im not that much hyped about this PS EXP….

    FF7 remake is not an exclusive, sony lost KH3 and FF15 exclusivity too… so yes i will definitely love watching more FF7 but still…nothing for sony to brag about.

    I think the only thing that will blow my mind is that sony confirms that they have bought back crash bandicoot and that they are making a new one on ps4 with naughty dog…

    also Playstation all stars 2 with Cloud, Dart, Yu narukami, Old Snake, crash, and the rest of the gang how it was supposed to be from the start… XD

    one can dream

    • oh i almost forgot… whatever happened to Deep Down…. i really hope it has become a full fledged game instead of a mediocre free to play

  • Apart from new games, the only system PS4 feature I really need is FOLDERS! Two years since launch and you guys are wasting time on silly system features like stickers which no one use.

  • Huzzah! The one time of the year that Sony descends from on high to address us Vita plebeians! =D

    Hopefully, that is.

  • Is there going to be a event schedule and station map online.

  • I hope we get something on PS VR. I have been waiting for VR for almost 20 years now .. of course alternative back then were available but not feasible. This will be the first step towards living my childhood dream. Would be waiting for price , release date and pre-order details soon. :( I wish i could have joined but moved away from the Bay area last month. Definitely will be streaming together with the Playstation Nation.

  • I am hoping for more Last Guardian news and gameplay, God of War 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 ( although that is a long shot ). I can’t wait to experience the experience this weekend!!! Flying out from Colorado!

  • socom rema stereo baby let’s goooooo. Better happen. It’s the most requested game.

  • Hello I’m going to PSX this weekend and I was wondering do I have to print my email confirmation and bring it to get my badge? The instructions aren’t very clear. I plan to line up early on Saturday too so I’m wondering if its one line for badges/entrance? Or do I have to get my badge first then line up? I won’t be arriving in SF until Saturday morning so any info would be great!

  • 1) SOCOM


    • 3) *REMASTERED* lol :P

      Cant wait.. but I wish PlayStation would give attendees more details of where to go, what booths will be where and what panels will be where, etc.

  • Me and a friend have come over from the UK for this! so excited! Does anyone know if you can pick up a badge before the Saturday and also with our early passes what time can we get in? Thanks

  • My conformation email says “…pick up your badge during registration hours…” When are the registration hours?! O.O

  • I got tired of waiting for badge pick up info so I emailed them about it

    Friday Dec 4th 9 am to 6pm at public regristration (moscone west floor 1)

    Saturday Dec 5th 7 am to 6 pm

    Sunday Dec 6th 9 am to 6 pm

    • Thanks so much for contacting them – I didn’t want to bombard them and was hoping someone else would have and would post the response! Thanks again, and have a good show.

  • Hi Justin!

    I’m excited Playstation Experience is going to be here in San Francisco! I have a question. My group does alot of coverage from various conventions we attend. What is the policy for recording panels and the 10AM Keyonte? Is filming allowed? In case you’re wondering we do not receive profit of any kind when my group films!

    I can’t wait to cover this event! It’s going to be a blast! =)

  • Hey Justin, do you happen to have information on what dates and times we can pick up our badges?

    Thanks, I can’t wait!

  • Does everyone going to PS Experiece get to watch the Keynote ? I might arrive around 9 am so I am wondering if I could still get in or if it’s first come first serve

  • I’m hoping we can see more of The Last Guardian just to verify it won’t suddenly drop off the face of the earth again like the PS3 version did.

  • Hoping for DISC BASED ps1 and ps2 emulation without any verification stuff like on xbox one and also gt sport and tekken 7

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