Mighty No. 9: New Gameplay Trailer, 2-Player Modes Detailed

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Mighty No. 9: New Gameplay Trailer, 2-Player Modes Detailed

Hey PlayStation fans!

We’re back with more Mighty No. 9 details than ever as we race towards release! Whether you’re new to Mighty No. 9 or have been with the game since the beginning, we’ve got loads in store and wanted to share some mighty news! So let’s get into it!

Firstly, we’re extremely excited to release our shiny new gameplay trailer in all its might! The new trailer shows off loads of the features and game modes you’ll be playing in Mighty No. 9; like Boss Rush mode where you tackle all the Mighty bosses back-to-back, or the Challenge mode which has you facing unique challenge levels designed to test your 2D side-scrolling skills, and don’t forget the insanely hard one-hit death Maniac mode as well – play at your own risk!

The trailer also features the first look at both the 2-player online Co-op Challenge mode and Online Race Battle mode! Tackle co-op specific challenge levels as Beck and Call using their unique abilities to defeat the enemies and finish the level, or battle it out online in a race through the main levels battling your opponent to get the highest score. Whether you like to team up or beat your friends, we cater to both needs.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9Mighty No. 9

We also have some news for PlayStation Experience attendees: That’s right, the creator of Mighty No. 9, Inafune-san will be there this year, so be sure to come by and say hello!

That rounds off our Mighty No. 9 news for today! Thanks so much for checking out our new gameplay trailer. Don’t forget that pre-orders get the ‘Retro Hero’ Beck skin in all its 8-bit glory, and that PlayStation versions of Mighty No. 9 also support Cross-Buy — including the PS4 retail version!

Mighty No. 9Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 launches on February 9th 2016. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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  • Gotta say it’s looking nice than I expected it to be when I first saw this game.

  • I was interested in the Vita version of this but I’m kind of cagey on it now. You guys silently switched from Vita port powerhouse Abstraction to 3DS experienced Engine Software. The console/PC version of the game doesn’t look like it’s something Vita can’t handle but I’m afraid Vita is now going to get a 3DS port.

    • The PS4 version will come with three-way cross-buy for the PS3 and PSVita versions, so that’s one way of getting your Mighty fix while you’re waiting for the Vita version to release. Also, one small point of clarification — the Vita version isn’t a simple port. It’s the fully featured version of the game, just built from the ground up for the platform.

    • I don’t think you understand how software development works in the games industry. The 3DS version makes no sense to port to Vita. Everything from controls to total screens to aspect ratio to performance is a problem here. However this is beside the point.

      Abstraction is still working on the Vita version. The Vita version can run what the PC version is doing and most of the work will likely be done in reducing draw calls, reducing asset memory foot print, and dealing with any control limitations of the platform. It would actually be easier to take the PS3 version and port that to the Vita and mix in a bit of PS4 related functionality to account for the updated services. This is very doable. Not to mention the wealth of information on Unreal Engine 3 ports to Vita from companies like Iron Galaxy.

      Engine Software is doing the 3DS version and they are likely looking at Wii U for their solutions and not the other platforms.

    • @KazeEternal Abstraction said they weren’t doing the handheld versions anymore as recently as August. Engine is doing both. We’ve gotten hints that the portable releases won’t be using Unreal Engine at all, which makes me think the 3DS version will be the base one. I know you say that sounds unlikely, but look at the Lego games. All of the Vita ones are 3DS ports, not PS3 ones because the 3DS team builds the Vita one too. Now we have a 3DS team doing Mighty No. 9.

    • Kaze the guy tells you that the Vita version isn’t a port it’s a ground up full featured design for the Vita, you tell him he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, then you go on and on about porting the PS3 version and using PS4 features, when developers have been saying that porting between the PS4 and the PSVita is FAR easier, better, and that an intern can do it. This with the context of how complicated the PS3 was to develop for, and how different the architecture is.

      You sound like you know what you’re doing, but you also sound like you are just using jargon and half baked logic that isn’t actually workable. Now if you’re actually a game developer, get into touch with them and shoot them some ideas, or get in touch with the people doing the Vita version and chat with them.

      If you CAN’T or WON’T do that, because you really aren’t an expert (what I am suspecting) then all you’re doing is wasting people’s time, and being effectively a troll.

  • Will there be a way to play as just Call when doing Single Player, like how you can play as just Tails in Sonic 2 and 3?

    • Hey Goldanas!

      The main single player campaign is played with Beck, but Call has her own level for you to blast through as well!

  • Is there a reason why the trailer does not mention the PS Vita version? Why are you so vague in your post saying it launches on February 9th without mentioning the platforms? Please add this important information, thanks!

  • So they finally have a release date for this its about time. Looking forward to finally getting my copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We officially announced the release date at TwitchCon, but now that we’re unveiling the multiplayer modes, figured we’d beat the drum about it some more :)

  • You recovered my hype for this game! and its so close now! =) btw can we control Call in the main story missions?

    • Hey Roll_chan!

      (like… roll? For Rock & Roll? AWESOME!)

      Call has her own specific story level that is designed for her. You can’t control her through all of the levels because she has as specific gameplay style and moveset that differs from Beck’s. However, you can 2-man the levels, and have one person play as her in the co-op challenges :)

  • I’ve been very interested in this game since it’s Kickstarter announcement. It’s good to know the Vita version is being tailored to the handheld instead of just being a console port (direct ports usually have interface issues and incredibly SMALL text). What I would like to know, is if the release date/window for the Vita version has been revealed. I’d definitely much rather play it on my handheld than on my big screen.

    Thanks for the update on the game. I look forward to trying it out in the near future.

  • Will the Vita version have the multiplayer modes? Or are we still not talking about that version?

    • Fully featured version of the game, the only thing left to announce is the handheld release date. We’re still targeting “shortly after”.

  • Is the ending different with two players?

  • Local co-op too? Or only online?

  • I’m too excited!!!!!

  • This game gets better and better! Think we could see some Mighty No. 9 avatars/themes? ;)

  • Can you play as Rey through the story level or co-op?

  • Two questions for you. Will playing as Ray in the story change it any? Also, will Beck get a new transformation when he beats her?

    • Without giving away story spoilers, Ray plays completely differently than both Beck and Call. Ray only has close ranged attacks, so all of your previously learned strategies have to be thrown out the window while playing as her. Instead of getting a new transformation for Beck, instead you’re able to play as her which give much more gameplay differentiation than just a new transformation.

  • Is mighty No 9 going to be a full fledged series? Are you guys thinking ahead about making more games, or more DLC characters, or more challenges, more world, more content?

    Considering you guys are doing an animated series or movie, I’m hoping that we’ll get consistent Mighty No. 9 games,

    If I was running the development team (i’d probably get fired or destroy you guys by accident) but I’d like to see Mighty No. 9 be the Mighty No 9 series to where the first game is episode 1. The second game is episode 2. and so then you wouldn’t have a “demo” anymore you’d have the free to play Mighty No. 9 and then you buy into the first episode after you get a taste for the introductory training and free content.

    Though physical screws all that up now doesn’t it… >_<

  • Will the console digital version ever be available for pre order? And will those who preorder console digital get the same pre order bonuses as everyone else who preorders physical or steam? After all isnt Call or some other playavble character exclusive to preorder?

  • Its the Ray DLc im thinking about.. is that only backer exclusive?

    • Nope! Buying the Physical version includes Ray for no extra charge! Even if you just get the Digital version, you can buy her at a later time, probably for around 5 dollars or so.

  • What did poor Vernon ever do to anyone? So hyped for this.
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    Support Indivisible!

  • Wish it had local coop like gun star heroes.

  • Handheld is the way to go with MN9.

    Not sure if I’ll go 3DS? or Vita?

    3DS would be better since I have plenty of space on my MEMORY CARD*hint, hint Sony*

    But, seriously one of the games I’m looking forward to on my handhelds.

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