Tearaway Unfolded: Holiday DLC Packs Out Today on PS Store

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Tearaway Unfolded: Holiday DLC Packs Out Today on PS Store

Hello, adventurers! Tearaway Unfolded has been out in the wild for a few months now and we hope you are all enjoying your adventures with your papery friends! We’ve loved seeing all your photos and papercrafts flooding into tearaway.me, it’s been amazing to see all your unique stories unfolding.

Today we’ve got some exciting Tearaway Unfolded news to share with you all. We’ve been busy crafting some exclusive new goodies to get your hands on. First up, we have not one but two DLC packs coming your way.

So what’s inside these wonderful packs, I hear you ask? Let’s unfold them and see…

Tearaway Unfolded Dynamic Theme: The Gopher Show!

A Tearaway Holiday

Our first pack is free and contains 4 new avatars and a beautiful dynamic Theme for your PS4. Upon opening the theme you’ll first be presented with the wintery Gibbet Hill landscape which beautifully changes from day to night. But that’s not all! This theme has a surprise in store. Scroll down to expand the menu and you’ll reveal a hidden stage show with the Gophers. This will be free and available to download from PlayStation Store today!

A Tearaway Holiday

Tearaway Unfolded Holiday DLC Pack!

This festive-tastic pack is filled with a wonderful array of costumes and decorations to adorn your Messenger with, just in time for the holidays.

A Tearaway HolidayA Tearaway Holiday

Unwrap this yuletide gift and inside it you shall find 4 costumes for your Messenger which includes a jolly Santa, a frosty Snowman, a merry Elf, and a friendly Reindeer. You’ll also receive 7 new decorations including a Christmas tree, a Candy Cane, a Stocking, a delicious Christmas Pudding, a Holly Leaf with berries, an Ivy leaf, a beautiful Wreath, and a Gift! This pack will be available on PlayStation Store today and will cost $0.99.

ShareFactory Theme

We also released our first ShareFactory theme for Tearaway Unfolded last week! We are super excited to see what videos you creative folks start cutting together. Our ShareFactory theme comes with the following:

  • 1 intro
  • 1 outro
  • 1 title clip
  • 3 custom transitions
  • 9 stickers
  • 4 fonts
  • 5 background images

Become your own papery film director and create a masterpiece! If (like me) you’re a little new to all this video editing malarkey, don’t worry — because our super-duper Video Editor Dan has shared his top tips for making awesome films. Take a look at our ShareFactory Theme blog post to read his tips!

A Tearaway HolidayA Tearaway Holiday

Official Soundtrack

And finally, we recently released the incredible Tearaway Unfolded soundtrack on iTunes and PlayStation Store, which is available to download now! The soundtrack includes a staggering 50 tracks by award-winning composers Kenneth Young and Brian D’Oliveira, who have written more than an hour of new music for Tearaway Unfolded. We sat down with them recently to chat about the soundtrack and how they brought it from handheld to console…

“It was a real pleasure for us to revisit the world of Tearaway. Initially, we were a little nervous of living up to expectations [cough]Best Music BAFTA nomination[/cough], but once we got into the swing of things it was very much a case of picking up our collaboration from where we left off.

“Whilst we reworked and augmented some of the music to make it a better fit for the larger world in Unfolded, for the most part we were writing brand new material — there’s over an hour of new music in the game, which is actually kinda crazy, but it’s also a pretty good metric for understanding how different Tearaway Unfolded is on PlayStation 4 compared to Tearaway on PS Vita!

“The official soundtrack album for Tearaway Unfolded is a curated experience which represents the best of that music — almost two hours of infectious folk melodies, a unique blend and mashup of styles and instrumentation, all perfectly fitting for Media Molecule’s trademark eclecticism. Now that it’s available on iTunes and PlayStation Store, we hope that fans will continue to enjoy breaking the fourth wall by bringing a little more of Tearaway Unfolded into their worlds.”

-Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira

Thanks for reading folks, we look forward to seeing all your festive Messengers on tearaway.me! See you soon!

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