LittleBigPlanet 3: Mirror’s Edge and The Good Dinosaur DLC Out Today

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LittleBigPlanet 3: Mirror’s Edge and The Good Dinosaur DLC Out Today

LittleBigPlanet: The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur is the latest movie release by our good friends at Disney Pixar, and since we love dinosaurs so much we have a brand new The Good Dinosaur Costume Pack available from PlayStation Store today.

Each of these costumes can be purchased individually, but if you pick up the complete The Good Dinosaur Costume Pack, you will also receive a bonus Arlo Costume for OddSock that is exclusive to the complete pack.

Sackboy’s Prehistoric Asset Pack: Out Now on PS Store

Did we mention that we love dinosaurs? Like really, really love dinosaurs? Who doesn’t want to stomp around LittleBigPlanet as a ferocious T-Rex or a gigantic Apatosaurus?

You’re going to need some good stomping grounds for your prehistoric playtime and we have just the thing for you with this free Sackboy’s Prehistoric Asset Pack containing a bumper collection of Objects, Decorations, Stickers, Costumes, and a new Background that are just perfect for crafting your very own prehistoric playpen!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Costume Pack: DLC Out Now on PS Store

Mirror's Edge

Running, leaping, and jumping back into the present, we have the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Costume Pack featuring costumes for Faith, Noah, and Kruger’s Bodyguard; along with an Enforcer Costume and a Sentinel Costume.

These great costumes can all be picked up from PlayStation Store and are just perfect for any Sackboys or Sackgirls that want to show off their Platforming skills on LittleBigPlanet as they run across one of the many, many rooftops that have been created by our community of construction creators.

The Sackies 2015: Celebrating Community Creations in LittleBigPlanet

Last week was a celebration of community with The Sackies 2015 that saw us handing out the much-coveted Sackies Award Winner Pin and the Rare Prize Crown to a selection of our favorite creations, community events, and community-voted creations!

Take a look at the video for our Outstanding Game Creator award to see just how amazing some of these winning creations are!

That’s just a small sample of some of the fantastic creations available in the community and you can find all of our winning levels in our Sackies Superstars category available in-game now!

Want to see more award-winning levels? Check out the complete The Sackies 2015 Playlist here!


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  • Cool, but how about “Black Friday Week PSN Deals”? Really looking forward to that! :D

  • You forgot to mention that the Prehistoric Pack is free…

  • How do I find good dinosaur DLC for little big planet 3 help anyone
    I can’t wait for beta for world of tanks

  • Is it too much to ask to make the game playable online on PS3? Every single time we return to the pod after playing a level, whoever is the host gets a FAIL TO LOAD USER PROFILE, it freezes everyone else and is only fixed by quitting the game! And this happens every single time. I’ve contacted you over forums and email but you give no answer. LBP started with us PS3 players and this is how we are repaid: a broken game 1 year after release.

  • Sackboy’s Prehistoric Asset Pack is an unexpected surprise! It was always a shame that Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves existed as a standalone game, neither benefiting from, nor contributing to the greater LBP ecosystem. I figured all those assets were doomed to be forever locked away in their own little world.

    It’s nice to see them find a permanent home. I’m not sure how well everything holds up when compared to more recent offerings, but if I am remembering correctly, that bone dinosaur costume was actually pretty good. I’ll definitely be loading up LBP3 tonight to check out all the goods.

    Oh, and since this topic is tangentially related to PS Move, the last time I tried using Move + Navigation controllers on the PS4 version of LBP3, everything was fine except for the Hero Cape powerup. The Move controller’s T button (i.e. grab/grapple/creatinate/etc. button) did not work for glide. :(

    And…since the above paragraph is tangentially related to the DC Comics Pack, please fix the space background material for PS4!

    Ok, I’m done going off on tangents. :)

  • How about you fix the game first instead of pumping out dlc constantl

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