Black Friday Weekend Deal: $299 Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle

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Black Friday Weekend Deal: $299 Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle

Thanksgiving is a time for family, a lot of turkey, a ton of football, hours of gaming, and amazing Black Friday offers. Well, Thanksgiving is only days away and we know that many of you are thinking of buying a PS4 for yourself or someone special this holiday season. If you were watching football yesterday, you probably saw our commercial featuring the games that demonstrate how PlayStation is the best place to play this holiday. It also featured the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 Bundle, which will be available at $299.99 USD (MSRP) in the U.S. for Black Friday weekend only, starting Thursday and extending through Cyber Monday. The bundle will also be available for $369.99 CAD (MSRP) in Canada Friday through Monday. Check your local retailers for full detail

Black Friday 2015: Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle

The bundle includes a 500GB PS4 system and the single-player campaigns for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Take some time over the holidays to play the first three, critically-acclaimed Uncharted games with beautifully remastered graphics and brand-new game modes for PS4, right before the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on March 18, 2016. You’ll also gain exclusive access to the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta between December 4th through the 13th if you own Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

It’s an incredible price for an awesome PS4 bundle. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends – and be sure to put this on your shopping list during Black Friday weekend because this deal won’t last long!

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  • If the PSN has a Black Friday sale, I’d really love for the sale prices to be announced before Thursday. It seems many might plan video game purchases around which retailer has the best deal. I’d much prefer to purchase on PSN. If I knew in advance that they would have X game for Y price then that could easily sway my decision. Even if Y price is slightly higher than a brick & mortar retailer, the price of convenience and not dealing with the mass of people could outweigh it.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. If my memory serves me right, last year the waited too late to announce the sales and my money was already spent. :(

    • Veritable Hero – Especially if the good deals sell out.

      TeamGreen615 – What are they supposed to do? Update it Thursday while people are getting ready for dinner and piss people off?

    • Who said anything about updating the store then? Just announce what the sales are going to be like most companies do for the biggest shopping day of the year.

    • Last year or the year before i think, I had just dropped about $150 on games at target and walmart, then found out the same games were on sale on PSN. I would have much rather spent that money with sony and had digital versions of the games i bought but they announced it way too late.

      Hopefully they’ll do better this year.

  • Holy crap! What an amazing deal! Had I no PS4, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this!

  • No Vita deals under $150? Disappointing………….

    • People want new games not last gen games with a new console. Another weak effort from Sony . MS is offering extra free games and 50 off every bundle. It’s like scea doesn’t even care. X1 will dominate the holiday again. Sony makes no sense…. more consoles in homes equals more profit from psn, ps plus and software.

    • @mastorofpuppetz – I disagree.

      First off, this is a great price – they’re essentially matching Microsoft’s price for the weekend, which is a good deal for everyone.

      Secondly, plenty of individual vendors are throwing in an extra game when you buy the console – look around at the ads.

      Finally, anyone without a PS3 missed out on the Uncharted series, so that *IS* a new game to a lot of people. Some of us with a PS3 missed parts of it, too – I never did play the first one, so I’m looking forward to playing it and then repeating the rest of the series (picked up mine when Sony Rewards had a $100 credit offer, a couple weeks ago – $100 of PSN credit to go with the console at $350 isn’t a bad deal). You’re right, new exclusive games would be better, but anybody paying attention to the market knows those are on the way.

      Do what I did – get it now, buy a 2TB internal drive to upgrade it with, and have it all ready for Christmas. The hardest part is waiting another month to really start playing.

    • MasterofPuppetz…

      The Uncharted Collection isn’t Last Gen’s Games.

      They redid some graphics for consistency, they redid controls to help make the game more consistent, Especially Uncharted 1 is like a different game,

      Second off there have been plenty of bundles. There was an Arkham Knight bundle, a Destiny Taken King bundle, a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 with 1TB HDD bundle, 3rd off they can probably sell that voucher to someone for $40. Effectively dropping the price a bit more.

    • Comment leaching is not nice…

      The PS4 bundle is just as good as the Xbox bundle in my opinion. But the Vita deals suck! If the PSTV can be discounted and sold for $20 the PSV can be sold at $100. The memory cards are also overpriced and should be 1/4 what they currently are.

    • @masorofpuppetz The only Xbox One bundle for $299 I can find is Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Everything else $349+.

    • I concur completely. Where’s the love for those of us that want to remote play some Fallout 4?

  • Ah. Perfect! I’ve been waiting for this deal. I’ve got a PS4 in my family room, but my teenage son is always on it! I’m getting this one for myself and putting it in my home office. I have SO many games to play! :-)

    Question: My son has been using my 1 PSN account, and all his game saves, etc are on there…along with all my stuff and PSN purchases. When I get this second PS4, can both consoles be logged into the same PSN account? I’d setup a sub-account for him, but I think he’d lose all his game progress as well as access to my PSN games. Any help here would be appreciated. :-D

    • You can not use one profile on two PlayStation 4 consoles simultaneously. However, there is a game share feature offered on the PlayStation 4 platform which allows two users to link accounts and share digitally downloaded games (not sure if PS+ is required though). In terms of your son’s game progress, as long as the save files are on the HDD, he should be able to access them regardless of which profile he’s logged into. If that doesn’t work, you should be able to upload the desired save files onto a usb and transfer them that way. Enjoy the second console!

    • Dot com, no, on PS4 you can only be logged online on only one console at a time. If you logon to another one, the first one gets disconnected. However, if one console plays offline, the other can play online.

    • Ind3Strucoman has like no idea what he’s talking about.

      There’s gamesharing which isn’t a link. It’s where you stream content from 1 console to another. PS Plus is required from the person who you are streaming FROM.

      If you make the PlayStation HE uses, the PRIMARY for the account, he can play those games on his own account, though he will not have access to your saves. You should have set him up with his own account, which I figured you would have done by now but I guess you guys don’t play 2 player a lot.

      Now hopefully your office will have a constant and steady internet connection, because that’s the only way for you as a SECONDARY console on the account will be able to play your DIGITAL library. Otherwise you will get locked out of digital purchases when not connected.


      This is to keep 1 account from letting 10 people play a game. You can do 2 people, playing a game at the same time. Which should be enough for you and your son.

    • @Ind3structoman @lisatsunami @MakaiOokami – Thanks for replying! I had a feeling it wouldn’t be quite so seamless.

      The scenario is that my primary PS4 is in the family room. This new PS4 will be in my *home* office, which is a room connected to the family room, so both PS4 consoles are on the same high-speed network.

      As for a second account, I did create one for my son when the PS4 came out. The problem at the time was that he wasn’t able to see any of my digital downloads, such as Resogun (I bought my PS4 at launch); I’m not sure if he was able to access his old game saves either (I seem to recall that was an issue). So, I had him just use my PSN account. Fast forward two years, and now he has more stuff saved there and I have more PSN games.

      The ideal situation would be for him to use his sub-account and have access to the game saves from my PSN account as well as all my PSN digital content. I’d be fine buying a second PSN subscription if that’s what it takes, but as a sub-account I didn’t think I had to do that.


      I wish this were a little more straightforward.

      P.S. Sorry for the thread hijack, but thanks for the help!! :-)

    • Dot com, you could have avoided the initial problem by making your first PS4 the “primary”. That way your son could have signed on with his account and played online with your digital games. You can only designate one PS4 as primary. Just remember that for future digital games: you can download to 2 different PS4’s, and another account can get almost all benefits if they play on the “primary” console. The feature has to be selected in settings. I think Acct Mgmt.

      At this point, though, I’m pretty sure there is no way to transfer the trophies. That is kind of a sore subject around here. Trophies are forever locked to the account name they were earned under. So never make a PSN ID that you’ll regret in 5 years. You will have to either surrender your ID to your son or he will have to earn them all over under his own ID.

      And save files, even on USB, are locked to the account created under. There is no transfer of save files.

    • @lisatsunami – Actually, I only have 1 PS4 at the moment. I plan to buy the $299 bundle that will be available. So…is there anything I can do to avoid the problem before it happens, or is it too late?


    • I’m pretty sure you can only be signed into one PS4 at a time with the same account. I have two PS4’s and when I sign in one it automatically signs me out of the other.

    • Dot com, if you mean the part about separating trophies, it’s too late. Trophies are locked to the account that earned them. The only thing you can do now is “activate” your current PS4 as primary, tell your son he has to start all over under his own account but he will be able to freely play your online digital games on that PS4.

      When you get your second console, only you will be able to play online games when you log on. Any other user will see a lock symbol on digital games. There is no point in buying your son a Plus account because that will NOT enable him to play your games on the second PS4 and I already said he doesn’t need it to play your games on the activated console. A Plus account will only allow him to backup to online storage and of course get access to future Plus games. Future, not past.

      One more thing, you will have to be online when you play a digital game on your 2nd PS4. Otherwise you will be booted out of the game in 15 minutes. But you can play offline on your activated console. So, if you want to co-op say Dark Souls 2 with your son, you only need to buy it once, download it twice, you play online on the new console and your son play online under his own PSN ID on the activated console.

    • You can not use one profile on two PlayStation 4 consoles simultaneously. However, there is a game share feature offered on the PlayStation 4 platform which allows two users to link accounts and share digitally downloaded games (not sure if PS+ is required though). In terms of your son’s game progress, as long as the save files are on the HDD, he should be able to access them regardless of which profile he’s logged into. If that doesn’t work, you should be able to upload the desired save files onto a usb and transfer them that way. Enjoy the second console!

    • you sound like a cool dad

    • @lisatsunami – Thanks for the detailed info. I checked that the 1 PS4 in our family room is actually the primary, and I checked that my son’s sub-account can access all the games I got through PSN. So, the only issue is that he’ll probably lose all his save progress on various games, and he’ll have to reconnect with all his friends (they connected to my account).

      Did you mention that I won’t be able to play online if my son’s sub-account is online from the primary PS4? If so, that would truly stink! I mean, the point of having 2 PS4s is so we can both be playing a different game at the same time. He plays NBA 2K16 and COD:BO3 online, and I play Destiny. That just wouldn’t work out at all. Maybe I should give a call to Sony just to see what’s up?

      Thanks again!

    • @TheGaming_Deer Thanks! I’m probably one of the cooler dads. I’ve been playing video games since they were called pinball machines! I was around for the first video games and computers, and I started with a Magnavox Odyssey and then an Atari 2600 (along with my Atari 400 that I modded). So, video games have been a part of my life since I was a teen. I grew up as the scene grew up! My son has been the beneficiary of my gaming “addiction” as I always end up with all the consoles and AAA games. He rarely ever asks me for a game because he knows I’ll probably have it.

      Also…I still have pretty much every console and computer I’ve ever owned, along with a nice collection of games. Each bedroom in my small house as a couple of consoles in it! I’m a kid trapped in an older man’s body! HELP!!! :-D

  • I think if you have a PS3 you’re much better off just buying the three games there… it’s certainly a lot cheaper and there isn’t much graphical difference.
    I just got this bundle from Sam’s Club last week, same price and all. The Uncharted trilogy is a digital voucher, so beware. It’s an incredibly large download. I don’t even want it.

    • I’m on Satellite and I dounloaded it. You can probably sell the voucher to someone for $40.

      The games aren’t the same. they did a bunch of work to make the controls similar across all 3 games, make the graphics look more consistent and less different every time you play a newer one, fixed some issues, they are essentially DX versions.

      If you had a PS3 and don’t care about Uncharted, there are other bundles you can grab. Maybe not for $300, but at the very least $350 for a console or bundle with a $40-60 game you wanted to play… isn’t a bad deal. Neither is paying $300 for one that has a game if you can trade it to someone for a game you want or get $40 for it.

    • MakaiOokami, do you really have to write a little essay for every comment? And it’s not about download speed, it’s mostly about the stupidly large size of it paired with PS4’s comparatively small hard drive. And yes, I am already selling it. I’m just stating my opinion on these things. I see your comments time to time, you don’t need to correct everyone.

      That doesn’t seem worth full retail price when you can get the duology on PS3 for $20 or less and then 3 itself for a far better deal.

      There aren’t many other bundles anyway, since I don’t care for Fallout 4 or Battlefront. They’re overpriced anyway, this is the best deal.

  • your prices for Canada are insulting

    • and i look forward to buying all my games used now. just so you guys don’t get a royalty fee

    • Not really; $299 USD = $399.80 CAD (as of 11/23/2015), so $370 CAD isn’t out of the question. As I type this, I realize that I should just drive up to Montreal and buy it there ($276.71 USD)!! :-D

    • I agree. In Canada it should be $400 Canadian. If you look at the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar right now $299.99 US converts to $401.00 Canadian.

    • @Dot com, It is not worth it… because you will have to pay taxes on that which will be 15%… I know Quebec has crazy high sale taxes.

    • @DrJh007Oh man! You’re right! I forgot about the high tax rates! You’d think I’d remember that since I was just hanging out in Montreal over the summer. Bleh. US PS4 it is!! :-D

  • @FeistFan, please do tell which vendors are throwing in extra games with the Uncharted bundle. This isn’t a good offer at all. It’s the same price in every Black Friday ad I’ve seen, and with no additional games anywhere. Almost every XB1 deal is the one throwing in extra games AND an extra controller and/or a $50-$60 gift card from the store. These PS4 deals stink in comparison!

    • Okay, so a week ago it looked like several vendors were advertising better deals than they are now – at least as far as throwing in something extra on top of the bundle. Perhaps Sony dropping the price changed some of those plans. I see Target raised the Dualshock4 controller price, too (advertising $45 now for Friday, they originally advertised $40 for Friday – BestBuy and Gamestop still show $40, and a friend at work had a deal that gave him BestBuy’s Black Friday deals today, so I’ve already done my shopping through him).

      So far it looks like the best bundle Gamestop, with a free backpack thrown in. It looked like Destiny was going to be a common freebie earlier this month, but those offers dried up. Costco still has the Taken King at $40, at least locally – that’s everyone else’s Black Friday price.

      So…take a risk at waiting to see what comes down the road, or jump at the $300 price. Either way, it’s a PS4 Christmas at our house this year. Good luck, happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!

  • I bought an xbox one instead. They are killing it with backwards compatability. That being said I also picked up a PS Vita TV. This little system is awesome. I highly recommend. Sony could really make this a good competitor to an apple tv or roku device if they got more app support. Still the fact that I can play all my PS1 and PSP games on the big screen is pretty great. Oh and I can use either a ps4 controller or my ps3 one (perfect for dissidia FF). I’d love to see more vita games playable on it though.

    Best buy has the vita tv on sale for $20. Just bought a second one yesterday.

    • @billuant….killing it with BC? Lol which is limited games ? No one cares about BC. No one buys new consoles 2 years in a generation of any significant numbers. There is a reason ps4 is dominating x1 in sales. BC doesn’t matter to most.

    • I did and for the backwards compatability reason. With xbox gold I get to permenantly keep the 360 games that can now be played on my Xone even if I let my sub lapse so yeah they’re killing it. I would have bought a ps4 but as everyone knows they don’t offer it..

    • You bought an Xbox One for backwards compatibility? It’s always nice to look back but the focus should always be on the future.

    • BC is nice and all, but honestly the only reason I’d consider getting an xbox one at this point is because all my Rock Band instruments and DLC were on the 360 and I can’t bring any of it over to PS4. However, I still need something more to give that push to also get an xbox one. Any multi-platform games i get would be on PS4 and so far there aren’t any exclusives that scream “must buy” to me.

      In the meantime, I still have my 360 so all my old games as well as RB3 still work on that.

      Just wish I could replay Kingdom Hearts 1&2, but they only released those HD remakes on the PS3.

  • @feist where us anyone throwing in any extra games or gift cards,? No one is but they are with xbox ones. Sony for their wallets not the players.

    @maikai these are old games period with no online. A resolution and effects bump doesn’t change that. They are not enticing for someone who wants a reason to jump to thus gen.

  • Vita is not worth to even put on sale… sad. I’m glad I got mine in a black friday sale two years ago.

    • GameStop has the Aqua Blue 2000 on sale tomorrow and Wednesday for $169.99. Going to pick it up and give my son my white Vita. Yes, I’m an awesome dad.

  • What VeritableHero said. Sony make this happen. I download all my games anyway. Really hoping Batman: Arkham Knight & Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be on PSN for cheap. I got it for cheap.

  • At people complaining about this deal, Microsoft has to offer big sales because they are still getting pulverized and next year has them scared. BC is not boosting sales, though I wish it was. I personally like it. PS4 still has more new exclusives and a bigger library of new games.

    • Sorry for double posting. I have a Xbox One because of the BC, but the list currently has none of the titles I really care about. While the Gold games offer also sounds good, it could also mean they are only doing free games with gold for Xbox 360 for like another month or two. The reason I mention that is because unless they really expand the BC library, they will not have much to offer in the coming months and some of these titles on the BC list currently have already been given away with Gold.

      Also 15 of the titles on that BC list are already available on Xbox One as remakes. I would also be surprised if this stops them from possibly adding Halo Reach as DLC for Halo MCC. So it really is not playing a bug role or changing any strategies.

  • I say hold off. GameStop may have a better deal closer to Christmas. Last year they included 3 games, a wired PS4 controller (3rd party), a cheap headset and the PS Camera.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this deal all month. Finally my very own PS4!

  • The $299 part is great. Uncharted? Not so much. I’d take a $20 or so gift card to whatever store over that in a heartbeat. Guess I’ll be waiting until next Black Friday to grab a PS4. :(

    • Just trade in the game or sell it on ebay. It’s really easy to do and get that $20 or more back. The game isn’t the perk for this deal, it’s a console for $300

  • Everyone has th same bundle for the same price. Does anyone know who else has a better deal!? Anyone including more games or gift cards or anything?

    Kohls has an amazing deal. They are giving a gift card for every $50 spent at the store!!! That’s amazing.

    I’m looking to buy a PS4, but there is no kohls in my area and they won’t ship to me. Need to keep looking elsewhere.

    Does anyone know of any better deals?

  • Wait a minute are these the OLD ps4 SKU your dumping on sale and not the NEW PS4 SKU?? These have 500gb drives and all the new models come with the 1TB versions… Sounds like an inventory purge gauged as a sale…

  • Thanksgiving is a time for family, a lot of turkey, a ton of football, hours of gaming,

    Not me unfortunately, im stucking working all day thanksgiving and black friday, but thats retail for ya!

    • I would love to get a new PS4, but for the life of me I don’t understand why Sony is offering only 1 PS4 bundle with a TB drive. I am not interested in call of duty, but if they offered star wars battlefront with a TB drive, or an assassins creed bundle like they have over in the UK, I would jump on that. Has anyone heard any rumors of other bundles with the TB drive? Wondering and hoping Sony will release some additional TB drive bundles before the end of the year.

    • What I want is a White R2D2 looking controller and console package with a 1TB hard drive. That would be awesome.

  • My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…

  • I,ve spent money on three ps4s , 2 ps 3s and probably average 200 a month on downloads since 2012 ps points awarded still zero. Thanks.

  • lol, I just traded my launch PS4 and got this bundle a month ago. I did get Guitar Hero Live with it, though, so I guess it worked out pretty much the same.

  • OK so… sony where are your PSN black friday deals? u better hurry bc for now all my money is going to walmart and GS….

    also let me know b4 hand so i can get PSN cards….

    Also PLEASE put PS plus in 30$ like you did 2 years ago!

  • Its good to see an affordable bundle for ps4 to attract new gamers, BUT those who have a ps4 we need a BETTER deal with PS+ 49.99 its just too expensive. i got mine 2 years ago at black friday for 30 dollars at Amazon it was great the games was worth it but if you ask me currently if i want to get PS+ i would say NO, the catalog this year have been poor, the ps4 catalog its the worse thing and lets not forget that xbox live gold have been improving that right now its a better proposition the fact that you can see always deals for 35 for a year suscription.

    I remember that PS+ was suppose to be a PLUS service but now its everything MINUS, the online its not improved at all, the game have been worse, and the price its not worth it. The requirement for online and everyone buying it its not making a better compelling product like years ago

    I really hope that Sony reconsider and make PS+ a PLUS service for all playstation fans

  • So the price for this bundle is the same for every store during Black Friday?

  • And I’m just here waiting for a Vita Black Friday deal, like an idiot. LET ME LOVE YOUR DEVICE SONY. Shuhei, please, any price drop below $150 and I’ll buy 9000 of them. AND DROP THOSE MEMORY CARD PRICES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Thanks.

  • i cant wait to get the uncharted ps4 im gonna get the Uncharted nathan drake collection PS4 bundle for christmas

  • im gonna get this for black friday for the Unchated PS4 Bundle

  • Is this the new PS4 CUH-1200 hardware? If so, I will get this.

  • Hello everyone I am from Nicaragua, I would buy that console to $ 299.99, but since I can buy the product? help please .. thanks..

    hola a todos soy de Nicaragua, me gustaria comprar esa consola a $299.99 USD pero desde que pagina la puedo comprar? ayuda porfavor.. gracias

  • Can we purchase this bundle online or do we have to purchase it in person?

  • How much will it be with Taxes?? I have the money but need to know how much with Taxes? Can someone help Please?

  • Oh great!!…haha buy a PS4 along with PS3 games totally vanishing with the motive to buy a PS4…what a fantastic deal hahaha.

  • I am going to bit the bullet and get a PS4 on Black Friday. There really is no comparison between old PSOne, PS2, or even most PS3 games. What upsets me though is that I have a massive library of PS3 games that I cannot play. Why Sony won’t follow Microsoft’s suit of putting a emulated PS3 dash, that can also handle PS2, and PSOne classics, is beyond me through.

  • Jumped on this deal early via Newegg. Solid deal. It’s the newer console version (lighter, more efficient, physical buttons, and full matte texturing) with a digital download key for Uncharted. Lowest price thus far.

    Played a bit of BattleFront on it (looks and sounds amazing). Will be cramming a MUCH larger HDD in it as 500 GB is a joke!

  • What no heads up on a Black Friday flash sale ? you wonder why people still buy discs> i haven’t bought a disc game in 7 years, but with games like FC4 for $15 and witcher 3 at $25, its hard to wait for sony to tell us what the sale is going to be till the day after black friday.

  • Sony,

    Your retailers still sell it for between $350 and $400. The ONLY parties that are
    “getting a deal” are the businesses you work with.

    So, thanks for nothing really.

  • Why is ND Bundle $299 at some retailers and $349 at others?

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